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This blog is about gay acrobats, their life and times, their adventures, their love, their love of fitness and, above all, their story, as told in three connected books which get promoted in the posts from time to time! The books are available in both paper form and as e-books from the usual web outlets. We want you to enjoy the pictures and the episodes of our life and times which get posted here, and we also hope that you’ll enjoy a good read…

bc48789155991bicep…wherever you hang out! Feel free to comment, or if you prefer something more private, use e-mail to – always happy to have your thoughts and opinions!

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Now read on, and join us ‘Living the Dream’…

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“Why Are You Gay?”

This question, from a guy at the head of a ‘nuclear family’ of dad, mum, 2.4 kids… I dismissed it as a stupid question. Then I thought about it again.

gay 1

I am gay because that is what I am. But what does it mean…?

A majority of guys are ‘straight’. They are attracted to women, and women to them. So why am I attracted to men, and one guy, and one group of guys, in particular?


The first book...How it worked for me is written here (click cover!). Let’s suppose that ‘guys’ are a herd… a pack. ‘Nature’ dictates that they should seek out females, and females seek them. OK… deal. Agree that. But do I fit into the ‘pack’? What do I need out of that relationship? Well, I need to be accepted by the pack – I need to be good enough to be ‘one of them’. In my case, as a gay guy, maybe that instinct, not to be an outcast from the pack, is stronger than the draw of females. So I need to be at least as good as they are – like when you were in school and captains picked their teams in sport, you don’t want to be the kid at the end that neither captain wants, do you? No, you want to be good enough to be ‘ranked’ alongside the others.


Not necessarily ‘better’, but definitely ‘equal’. Respected. wanted by the other guys. That’s better. Better working together to make that happen than striving to be better than anyone else in the pack. Like those two. Male bonding – down to the team shorts as well in their case.

So my personal ‘pack’ are going to be sporty guys. I want to enjoy that ‘pack’ behaviour – sights, sounds, smells… exercising alongside a sweaty guy gives me a little ‘thrill’ (even if he’s straight)… admiring the bodies of the others in a gym and hoping they’ll admire mine… and so the confidence builds. Am I good enough? Will any of these guys feel cool about putting his arm around my sweaty shoulders and saying ‘well done mate!’? Do they want me close to them? Because I want to be close to them as we work together on perfecting our skills…


…shirtless of course, enjoying the freedom and the sense of brotherhood…


…getting the measure of each other’s strengths (and weaknesses!), skills, and so on…


Breathing in the heady scent of male hormones at work, creating that ‘bonding’. I love the sensation of skin against skin, partner’s muscles straining, sweat mingling, in a tense but friendly tussle…


Of course, “we’re all boys here…” and maybe it isn’t long before the shorts come off and it is just man against naked man, enjoying every sensation that comes with such freedom to express yourself…


I’m not in a ‘nuclear’ family: two mums (lesbians), two dads (gays), two kids (desperately straight!) and another gay male couple (my partner Dave’s brother and Ivo) doesn’t sound exactly typical. But it works, and it works well.

Cover2 FullI have my very special love to thank for that. My ‘boy’, Dave. The night when, as 17 year olds, he sat behind my, massaging my shoulders and back and said, almost to himself, “Oh Tone, why did it take me so long to find you?” It brought tears to my eyes then, and still does now when I think of it. Poor Dave was a troubled soul at that time, and I believe that us finding each other as gay partners was key to him sorting himself out. He says so, anyway, and later, so did his parents. We didn’t go ‘the last mile’ (to put gay sex more discretely) for a while, until we ‘knew’ ourselves even better: then one night he just looked at me with those beautiful sad eyes and said “Tone… it’s time. I want you to…”

Some have said that Dave is the reason I’m gay. That’s silly, and I put it the other way around. I’m gay because I always was, and I found the perfect partner. The hours we spend like these two…


And, between us, we have gathered a small group around us of caring, loving gay friends. I’d say ‘gay acrobats’, because we all are in that business, but it would sound a bit silly. Within that group, we’ve sworn a deeper bond… to share our gay physical love safely within the group because we always keep it entirely within that group, and constantly re-test for STDs in order to prove it to each other.

Thanks to a correspondent for this unusual picture which somehow seems to sum up how our group works:


Actually, there aren’t enough legs, but its fun…

So there I am: Tone, analysed. Not “Why Am I Gay?” but “I am Gay”. It is ‘hard wired’ into me. It is about love, and close companionship, as well as being accepted for what I am and what I have achieved. It is not about being promiscuous and flaunting our sexuality in search of ‘free love’, nor clubbing in pursuit of orgies, not even ‘Gay Pride’ (which we don’t think always gives the right image to gay men… we’re not all out to (un)dress provocatively, certainly not into being ‘Queens’ or cross-dressing or anything else which others consider ‘sordid’)… no, it is about being in love in our natural way, with a life-raft of amazing gay friends around us. And that goes for the lesbian mums of our brilliant kids, too. Kids who are not ‘endangered’ – as a few have sometimes sought to suggest – by having gay dads.

Sorry, too many words in this post… it all just of kind of ‘came out’. Like we had to do! Let’s enjoy a few more pictures of companiable guys enjoying themselves:





Cover 3 FullOh, and by the way, there are three books. Things go a bit pear-shaped during a circus tour here…

…at which point I’ll just say thanks for sticking with this lengthy post to the end, and have sweet dreams tonight!





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Imagination and Ingenuity


In previous posts I’ve put up some pictures of some pretty basic gym set-ups – often in the countries of the former Soviet Union – where the lads have made the best of things and achieved great results despite having rusty weight plates, plaster falling off their walls, and so on. This one caught my eye – morning gym in Hanoi (Vietnam), just in the street, using a rusting old bench (left), a plank for inclined work (right) and barbells with concrete weights! Back to stone-age workouts, you might say.

This one sure is pretty basic


Guys are pretty adaptable at creating work-out space. Getting a new barn? Just make sure there’s a bar there to practice your levers (and don’t fall on the dog)…


…and while you’re at it – bring in an armchair and a TV!


Great shoulder development, by the way. Any old bar in the street offers an opportunity…


…as does the sitting-room floor:


..and you can use the arms of your sofa to hold your extreme box splits:


Got two trees? No problem, then:

tree bar

For handstands, all you need is a patio:

nile wilson 2

Raining? So what?

in the rain

Got some overgrown stone steps? OK, then stretch!


Another basic setup, used to good effect:


Perhaps I’ve made the point by now. Achieving excellence does not require the best equipment: just a bit of ingenuity:


…and imagination:


Cover1 ThumbCover2 ThumbCover 3 ThumbAh. Boys getting ready for the circus! That was our dream, 14 years ago: it happened, too, with a lot of effort and some really great friends. You could read it all here, along with the (mis)adventures that met us along the way (and e-books are available for the techies) – click on covers for more information.

Yes, in pursuit of physical excellence, the road goes ever on. A few more images showing great results:






Go on, you know what you want! Get out there, and do something about it!

built 8


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Czech-ing Them Out


Check that lot out (street workout dudes)! I know that most readers here derive most pleasure from checking out the pictures, and we’re cool and happy about that. The blog is here (originally) to help sell books on gay lifestyle, performing (acrobatics) and some adventures we’ve had. OK, see at the end!

Regulars (and book readers) will know that I refer a lot to a private gym here which has been owned and managed by a guy who likes to choose who he accepts. Some ‘ordinary’ but enthusiastic guys get in during the day, but evenings, nights and most of the weekends are reserved for his special members – guys who have shown a huge dedication and commitment to their fitness – guys who like to get naked to get sweaty… especially wrestling… and guys who are tolerant of the high proportion of gays there, some of whom will elect to get rather personal with consenting mates as the night wears on… well:

Our little workout cabin and the top of the yard has seen many guys invited to be ‘tried out’ in front of a panel of Chad and his friends, before election to his ‘inner circle’ at his own place. They definitely need to be dedicated to their weights…


…work well together with others…

sweaty lifters

…enjoy a good tussle…


…tolerate (or enjoy) a bit of this…

FA010812 (346)

…and show a willingness to try new things, such as trusting their bodies to a bit of basic physics (why doesn’t the balloon burst = why I can tolerate three other people on top of me when I lie there…)


Occasionally, Chad’s challenges can be a little daunting…


…but then the season should spare us from that one for a while!

Anwyay, when Dave and the others were on tour a couple of months back (and I wasn’t, thanks to my leg injury, grrrr), a couple of Czech guys on placement near here travelled to see their circus when it came within about 50 miles, and talked to the lads afterwards. Turned out to be super-fit guys, intrigued by acrobatics and desperate to find a good weights club. They also turned out to be a gay couple (it’s not a requirement to be gay around here, but Chad’s – shall we say – attracts those who appreciate great male bodies). To cut a long story short, Pavl and his friend got their invite to stop by our cabin, did their stuff with our weights, had a great wrestle with us (oil ‘n all and, as they say, ‘raw’), and were not too phased when Karen and Clare slipped in (they have been ‘honorary boys’ at Chad’s before even we showed up: muscular, fit and ever keen to shed their clothes too and to take on the best of the guys).

Yep, the Czechs are pretty strong, and surprised themselves with their own abilities in simple balance, such as this one:


What they lack at the moment is flexibility…


…but they’ll get there. They got everyone’s enthusiastic support to be initiated as full participants at Chad’s, after which we chilled out, chatting, admiring muscles and talking fitness late into the night.


I think that they were kind of hoping for their first ‘gay orgy’ since arriving in US, but that’s not what we do… Dave, Pete, Ivo and I are members of a group of 10 sworn only to ‘do it’ within the group, and Chad and the others who came are equally careful when it comes to the possibility of STDs. However, we were more than willing to give them a ‘helping hand’ and to pair off alongside them…

It got so late that we suggested they bunk down in the attic space above the cabin, forgetting that young Leo, Chris and Ryan would wake them around six as they arrived for their pre-school training session… oh well. Somewhat bleary, we suggested a morning run – in the rain – before they cleaned themselves up and left for their work…

rain run

If they didn’t think we were mad before, they probably do now. We love running in the rain.

OK, a few more pix to inspire them before they show up for their introduction to Chad’s ‘darker’ gym!



I really like that picture – an ordinary, unpretentious boy who has been doing his own thing in the gym with excellent results


And now, a pretentious one (?)…


OK – reminder about the books now – just the ISBNs this time – print and e-books available, more info by clicking on the links…

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

And, finally, a perfect result from a powerful workout programme. Our new Czech friends are quite close to this already. Enjoy!




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Still Out to Get Us…


I spend most of my time, as regulars will well know, in the so-called ‘Land of the Free’. ‘Free’ apparently means ‘free to be as abusive and bigoted as you wish, and to incite others to be the same’. Yep, there are still plenty of religious folk out here who want us (gay people) dead. This from a church in the New York borough of Brooklyn, as I understand it.

Religious extremism (as I believe this to be) seems to be fuelling the majority of world conflicts at the moment (Ukraine excepted, and the on-going Korean stand-off too). It is tempting to suggest that we should just ban religion but, for those who believe in that sort of thing (and I do not), then they should be free to do their thing, so long as it does not interfere with the peaceful lives of others.

Cover1 ThumbCover2 ThumbCover 3 ThumbIt is tempting, is it not, to send a parcel of my books to Pastor James David Manning! He could hold a ceremonial book burning out side his church. I might get some publicity out of that and increase my meagre sales!

I doubt that he and his congregation would appreciate the discovery of my love for Dave, our coming out, our associations with loving caring gay friends, even though it is ‘leavened’ (to use a biblical term!) by tales of acrobatics, circus, and some misadventures which overtook our performing tours.

A much brighter note is that the former homophobic parent of my son’s friend ‘Ryan’ is now, I think, firmly converted to the view and appreciated our ‘fitness’ lifestyle sufficiently to entrust his son to our training. I have always been careful to anonymise this boy (hence the inverted commas) in the blog, just in case, but I think I can drop the inverted commas now. I will just continue to call him Ryan since I have anyway changed quite a few names along the way in the interests of preserving people’s privacy. I won’t go so far as to say that the family is now a ‘friend’ of our extended family, but the fact that Dave and I now live with (as it were) the mothers of our kids (in a huge house, and the two couples preserving their gay partnerships!) seems to have  satisfied his concerns in some illogical way. And Ryan, I have to say, is developing his body and his physical skills brilliantly alongside my son Leo and his near-inseparable mate Chris (both seriously straight young men, by the way).

This blog, perhaps – no, certainly – without the support of ‘The Blood of Jesus Atlah World Missionary Church’ (strewth!) – has two purposes. One is to promote my books (nothing new there then!) and to post inspirational pictures to engage guys, gay or straight, to get their bodies in shape. So here we go with todays bunch:

A chalky gymnast to open the proceedings…


A happy lad, clearly satisfied with his upper body…


A weight trainer (can’t beat it!) updating his progress log…


Showing off in a Bulgarian car park…


Two guys looking good in bed:


jordan 05

A really bulky lifter:


And another – great pecs:


A chunky Russian boy…


Lad making excellent use of the spare space in his garage…


Night shift at the street workout:
night owl

Feel like a swim?


Why not just show off what you have?



And, for today’s finale, I dedicate this one to the Atlah church: two guys in bed together. Sleep tight!



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Abs-solutely Exhausted…


Last evening in Chad’s private gym we had an abs workout. Not just any old workout – hundreds of repetitions of mean exercises devised by Chad to challenge every member. Whew. To say I woke up with an ache in the belly would be a kind of understatement.

Chad likes his ‘boys’ to look good, and we try to oblige! Here are some challenges to be met:



Like the lighting? Here’s another similar one…


From the side now (a superb result for the photographer and for the boy):


Moving outdoors now:



Taking it lying down…


Cover1 ThumbCover2 ThumbCover 3 ThumbAbsorry – Ad-break!

Gay-friendly fitness-friendly beach reading material. And a sting in the tail to be discovered…

Don’t risk getting sand in your electronics… get the paper copies!

And now – as there is nothing much else to report right now -back to the ABs…

barbell curl 3



from below



Graffiti abs…




Working on the rest, now the abs workout is done…




More great lighting for an abs-man…

ground light

And, finally for today, how to make your abs grow faster! Plant well into the ground and water frequently!




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Back at Work…

As reported yesterday, we’re home in TN and back in the thick of it, working very hard to allow our long-suffering coaching colleagues to take their long-deserved break. Dave’s brother Pete, and his partner Ivo, have disappeared off to Florida and will meet up with an old British mate, Rich and the love of his life. Bit of a busman’s holiday for Pete and Ivo since the other two also run a gym. Oh well…

I’m featuring well-developed BACKS today. A tenuous link to the title, but who cares?




Pull up bars can be relied upon to show off the muscle spread… as can shoulder presses behind neck:


Or just pose!



‘Slim’ has its merits, too:

clark 01

…especially when you’re obviously putting in the effort…


It goes without saying that gymnastics is a winner both for developing the back and, indeed, needing that core strength:


And then, of course, we have to admire the street workout boys:


Silky smooth…


A little more random posing now:






…a strange position, but it does show off his shoulders very well.

Needless (?) to say, my books contain a fair bit about our training (not training tips, but where/when/why) and acrobatic endeavours, within a tale of about five years of our lives as we discovered our gay selves.

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

750,000-ish words of ?? wisdom! e-versions available from Amazon etc.

Here’s our last back for today… and he’s doing real fine!





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Back at Base and Back to Basics

handstand 3

Back in Oak Ridge! Leo, Jaymee and their friends back in school (so much earlier than British schools go back)! Dave and I hustled straight back to the gymnastics centre to relieve the poor souls who have been covering ‘our’ coaching timetable. Back to shaping handstands…

handstand pommel

…addressing the parallel bars…


and rings…



We don’t want of this on our watch…


Get the high bar right…


Making sure the lads remain flexible…

bc_ballet stretch

Flexible and strong…


We’ll be back in the acro classes too, reminding us of fun on the beach…



(and by the river)…


Gosh. A whole post devoted to gymnastics and acrobatics. Well, why not – it’s where we’re coming from.

If you’re still on vacation, enjoy: try these for a good read (gay lifestyle, circus and adventure):

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Whichever way you look at it, gymnastics and acrobatics are FUN!


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Outta Here…

A last little dip…


…a last quickie with the weights in the barn…


…a last ‘play’ outdoors (despite the cool weather)…

blog 9

,,,and we’re off. The start of the school year in Tennessee beckons. We’re all sad to leave Wales behind us, but the boys will both be pleased to see their other friends (and Chris has not seen his entire family for four weeks); Dave  is itching to see how his daughter Jaymee has been doing, whilst the start of the most intensive coaching season awaits both of us.

It has been amazing weather (for the UK) this summer (until now!) and we’ve been really pleased to have the sun without the high humidity we have in TN at this time of year. All relatives have been visited, Ollie and his family had a great time with us and the three boys re-cemented their determination to keep training hard and exchanging progress reports. Ollie stays in Oxford – however, we hear that ‘Ryan’, son of the (previously?) homophobic dad has been doing really great things back home under tuition from Pete and Ivo, so we shall see how he shapes up as the fourth member of this ‘exclusive’ young clan! Some of this before long, maybe, if we can get all four together somehow:

blog pic men's 4 6

For Dave and I, well, it seems that we move more and more to teaching and less to performing – some of our original group are approaching 40 now, so keeping this up becomes more challenging…


…whilst teaching others to do this becomes somehow easier…


Many things remain unresolved: our lack of time at Cefn Derwen in Wales, although Carol and her son Neil mind the place and run it for us as a holiday let, which makes a decent amount of money. Before you ask, we’re booked up to Christmas (kept free for us, just in case) and for a lot of next spring! Also our split lifestyle with family both in UK (parents) and USA (kids) – we’re torn about what to do in the longer term. I cannot see the kids ever wanting to live (or work) permanently in UK, but then circus work can take you almost anywhere, if that is what they choose. They had a taste of life on the road for four weeks before we came to UK, and seemed to thrive on it – getting applause for your efforts does have an effect!

Of course, ‘play’ time remains essential…


…and of course (for us all) there is a determination to look really good





Guys train for many reasons…


and, maybe for us gay guys, that’s one of them…


…but all decisions we finally take about the future will be based around giving Jaymee and Leo (seriously straight) the upbringing they deserve and the chances to make their own mark. Yep, we work and train ‘em hard, but we also make sure there is plenty of ‘play’ which 12yo kids need to have as well.

tumblr_n7xse7sC6P1rsxlolo1_1280Despite which… – a good maxim being ‘never use the elevator [lift], use the stairs’ – kids need to understand that life can deliver hard knocks too. We’ve had our share – ask our friends Zach and Gary, and see the books about it all at the end of this post! All history now, but things could have worked out very differently. And my recent medical experience has taught them that fate [God?] can still strike in unexpected ways, and you just have to deal with it.

But then there’s another maxim – enjoy it while you can!





The first book...Cover2 FullCover 3 Full


Next post from Tennessee… Meanwhile, the wheel of life continues to turn!


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The Moody Blues: Just Between Ourselves


I wasn’t sure whether to blog about this subject, but Dave says ‘Go Ahead’. OK.

He’s always been prone to moody depressions, ever since we were first getting to know one another and discovering our gay love after being uprooted from UK to Tennessee (see Loving the Boy). In fact, he told me I wouldn’t want to know him but, thankfully, I persisted. It all stems from the family being abandoned by their mother when Dave was just six. In 2001 there was a somewhat tearful and difficult re-union (see The Power of Love) but, even after his mum and dad shared their anxieties together in 2003 when we were temporarily – er – ‘mislaid’ (I leave you to discover that one in Against All Odds), a feeling of deep resentment has always remained. A few months back, Dave’s father finally returned to UK and now lives less than a quarter mile from his former wife in Keswick, and Dave has been up there visiting. It would be fair to say that their differences are not entirely resolved, and Dave returned from his few days in the Lake District very thoughtful and depressed.


Add to this the conflicting ‘pulls’ of shortly having to leave our home in Wales to return the kids to school in US, ourselves back to the ‘grind’ of coaching (but at the same time getting to spend time with all our fitness-freak mates again)… plus the suddenly terrible weather inflicted upon Wales by the tail end of Hurricane Bertha… it all conspires to add to the gloomy feeling.

4.30 am. A crack of thunder and a lightening flash wakes me. I realised that Dave is not alongside me in bed, and can just make him out, hunched in a chair, knees clasped to his chest, gazing out of the window at the very first glimpse of light. Rain pouring down, and everything looks weirdly yellow. ‘Can’t sleep’. I slip out of bed and put an arm around him, which doesn’t seem to help. I take his foot and kiss it, start to lick, but he kind of pulls it away. Strange, because that usually works. Suddenly: ‘Tone… you know what I need..

I do. He is desperately frustrated. Inside him, two forces are at work. He wants both to hurt, and to be hurt. Work out the anger. It’s happened before, most memorably on a drizzly dull beach in Cumbria when he was facing up to meeting his mum for the first time in nine years. Our fight was intense, and yet loving at the same time. We inflicted some injuries on each other, suddenly fell into each others arms and then into the sea, grateful for each other’s understanding that it was something we both wanted to do. He to relieve his inner pain, me to share it. This time, loving hands are not enough…

loving hands

I nod my understanding. We slip out of the house so as not to wake anyone and race through the rain to our barn gym, where we lock ourselves in. We’re unlikely to be disturbed at that hour, but the boys might wake early and this is not something to be shared with them… or with anyone. Dave drags out one of our nail beds… the most ‘serious’ one (fewest nails). He take a leather belt down and hands it me before lowering himself face down on to the nails. No words are necessary.

tumblr_n9pe6qxTiH1rhg5wfo1_1280He wants to end up like this guy. This, however, is not ‘stupid’ gay ‘S & M’. This is serious. He wants to work out his demons, and this is the only way he knows. A way that works, for him. He demands I do both sides, and he turns to lower his stinging back on to the nails.

Our code, our understanding, demands that I allow him to return the ‘favour’, for that also relieves his inner frustrations. I don’t particularly want to be wincing with pain for the rest of the day, but this is something I will do for him – must do for him. It seems to work. He seizes me in his arms and we kiss, deeply, lovingly, desperately, before he falls on me for relief of the gay kind. That’s also pretty tough, and given both ways around.

‘God, I love you, Tone’

‘And you, Dave…

A pause.



And we eased ourselves back into bed, for a little more private time, just ahead of the kids, Colin and ‘Tash waking and going down to make breakfast. I just woke again, Dave in my arms. Reached for the laptop, and here I am…

Not sure why I’m sharing all this at nine in the morning. It has just all kind of poured out. If you’re reading it, I (we) decided to go ahead and hit ‘publish’. Maybe we will, maybe we won’t. I think we’ll need to keep our shirts on for the rest of the day, to avoid comment. As it’s wet and cool right now, we should get away with it. By tomorrow, hopefully, the results of our little encounter should be a little less obvious.

Thanks for staying with this… let me relieve the gloom with a few inspirational fitness pictures to brighten everyone’s day:

Ready to finish their workout:

3 toughies

Showing what you’ve got:


DIY weights: why not?

basic weights

Combining workout with play:


It pays off…

hes made the effort

For this guy too:

nice one

Don’t write off the ectomorphs:



Usually it’s the companionship – supporting one another – that brings out the best results:


…a tasty bite…


Post-workout too:


So Dave’s feeling better (in his head, if not in his back!), and I can’t resist allowing this final picture, just for once, with one of those creatures that Dave seems to have a fixation for. Rest assured that we do NOT have a cat in our bed…


We’ve decided. I am going to hit ‘publish’. And if this post makes you think that we’re totally depraved and weird, well, so be it. Have a nice day, doing whatever works for you…

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Man and Boy Trials

The three boys currently staying here – my son Leo, his friend Chris (also from US) and Colin’s boy Ollie – all want to become and remain extremely fit. They want to look like this:


…yeah, muscular and sweaty (which they see as a sign of their “brilliant” training efforts!)… sweaty enough for you, Ollie?…

REALLY sweaty

…they want to be able to do this…


…as well as this…


…and this…


…so they want to train hard, and we (naturally) encourage that. So this morning, the boys issued a challenge – each boy teams up with a ‘dad’ (but not his own) and each pair has to complete the challenges the boys set for themselves… like 100 push-ups, one-hundred chin-ups, 150 crunches, etc. etc. etc. Here’s the motivation:


Well, we’re in the place where man and horse regularly compete (this year, the horse won again), so why not? I was paired with Ollie, Colin with Chris and Dave with Leo. So, here come the ‘clapping’ press-ups:

clapping press-up 1

…the pec flies…


…the bridge rocks…


…and so forth. Well we all did them and I wasn’t actually the slowest ‘dad’ despite my recovering leg injury… Colin was (just). I’m proud to say (and maybe slightly embarrassed) that Leo beat the other boys time-wise, but Chris was very close and Ollie is a year younger…

…they achieved their goals, got suitably sweaty, like this dude…

sweat 87

…and we cooled them off by chucking them in the river…

cooling off

…although don’t imagine they were wearing their swim trunks at this point – this is (as Leo puts it) a ‘we’re all men here, guys’ gym – ‘who needs clothes?’ Oh well. Ollie’s mum did observe, but she joined us all in the river anyway!

Cover1 ThumbCover2 ThumbCover 3 ThumbWe’ve always been a pretty casual lot when it comes to clothing in our assorted gyms: Leo (and Dave’s daughter Jaymee) have been exposed to training pretty much ever since they were born, love it, and have sampled the professional circus lifestyle too. The books will help to explain where it all came from… two gay boys (Dave and I) discovering our sexuality and falling in love… two lesbian girls desperate for kids get involved… lots of pleasure for all and a bit of pain when things go wrong… 3 books for the beach maybe?

So, after the book advert (it’s what this blog is HERE FOR, guys…!), the continuing role of inspiring guys of all ages to improve their fitness and their bodies. Let’s continue…

(i) Looking good in speedos…


(ii) Looking good in the er… wind, I guess…


(iii) Looking good in the mirror (yeah, we’re all Narsicists Narcissists Narciccists oh wft! – we all like looking at ourselves!!):


(iv) Looking good together:


(v) Looking good in the gym:



(vi)…and on the beach…




…which is where we’re going now, after ‘Tash’s excellent lunch, because Ollie and his parents (and did I forget his little sister?) leave us tomorrow – a sad time for the boys, but Leo and Chris will meet Ollie again before long, I have no doubt.



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