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sticky 1sticky 2Your Christmas Present worries solved for anyone ‘Gay-Friendly’, especially if they admire fit guys doing stuff like acrobatics discovering lay love, joining circus tours and getting into deep trouble…

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I love to have you on board this blog anyway, sharing my love of fitness and the rewards it can bring… just asking for that small favour in return that you might support the venture by enjoying a good read…

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LINKS TO BOOKS UPDATED from Sept ’14: Sincere apologies to all who have clicked on links in earlier posts and obtained ‘Page Not Found': the publisher changed them all but did not tell ME…  

…now read on⇓, and ‘Welcome to our World’ as we share ‘Living the Dream’…

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

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New Tricks for Young Dogs


I’m in trouble again! Yes, my almost 13yo son Leo, who has the world at his feet as it were (that’s an amazing picture!), didn’t get a mention when I said how much I was looking forward to returning to TN and to my partner Dave. “I should be ashamed, etc. etc. etc.”

Well, of course I want to see my amazing son again. But, if I wrote everything down in such meticulous detail, no-one would read this stuff! It is difficult enough to wean people off the pictures and on to the words as it is…

OK. We’re headed home from the circus tomorrow. And, meanwhile, Dave and Karen (his daughter Jaymee’s mum) have been coaching the pair of them through new routines working together so that they effectively have a performable show lasting about 15 minutes.  And, the day I get back, they will put the acrobatic part of it into their school Xmas talent competition! Perfect timing. They have a partner balance routine (Jaymee on Leo), a tumbling interlude, and then a simultaneous balance routine on ‘blocks’ (or pedestals) – that’s as far as the school performance goes, but they can move on to working on glass (both of them), nails (Leo) and fire (Jaymee) – but working together throughout – so Leo drops the pointy knives on to Jaymee’s tummy while she’s on glass, she gets the wield the sledge hammer to break the cinder block on Leo when he’s on the bed of nails, Leo gets to wave the flaming torches around Jaymee whilst she does a back bend (on glass), and so forth…

As a matter of principle I don’t post pictures of the kids on here, but apparently they are going to have the whole routine filmed for TV just after Christmas: the same local station that did us huge favours all those years ago (see Loving the Boy and The Power of Love). Some sort of ‘amazing kids’ show, apparently – how useful old contacts can be! So they’ll be well set up for next year’s circus activities.

We’re hitting the road home after our final show this evening, so a bit of a wild night last night. Tell you about that next time and move on to the pictures for today:

Powering up:




weighted belt pullup

Yes, those oh-so-useful bars…



No, this dude is NOT breaking the block with his head: just using it as a rest during his handstand push-ups:


…or just do the push-ups:


Quick wrestle?


Let’s compare our progress pix:


Then just chill (this is a gay blog, right?):

sofa 2

Cover1 ThumbCover 3 ThumbCover2 ThumbIf you’re new here, and references to ‘gay’ and ‘my son’ puzzle you, check out those books for the entire explanation!

Bit more inspiration to get into the gym? OK…

looker 2





That’ll do for now, then: here’s today’s exercise challenge!





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Well, that’s original! A planche held on a stretched taut rope. Not sure who those guys are, but would love to train with them.

Our last show with the circus is tomorrow. By taking turns from our 10 adult performers plus two kids during the vacation, we kept the circus supplied for six months, and we’re committed to do the same from next June. Of the five of us here now, Ethan and Jack have been here throughout, Zach and Gary have done two stints, and me just one. It’s fun, but we’ll all be glad to be out of it for Christmas and there is much to do back in TN.

Two new groups are taking over. First there are three guys who appear to be called ‘The Torture Brothers': I think that two of them are brothers and the third is a mate. In addition to all the obvious stuff (broken glass work, beds of nails, bodyburning) that we do, they also seem to like skewering each other, right through the simple (punk-rocker!) stuff…


… to major “surgery”: a very long skewer through all three pairs of cheeks, then pulling a little cart along with a small stagehand girl in it. They also use hooks in their backs, like our girls do (and originally did a lot more – see LOVING THE BOY), as well as hanging weights from their earlobes and nipples… OK, that’s never appealed to us but, then, they don’t do the extreme kung-fu stuff that Gary does… it’s a good act, if a little gruesome at times.

Also three girls from eastern Europe have arrived (I think Bulgaria, but not sure): they’re the replacement acrobats and do a lot of contortion too. The sort of girl who can sit on their own head while in a hand balance, and then walk a large ball up a slope with their hands at the same time. They don’t specialise in partner balance much (like we do), but they do a fair job of tumbling as well. And, like an old mate from the old days, Felipe (see LOVING THE BOY and THE POWER OF LOVE), they cram themselves into a little box as well – all three together!

Management seem happy, but will also be pleased to see some of us show up in June at wherever they happen to be.

And so, a road trip of several days is ahead of us, relaxing on the bus as Chad drives us. He wants to leave straight after tomorrow evening’s show and drive through some of the night, which is fine by us. We can sleep (or at least rest) in our bunks – strictly we’re supposed to be in proper coach seats wearing seat belts, but who is checking???

I have some more writing to do with the fourth book, which has kind of stalled with being ‘on the road’ – but perhaps I can get some done during the journey as well.

And that’s the news so far… so let’s get on with the usual dose of fitness pictures. Enjoy!





OK, some nice definition in those four guys. Now let’s hit the gym:


Good use of a home gym there.


Now that pic I like. The composition, the gym (where I suspect tops are obligatory), and the muscle! You don’t always have to be shirtless to make a good picture – but, of course, it helps!



The other gym(nastics)!


A nice top planche in a floor routine, followed by some apparatus work:


eastern rings

Some more great results, then:




Don’t overlook the value of using street bars:

strapped on

Yes, I didn’t mean the alcoholic kind!


…and, as I have said many times before, share the fun with like-minded mates! Enjoy!


Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

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752,254 And Counting…

Well, we just past THREE QUARTER OF A MILLION HITS!!!!!!!!  All down to you guys, of course… but thanks. If only I could sell three quarters of a million books to you gay-friendly sporty types I should be really happy (see end of post!!).

But I will celebrate this amazing milestone with a few pictures which are a bit different from the ‘norm’ – some actual naked guys coming up, but hopefully won’t offend…

I’ve admitted enough times we work out naked when we can – enjoy the freedom alongside like-minded mates who enjoy seeing muscle hard at work. So what about this venue?


Seven guys engaged in working out. I’d prefer the guy lifting the barbell to keep his back straight, but otherwise… We have a guy doing sit-ups on top of what looks like a desk next to a filled ashtray: a scaffolding tower with one guy doing arm dips – but what is the second guy up there doing? To the rear, where there is a guy standing on a grubby old mattress, the side of the building appears to be disintegrating! There are also shadows from the sunlight inside what I am taking to be a building, so the roof is gone. Members of an army group in a captured building? Your thoughts are very welcome!!

A couple of wrestlers, now, doing it ‘our’ way: but why not lose the shoes and socks guys? And, anywhere outside the US, ears were meant to be bent and twisted in wrestling matches!

naked wrestle

OK, that’s obviously a posed picture, but I sure like the theme. And talking of ‘posed’, this is just one fit guy:


Now another one that looks ‘vintage':


Looks like they are washing each other’s bodies laid out on stone slabs. Many sports teams have the guys showering together, straight or not, but isn’t this just a little bit weird?

OK, this blog is all about guys hanging out together, doing sporty stuff and having fun…

N010523 (4435)

…but we’ll continue that theme now with guys who keep their shorts on for the photographer!

011120 (687)

(OK, and keeping their leather jackets on as well in that case!).

Gym bunnies from the Czech republic now, and then a general selection of fit dudes working in harmony:

pole four
So there we are: assorted wrestlers, swimmers, weight trainers, street workout guys, a couple of acrobats (Jack and Sam) and some guys just hanging out. But all doing it together… which is what it is all about.
Thanks again for the interest support for this first three-quarter million clicks, guys: I’ve enjoyed posting the pics and stupid stories from our crazy life and, if you enjoy it too and wanna return the favour, maybe check out these stories of gay love, sport and misadventures in print or e-books via Amazon and Kindle. Take care now!

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

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Monsters from the West

Our touring schedule has been somewhat disrupted this week – including total WiFi wipeout – as a result of a huge storm which Northern CA. It did significant damage to the circus tent for a start, and we lost shows on two days – on the first day the potential audience was riding out the storm in their basements and, on the second day, digging themselves out of their basements…



…not our trailer, fortunately! (We have a converted bus anyway). And ours was not the only show locally to be disrupted…


…all courtesy of something called an ‘explosive cyclogenesis’, apparently. And, amazingly, back in my home country, UK, exactly the same thing at the same time! A similar event raising winds of 100mph plus across Scotland, blizzards, and 20-metre waves smashing up the coasts. Happily, our place Cefn Derwen, in Wales and well to the south of the epicentre, seems to be fine according to reports.

On top of all that, I was talking to a woman this morning who is convinced that, compared with the same time last year, the sun is setting in a different place according to what she can see out of her windows. Has something we didn’t notice knocked the Earth off its axis to cause all this mayhem?

Cover1 ThumbCover2 ThumbCover 3 ThumbMaybe we should all hunker down with a stiff drink and some good books to read? Maybe stay there until spring, in fact…

mancave11…I know, I’ve posted that before, but it seems more appropriate now than then!

Anyway, show as normal yesterday and two coming up today – and all five of us are out of here next Friday, after which some new acts move in, the show is re-rehearsed, and things move on after a few days gap (they are headed south); we’ll be on that long road trip back to TN with Chet at the wheel, bless him.

gay kissing 479Back to our more normal routine of coaching and training, and back to Dave….. YES!!


More pix we like coming up, then:

german gymnast

hunk 1






solid beef

That one raises a question, for guys who like to be seen shirtless (and don’t we?). Tummy hair. To shave or not to shave…? Tell me what you think after looking back over the pictures earlier in the post – and in earlier posts as well. This young guy just out of the shower shows a nice neat ‘trail’…


…whereas, this dude is ‘clean’…


Finally for today, I love the expression on this last guy’s face… and the body that goes with it. See you soon.

oh yes!


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A Bit of a Stretch


Well, that’s one way! They call it passive stretching: what’s missing is the magazine to read to pass the time!


And that’s another. Keeping flexible whilst (in our case, maybe not that second guy’s) keeping muscle tone and strength is what it is all about, for acrobatics, and also for the ‘kung-fu’ style of stuff that we all dabble in. Particularly, Gary: he’s the one who trained to balance and spin around on a single spear point on his stomach, who gets run over by a small truck, and takes most of the spears in the spear bending…

…he did his kung-fu training with the best of the bunch (Chinese mainly) in Knoxville – it is all written about in our books, especially the final one Against All Odds.


I suppose we all do a bit, but Gary is in a different league, supporting Zach on his head whilst in full splits with just his feet supported on two chairs… the rest of us are probably better acrobats but I do get some lumber broken across my back plus the odd concrete block on the stomach… and the other end of some of the spears. Heigh Ho, it’s all in the name of entertainment…


We all definitely enjoy training muscle tone through gymnastic exercises…



…and, of course, making good use of the weight room.


chest 10 abs 4

(you reckon he needs to work on those abs a bit, ‘cos we do? Nice pecs and shoulders though)


Our earlier development through such activities is documented in the first two books, along with our falling in love and coming out as gay… Loving the Boy and The Power of Love. For those that like that sort of thing, the perfect Christmas present????

Here’s some more “perfect”… enjoy!


chest huh!


bnc_2752def norwegian wrestler

car seat


‘And we got muscle…!’


‘Scrum Down…’


Maybe it is ‘stretching a point’ to call that ‘training’, but it sure looks like fun…!

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Boys at play. Could be us, between shows. It isn’t! Our present home (5 of us) is not a neat building like that, but a converted bus parked behind a circus tent.

Several correspondents have asked me what else is on the playbill. Are there, for example, captive animals like lions? The answer there is ‘no’, but there are other animals: four performing horses, which seem to have been watching videos of the Lipizzaner stallions from Vienna – they are very elegant, and their riders (all from the owning ‘family’) are very skilled, leaping around on their backs as they rear up. And yes, they do get exercised  in open country like ‘normal’ horses whenever an opportunity arises, and they all seem in excellent spirits. Then there is ‘the dog woman’ – keeps herself to herself, but her doggies are very clever and she usually brings the house down, especially with kids. The snake lady, on the other hand, trades on some peoples irrational fear of her reptiles, wrapped around her bikini-clad body, working the audience (maybe avoid the front row!) and her piece de resistance involves gulping down a small snake from the tail end until only the head remains protruding from her mouth…, yes, definitely avoid the front row…

There are jugglers, an illusionist and his assistant, excellent clowns, part of whose repertoire involves a disintegrating and explosive car – it takes them nearly 90 minutes to re-assemble it afterwards, which can be a bit tight when  we do two shows in succession on the same day. I’ve previously mentioned the high-wire trio; also there are two young contortionist sisters (again from the ‘family’), plus Pavl throwing his knives at Jody, and swallowing his swords whilst she does a bit of fire-eating. The there’s the five of us – acrobatics and balance, use of trapezes and then, later in the show, Pavl and Jody join us for sessions with beds of nails, glass, a sword bed, and so on. All good fun…

Here’s a scene from another company – Pirates Reloaded, based in Majorca (hence the sailing ship mast, I guess) – a one-arm balance on a moving base means that, unusually, the top guy has to maintain the balance rather than his supporter (sorry, perhaps that’s a bit technical but its the sort of stuff we need to know in the trade!)


So, there we are. Two more weeks, and then we’re all replaced with other performers for the next six months, after which some of us (to be decided) are committed to another six acrobatic months. Heigh Ho…

…the possibilities are some selection of eight acrobats, two endurance girls and two very talented kids (during school vacations). Now, if there were 15 of us…

acrobat sor

…that is ‘Acrobat Sor’. Quite an impressive array of muscle and skill there!

Anyway, we’ll need to keep training then, both the acro and the weights!


Spot the camera there… quite a clever mirror picture. All the best gyms have mirrors – all the better to see your muscles at work, and those of your friends as well. Locker rooms too…


As we are now into our thirties, stretching and maintaining flexibility become increasingly difficult, and our partners have more work to do…

partner stretch


I would, now, really struggle to do this, for example…


…ah, thinking of the ‘old’ days… it’s all HERE:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Gymnastics and acrobatics will always be our chosen ‘thing’ though… there’s a certain malicious pleasure in doing even the simpler things when you watch people who haven’t been training trying to do them! This guy is definitely in training for his ‘Russian hold':


…and, if I’m not mistaken, he’s definitely been ‘oiled up’ by his photographer to catch the light. Here’s another oiled dude:

oil and light

Personally, we prefer the ‘baby’ oil and a spot of wrestling! As indeed do sword-swallower Pavl and the circus drummer Rodrigo, as recent posts have told!

The rest of the pix for today are randoms:


orri h KaCM1jY





…and, despite the message on the belt, that’s a Czech bodybuilder. Looks like he made quite a good effort!



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Rodrigo’s Choice!


That pic is Rodrigo’s first choice for this post from my ‘reserve collection’ of postable pictures! Just to remind you, Rodrigo is the new young gay drummer in the circus orchestra who decided to ‘come out’ to us, hoping I think for a helping hand into the world of gay young men (except that we’re thirty-somethings now…).

For reasons which long-term readers of this blog or my books will well understand, we don’t share intimate sexual favours with him, but we have wrestled him, let him ‘find himself’ alongside us and now, today, oiled him up and wrestled him that way. To say that he is easily aroused is probably the understatement of the year.

I decided to let him pick the images for today’s post, and his selection all features underwear or Speedos. OK by me, and I hope OK by you. Let’s start:


A ‘tiger-stand’ by the pool next:


…and one fresh out of the pool (or shower)…


On the beach:


A handstand close-up…


ALBUM 1 (1287)

Cover1 ThumbCover2 ThumbCover 3 ThumbRodrigo says it’s OK for me to sneak the usual book adverts, especially since he’s from circus too and there’s quite a bit of that in the books as well as the gay stuff. And a circus tour which went horribly wrong for us (which we hope this present one won’t!). Click on a cover for more info. See also Amazon and Kindle. Now, where were we?

b123007un (11)


Don’t overlook the importance of keeping up with your weight training:








tumblr_n9ozyze7YJ1tcnhoko1_500A little addition from me, for Rodrigo, just to remind him of his day!

A nice pose showing off the back muscles:


…and into the shower…


OK, Rodrigo quit at that point to go clean up and get ready for our afternoon show today. This last one’s from me and follows on from the shower: who is most appropriately dressed here? From one who loves running shirtless in the rain, I think that I have no hesitation in nominating…







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Decisions, Decisions…


Difficult decisions… like “is this a good place to fall out of a handstand…?”

After a lot of debate via Skype and texts, we have agreed to sign up with this circus for a second six-month run starting next June (we finish in two weeks). That’s “we” as in the collective of acrobats (up to eight of us), endurance artists (us again plus the girls and their fire specialities and piercing) and the two kids Leo and Jaymee who do all of that and who will be teenagers at that point (sigh!). Not all at once: it is up to us to supply not less than five people at any one time to cover a ‘slot’ in each half of the show.

It is, without doubt, one of the best managed circuses we have ever come across, so the decision wasn’t too difficult.


The problem arises with “how to manage the rest of our lives”. We have coaching and management responsibilities at the gymnastics center back in TN (especially Pete and Ivo who effectively run the place now with Dave and I as senior coaches and the others pitching in). The kids’ periods off school are such that the only real option for them to be away from TN is the summer school vacation, which begins in June and ends in August.

But, for Dave and I particularly, it all creates a different problem. We are Brits. We have invested in a property in Wales that we last saw in the summer, when Leo, with his British mate Ollie, ran brilliantly wild in the Cambrian mountains for a few weeks and they had the time of their lives. Even then we ‘over-ran’ the official holiday period for school because they had also done circus first, and the patience of the school authorities is understandably wearing thin.

We’re not going to UK at Christmas either this year: kids only see two weeks off school, so we are having my parents, Dave’s (estranged but coming together!) AND Ollie and his sister plus parents Colin and Natasha all here for Christmas – that’s 14 to sit down to Clare’s unbelievable cooking. Leo and Ollie will sleep in the roof space of our training cabin; Dave and I along with Pete and Ivo will sleep on the training floor itself… Ollie’s little sister in with Jaymee (they get on famously)… oh, we’ll squeeze everyone into a bed somehow!

So long as no-one brings a cat (this next pic is for Dave, who has an illogical ‘thing’ for the furry beasties)


Parents aside, we may even get the guests to partake in the annual Dec 26 High-School swim bash in the Clinch River…


(nearly a ‘clinch’ there, and yes it really is called that!).

No, the big issue is the next school summer hols in 2015. The kids: Wales or circus? Or try and cram in both, as we did last year, shortening the Wales trip? It’s not cheap to get there, but it is our ‘home’ (in the ownership sense). If we choose ‘circus’ for the kids, they’ll be over the moon (and so will the circus management because the young ones were a huge hit with the younger audience last time)… but Leo likes to be a free-range kid too, with Ollie and also with his best mate Chris who came to Wales this year. Leo doesn’t yet know that Ollie is coming to TN this Christmas (we’re keeping it secret, and he thinks he has to vacate his sludge-colour-painted basement  to accommodate his grandparents rather than Colin and ‘Tash…) Oh, this is all so difficult. Dave and I want to see Wales again too – otherwise there is little point in owning the place, and maybe we should sell it…

unnamedCAVPTBZ8Dave and I have discussed this lots, and we’re minded to let Leo and Jaymee make the decision about what to do with their next long summer vacation, and then we’ll think about the future around their decision. Arrrgh…

Cover1 Thumb…need to cheer up a little! Like those two…

…curl up with a good book, maybe (Hint – click on any of the covers…)

…and just enjoy some more fitness pics whilst we fail to decide what we actually want to do ourselves!






Cover2 Thumb


Rodrigo6 by Robert Ferron



Cover 3 Thumb


diveboard boi

bar workout guy


Looks like that well-moulded dude is fresh from his bed. Which is maybe as good a place as any to end for today…


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Drumming Up Courage


A ‘coming out’ tale today. When you are gay, you do tend to look at other guys a bit more than your average ‘straight’ guy. Obviously. And, indeed, you notice (and appreciate!) other guys giving you ‘the look over’ as well.

When we do shows on our own, our roadie/driver Chet deals with the music. Here on tour, the circus has its own band, which is quite good (once they’ve learned your routines) because, if there is any slip or delay, they can keep time with you. And they use the drummer for dramatic effect: a roll on the drums as you prepare for some feat which looks difficult or dangerous, and a symbol crash to mark the success (hopefully!). Examples are Ethan hanging from his heels from the trapeze, followed by his twenty-foot dive to be caught by the rest of us, or me on the nails with a concrete block on my stomach as Zach reaches for the sledgehammer. Or a pitch of Jack up in the air to land in a handstand catch… you get the idea.

Most of the band are about 60yo, but a new drummer joined just after we arrived back here. He’s a young Latino guy (about 22 I think) called Rodrigo. And he’s been giving us that look ever since…


…watching, but trying not to be obvious! But obviously enjoying watching our bodies at work…

We have made no secret of the fact that our particular acrobatic/endurance group is wholly gay guys. After last night’s show, Rodrigo approached Ethan, the last to leave the back of the big tent to go for a shower. ‘I think I’m gay too: what should I do?’

The obvious answer to that, I suppose, is ‘Be honest with yourself (and others) and enjoy it!’

Ethan sensed that Rodrigo wanted to talk, so suggested that he joined him in the shower (yes!!) and then came over to our camping bus to talk. He eagerly accepted. ‘By the way, its no shoes and no shirts in our bus, and probably some of the guys won’t be wearing anything this time of night.’ Too right. Crashed out on their bunks after two shows…

good morning

Rodrigo’s arrival, wrapped only in a towel and carrying his clothes, did rather liven things up a bit. Getting him to relax was not easy, and Zach said ‘You gotta relax when you’re with other guys, mate’ and suggested a quick wrestle on the floor. Well, he did relax, pretty quickly. And, in the presence of five other guys with bodies to be ogled and touched, his manhood quickly responded and erupted…

Of course, we couldn’t go ‘further’ with him because of our sworn status to keep ourselves sexually exclusive. But he did get a ‘demo’ from Ethan and Jack… and, after, we did everything we could to make him relax and accept his situation:


Rodrigo became bold enough, and relaxed enough, to ask the ‘Is this normal, then?’ question. Maybe I should give him some books to read, which describe how Dave and I got together and worked it all out along with help and love from the wider group…

Cover1 ThumbCover2 ThumbCover 3 Thumb…these first two pretty much would cover everything he needs to know (and a lot more besides!) and the third one completes the epic and deals with all the loose ends making (I hope) a good read for any gay-friendly sporty type… (you too, maybe; click on covers and check out Amazon/Kindle).

He’s finally gone back to his own van – around 2am! In the morning, he’ll no doubt be looking at us in a different light as we train and, I hope, feeling better about himself. We’ve promised him an oil-wrestling session and, if that doesn’t convince him that being gay alongside other guys is OK, perhaps nothing will!


I’ll let you know how he gets on!

Some more pix for you now before I turn in (in the middle of the night now!): usual themes…



Some neat ab-crunch work:


Ready for anything…


…yes, that too…


Then off to the gym: strand work for the hamstrings first…


Then some piked pull-ups:


Bicep curls:


Shoulder work (lateral dumbbell raises for the medial deltoids)…


Enjoy keeping track of your progress: in the mirror or wherever…

bathroom stretch

Find time to relax with your weights mate…


…and, if you are a gay couple, there are other ways to do that!


I’m gonna have to stop for now – falling asleep – still got to nip across to the hotel to send this… and this could be me in the morning…


…at least no shows tomorrow. Moving on. Bye!


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Thanksgiving! Holiday? What Holiday?

10628263_748219045266432_1613035006889824949_nHa! No rest for the wicked, as they say. As a Brit, I’m not really into the US ‘Thanksgiving’ thing, and when you are on a tour in the entertainment business, the pace racks up somewhat!

Such is life in the…

Cirque – Circus – цирк – 圏谷 – Circo – Arena – 马戏表演 – Cirka – সার্কাস – Zirkus – կրկես – Sirk – சர்கியூ – 馬戲表演 – Sirkus – سيرك – Cirk – दंगल – ಸರ್ಕ್ಯು – Cirkus – ที่มีภูเขาล้อมรอบ – సిర్క్యూ – цырк – Circ – 서커스 – Cirko – سیرک – Tsirkus – રંગભૂમિ – Kara – सर्कस – Kotlina – Buzyalağı – کرک دو – Chổ đất trủng – природни амфитеатар

…I think that covers enough languages (I need to know what it is in Cherokee for my forthcoming [fourth] book, but we’ll deal with that in due course!). So it was three shows on Thursday, two on ‘Black Friday’, two today and two on  Sunday, and then ewe move on from this rather excellent ‘pitch’ in the grounds of a country-house hotel. And, bless them, the circus and hotel management have been very kind to us, laying on a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner at 10.30pm after the third show on Thursday for the entire company. Sometimes, life on the road isn’t so bad!

I’m too knackered to think of really inventive things to say today, so we’ll just settle for the usual selection of fitness-inspiration photos. Follower Paul asks where they come from: the truthful answer is we spend quite some time looking for them, surveying other blogs ad sites with a similar theme. We’re in a few, but you can do the detective work to find those, if you want. They inspire us to keep going too as “old age” creeps up on us (!) – but then I know a lady who can still do ‘foot behind the head’ at age 70, so there’s hope for quite a few years yet if we choose to stick with it.

So here are the pictures, with my customary ‘please-return-the-favour-commercial-break’ inserted along the way: by that I mean, if you enjoy reading/viewing this, maybe those wretched books would be of interest… and they do bring in the odd dollar (actually pound, because they are published in UK but available world-wide including Amazon and Kindle) – just click on any of the covers as they show up for more information. Gay love, sport, acrobatics, adventure…





Cover1 Thumb




Cover2 Thumb





Cover 3 Thumb


Epke Zonderland




ready for training

solid built

Enough? No, never enough! OK, one more then after which I need to go for our training session in the ring. Take care, and share the love…










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