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This blog is for guys who admire other guys who put real effort into their physical development. It is NOT exclusively gay, but hopefully you will be gay-friendly.

tumblr_neimn2tEkV1qffcrao3_500The rules are simple:

  1. Make an effort to improve your own fitness this year (you’re NEVER too old);
  2. Enjoy the pictures (and comment please on what you see, and feel free to ‘FOLLOW’);
  3. Buy a book (preferably, all of them) to support the continuation of the blog!

The books (print and e-versions available) are about finding gay love, developing ourselves as acrobats, starting a family (yeah, I’m a gay dad and enormously proud of my teenage son!!), going on tour, meeting difficulties ‘head-on’ (they become a bit of a thriller as well). sticky-1-readLinks from all posts from September 2014 onwards will lead you to more information and potential purchase – they are in almost every post and either through clicking on images of the covers, or on the separate links when given!! And, as the image on the right clearly shows, you can follow all of these rules at one go…

The blog is essentially G-rated; the books get a little explicit from time to time about gay guys doing what gay guys do – you don’t have to be gay to enjoy them – just be gay-friendly. 

And now, as they used to say on the old TV game shows: “Come on Down!”⇓

*** Many pictures will enlarge if you click on them ***


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Building the Body You Need

16891 perfect rhomboids

After yesterday’s rant against bodybuilding ‘just for the sake of it’, I decided that I needed to be more positive about working out to build the body you need – where “need” has a wider definition. So I use my special group of fitness-freak (and gay) friends as an example.

We number ten overall who have sworn to share not just our love of training and performance skills, but also our gay love in the fullest sense – and to withhold ourselves from any other sexual contacts in the name of avoiding STDs. One other early member left us to enjoy a monogamous relationship with a fellow gym coach, and they’re doing great in Florida.

Actually, this weekend, we mustered just seven out of ten of us – Ethan and Jack continue performing in a show in Canada, and Ivo is away following a family bereavement. Drawing a discreet veil over the late-night shenanigans – you could, should you wish to, read a lot about that sort of thing in these three books…

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

…there’s a lot more to them than the sex, I hasten to add…

But anyway, to business! “One size does NOT fit all”, even in our business.

abs superior

Let’s start with Leon and Dane, down from Lexington: their principal sport is wrestling (various styles, including our favourite submission style) although they did once join us in an acrobatic circus tour – “the one that went wrong”, as detailed in Against All Odds. Leon has the most marvellous lean and ripped body I have ever seen – strong, but tailored basically to what his partner Dane likes. Dane, in contrast, has developed a much chunkier body – because that what Leon likes…


By the way, these pictures are not the actual lads in question. In general, we try to maintain a bit of privacy here although, if you look through all the posted pictures carefully, you’ll surely find us all eventually!

So Leon and Dane train together, in their apartment and in their wrestling club gym, not only for their general fitness needed for their chosen sport, but for each other. A perfect partnership, made in the gym.

The next twosome up is Gary and Zach. Gary has always been into martial arts, before he even met any of us, and he is the “strong man” on the team, having trained (also described in Against All Odds) to perform fearsome feats like balancing on his stomach on a single spear point (kung fu style) and being run over across his stomach and chest by a minivan (as we must call them here in the States, or a people carrier to Europeans).

gym poser

At the same time, his original sport demands extraordinary flexibility in splits and such forth…


Zach, in contrast, has always been our best tumbler, but is a good all-rounder acrobat as well: his regime has kept him slim and powerful, like this:



Dave and I are something of a matched pair, I guess, specialising in balance and a little bit of aerial work. We needed strength above all else, with as much flexibility as we can maintain – not huge muscle. It seems to work for us, performing this kind of thing:




Which leaves Dave’s brother Pete, whose main interest of late has been maintaining his own fitness in order to be a convincing gymnastics coach: he has done less performing in recent years and seems unlikely to be involved in the forthcoming circus gigs… so he does weights for strength and flexibility, with less emphasis now on the ‘tricks’ (balance and so on):




As for the ‘missing’ three, Ethan and Jack are also balancers, specialising in head balances, and quite good tumblers: Ivo is a great all rounder and also still hangs from his long pony tail occasionally, although after doing that for more than 15 years he is starting to think it might be starting to come loose!

So you can see, I hope, how the team varies the training according to need, and certainly doesn’t lift weights obsessively for the strange goal of simply wanting to be bigger than the next guy…

And, yes, we do (all) let our hair down, quite frequently…


…doing stupid stuff…


…although that’s in the ‘act’. We might easily be persuaded to take on this lot at snow wrestling (in the right season!), for example:


I guess that the shared ‘drive’ for the whole group to be excellent sharpens up the training, but nothing is ever done ‘just for the sake of being bigger than the next guy’. Just mutual admiration and encouragement…


And then, after, of course, we have our own special bonuses, we gay lads, of a comfortable warm and (frankly) sexy partner to snuggle with… (or several!):



So, don’t take yesterday’s comments about competitive bodybuilding to imply we don’t encourage weight training etc. Good heavens – what else would we do with our time?!


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What’s the Point Of… Bodybuilding?


You may have noticed that I am very keen to post pictures of guys doing their weight training, but rarely post pictures of guys in bodybuilding competitions… sprayed with fake tan, bulging muscle and veins, using their bodies for… absolutely nothing. Just being bigger than the next guy. And, despite knowing a group of bodybuilders in our private gym which includes the older brother of my son Leo’s best friend, we find ourselves asking the question “What’s the Point?”

If they want to wrestle – fine. If they do competitive lifting – fine. If they use their muscle in other sports – gymnastics, acrobatics, whatever – also fine.


That guy looks very satisfied with what he’s doing. He clearly wants to be strong and fit, and look good for the girls (or maybe boys – who knows!) – and that’s great too. I’ve discussed the way in which bodybuilding just for the sake of it seems to become an obsession with my friend Steve – father of the bodybuilding 19yo I mentioned and his 13yo younger brother Chris, who is round here lifting and training all the time with my son. Chris wants to be fit to do everything – weights, gymnastics, wrestling, even performing with our bizarre family and friends in the circus this summer testing himself on our bed of nails and things – so he’s fine. Billy, the 19yo, enjoys his workouts too, and uses that as an excuse for doing it. Which is fine too, until it becomes an obsession. So many bodybuilders turn to supplements of increasingly dubious composition, and Billy certainly uses protein supplements, but then it can move on to injecting and dreadful stuff as well. If Chad (gym owner) found that going on in his ‘stable’, he’d go mental.

Steve and his wife are starting to worry about Billy, in that his bodybuilding seems to be getting obsessive – he’s quit two jobs already to leave more time for training. Dave and I decided that we just wanted to record here that we train because we want to be fit and use our bodies in both work and play – pushing them to the limits, maybe, but not to excess.


Sure, we “compete” against one another in a friendly way, but with the aim of pushing each other on. In our ‘play’ (circus performance) we actually need to be well-matched as a pair, and with the rest of our group. No-one never strives to ‘outdo’ the others in terms of muscle size, or anything like that. Whereas, in the bodybuilding fraternity, I have heard of cases where guys have suffered serious injury through being ridiculously over-muscled: nerves trapped by oversize neck muscles leading to temporary paralysis, for example, and literal cases of biceps bursting through the skin and splitting during attempts to lift insane amounts of weight.

tumblr_nl0gzdFGXr1sm5qj2o1_500All we can say is “don’t go there, guys” – this may be a fitness blog, but we do not condone anything other than ‘natural’ drug-free lifting for improving fitness… “fitness for purpose”, maybe. And, if we are in to inspirational quotations, here’s another which may well have the ‘kernel’ of our message embedded tumblr_nkq1o2z02q1sm5qj2o1_1280in it! Just recently, I had an e-mail enquiry from another 19yo guy asking if I could prescribe a fitness program for him. This is really tricky, for someone you don’t know, have never seen, and whose medical condition you don’t know. I agonised over doing this for a long time since, although we are qualified to give such training, it hardly works by ‘mail order’, despite some of those historic “You, too, can have a body like mine!” adverts! In the end, I sent a very basic starter program designed to tease out  what the guy can do and what might over-stress him. Not a single weight in it, as yet… hopefully he will report back his successes in running sprints and also in some bodyweight exercises but, better still, he will some like-minded mate or mates and/or a friendly gym with qualified instructors able to assess his physical condition and abilities. But I give him 110% for coming out of his fitness ‘closet’ and asking for help to become a better and fitter sportsman. Who knows – one day soon he may even be doing this:


The first part...The second part...Cover 3 ThumbAt the very least, I hope that he will quickly be confident about getting his shirt off in public – so many guys feel inhibited about that if they don’t sport bulging muscles, and that’s plain daft. Maybe reading about our own development in this respect might help! Of course, that does come with the added complication of being gay and being slightly obsessed with acrobatics (as the silhouette figures on the book covers indicate!), but you might find them a good read, gay or straight. There are e-books out there too. Just click on any cover for more information.

Which said, this blog overall is hopefully a good source of inspiration, through the pictures in this and more than 650 previous posts. There is, for example, nothing wrong with, and everything to admire, about this body image:


You do not need obscenely pumped-up muscle to have a body to be proud of! He does have a little fat store around his middle which some intensive sit-ups and trunk twists like this (or a different diet) might shift – but then, so do Dave and I was we approach our mid-30s now (sigh).


A worthy stable lad, now…


Enjoy a beauty treatment now and again…


Remember to include some stretching and flexibility in your program…


…remembering how much better it feels to be training alongside some friends…


Proud to be seen at the shore…

W010527 (1268)

Before long, you’ll be trying things which are a bit more adventurous:

twilight flag

Fancy a spot of modelling? This could soon be you against the photographer’s background:


…possibly even doing something which really uses that muscle strength…


Atumblr_nidr1mbDXl1s5pwwfo1_1280 final inspirational message, for you to decode yourselves! Bye until the next time.






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Ethical Discussion: “The Gymnastic Art”

NOTE: some pictures in this post are a little more ‘revealing’ than usual. Just this once…

tumblr_nbea5qb_Qqh1rq3lrmo1_500Some time ago (I forget exactly which post) I published this picture and asked the question “what’s wrong with it?’. Yes, guys, it will enlarge if you click! Four French guys, in their gym hall, enjoying sport in the buff (“as nature intended”?). Like-minded guys, training, exercising, “au naturel”, unencumbered by tight sweaty lycra or anything else, and offending no-one.

In our curious household of four gay men, two lesbian women and two straight kids, bare feet rule, guys rarely wear shirts, and the adults, who have access to a private gym where “naked is normal”, frequently train that way, including wrestling and acrobatics along with resistance and weight training. The whole family, occasionally joined by other friends, will swim together naked in a secluded swimming hole by the Clinch River where we never see anyone else.


The kids grew up in this environment (mainly with their mums rather than their dads, actually – it is only recently we’re all sharing one home) – as babies they would run around together naked, and, thinking of themselves as brother and sister (which they are not) have never really given this ‘carefree’ (or care less!)approach to clothing much thought. We have our own private training cabin too, and have  no dress code there either: my son Leo, in particular, is often found with his group of male friends training naked, sometimes with other dads in attendance as well.

But our two marvellous kids (Leo’s mine, Dave’s daughter Jaymee) are now 13 and puberty calls! Jaymee has taken to avoiding training when the carefree clothes-free boys are ‘in’, although she still works that way with her mum and her partner Clare, especially when practicing their ‘endurance’ performance. So we decided to have a ‘family’ discussion on all of this, also including in the debate Dave’s brother and his gay partner who, as it happens, first got me into this naked mindset fifteen years ago (see Loving the Boy). Certainly there are people out there who would protest our attitudes!





Well, young Jaymee is a pretty astute cookie for a 13yo. She understood our concerns perfectly. We never, for example, introduce the young’uns to the large (but private) gym when other members are allowed to be naked (and allowed to indulge their sexual preferences later in the evenings)… there is minimum age of 18 there at such times (although Dave and I were allowed in a bit early, and took full advantage (see The Power of Love!)).  But such stuff is clearly a sensitive issue, especially to our local bible-thumpers, and we want everyone to remain respected members of our community (we’ve had to work hard for that, overcoming occasional bouts of homophobia for example).

So Jaymee, bless her, has set our rules. In the family, it’s OK, anything goes. She is happy to rehearse her duo with Leo, for example, in any state of dress or undress they happen to be in. But she won’t appear naked if any of Leo’s friends are ‘in’, and doesn’t expect to be present when they are naked. Especially his best mate Chris, who has a serious crush on her and keeps showing up at the gym centre where she is training an acrobatic routine with two other girls. For that matter, Leo’s current favourite is one of the other members of that trio, so Leo and Chris show up there a lot, and in that gym (large public center where we four guys all work, coaching) there definitely is a dress code! None of us has an interest in breaching that code!!

I still have to work on Leo, discouraging him from shedding his shirt and shoes at inappropriate times (in school breaks, for example)… basically, he just hates wearing a shirt, liking to show off his body to all passing girls as well as working on his tan. To be fair, he has worked long and hard to get into the excellent shape he’s in, and deserves a bit of recognition for that, but he does tend to overdo it. Jaymee’s in excellent shape too, especially compared with most of the lethargic girls in school whose main exercise is pushing buttons on their i-phones!

We never forget that ‘gymnastics’ is ‘The Naked Art’ and, although performed by naked boys in ancient times, it covered a range of sports rather than what we recognise as gymnastics today. The meaning of the word has moved on, I think: few recognise it’s relationship to nudity today and, in the German language, it actually means ‘High School’.

Some more pictures, then, hopefully justified here as boys enjoying their ‘gymnastic’ sports, enjoying what their bodies can do in an uninhibited way and, in general, without any sexual connotation.






Stretching and gymnastics:





And outdoors is even better:


… (you don’t necessarily have to go up a tree though):


Not sure if this is yoga or ballet!


Next one definitely ballet!


Skinny-Dipping (or, at least, bath time while camping!)

all the comforts of home

And, finally for today, to the ‘just plain weird’ – but huge fun to be doing!! I hope that I made our position on naked sports versus child protection clear enough here… at least enough to explain how we do what we love to do, and why! See you next time…


The first part...The second part...Cover 3 Thumb

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Waiting for May 29!

May 29 – the end of the school year for Leo and Jaymee! The long-term goal for them… after that, they get back on the circus tour!!



I just wish that I could feel as enthusiastic. Dave and I are rather wishing we could spend the summer in Wales instead, but we basically gave the kids the choice of Wales or circus… but we should be grateful for having the kids so enthusiastic, for our ‘pool’ of eight adult acrobats remains somewhat depleted with Ethan and Jack still working in Canada whilst Pete and Ivo remain closely bound to managing the local gymnastics center. But the girls, Karen and Clare, are up for a few weeks of body-burning and stuff as well and love to join us on the nails and glass too. And the audiences always love watching kids who are talented.

Anyway, the Brits have returned home to UK – Ollie as ever very sad to leave Leo, Chris and Ryan, Alex the new lad just as keen to get back in his own gym in Oxford, where he and Ollie train – our kids back in school (late!) because the US breaks never coincide properly with Brit school holidays (but we have a very tolerant head coach who likes their sport and show-business commitment and sees it as ‘educational’ for them to performing ‘elsewhere’ (whew!) even if they don’t cater much in school for gymnastics and acrobatics as they did in Dave’s and my brief time at the High School. We actually briefly got to teach acrobatics in High School when we were there as senior students… see Loving the Boy.

So, in between coaching chores, we’re all training up again, including for a bit of aerial stuff…


(isn’t that a great photo of the gymnastic rings, taken from a high perch)



…it all keeps the bodies in reasonable shape!


I’ve written lots about that stuff in Loving the Boy and The Power of Love, and about tours (including one that went spectacularly pear-shaped) in Against All Odds. The e-books are available too.

And so, to our customary selection of general fitness-inspiration images:

tough looker




Ah, the sermon…







Gosh – what a tidy gym! Except, perhaps, for the ball…

…and finally, for today, something about needing to keep ‘on the ball’ with your training?



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Not Beside the Sea


Here in Tennessee (despite how it sounds!) we are not blessed with the sea (or the ‘ocean’, as our American hosts insist on calling it). We are, in fact, more than 300 miles from the ocean, the nearest point being Charleston. But the roads are good – freeways throughout via Asheville and Columbia – and it is ‘do-able’.

The UK family we have been hosting – Alex and his parents, with our kid’s good mate Ollie (also from Oxford UK) in tow – decided to take off in their rental car for the final 72 hours of their time here and visit the Atlantic rollers. What is more, they generously offered to take Leo and Jaymee with them, upgrading the car to ensure they had enough seats. Dave and I cheerfully coughed up for the kid’s motel rooms and will be offering to pay for some gas when they return – briefly- before they head off to the airport and home. School’s back in next week, both over there and over here!

It’s up in the 70s right now in Charleston, so they’ll be in the water even though rain is considered likely: actually, the weather here is better – higher 70s without the rain predicted for tomorrow – but its great to get down to the shore when you can.

There are many things you can do…

box split



…OK, I understand that not everybody will be wanting to do acrobatics on the beach – so just swim, or hang out!

beach duo

Of course, if it were Dave and I on the coast (by ourselves!), things could (would!) be a little different…



…but then, we’re a gay couple…

We did swim today – going with Pete (his partner Ivo is away) to hang out with Cody and Adge down by the Clinch River. The usual style… naturally


…of course, they won’t get away with that in Charleston…

Despite a massive coaching work schedule between now and when the circus tour starts in June, we do seem to have that ‘spring has sprung’ feeling. Time to sharpen up on our own training too, as and when we get time…





…not forgetting to take advantage of any opportunity that comes up to keep on top of our fitness…


Yes, however fit you are (or wish to be), you cannot afford to let up. As the sign on the door says….


Oh, I almost forgot. Two postscripts…

(1) I have to mention the books. It’s a tradition here, is it not:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Keywords: Gay, love, gym, acrobatics, circus touring, men with guns…

(2) A postscript to the previous post regarding nipples: I forgot this one – perhaps the best picture of all on that topic! Enjoy!




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Karen, Jaymee’s mum, joint owner of the house we live in here in TN and tireless fighter for women’s/lesbian rights, trucker, and also endurance performer (fire breathing, bodyburning, nail beds and so on) got snarled at in the road yesterday. ‘I don’t like your boys coming past my house without a shirt on: can you see to it that they dress properly in future?’ Just like that – out of the blue…

Apart from the fact that we’ve got only one boy and his mum is Clare not Karen…

The other boys the dear lady refers to must be his close mates aka (until this Saturday anyway) as the gang of five Transatlantic Teenboys

Well! Speaking as one who prefers to be shirtless whenever possible, along with my partner, our colleagues and – indeed – my son Leo, I thought that we lived in a free country.


Is the male chest so alarming to some womenfolk that they want it suppressed? We found two things out we didn’t know. The first is that in New York, if nowhere else in the States, it is legal for men or women to walk around topless. Specifically legislated for. Now, in a way, that’s just as weird.


If it’s OK by the mayor of New York City (and I think, the whole state), why not accept it in Tennessee? ‘Because you’re in the God-fearing bible belt’, do I hear you say? Maybe they preach against it in church – I wouldn’t know because we don’t go there.


(By the way, if you think I’m picking out pictures with great nipples on them, well you might just be on to something)

But in those religious instruction classes I was forced to attend in school back in the UK, I don’t recall hearing anything about not going out without a shirt. All I can say is that it is a good job this lady doesn’t see what we get up to in the training cabin, especially sunning ourselves behind it naked away from preying eyes. And I don’t think she has cottoned on to the fact that our household contains four gay men and two gay women as well as two very straight and upright teenagers. My goodness, that would make her day, I think.


There’s more. Our lesbian housemates bare their tops whenever they can too – as endurance performers withstanding flaming torches on their skin and all that stuff, it makes sense. 118921468_341cc0ffa6In a number of jurisdictions, it is apparently OK for women to bare their breasts so long as the nipples themselves are covered. As illustrated on the left by another endurance artist. This is insane! The actual female nipple – except perhaps when they are breast feeding – is hardly distinguishable from the male nipple – yet male nipples are OK – on the beach, at the pool, in the gym, driving your car and, in most situations I would insist, in the street. Well, except when going past number 1350 down the road…

There is, apparently, a campaign for female nipple release. #freethenipple !! Miley Cyrus is involved and a host of other well-knowns. I found an article about it all from the Huffington Post on my phone. It is fronted by the actress Lina Esco. Reminds me of the opposite campaign which has been running in the UK – and again fronted by women – to rid the ‘red top’ newspapers of their topless ‘page 3′ girls, a campaign obviously taking the totally opposite view to Lina and Miley!

Do women actually KNOW what they want? Page 3 men in some cases…


Well, we’ve obliged – videos anyway – in our younger days, before we grew older and grumpier. And wiser.

So, it’s #freethenipple for Miley, Lina and their supporters, the opposite for the ‘opponents of female exploitation’ having ago at popular tabloid ‘newspapers’ (a cause our spinster neighbour would probably subscribe to), while we men get it in the neck for shucking our shirts too often by far.


It’s hard even in many gyms to train without the shirt…


…all too often there are notices in the public gyms rather bluntly remarking about ‘appropriate clothing’ with everyone takes as a need to keep covered. Heavens, around here, there are guys who even wear tee-shirts in the public swimming pools! OK, so not every guy wants to take off their shirt. It’s a free country, as I said (and they say), but there are far too many personal prejudices around which people make strenuous efforts to impose on others.

bc_flat abs

I defy anyone to tell me what is offensive about any of the pictures posted here today!

‘Bit of a rant, Tone?’

OK, I’ll leave off. Just a few more general fitness pictures and a commercial break. Just make sure you get your nipples into shape! Which could mean beefing up the pecs behind them…


chest wow


The first part...The second part...Cover 3 ThumbHere’s how we got into this stuff in the first place! Discovering our gay love, working on our acrobatics, getting into trouble… click on any cover for more information!



tumblr_me1unqQDx01qj73e2o1_500And here’s a finale for the weird kid – my son Leo – who so easily seems to have gotten our dear neighbour’s goat!

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Pillowfighting and Other Weird (Easter) Stuff


That’s the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and, no, it is not snowing. It’s FEATHERS.

On Sunday, after enjoying an excellent lunch prepared by Clare and helpers, Dave and I were sunning ourselves in the yard (Speedos) when we became aware of five grinning teen boys plus Jaymee sneaking out into the road carrying pillows, pursued by a slightly furious (if you can ever be slightly furious) Karen. Turns out that one of Leo and Jaymee’s classmates from school had found out on the internet that it was INTERNATIONAL PILLOWFIGHT DAY and had organised a mass pillowfight, inviting everyone around to theirs to make what must have been a catastrophic mess of their yard. Here’s what it looked like in Trafalgar Square in London…


…the UK weather was extremely kind over Easter, so the guy in trunks isn’t so out of place as it might appear: it’s the guys in anoraks that are out of place…

Anyway, Karen organised some slightly less valuable ‘pillowy’ items, and let them all go. And from The Netherlands a red-eyed (why?) pillowfighter and one wearing a highwayman’s mask (again, why?)…



With temperatures in the mid 20s C (high 70s F) our ‘Transatlantic Teenboys’ went to the party shirtless, of course, and had immense fun strutting their stuff in front of the girls. Lord only knows what Alex’s parents will think when they get to hear about it…

On the same day, I was absorbed in the UK’s BBC website and noticed the headline ‘HARDON COLLIDER RE-START’ – well, make of that what you will, but my physicist Dad would probably say it was a misprint for Hadron and referred to that thing in Geneva that some folks think is going to make us all disappear up our own black holes. Reading the headline again, as a gay guy in a happy relationship, thoughts of a different hole sprang to mind… another way, you might say, to celebrate Easter Day!

So, everyone having fun, including my aforementioned Dad (and Mum too) at our place in Wales, which appears to be enjoying clear blue skies and high temperatures as well. Very un-Wales like: spring has surely sprung up well this year. Guys surely out in force everywhere, enjoying the sun…


…maybe a workout…

street workout boys

…or maybe a cooling swim in the still rather cold river or lake…


…just keep a lookout for sharks (!) or maybe keep a watch on what is going on at the shore…


…and, as weirdness is perhaps our theme for this post, maritime gymnasts and their floating high bar?

gymnasts afloat ahoy

Even for the weights freaks, it has been outdoor weather on both sides of the pond:


Yep, consistent blue skies on both sides of the Atlantic, in April, are rare! Celebrating good weather can take various forms, depending on your inclination…


…OK, do your handstand naked, if you get the chance! (and this is an excellent shape, for once)…


…just showing off what you’ve got in the open air being one of them…


amazing abs



Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Well, our own level of ‘weirdness’ can be deduced from those three volumes, detailing our earlier exploits of finding gay love and practicing the acrobatic art, getting into mischief and later into deep trouble. Sadly, not a single pillowfight, but plenty of ‘hadrons’ (sorry, I mean ‘hard-ons’)…




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Reverting to Type


As recent posts have revealed, we’ve been responsible for a group of five teenboy fitness freaks over the last few days – and very happy to be so. But last night, “Easter Eve”, we handed over the responsibility to the lesbian ladies so Dave and I could take a night out with the (gay) lads at Chad’s private gym. That doesn’t just involve weight training of course…


…but also acrobatics…




Rottenecards_4348568_qqvw62ybzt…which inevitably becomes naked and then oily after a while…



Chad’s is a place where we can openly enjoy our gayness with like-minded guys (and open-minded straight guys too). Our new recruit Joel celebrated his birthday yesterday, so he was ‘treated’ to a tongue bath by 23 other guys (one for each year of his age): that provoked a clear indication that he was enjoying himself, gay or not) since he duly ‘erupted’ over Dave during the process…

…but the best bit is reserved for our closed group of so-called Tuan Jie close friends with whom we can share our total selves as gay men are apt to do, especially as two of them live in an apartment right above the gym, have a huge bed, and invited us to ‘sleep’ over. So we enjoyed a foursome which lasted well into the small hours, slept in a heap, nestling together, and luxuriated in each other’s closeness as we came round this morning in that delicious torpor which signifies a good time had by all.

The first part...The second part...ACover 3 Thumbs I say in the title, reverting to type. You’re free to think of us however you wish – unseemly – randy – ‘typical gay exhibitionists’ – can’t help it, but we actually enjoy doing all the things that people think (or suspect!) gay guys do, because that’s what we are. I hope that the way I introduced ourselves and our ‘interests’ in the books I have published create a reasonable impression, whereas some occasional comments to this blog might perhaps suggest otherwise! As they might say in Cockney London, ‘Read all abaht it’ here (yes, I’m British [but not from London], although living in US right now). And those five teenage boys (which includes my own son Leo) are absolutely ‘safe’… OK? ‘Gay man’ doesn’t equal ‘paedophile’. Just sayin’…

Today’s remaining images feature gay guys ‘reverting to type’ – enjoying the company of another guy. Hopefully you can understand…











His scent… armpits – and feet – are heaven…


…certainly my Dave’s are…


…and, as he’s so into cats (huh? why?), here’s a happy gay couple with a dog! Just for you, Dave!


Whoever you’re with, have a great Easter Day!




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The Mating Games

3 toughies

Boys training together. We are currently hosting five of them in the age range 12 – 14, a mix of Brits and US. See recent posts! All busy lifting weights, practicing acrobatics, wrestling, and inventing new games involving beds of nails and so forth. Such fun.


Two of them – my son Leo and his friend Chris, both currently 13, will be joining us on a circus tour during the summer school vacation. And so will Dave’s daughter, Jaymee. And is this the reason that Chris really wants to go? Hard to say, but they are visibly warming to each other’s attentions, and it is quite fun to watch. Jaymee is in an acrobatic gymnastics trio with two other girls including Leo’s current heartthrob Karla, so he’s really torn! Desperate to spend as much time as possible with his training mates, but also inventing all sorts of excuses to go to the gymnastics center whenever Karla is training… it’s quite funny really. And yet there are those ‘out there’ who are convinced that because both Leo and Jaymee have gay parents, they must be gay themselves… all I can say to those folks is ‘come and watch’!

There’s an awful lot of posing going on…


…al the boys are keen to be admired, but wholly support each other’s achievements at the same time. Equally, we can watch Leo and Chris finding reasons to get their shirts off (and more!) in front of those girls…

As to the other three lads; local boy Ryan comes from a previously homophobic family but is now happily integrated with ours, although I have not noticed signs of interest in the girls so far. Ollie, at 12yo and son of my oldest friend, is perhaps too young to have really taken any interest in girls just yet other than his young sister, whom he adores, whilst the oldest and new one to us, Alex, at 14yo and the other English boy, is interesting. He comes from a rather sheltered background I suspect (only child like me) and he does seem to have a wandering eye for other guys rather than any girls who happen to pass through. Seems glad to have waved his parents off in their rental car for a few days whilst he relaxes (visibly) with the rest of us. Who knows? And he’s a terrifically talented gymnast…

p bars

Anyway, it’s their lives to do with as they will, not ours to pass judgements! Parents of older kids keep saying things to me like ‘It gets worse before it gets better!’ Time to reflect…


…I guess that Dave and I gave our parents a pretty hard time when we discovered our love for each other and they had to find out… it’s all in here:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

OK, let’s have some fun of our own – the gay (or not, take your choice) physique-admiring fitness-fanatical pictures kind!










xheni - core strength

That final pic is a NovelArt image, courtesy Roman, in tribute to an Austrian gymnast we know well who trains to high intensity and, as a result, is just facing his third operation on his shoulder… and it’s a message to our five young lads spending Easter together here. If you always want to be better than you are now, and train intensively and unremittingly, it can pay off… but there can be consequences…

…so maybe it’s OK to take a little time out to eye up the girls!

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 Thumb

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Transatlantic Teenboys


The ‘Transatlantic Teenboys Fitness and Gymnastic Alliance Reunion’ here in Tennessee is now three days old and going great guns. New British recruit Alex, whose parents brought him and his friend Ollie over to join our US ‘gang of three’ have now taken off to do some touring, with their son assuring them he’s having a great time with his new US mates and Ollie working on his muscles and his acrobatics, and certainly doesn’t want to be sitting in the back of their rental car for the next few days.

I’m still totally amazed how these five young lads have got their act together, Skype-ing back and forth across the pond about their progress…


… flexing for their mates, and really putting their backs into an intense fitness program entirely of their own devising! This time last year we spent Easter in Wales, joined by Ollie’s family from Oxford, enjoying the wind, rain and dips into cold mountain rivers…


…whilst training in our own rather Spartan gym (also known as ‘The Sheep Shed’) with local farm guys…


…cold enough at times to feel as though we were doing this

ice swimmer

This year, thanks to the slightly more user-friendly climate here in Tennessee, they (and we) are all getting a lot sweatier in training to the extend that we actually feel that we want to do this:


The teen alliance is mostly sleeping in our gym cabin, so they’re under way very early in the morning. Theoretically, Leo’s friends Chris and Ryan have homes to go to, but I think that their families have basically given up on them, although there are anxious calls about them ‘not imposing’ and so forth. Actually, the entire weird household here of three gay couples and two resident 13yo’s is really enjoying them being here and doing the things we all still love to do, although Alex’s very UNsporty parents didn’t really feel at home with us, I fear.

Dave’s daughter Jaymee has been training with them too – she has another show with Leo coming up immediately after Easter and an acrobatic competition with her girls trio shortly after – but is clearing out most days to spend time with her girl friends and partners. To be fair, our cabin has become a bit ‘male-hormone-rich’ with the intense and regularly entirely naked training regime they (and we) tend to adopt in our private locations.

They are all off to Chad’s super-equipped private gym tomorrow, after gaining his seal of approval: since that place is normally 16yo and above only, and has a high proportion of gays who, erm, tend to ‘let it show’, he’s put special measures in place to protect the innocent young! They’re going to have a whale of a time…


…and so, I expect, is he! Twenty-nine different ‘instruments of torture’ to play on, plus the free weights, the acrobatic floor, the wrestling mats… and then there’s the gymnastics center for them to show off in as well…


I was taken to task recently for appearing to suggest that I had only respect for guys into fitness, and no time for anyone – gay or otherwise – who did not subscribe to that ethic. I invited the blog reader to state his case, which he has done through a friendly exchange of e-mails and then a guest blog post, so far to a clamorous ZERO comments, for or against. Go to that post, and offer your thoughts, by all means. This is a blog which promotes guys’ fitness above all else, from a gay perspective but with family involved as circus performers, so we’re bound to be involved deeply into such things here. Just like a stamp-collecting blog which caters for stamp collectors but does not imply that anyone who is not a stamp collector is looked down upon, so we support anyone’s right to their chosen lifestyle, fit or not, and never intend to imply otherwise. But you guys seem to be lapping up the fitness pictures, so you’re into the results, if not the personal hard work needed to create them! Enjoy!

And before the usual additional selection of images to brighten our days, the usual reminder that fitness and things are written about, along with gay love and adventures, here:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

And so, as my son and his US and British friends enjoy their acrobatics, lifting, wild swimming and wrestling (oil too – Alex thinks that is “awesome”), so shall we:






oil wrestlers

So, for those that are like minded, our teenboy fitness alliance has a simple message…



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