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This blog is about gay acrobats, their life and times, their adventures, their love, their love of fitness and, above all, their story, as told in three connected books which get promoted in the posts from time to time! The books are available in both paper form and as e-books from the usual web outlets. We want you to enjoy the pictures and the episodes of our life and times which get posted here, and we also hope that you’ll enjoy a good read…

bc48789155991bicep…wherever you hang out! Feel free to comment, or if you prefer something more private, use e-mail to – always happy to have your thoughts and opinions!

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Now read on, and join us ‘Living the Dream’…

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Pheromones Talking…

Cover1 ThumbCover2 ThumbAs many will know by now, there are nine other gay guys with whom I can share the love intimately – 5 loving couples who don’t move outside our special circle in terns of, erm, penetrative stuff. There – I said it. The books…

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

…tell more. Especially the first two. Right: the scene is set!

2 (75)

What unites the ten of us, along with a wider circle of gay (and straight) guys with whom personal relations are more ‘limited’, is a dedication to shaping and maintaining great bodies, showing them off through performance (acrobatics and stuff), enjoying them through sports like wrestling…

Last evening, I returned from a late coaching shift just as Dave, Pete and Ivo returned from a run and piled into the kitchen, their built and chiselled torsos shiny with sweat, their pheromones raging… it didn’t take me long to push all three of them into our room and lock the door behind us. My chest sliding across Ivo’s powerful back, Pete’s well-lubricated chest sliding back and forth along my back, Dave on top of him and, when three of us were ‘spent’, Dave offering himself to Ivo to complete the quartet of action…

…and so, showers and to bed. Wow!

In fitness terms, sharing the pain (and gain) with partners certainly drives us on. Two is great, more is better.

beefy boiz

posed but great guys

Just posing together is good, but sharing the actual effort is better:


Working out together, you mates can be proud of you and give you every encouragement! Even in the most ‘basic’ gym environments…


Soon, strength builds and the ‘tricks’ become attainable…



In more private environments, of course, the gay ones can get a little closer:


Genuine love and admiration is easy to see. Sometimes (often, in fact) you find pix out there which show guys making out, only to discover that they probably never saw each other until just before the photoshoot, and are just doing it for the cameras… maybe this next is one of them, but at least the way they touch each other is tender and the eyes seem sincere… need some more ‘beef’ on ‘em, though!


When the picture comes from a kitchen environment, the affection is probably genuine… two more here could do with a few weights sessions with us:


Two more lads ready for bed:

uwear buds

So train hard, enjoy, stay safe… and be true to your partner (or group, in our case)… and then especially to that one special guy…


Actually, although that pic is clearly “end of message, Goodnight!” I’ll add a couple of inspirational

Bonus Boys




bulky boy

He, as you can see, is ready for his karate – shirtless. All the ingredients: sport, great pecs and abs – and happy to pose for us.

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The Long Good Friday

Ollie’s last full day with Leo and Chris before his family returns to UK. So a VERY full and physical day! Dave and I pulled the boys out of bed at 4.30am (ouch) to join our mate Gary in a trip to our Chinese friends in Knoxville (Kung Fu and serious weights too). The three barefoot and shirtless boys immediately fell asleep again in a heap on the back seat…

…but the obligatory ice bath certainly woke them up, and they spent an hour with the Chinese bodybuilder trainer and his latest ‘stable’, which still includes Caz, a local US guy now in his early twenties and now winner of several national competitions.


It’s just free weights in this cellar beneath a Chinese restaurant, but the results are impressive.


While the boys were occupied with new weight mates, Gary Dave and I joined the more serious martial arts training. It was here we learned to do spear bending on stomach and stuff like that, and Gary learned the ‘art’ of balancing on one spear point on his stomach (as explained in Against All Odds, this was something which was later to save his life).

When the young’uns rejoined us, we all did some serious stretching for flexibility – stuff which ultimately enables stuff like this:

IMG_7442ss (6)


Our long-term friends Li and Yao and their nephews who have taken the ‘American’ names of ‘Sam’ and ‘Alex’ alongside their Chinese ones (meet them here Loving the Boy and here The Power of Love), see great potential in all three boys and Ollie, all of 10 years young, should be mighty proud of that, for praise from these guys is praise indeed.

The Chinese provided breakfast for us in their restaurant; on the way back we passed near the Clinch River swimming hole, so that became inevitable…


…followed by a welcome hot chocolate from Cody who, as I have told lots of times, lives nearby in a ramshackle place in the woods. No S&M adventures there for these young lads, of course…

However, they said they wanted to do something in which each had to depend absolutely on the others, to ‘seal their bonds’ again or some such. After some thought, after lunch, because it was a weekday and Chad’s gym therefore open in the afternoon to selected younger guys with everyone else remaining suitably clad (!! – that means shorts on), Dave and I settled on the trapeze. Ollie’s dad Colin came along too.


Trapeze is a fantastic exercise for the whole body – especially if you can do it on the beach in the sun like that guy. But here we got each boy in turn to hang from the bar by his feet (heels wrapped behind the ropes on each side) and then suspend one of the others beneath him by hanging on to his ankles… the lower boy has no control over what is happening, so it satisfied their demands! Of course, we stood by just in case… Ollie is really amazing, supporting the older and heavier ones without any sign of stress or complaint about his feet hurting (which they do, quite quickly) and so, in the end, we let them swing as well – preparations for the flying trapeze, maybe, in their future…

Natasha (Ollie’s still-gymnastic mum) is skilled on silks, so I see a future for both Ollie and his younger sister doing this stuff too…


We thought that we might have worn them out by then, but no chance… in the secluded area behind our training cabin, we left them sunning themselves and wrestling around, drawing up plans for their future training before they can meet up again. Leo will come with us to Wales in the summer, and Chris has been working on his dad either to let him go on his own with us again like last year or even for his whole family to join us at Cefn Derwen. Either will be most welcome.

There then followed a solemn ‘ceremony’ to reaffirm their friendship in fitness, to which we were not invited: it involved drinking a lot of water first and then a refreshing shower afterwards… so I’ll draw a veil over that except to say that I’m afraid Leo might have got the idea from Dave and I some while back…

So, sadly for all of us, Colin and family fly home Saturday. But the boys have the summer to look forward to and Leo and Chris, of course, will continue to spend hours together every day along with ‘Ryan’ once Easter is over. Outdoor training is always fun:



…and builds great results to be shown off…


…down by the river or by the sea…


…or even on the way there…


So, all of you, don’t be afraid to shake up you body a bit: use it, improve it, and then get out in the open and do what boys do…


…OK, that too!

open air gym

…enjoy yourselves!


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Men and Boys

The visit of lifelong friend Colin and his family is approaching its end, and ‘Ryan’, the fourth member of the youthful ‘gang’ of fitness freaks has to leave on a visit to grandparents for Easter after the four of them complete their early-morning weights session today. Karen and Clare intend to spend the day with Dave’s daughter Jaymee working out new routines for their ‘fakir’ show, making use of Jaymee’s highly developed acrobatic talents, an activity in which Colin’s wife has expressed an interest. Which leaves three boys and four dads at a loose end, since we’re all off work ready for the break.

Loafing around the house, showing off?


Nah! Down to the public pool, showing off (it has just opened for the season)?


Nah, they’de never let us get away with that in the public pool…

River swim?


…maybe later. The ‘girls’ are going to do their thing in Cody’s barn which is near our swimming hole anyway, so we can join them after.

Chris came up with the answer – a ‘dads and lads’ challenge. Leo teamed with me, Chris with his dad Steve, Ollie with Colin and – oh. Dave left out? Can’t have that. Then Chris’s bodybuilder older brother Billy showed up to do his more extreme weights with his dad spotting – OK, Billy teams up with Dave, after. So it’s going to be lads against lads, dads against dads, then team against team…

Wrestling? Yes, certainly


Getting oily – definitely! Like this Turkish dude, but without the strange trousers…

turkish wrestler

Then, because it is going to be pleasantly warm outside, probably some ‘fun stuff’…



That’s a really fun picture because it is pouring with rain – three observers huddled under the tree – we love being barechested in the (warm) rain, too, especially when we go out on a run. Not everyone shares our affliction…


If we were close enough to the sea here, we’d certainly be in it, doing our thing!


So, it’s dads v lads, with Billy as a surrogate ‘son’ for Dave… and, as a champion teen bodybuilder, he’ll take some beating in any muscle competition!


We often catch the younger boys ‘posing’ against each other, but what’s really nice is that no one of them really wants to be better than the others – their little ‘gang’ wants every one of them to be ‘the best’, so they are constantly supporting each other, whether it be in the gym, on the weights, whatever…


The ‘dads’ will get beaten in this contest, undoubtedly. But we have the relaxation after to look forward to…


…and the beers, which will surely follow!

Sadly, the ‘lads’ gang reduces on Saturday when Colin and family fly home to UK, but Ollie and Leo will meet up in the summer when we go over to Wales, and Chris is desperately negotiating to be allowed to join us like he did last year. As for ‘Ryan’, with his non-sporty, overweight and gay-suspicious dad, he remains a huge friend of Leo and Chris, lifts weights with them and is a good balancer too, so we’ll see how he goes. He’d never be allowed out of the country unsupervised, that’s one thing for sure.

His real potential, frankly, is basketball and, as they say around here, he’s a mean ‘hoop shooter’. This household is atypical for the US – we don’t have a hoop next to the garage. And none of us really wants one.

A pool, now, that would be different…


…a beer, the sun, a lounger, a good book (or three)…

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

OK. Time to sort the men from the boys!!

street workout muscle boy


Leo doesn’t call our training cabin at the top of the yard ‘The Sweat Room’ for nothing…




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Climbing Frame… or Zimmer Frame?


We’re being run ragged by four 12-year-olds (yes, Jaymee’s in there with the boys!) and their 10yo British protégé Ollie, here on vacation with his family. They challenged us to a “fun run” yesterday, which left me actually wheezing at the end – well, we are more than 2 and a half times their age, but still…

Cover1 Thumb…and that led to remarks (from Dave, curse…!) about Zimmer frames… Well, at the time I write about, starting with the book on the left (click!), I was only five years older than they now are, so I guess the ‘stuff’ we got up to then, sportswise, came a little easier! Discovering acrobatics, for example:



…discovering that I was a gay boy, falling in love…


…which meant enjoying ‘male’ sports even more (these guys are somewhat ‘overdressed’ by our standards!!)…


But now, my beloved son, 12yo, lovingly (I hope!) tells me that I’m “past it”…despite the fact that we still perform regularly in shows and coach acrobatics and gymnastics, putting on pretty fair demos of what we want the kids to do… oh well, old age creeps up on us!

We still prefer using frames in the athletic manner of the street workouts, rather than to help us stagger round a jogging course:


…the regular guys soon attract an admiring crowd…


…both for the skills demonstrated, and (for us gay lads) the body – wow! The street workout does wonders for shoulders, chest, back and abdomen:

shoulders etc

Cover2 ThumbOur story moved on, after that first book, describing how I come to be a proud gay father of a fantastic (straight) boy, and Dave likewise of an acrobatic and beautiful 12yo girl. Our sporting story moved on too, as our own skills developed within a wider circle of acro-minded friends and we started to tour with small circus groups. And, inevitably, we are never far from the weight room either:


Our training is very much a group effort, pushing each other on to better and better things:



…after all, you wouldn’t want one of your friends to be a weedy guy in the midst of all the excellence, would you, so it spurs everyone forward to want everyone to be ‘the best’…


The ‘lever’ is the indicator of great ‘core strength’. The centre guy there is in a ‘half lever’ or ‘pike’ position. Holding your body out straight is tougher, but comes with plenty of effort using the bars and frames… or just a bit of your house if you prefer!…

horizontal hold

The moral of this story is, whenever you see a bar, don’t go by without doing some pull-ups…


…you don’t even have to get off your bike!!

Cover 3 ThumbAnd finally, it’s a trilogy. In part 3, things went a bit pear-shaped but, clearly, we lived to tell the tale, otherwise I’d need a ghost writer… but perhaps this is being written by a ghost… a ghost of my former self, according to my beloved son. Dave suggests we go for a serious of runs in the night, when we can’t be watched by the young-uns, to get our cardio back to where it should be. We’ll see – there’s a few more days of intense effort to come before the 10yo heads home to UK with his family, and he sets high standards!!

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Watching our Backs…

Our visitors (Colin and family) plus Steve’s family, plus our kids along with ‘Ryan’, son of ‘still-slightly-homophobic-dad’, went for a long hike in the Smokies yesterday whilst Dave and I put in a long coaching shift at the gymnastics center. It was already dark when we returned, to find ‘phobodad’ on the doorstep looking anxious about what might have happened to his son. I think he was relieved to find out that he was with two straight couples… anyway, I was more worried about what Colin might do whilst driving my car on the ‘wrong’ side of the road in the dark. At that moment, they returned, all four boys desperately happy, ‘Ryan’ anxious to sleep over yet again so that the four of them could hit the weights at first light… and Ryan is developing amazing acrobatic and balance abilities, despite his height: the four are working together with him as so-called ‘top’, doing the clever balancing stuff!

So ‘phobodad’ went home happy, knowing that his son has not yet “been turned gay”, but we do feel we still have to ‘watch our backs’ a bit after the problems we have previously experienced in getting permission for ‘Ryan’ even to spend time with my son, whose parentage (1 lesbian mum + 1 gay dad) has long been viewed as ‘suspicious’!

Watching our backs…

4 checking

gym_br49_TINY PIC …that seems like a good theme for our photo-post today.


Backs don’t get the exposure they deserve in fitness-themed blogs, including this one, so here goes:




Three good examples there: the first one showing excellent peaky deltoids, the last one great trapezius and rhomboids and the middle one great lats and, again, deltoid development.

Here’s how it’s done:


Bar work brings great results too:

ceiling bar

…whilst good old-fashioned pull-ups are a great back exercise, especially if performed “behind the neck”:


Even yard work helps. This guy has a great tan but could probably use a bit more muscle:


So could this guy, although its a great picture:


Two for the price of one now: no muscle guys, these two, but cute:


Staying with black and white, a nice side view of a swimmer:


And the results: when you’ve got it, show it off!


…that V-shape is great, and the powerful shoulders and arms on top: another swimmer…w_b1e57200

And, when you’ve built it, use it!


…or just pose for a sexy picture:


tumblr_n1fe0bDxlI1r88674o1_500I am what I am, and ‘phobodad’ is just going to have to live with that. I pose no threat whatsoever to his son, which I had hoped he was beginning to realise, but we’ll see. Just hope he doesn’t know what the four boys are up to on their own, shedding clothes at every training opportunity, wrestling around… anyway, none of them is gay…

…but perhaps, without my own sexuality, these books would never have happened:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

…discovering my own sexuality, finding gay love, gay guys together training mercilessly for their sport, some adventure… you just might enjoying exploring them as well as this blog.



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Where Do You Keep Yours?

ring handstand

Some people just can’t train without listening to their music! Where do you keep yours………….?

where do you keep your music

OK, there’s a reason for keeping your underwear on when others (us?!) might prefer to get rid of it! But then, we’re usually too busy nattering to each other to want to have music in our ears… indeed, we might say to anyone who anyone who threatens to disrupt our conversations in any way…


Yes, welcome back to sunny(ish) Oak Ridge, where we are entertaining my old friend Colin and his family on their two-week vacation. So not much time to write anything really intelligent here.

Cover1 ThumbCover2 ThumbCover 3 ThumbSlightly bigger slots in your knickers and you could secrete one of these books away… and then you would have something to read!! Gay,gym, (mis)adventures…

…so for the rest of this post, just some thematic pictures which have grabbed our attention for various reasons. Enjoy!

Someone else having a good read… you may change arms after each chapter…


Then take a rest, but make sure your pants don’t shrink…


…or just take ‘em off…


Then you can have your staff dry you off…

dry me off!

Hmm – a British gymnast at play:

Jay Thompson

Now, where did I…


Was it down here…?


Oh, no, that bulge was something else altogether…


Maybe you keep it under your hat…


Wait, a hat AND a book ‘ ‘Holding The Man’…! Wow…


Aw, to hell with it. Let’s just do some sit-ups…


Your mate can help you look for it later…


Of course, he may have a different agenda…


DAMN!! There it is…


Tonight, the girls (two lesbian mums and Tash, Colin’s wife) are challenging the boys (Dave and I, gay, plus Colin) to a wrestling bout ‘When the Children are Asleep…‘ – Natasha is a bit of a devil about that sort of thing, and there was a previous match when we were in Wales at Christmas, as well as one ages ago in Oxford (gory details in the middle book!!), whilst the two lesbian mums (of our kids) have been seriously strenuous alongside the lads in Chad’s private gym and our home training cabin for years. So the baby oil will be flowing…

…there’s a great gym in this picture. See if you can spot us!!



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Free Range Boys

It’s great to see four young boys (yes, ‘Ryan’, son of homophobe dad has joined the other three) spending entire days involved in sport and training because they want to. It is competitive, yes, but each boy wants all the others to succeed and, for us, observing this, we can all (dads and mums) be very proud of them. One UK boy and one half UK/USA plus two USA boys, and a similarly complex mixture of parents involving gays and straights of both sexes… what a muddle! And all in harmony, even homophobe dad (amazed grin!).

Meanwhile, news reached us today that a gym coach we know in Europe has just been misguidedly accused (and exonerated in a very brief police enquiry) of child pornography because of pictures he took of gymnasts showing off their skills and their physiques, both in competitions and often, at the behest of their parents, in his studio. And yes, he is a professional photographer. And, no, nothing remotely sexual ever appeared, or was ever even considered.

Sports coaches have to be squeaky-clean these days. All of us involved in teaching gymnastics here in US have to pass stringent checks, and in the UK they are even tougher. We abide strictly to the code. And, gay dads though we may be, we never EVER allow that to influence our relationships with our seriously straight kids, or those who attend the gym we work in. And that goes for girls too – Dave being the proud father of Jaymee. But you knew that, if you come here often…

Sorry – just wanted to get that off my chest, having heard the news from Europe today. A brilliant coach of the gymnastic sports we love whose contribution is now lost, his relationship with his local federation in ruins despite his swift acquittal from all the allegations. Who’s next?

Meanwhile, my great mate Colin and his family are enjoying day 3 of their stay in sunny(ish) Oak Ridge (apart from the rain showers!). He wrestled his son away from mine for long enough to visit the museum of science and energy, which celebrates (?) the role of what is now the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the second world war bomb development when the inhabitants of the original settlement here were ousted - actually the museum is rather good – and to take in some local scenery, which is essentially wooded ridges and the river:


That’s the Clinch River, in which we enjoy skinny dipping in a secluded place! Another shot (not giving away our secluded place – Cody would never forgive us…):

clinch river

I guess we are all (both generations) ‘free range boys’. Shirtless whenever we can, barefoot too, enjoying each other’s company big time:


Some of the rest of the ‘gay’ stuff (which we keep separate from the younger generation) can be found here:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

It may entertain you if you are of the gay (or acrobatic) disposition, and maybe even if you are not! E-books are available also.

Which said, and with our visitors from UK entertaining themselves elsewhere in the locality (and in my car – fingers crossed Colin remembers which side of the road to drive on), let me entertain our usual clientele with a selection of great young male physiques doing what we all love to do:



You can even look brilliant doing your domestics shirtless (as we often do – shirtless, that is, not brilliant…):

domestic dude

Back in the weight room:

gym blue shorts

Let’s make a point here…

making the point

Working out together brings greater rewards…

sweating together


A really weird example of ‘free-range boys’ here – an art class in which at least four are identically (un)dressed in white shorts and trainers: are they painting each other, or what?


(We really do want comments about that picture… it’s fascinating… what are we missing out on?)

A vintage example of free-range boys now – swimming lessons as they used to be…


Would anyone contemplate naked swimming lessons these days… and with so many onlookers… what were they thinking…

OK, we train and swim naked, because we can, because we can do it in our private facilities, and because we like the sensation of our bodies against the apparatus, or each other (if wrestling)… testing muscle against muscle… but in these paranoid days of accusations against coaches, and the rest…, we keep our own personal relationships private, just for us…



Our thoughts are with our European friend today. He’s been enmeshed in his problem for many weeks and we only found out now. As we enjoy each other (gay dads and our friends) and our kids, pushing themselves onwards to be ‘the greatest’, to impress us and each other, we watch (and feel) the overwhelming sense of friendship, brotherhood and understanding in both generations. Our coaching friend in Eastern Europe is suddenly ‘out in the cold’ for absolutely no logical reason. A whole host of kids and young men owe him a huge debt for the skills he has taught them. Happily, I hear, a lot of them have stood by him.

Life can be a real f***er sometimes.











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“Dad, Ollie’s Here!!!”

life is good…as if I didn’t know! My good friend Colin and his family flew in on Saturday for 10 days pre-Easter vacation, and we managed to keep this from all the kids involved – Ollie didn’t know until he was put in the car to the airport in London! I arranged for son Leo to be over with our friend Steve and his family when Colin’s lot arrived at the airport, and we put Ollie to sleep off some of the time difference in a spare bed in Leo’s room before letting Steve know to bring Leo (and his other best friend Chris) back over. Took a while to get him to ‘go to his room’ (Colin and Tash and their young daughter hiding in ‘our’ room (currently theirs)) but he and Chris went down there in the end…

…Ollie (10yo) plus Leo and Chris (12yo) formed a deep friendship when they met up at our place in Wales last summer, swore to train constantly and to ‘be the best three ever’ despite having the Atlantic Ocean between them most of the time. Ollie is developing an amazing body and, as the son of two gymnasts, it’s only to be expected!


The two-year age difference doesn’t seem to bother any of them: indeed, I have never seen closer or better mates – always Skype-ing and so forth. There’ll be plenty of joshing around, of course…


FA010416 (446)

…but plenty of hard work and training too. Real trouble getting anyone to bed last night, of course, – obviously Chris demanded to stay over too – and Ollie was awake at 5am because of the time difference but, even with that, Pete and Ivo beat them into the training cabin for their before-work workout, waking Dave and I (up in the loft space) in the process.

6 (43)


So three barefoot boys clad only in their underpants (in case the neighbours see them crossing the yard) tumbled into the cabin to join us - not forgetting the footbath, of course! - followed fairly swiftly by Ollie’s dad as well. Eight guys warmed up, stretched and sweating their butts off, across a twenty-year age spread, but all with one goal… be the best!! Actually, two goals, as we have always instilled into the youngsters: help your mates to be the best as well. Certainly, if Leo achieves something, he’s not happy until Chris can achieve it too and, if it’s acrobatic, Jaymee as well.

So much pleasure to be had from training, whatever the age… whoever, wherever, how ever…


using the loft space



…and, yeah, us lot kind of end up naked most of the time. Boys too. Nothing in any way sexual as far as kids are concerned – all of them ferociously ‘straight’ by the way – just feels really good, your body against the equipment or challenged by the skill, muscles powering up against your wrestling buddy…

…the three young’uns disappeared behind the cabin to ‘reaffirm their vows’ or something: a process which then required the application of the usual hosepipe ‘shower’ to remove the traces of a shared ‘golden shower’ I presume… and the sweaty adults quickly followed to ‘enjoy’ the application of the sprayer.

So I’m writing this on the breakfast table about 8.30am, with all of us pretty exhausted, especially the travellers, but feeling great. Chris 18yo bodybuilding brother Billy has arrive to do his two hours and with instructions to take Chris home for lunch. However, the temperature is predicted to peak around 23C this afternoon and now the demand has gone out for swimming in the Clinch River with our river-side based friends Cody and Adge – another ‘feral’ couple who see little need for clothes most of the time and certainly not for swimming. The ‘ladies’ and girls, along with Steve and his wife, Chris and Billy, will be coming too – aside from Cody and Adge it is a really private place – and, once you’re in, the water’s fine!



This sets the scene for two weeks in the excellent company of Colin, Tash and their offspring. Jaymee, I should mention, has a special affection for Ollie’s young sister despite her being only seven, and I know they’ll be happy too. We’ll do some trips out to the Smokies, as well, as our coaching schedules have been organised to give Dave and I as much free time as possible.

Colin and Steve seem to be best buddies already, which means that no-one is left out – Tash gets on great with our lesbian housemates. I’ve said before how important it is to share your training with an enthusiastic partner: it creates such a great atmosphere (and these two really are good mates despite their glum expression for the camera!):


The more, the merrier…

street workout trio

..c’mon, I said merrier…

But, be sure to celebrate your achievements, whatever the sport…


Best friends. I remember when I was Leo’s age and earlier – Ollie’s age even, and my ‘best friend ever’ at that time was Colin. It’s so great to think that, twenty years on, I can still count that wonderful straight guy as a close friend, and he has no issues with me being a gay guy. Indeed, as I have written here somewhere before, he knew I was gay long before I did! Just been re-reading some of my very first posts – ‘How It All Began’ and ‘First Steps in Gymnastics’ - Colin and I sharing quality time, swimming naked in the River Cherwell near Oxford, and then sunning ourselves on its banks before achieving our first handstands. And, now, today, we’ll be watching our kids doing exactly the same on the bank of the Clinch River in Tennessee.

Except that they are ace hand-balancers already!

Time flies! Felt quite nostalgic for a moment just then… that’s history pre-Dave: he ‘kicks in’ in the first of these books…

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

 Yeah, just now, LIFE IS GOOD!!








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Mates and Weights

Tomorrow evening (Saturday), Colin, Tash and their family arrive from Oxford. Our kids are still unaware of this ten-day visit but will be over the moon to have young Ollie and his sister here. We’re arranging for Chris’s dad Steve to have our Leo and Jaymee out of the way when the travellers arrive, and we plan to put Ollie into bed in Leo’s basement room to recover from the long trip and then have Leo ‘discover’ him…

Sneaky, huh! Dave and I will be sleeping in the loft space of our training shed for the duration so that Colin and Tash have our room and huge bed. And, since we shall have difficulty finding opportunities to go to Chad’s private gym during the visit, we went over for a ‘mega-bash’ last evening which lasted well into the small hours.


Devotees of this blog – or, more hopefully, of the books listed near the end of this post (!!) will know that Chad’s gym means a lot more than just ‘Mates and Weights’…


There’s opportunities for tumbling (but no sea shore unfortunately!):





leg scissors


…even to train for some of the more bizarre endurance feats we guys sometimes like to indulge in…


Dave and I duly threw ourselves into everything last evening: tumbling with Zach, Ethan and Jack to keep our performance moves in practice, then weights alongside two great new guys whose ‘initiation’ must have passed us by [only the 'chosen' get admitted to these full sessions, although Colin will be able to visit daytime when even some selected youngsters get in]: seriously sweaty at that point…


…but only really just getting started! Then into wrestling… just add some oil for starters…

well oiled

…and which inevitably got naked (this is a very gay-friendly place!) and ended up in a hilarious twelve-man oily pile-up, followed by much more (ahem) personal stuff with our special Tuan Jie mates one of the quiet places – sort of side rooms with one open side - which Chad has cleverly built into the gym - six of us (shall we say) enjoying each other and adding considerably to the scum of sweat and oil. Add in the sessions rolling on the glass track and the other ‘endurance’ stuff which we fitting in earlier, and we were, shall we say, well and truly knackered by around 1am!


Actually, we didn’t even feel we had energy enough to get into bed properly…


…but then reviving ourselves just enough for that final goodnight kiss:


Here’s that wretched book information:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

e-versions available from the usual outlets. All about our gay, sporty and slightly chaotic adventures…

So, remember, THIS…


…leads to THIS…

wow well now

…so, us boys can never get enough of it, and nor should you!

And remember, you don’t have to do crazy stuff on swords, nails or glass to show off how tough you are… there are other ways…


…but you may need to wait a while now to do that. Things are ‘hotting up’ in Tennessee, at least…






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‘Make a Man of Him…’

tumblr_n32keyQIfE1rg6wzxo1_500My pleasure at the success of our ‘garden party’ in getting ‘homophobe dad’ to share the fun that Leo, Chris and the rest of the youngsters have, is in no way affected by the discovery today that it was actually my good friend Steve and his wife who finally convinced him that his son would be safe with us! I did see them talking together a lot on Sunday afternoon, and it turns out that what convinced the guy was Steve recalling that he had allowed us to take his 12yo Chris across to the UK last summer and Chris had returned, happy, as ‘straight’ as ever, and most certainly hadn’t been pressured to ‘convert’ to gay (as if you could…).

So I think that Ryan is now free to come here whenever he wants, and the dad called more or less to say that this afternoon. He also seems to accept that Leo is not gay just because his dad and his mum are.

Whew. He’s not after us for alleged child molesting after all!!

Why members of the gay community are automatically assumed to be out to ‘convert’ gullible youngsters is beyond me. Love our male friends, yes, but perfectly capable of separating sexuality from social contact!


Cover1 ThumbCover2 ThumbCover 3 ThumbIf you do want to find out more about our, erm, love lives, then these are where you can find it – especially the first two. How I met Dave, how I discovered I was gay, the exploration which followed (and not just Dave…) and so forth. Click on the covers for information, and e-books are also available. But, as far as all youngsters are concerned, including our own, that area is a definite ‘no-no’.

So. We are now all, collectively, charged with ‘making a man’ of Ryan!! Frankly, I don’t think he needs help. He’s less muscled than we like, true, but that actually is helping him to discover that he can do acrobatics, although he is shooting up in height and that’s not so good. The middle school coaches want him for the basketball team and he’s quite keen, although he wants to join Leo and Chris in the wrestle team. But I think that’s not for him really, and I am supposed to know these things, as a gym coach. Basketball seems right. But anyway, we’ll certainly help to build him up a bit!

Here’s some inspiration!


Sit-ups for the more slender guy (nice pic here)…


Some basic balance…


Pike hold for strengthening shoulders and abs…


Soon be a bit bulkier…


Keep up the good work whenever and wherever you can…


Don’t be afraid to keep a record of your progress…

tumblr_mrsrgy69AG1srzrazo1_1280 you get a bit stronger, move on to bench pressing, an excellent exercise if performed within your limits (Leo, Chris and Billy will be there to spot for you, Ryan!)…


Any gym anywhere… get your dad to fit up the basement…


…but in your case, Ryan, our cabin is always there for you, whenever!

Before long, this’ll be you, proudly showing off the results:

muscle pose

Mind you, there are some things you shouldn’t try…

dont try this at home

Do leave time for fun with your friends…



…and remember to tell your dad that when a friend helps out with the sun cream, it doesn’t mean he is gay!!


Nor, indeed, that you are gay! Just one of the many things that friends are for!







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