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This blog is for guys who admire other guys who put real effort into their physical development. It is NOT exclusively gay, but hopefully you will be gay-friendly.

tumblr_neimn2tEkV1qffcrao3_500The rules are simple:

  1. Make an effort to improve your own fitness this year (you’re NEVER too old);
  2. Enjoy the pictures (and comment please on what you see, and feel free to ‘FOLLOW’);
  3. Buy a book (preferably, all of them) to support the continuation of the blog!

The books (print and e-versions available) are about finding gay love, developing ourselves as acrobats, starting a family (yeah, I’m a gay dad and enormously proud of my teenage son!!), going on tour, meeting difficulties ‘head-on’ (they become a bit of a thriller as well). sticky-1-readLinks from all posts from September 2014 onwards will lead you to more information and potential purchase – they are in almost every post and either through clicking on images of the covers, or on the separate links when given!! And, as the image on the right clearly shows, you can follow all of these rules at one go…

The blog is essentially G-rated; the books get a little explicit from time to time about gay guys doing what gay guys do – you don’t have to be gay to enjoy them – just be gay-friendly. 

And now, as they used to say on the old TV game shows: “Come on Down!”⇓

*** Many pictures will enlarge if you click on them ***


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8 Out of 10…

“Eightcat out of ten cats…” is the title of a British comedy TV show in which people give their preferences (as in ‘Eight out of Ten cats prefer Whiskas’ cat food). But that’s not what I had in mind here.

But here’s a guy who’s ‘preferred’ breakfast cereal and juice clearly works wonders with his muscles:


As usual, I digress before I even started. But he’s a stunner…

No. As we set off on tour at first light tomorrow (Saturday), we kind of had our ‘last night at the Prom’ in Chad’s gym yesterday. Leon, our dear friend, who manages bus maintenance in Lexington, came over with some vital spare part for ours (along with his partner Dane, of course), which meant that eight of the possible ten of our gay ‘coven’ were assembled in Chad’s gym – that’s the ‘coven’ which has sworn to have no penetrative gay sex out of the circle so that we can enjoy ourselves within it – new readers start HERE!

That’s eight of us who have been close mates for about 15 years now, entering the gym newly scrubbed in the showers, lifting a few weights to get the blood pumping, wrestling, and then – well, every possible combination pretty much explored over the next couple of hours…

…four of the eight will be on the tour for the first four weeks too, then joined by the two missing ones (although I leave at the point – sigh). But what we can do in our camping tour bus when we have three kids with us is obviously somewhat limited, so last night was meant to be – and turned out to be – rather special!

But you can fill in the rest for yourselves. There are plenty clues in the books:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Meanwhile, we’ll continue our customary celebration of the male body and all of the hard physical training and work that goes into creating it:



dumbbell boi


FA010812 (647)


lean mean






Time to reflect on the results…


tumblr_nmupzwyDPI1sm5qj2o1_1280I always say this when we are setting off on a tour with a show – future postings might become a bit irregular – depends on finding good WiFi in some unexpected places. But usually, things continue fairly smoothly. In the meantime – whatever your sport, keep up the sweaty training! And don’t let your push-ups sag like this lot!


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Two Guys Together


To any gay guy, the sight of two guys together, enjoying each other’s company, just sums it all up. Male bonding with male – don’t have to be gay to feel that special relationship but, if you are, ‘great’ can become ‘wow’! A post dedicated to pairs of guys, then!


Two ballet boys. Not entirely sure what the pose signifies – maybe something about pulling in opposite directions, which would destroy my theme. But a great picture anyway. Guys showing off (being silly?) in the rain next:


The first part...

More ‘showing off’ – sharing the pleasure of hard-won muscle:


And again:

ball players

The younger generation, beefin’ up:


beefin up

The second part...

…or just sorting out their differences in that ‘brotherly’ way…


Two guys in perfect balance with each other:


And again (underwear stays on this time!):


Always feel if two guys are comfortable being naked together, then they are real friends. Or at least – shirtless…

fridge duo

In bed together, now – that’s a whole new big step forward…


Cover 3 Thumb

A little intimacy on the mats now:


(love the cargo shorts look for wrestlers [and acrobatics too, come to that])

good hold

Hmmm! Beefier wrestlers:


Satisfaction at the outdoor gym:


Just bein’ boiz, chillin':



Selfies in the bathroom:


well constructed

And finally – for those of us who actually are gay:


Bromance? Yeah!


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Countdown: Reaching for the Moon

The first part...Zero minus four…


…and then we’re off – about 400 miles west of here, in our very own specialist conveyance (converted old city transit bus!), to commence the first phase of our renewed stint in the touring circus.

The kids are off their heads with excitement – and they do deserve their four weeks of “fame” for all the effort they’ve put in – especially Leo’s bestie Chris, who makes his ‘professional’ debut with us. But I can’t get so excited, I’m afraid. We’ve been doing this stuff too long, too often, and I have really ‘gone off’ being ‘on the road’. Like my own bed, and all that. So the kids and I bail out after four weeks, leaving Dave and the others to be joined by our long-term mates (in every sense of the word – and ‘gays the word’), Ethan and Jack, who never seem to tire of being under the spotlights and are just finishing a slow in Canada.

The second part...Still, Leo, Jaymee and I get to head over to Wales (UK) for a couple of weeks while Dave and the others have to carry on being acrobats and endurance freaks. Every cloud has a silver lining, or, as I once wrote in one of my books, ‘every silver lining has a cloud…’ – the cloud being… no Dave with me. Arrgh!


Guess we’ll both get through it! My dad, a retired scientist, keeps whinging on about me getting a ‘proper job’ – but then he’s been doing that for the last 15 years or so and we’ve made enough, Dave and I, to buy a house in Wales as an investment and also a stake in our present shared home in Tennessee. So we must have been doing something right… the gym coaching probably pays better than showing off in shiny trunks twice nightly!


And we do, of course, enjoy working on our strength and trying not to look quite as old as we are starting to feel…


Narcissistic? Probably ‘yes’… want to look my best for Dave (and our other gay friends), and we do rather ‘expose’ our bodies to scrutiny in performance, as most acrobats do…


…but not this much…


Well, not usually, anyway (blush!).

Some general physical ‘stuff’ now, for your entertainment:


Now that looks remarkably like our own favourite swimming hole (it isn’t) – and our location is sufficiently private that we wouldn’t need the trunks either:


Note to self: must get down there at least once more this week before we leave…


I quite like this outdoor gym setup:


Found this image of team abs training on an industrial scale…


Russian, I fancy. Heaven help anyone who doesn’t crunch in strict time!

On the whole, we prefer the standard weights gym!


And there needs to be fun:


Sadly, we shall be about as far from a sandy beach as it is possible to get during our time with the tour.

Cover 3 ThumbActually, I think that’s our problem. Touring is a real slog – not the actual performances and the morning training for them, but the environment and the travelling really wears us down. Pete and Ivo quit touring a while back, for exactly that reason. The young Leo, Chris and Jaymee, of course, will just lap it up. But maybe we older guys need to find something more if we are to keep it up much longer. I don’t know what ‘that’ is… just have to keep looking, I guess…

reach for the moon

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Not ‘Any Old’ Monday…

towel 6

We’re obviously very aware that tomorrow here in the US is ‘Memorial Day’, and back home in UK it is a Bank Holiday, which means for most a day off work in, surprisingly, not too bad weather.

But (or should I maybe have said ‘butts’?), tomorrow is also a special day on a GALACTIC scale. It is TOWEL DAY.


Now I sense here that for some people, this is a ‘WTF is he talking about now?’ moment. But, for fans of Douglas Adams’ ‘Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’, you’ll know EXACTLY what I mean.

‘Any man who can hitch the length and breadth of the galaxy, rough it, slum it, struggle against terrible odds, win through, and still know where his towel is, is clearly a man to be reckoned with.’

towel 2

Remember the hapless Arthur Dent, who took off across the Universe on less than 30 Alterian dollars per day, and still had time to remind us of the importance of a nice fresh cup of really hot tea…?

towel 3

All rather fun really and, as we have spent the weekend carefully loading up our tour bus with such important items as balance pedestals, beds of nails, and a bin full of broken glass – an exceedingly eager son Leo and his mate Chris doing most of the work – we have all made certain that we each have included a set of TOWELS.

towel 4

As you can see, today’s picture selection is in honour of tomorrow!

towel 5

built speedos

In our world, apart from the more obvious uses like getting oneself dry, towels find a number of surprising uses – not least a barrier between our sweat and the weights benches…



…or for mopping off baby oil after oil wrestling, for example, before getting to the more conventional shower…


… even for putting the broken glass on to keep it off the main stage or arena:


Emergency cover during exercise when unexpected visitors arrive? Avoid hang-ups!

Inward Calm
A simple training mat:


Finally, head for the showers…


Enough towels for one day?

Well, makes a change, I guess! Now I must just go an change some US dollars into Alterian, ready for our trip at the end of the week! However you choose to celebrate Monday May 25 this year, enjoy!

Let’s meet up in The Restaurant at the End of the Universe…

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 Thumb


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One Week to Go!

2 fit lads

Here in Tennessee, the school summer vacation starts in one week. That’s six weeks earlier than in UK, and I still can’t get my head quite around the difference. Our kids start back at the beginning of August after eight weeks off. It makes coordinating the summer vacation with our friends in UK rather a challenge.

Anyway, as previously told here, our ‘troupe’ is back on duty with the touring circus as of June 1st, and initially that means Dave and I, Karen and Clare, Zach and Gary, and our two kids Leo and Jaymee plus Leo’s friend Chris – yes, three 13yo kids making their professional circus debut! They’ll be in the show for four weeks, then they will withdraw, along with me, possibly whizzing our kids over to Wales for a couple of weeks just to see if our place there is still standing and, of course, Leo and Jaymee to spend time with their British weights and gymnastics freaky mates Ollie and Alex. Chris would love to go as well, but I think his parents want to see something of him during the summer themselves. When we withdraw, Dave will probably stay on for a while along with the others and also be joined by Ethan and Jack, whose present show in Canada comes to an end in a week or so. They’ll therefore get a short rest they surely deserve, having been performing continuously since Christmas.


We’re really proud of what Leo and Jaymee can do – they have their own balance and strength routines including bed of nails stuff, and have done TV already. Chris has come on really well – good enough to play supporting roles, anyway. But we’re certain that four weeks will wear them down and be more than enough.

So, we’re cleaning up our converted bus, our regular roadie and driver Chet is back getting everything organised, and we’re all fretting about the things we still need to do before we set off. At least the gymnastics center is less of an issue in the summer vacation, with lots of kids missing: Pete and Ivo will hold the fort along with the other coaches who don’t do mad things like us.


Of course, our training must go on regardless…


Never pass up an opportunity…


…even in the kitchen…


kitchen acro 1

Including your flexibility…


…and strength…


And of course, we shall have access to weights, both our own in the bus and a collection the circus keeps and which can be used by anyone.


Just praying now that no-one gets sick or injured… I for one am still seeing off the last remnants of a horrible chest infection given to me by one of the gym students a few weeks back. Heigh Ho…

Some more general fitness picture now:





A nice outdoorsy one to finish with today, and two lads together enjoying being shirtless in each other’s company.


Damn – did I forget the book advert? So much to remember in this last hectic week…

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7


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No, that’s not my son Leo or one of his close friends, nor even our local school, but it so easily could be! The problem with having a 13yo who is seriously proud of his fitness and what he can do with it is that tendency to ‘show off’ both his skills and his body at every opportunity! And his close friends Chris and Ryan have been kind of ‘tainted’ with the same attitude.

The skills I mean are his acrobatics (inevitably he just does his own things in every phys. ed. class) and his general strength and muscles. And that tendency to dispense with a shirt whenever he can, along with shoes.

All I can say is “I’ve tried”. Dave’s tried. The other lads, and his mum and her partner have tried. Leo switches from being enormously respectful and conscious of what he needs to do (in performing with us for example) to lapsing back into the worst ‘teen’ attitude.

I point out to him constantly that, whatever he may be very good at, he’s only ‘middling’ in the wrestle squad (all three are ranked just below the mean) – partly because they confuse the collegiate style with the submission style we enjoy at home – and useless at team games. And no Cavanagh has ever been able to connect a ball with any kind of bat, so don’t mention baseball… actually I only just found out that, when looking to one side, my eyes focus one slightly behind the other which is why I’ve never hit a squash ball successfully in my life.

So everyone should do what they can, and leave what they can’t! Except, of course, when it comes to putting that little extra effort with the weights!


Shall we animate that guy a bit? He’s worth it:



Wow! Maybe he works out with such remarkable results because the weights match his underwear.

But that’s a body definitely worth risking a detention to pull your shirt off and show!


I guess we all want to be proud of what we have, and what we can do. But the one ethic we have tried to instil into our kids is that you don’t try always to be better than the rest – you inspire them and encourage them to catch up with you. And that is so different from the general American sports ethic of ‘you have to be No. 1′. Oh well. But then Dave and I are Brits, and Leo is half Brit, so we can be expected not to conform!

The first part...WeCover 3 Thumb haven’t exactly conformedThe second part... anyway, in the 15 years we’ve been here in exile in Tennessee. Gay dads, sharing the home of our kids lesbian mums. Oh well, that, the acrobatic shows and the pitfalls of tours going wrong are there for all to read – e-books available too. ‘Buy a book – save a writer and gym coach from starving…’ Click on the covers for more information.

More appropriate images for our regular themes now: none of these students gets a detention for slacking in their phys.ed.:


These neither:


word cloud

Yes! And appearance, too:



(Taylor Lautner getting wet)





college boi

door boy

But wait… what’s this? Slacking?


Quite close, aren’t they? gay? Maybe! But they could all use a little more beef, so why aren’t they in the gym lifting, instead of slumping on the beach? Detention book ready… now then…

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Under the Radar, or Over the Rainbow?

Well now. No sooner do I issue a post trying to defend (explain? excuse?…) our policy of keeping our gay-ness to ourselves and trying to blend in (Dull and Duller – Blending In) than the one organisation you might think wanted to keep its head down in such matters goes all ‘Gay Pride’ on me!


Thanks to a friend in UK for pointing this out. That’s the ‘doughnut’ (correct English spelling there!!) – the UK spook’s HQ in Cheltenham, with close ties to US’s NSA and other ‘darker’ organisations… the sort of organisation where a few years back, evidence of homosexuality was seen as a possibility of blackmail and ‘turning’ their spies to work for the ‘enemy’ (principally Russia – nothing changes…) – the most famous example of course being Alan Turing, who was stripped of his security clearance and later killed himself.

Well, at the weekend, for ‘International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia’, they only went and lit up the place in ‘pride; rainbow colours!


That’s Turing in the inset. Apparently they now encourage LGBT applications and have a support group for such staff members, run by the straight employees. Which I can only commend, of course, but it is an amazing volte face (Dave loves quoting other languages, so that’s for him).

So, for once, I don’t ‘rest my case’ – I just give up! Positive discrimination for LGBT is obviously the flavour of the month.

Let’s return to our usual fitness and acrobatic theme. Maybe I can at least get that right…

3 abs boiz






This position is just about as difficult as it gets:


…a lot of work on the shoulders and chest is needed…

bar boys


‘Magic mushrooms’ might help…


…well, not really!…


A good dose of these might be better:


…that’s weights, not veins… a well-equipped boy’s bedroom next:


Remembertumblr_mjj36cthT91qe31lco1_r1_500 the mantra:

…and put in the work!

jslm (22)

…sweat! The measure of success:


And after the workout: relax with a good book!

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7




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Blending In… ‘Dull and Duller’

Tomorrow (Sunday) is International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. And what will I and my gay partner and friends be doing? Nothing. Keeping a low profile.

1507057_1394932084093463_642643132_nNot for us the ‘statement’ of parading around in our underpants bearing ‘gay pride’ colours – we just feel that is pushing homosexuality down people’s throats and giving precisely the wrong impression. If homosexuality is ‘normal’ (and for we 7% it is) then surely we should act ‘normally’?? That picture on the left, by the way, I picked of a new Facebook friend’s site, and it might be him on the right – in which case, no offence intended, but your point of view is just different from mine! I just can’t see that sort of thing creating the right impression here in small-town Tennessee!tumblr_nmkpo7f1To1qdgdbio1_1280

Nor can we entirely approve of the picture on the right, although it’s fun! Especially as Ryan, son of a former reformed homophobe and now one of my son’s best mates, sounded his mum out this week about the possibility of dying his hair lime green: ‘Leo and Chris could do it too, since we’re all in the fitness team…’ No they bloody won’t, at least not Leo, and I can’t see Chris’s parents entirely approving either!! (Although it could look good for the circus tour which starts next month, Chris is in that, but Ryan isn’t… no, let’s not even go there!!).

I’mpic from ian sorry if other gay readers feel that we are ‘letting the side down’, but there it is. If homosexuality is normal to us – and I’ve said many times that it is – then we just want to lead normal and (relatively) inconspicuous lives: I say ‘relatively’ since we are in the acrobatic entertainment business, which probably isn’t everyone’s idea of “normal”!

Gosh, that was my first ‘tweet’, courtesy of another follower. I don’t do Twitter, either. Not the least bit interested in posting what I had for breakfast, or my thoughts on what the worst politicians are doing, for the world to admire…

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 ThumbNot that I haven’t been “openly gay” in these three masterpieces! Very openly, in some respects. A lot about love, training, circus and misadventures in there to entertain you too. Just click on the covers…

So, maybe we’re letting the side down by not painting ourselves in gay colours. But we can celebrate the things we love – gay male bodies, male bonding, training, and performing. So let’s go!

now thats


Some ‘togetherness’ now:

share the sunbed






…oooh, performers! A little more showing off, then:



…and, of course, the ‘beef stewup’ that makes it all possible:

outdoor weights

…weights, mates, the great outdoors – yeah!

And you don’t have to be gay to enjoy that life…


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Astonishing Ignorance on Native Matters


Most people where I come from (UK), familiar with ‘cowboys and Indians’ movies, see Native Americans as “the bad guys” – taking scalps, killing indiscriminately, and so on. Well, if your territory was suddenly invaded by stranger folks with curiously pale skin who seemed intent in taking it off you, maybe you would react a little bit like that!

In the course of researching the fourth of my books, which is almost certainly going to be called ‘Let the Future Find Me’, I’ve learned a lot more about the rights – and wrongs – of the natives of my adopted country. In our little bit of Tennessee, they’re quite hard to find, at least in our circles. What I really need to understand better is how a young guy in the Native community would be treated if he outed himself as gay. I confess to certain assumptions. I may be wrong. My opening chapter sets the scene up in that respect, and I’ll willingly forward a draft of it to anyone who feels that they can help me to get the ‘balance’ right on this delicate matter! gymacrobat@gmail.com

And in the meantime, I endorse the words of that blessing (above) as we turn to our customary ‘worship’ of the well-developed and fit male body.





011130 (1006)

And now the back view:



For anyone new to this blog, I mention three previous books on the subject of the pursuit of fitness (especially acrobatics), gay love, and circus life (including the bad times!)

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

With number four (which is fiction and separate from the others) there will be more than a million ‘words of Tone’ out there, in e-book format too. Scary. But so far, so good… if enough of you guys support the project by actually buying them!!

Meanwhile, we head for the gym:

rings boi





Well, I’m in a bit of a rush right now, so just one more for today: enjoy!



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We’re Dull. Hockney Says So…


“Gays are so dull these days”, according to David Hockney. Not flamboyant enough, apparently. Too willing to try to conform, to fit in…


…if you play ‘spot the gay’ in a group, you can’t tell which ones they are…


Hmmm. Well, none of us has ever been of the flamboyant persuasion, that’s for sure! No ‘pride’ marches, no leather, and no ‘queens’ in our circles. I said it recently – for us, being gay IS normal. I don’t think it helps our ’cause’ at all – if there needs to be a ’cause’ – to be out there making some sort of fuss. We admire other guys, that’s all – no-one has to pretend to be a ‘wife’ or any such nonsense. We may be seen doing this


…but with all of us it would be on equally ‘masculine’ terms. Some gay couples, when it comes to sex, favour a particular way around in terms of roles played: others go for it every which way! But why should we need to draw attention to ourselves beyond what straight couples do?

Hockney has it wrong. But then he likes publicity – in newspapers on both sides of the Atlantic this weekend – he likes being ‘seen’, and being ‘seen to be gay’. OK, we like to be seen in the sense that we are performers but, since some early and ill-advised ventures with certain videos (!) [see Loving the Boy and The Power of Love], not as ‘gay’ performers.

one arm

Is one of these ‘more gay’ than the other?…

…acrobatics at the school display…


…or in ballet…


Many would answer that question as ‘ballet’ – because it is seen as ‘more girlie’. Rubbish. If they knew how hard the training is to do what skilled dancers do…


…yes, even the pole dancers…

..and some exploit it – I have in mind ‘The Ladyboys of Bangkok’ who tour the world doing ‘their’ thing…

Oh, stop, Tone! OK. Just wanted to say it is not our wish, nor our role as gay guys, to go around pointing that out. Hockney – go do your own thing, if you want: leave us out!

Let’s just appeal to all red-blooded males intent on their own fitness…


Got it? This guy has:


And this:


It’s the key to all that clever ‘acro’ stuff: strength and flexibility!


I’ve got the oddest feeling that that guy has been photoshopped – but I’ll leave him in…



It’s true for any sport – swimming, for example:


And good comrades (gay or straight) make it much more fun…



gym boys

So, as David Hockney might (not) say – just get out there and get stuck in!

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7




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