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This blog is about gay acrobats, their life and times, their adventures, their love, their love of fitness and, above all, their story, as told in three connected books which get promoted in the posts from time to time! The books are available in both paper form and as e-books from the usual web outlets. We want you to enjoy the pictures and the episodes of our life and times which get posted here, and we also hope that you’ll enjoy a good read…

bc48789155991bicep…wherever you hang out! Feel free to comment, or if you prefer something more private, use e-mail to – always happy to have your thoughts and opinions!

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7


Sincere apologies to all who have clicked on links in previous posts and obtained ‘Page Not Found': the publisher changed them all but did not tell ME… there is always Amazon and Kindle


Now read on, and join us ‘Living the Dream’…


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Mornings are the pits – and evenings too!


Cluedo number (5) – these are our sports-related cryptic clues. A prize for the first person to send me 10 correct answers!

‘Sports heat up on rings is a youngster’s game’ (8)

OK, that’s done for today – just let’s have a ‘rings’ picture, to set the mood (it’s not a hint, by the way):


He’s showing a little of what Dave and I both believe defines that essential ‘maleness’ – the armpit:


When I wake in the mornings alongside my sleeping boy, my first action is to nuzzle him right there, inhale deeply, then, as he stirs himself, have a little lick. Those pheromones – wow! They define any male environment like a weight room and, as a gay guy, I find them deeply intoxicating. Possibly the best job in the world coming up here – two shirtless guys working out in close harmony…


On the evenings we go to Chad’s private gym, we start with a compulsory shower. My dad remembers when he was at school that changing rooms smelt profoundly of feet, not armpits: happily things have changed, and young guys take much more care of their hygiene. But, because Chad’s maxim is ‘We’re all boys here – who needs clothes?’, that initial shower is very thorough. We all start from a level playing field.

H010528 (741)

We warm up, do some tumbling and acrobatics, get on the weight machines then get invited over to the wrestle mats. It’s a bit less messy than doing it on the beach…


…and mostly there are no Speedos to get sand down inside! So we get ‘up close and comfortable’ – and sweaty. But that sweat – copiously shared between the fighters, of course, is part of the game. Any sweat generated through one’s own fitness efforts is your reward – as here:


…and if he’s been bench pressing that weight, he deserves every drop!

Usually, the wrestling moves on to oil:

oiling up

Oil makes the wrestling totally change character, since one can slip and slide around and get out of holds more easily. Light applications are OK to stay on the mats – we just wipe up after, but a lot of guys use about a pint of baby oil each and that gets quite messy, so Chad has a couple of ‘oil pits’ – wrestle areas with a depression in the middle and a low barrier round the outside. There’s usually about a gallon of oil in there already, so we ‘splash around’ quite happily. It’s fun! Give it a try sometime if you have a partner you feel you can get fairly intimate with… oil wrestling and clothing don’t go together, although it is the Turkish national style and they wear thick leather shorts… but you are allowed to get a hold by putting your hand down inside your opponent’s shorts, apparently! And those guys are awash with olive oil, and wrestle on grass out of doors, so no mess to clean up.

Pretty much ‘anything goes’, holds wise, in our private environment: yep, even ‘ball grabbing’. For once I’ll post a more ‘risque’ picture than usual – sadly a rather ‘posed’ one, but you get the idea I’m sure.


By the way, some guys like to oil up just for the photographer, or perhaps for erotic reasons:


Especially when you have a body worth showing off, as he does!

Chad also more recently installed a ‘wet’ pit. There was a sudden craze for wrestling under a water spray (you can still get the videos from the likes of ‘Naked Combat’) but more often than not, a more personal kind of spray is employed. I guess Dave and I started this, years ago, just for the slightly fetish thrill, but there is a more sensible ‘explanation’, if one is needed.

On our bathroom shelf is a old bottle of skin moisturiser which proudly claims to treat “atopic eczema, ichthycosis, hyperkeratosis and xeroderma” (no, I don’t either) and its principal ingredient is 10% urea. And the principal constituent of a guy’s otherwise antiseptic ‘golden shower’ is… (no prizes for this) – urea. Old Russian women (the sort who swim in frozen rivers at the age of 80+) wash their faces in their own urine every day to try and preserve their looks.

And so the wet pit finds a different use: a useful puddle to which passing guys can occasionally add a top-up, friends massaging during wrestling – a free skin treatment for those of us addicted to sunbathing – and, finally, an admittedly much needed second shower!


Well, we do like to soak up the sun perhaps more than we should, so the skin treatment is probably a good thing. However, a recent survey showed that sunbathers, on average, live longer: they get more skin cancers, but their enhanced level of Vitamin D prevents many other things. So they say: that’s their story and we’re sticking to it!

162 tan

Just a pity we don’t live anywhere near the sea… and a pity that winter is heading our way too. Oh well.

So after all that over-indulgence in pits and bodily functions, and the usual “word from our sponsor”…  (lots more on these themes, with adventure added)…

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

…it’s back to bed and another day to look forward to!


By the way, see the subtle reference to ‘fight club’ there? That sums up Chad’s perfectly (and features in those books, too): a place where gay guys can do their own thing and “the first rule of Fight Club is ‘don’t talk about Fight Club’!”





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Not Backing Off


I’ve received a furious message from a reader – who hasn’t solved a single one of the ‘Cluedo’ puzzles yet – to “back off from this nonsense”. Well, I’m not going to “back down” until I’ve set all ten, since I offered a prize (so get “off my back”, guys…) – and so here is the new one (No. 4):

Feeble few days by the sound of it (4)

Remember that they are all ‘fitness related’ in some way, but that may be in the clue or in the answer… not necessarily both!

So, I’ve put someone’s “back up”. Actually I have a “backlog” of pictures to post, so let’s keep going on this accidental theme of “backs”…


Actually, I admire a well-muscled back as much as a well-muscled ‘front’ – so why do they get so neglected in fitness blogs and (ahem) porn pics?


That’s a bodybuilder (Ondrej Kratsky) – and now a German gymnast on the high bar, Philip Boy:


Hey, his body should be in a slight ‘dish’ (forward bend) and not an arch (backward bend). Good heavens – he’s an Olympian!

Slim boys can look pretty neat from the rear, too:


Two ‘gym rats’ now:



So many gyms lack climbing ropes.  Here’s someone who possibly could make good use of them:


The artistic back picture:


…just sort out the muscle from the shadows and the tattoos!

Here’s the essential message:


Couldn’t have put it better myself. Except that I can spell CONSISTENT!  Remember: the only way you’ll ever do this…


…is to get stuck into building up your back muscles. And your shoulders. And arms. And chest….!

Couldn’t have put it better myself. Of course, when it all gets too much…


…just chill!

Read a good book with your loved one:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7


Yes, I’m not backing off either from promoting a certain trio of books celebrating gay love, acrobatic sports and adventures on tour (misadventures too). E-books available. Nor  from supporting gay relationships in general, despite the thwarting of the Pope’s wishes at synod this week by a lot of traditionalist Catholic bishops!

Ooops. Getting political/religious. Dangerous territory. Better stop for today! G’night!






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A Strange ‘Take’ on Ebola: Handstands!!

A neighbour asked me yesterday if I knew how long the Ebola virus would take to get here from Texas where, sadly, one guy has died and two nurses are ill. I thought to myself ‘let’s look on the bright side, shall we?’ and made what I hope were encouraging noises about low probabilities. If she had her way, Oak Ridge would be in lockdown right now with all travel forbidden and all roads into town sealed off.


Coincidentally, I found an article to read which implied that our governments (US and UK) are not adequately prepared for any further transmission of the disease. Then there was a reference to some fairly senior lady in one of the international health organisations who has, apparently, made the following suggestion (I jest not, it’s true!):

Stay indoors, write a book, relearn the art of the handstand


Well, I spent most of today outdoors, so that’s that. Obviously I’m stuffed on that one.

Cover1 ThumbCover2 ThumbBut I AM writing a book – my fourth one, actually, almost certainly to have the title Let the Future Find Me. Don’t search for it yet because I am only just a little over half-way through, and the first three (different topic) took seven years! You can click on the covers here for more information about the first three, which are semi-autobiographical about gay love, sport (acrobatics mainly and performing on tours, plus the unexpected adventures which befell us).

Cover 3 ThumbThe new one is loosely based on an interesting Native American guy who crossed our path but is essentially fiction: we have no idea what happened to him in real life but this one is, shall we say, a bit of a ‘weepie’ based around what we did learn of him and what he did whilst he shared a few months of our lives – and most certainly doesn’t end happily ever after.

Will this activity ward off Ebola if the rest of Oak Ridge succumbs? Unlikely.

I do realise that Ebola is no laughing matter, with thousands of lives lost already, and I do not intend to be flippant. But, if writing a book isn’t going to keep it at bay, surely doing handstands………………?

handstand in undies

I wonder if the lady thought about ‘the law of unintended consequences’ when she made her suggestion? Given the general unfitness of the population, I suspect that suddenly everyone attempting handstands would do more harm than good, with quite a few casualties!


Only this week, as I reported, a young lad in our local acrobatic gym class broke his ‘balance’ arm when sliding off his partner’s head in a one-arm handstand. Not good. So at least try them on the ground, first:



As a ‘cure’, though, to ward off the Ebola virus? Doesn’t seem too likely to work, to me!

A couple more good ones, and then we’ll perhaps move on: the first one is British gymnast Jay Thompson (and in fact his senior team-mate Sam Oldham is the guy on the parallel bars in the earlier picture):



…and that one-armer, by the way, is the best conformation of all.

Let’s move on – perhaps helping to inspire more general ‘ground-based’ fitness would be more likely to stave off the dreaded disease!

severin - 089



I like this one of the younger generation comparing their six-packs:

young 6 packs

Working the ‘pec dec’ – a guy who I would have to say, definitely needs it:


Challenge those biceps:


…but who needs lumps of iron when you have a friend…?


…and don’t overlook the value of a simple pull-up bar!


None of which, I’m sure, will ward off Ebola if the worst happens. But we shall have fun keeping fit whilst we wait – and maybe even get to a position where we can be described as ‘perfectly formed’???

pull down

Oh, I nearly forgot:

‘Cluedo’ clue number 3:

Force prisoners to exercise (9)




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Good News, Bad News…


Let’s do the good news first. Smiley face (see above!). This blog passed the 700,000 hits milestone today! Yeee-haw (or words to that effect). Thanks guys: I really do appreciate your support and interest. Don’t forget you can feed back either as comments or by e-mailing me if your prefer to be private:

Secondly, ‘sad face’… News that acrobatics doesn’t always go according to plan. Amongst the boys we share coaching in the gymnastics centre is a lad, 11 years old, who has the capacity to be a world-class competitor and has already done one international competition with his partner, coming fourth. Yesterday, he was practicing the one-arm balance positions on his partners head, with the 17yo partner (a previous international champion) squatting to sit and then to turn right around under him to the position we call ‘front support’. They train together at least twenty hours a week. They’ve done this move dozens of times and can be left to practice this on their own. Until…

This young lad’s hand slipped off his partner’s head, his balance arm taking the full force of his weight hitting the gymnastic floor. Major break in the bone… this is a disaster for him because it will be months before he can get back to that quality of balance, or work his other less-favoured arm to do the job. Thankfully, it didn’t occur on our watch. And yes, they are taught how to fall, and never to take the full force of a fall on an outstretched limb… This time, he was so close to the floor (with his partner just reaching the front-support position) that he didn’t react fast enough to save his arm. S***, as they say…

Thankfully, neither I nor my acrobatic colleagues has suffered such a disaster in training or performance… except Dave. He broke his arm years ago during a performance in the UK, but there were rather peculiar circumstances which caused a major collapse, because another performer took a direct hit from a madman in the audience. Fortunately it wasn’t his favoured ‘balance arm’. I’ll leave it to you to discover more about that one, and the events which followed: see

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Now we look on the bright side again, and enjoy some great male physiques:




Rope climbing – an exercise which tends to get overlooked in many gyms. Great for the chest.

asian hunk


OK, while we’re sitting down, let me remind you that we are issuing cryptic ‘crossword’ clues based around fitness themes: collect all ten and you could win a free copy of Loving the Boy sent anywhere in the world.

A reminder of the first one, in case you missed it: ‘By putting the effort into his gym workout, Peter became a specialist!’ (6)

And now, ‘Cluedo’ No. 2: Calm gym expert (5)

No hints! Answers will be provided when it is all over! And now, back to the fitness pictures:

blue trunks



This is Epke Zonderland, the Dutch gymnast and model:

epke 2


By the way, continuing the small debate about retaining chest hair, that guy looks great with what he has, don’t you think? Why shave that off, even if he were an acrobatic performer?


But yes, smooth looks great too, especially with a tan (and some epic abs)!

ticks all boxes

Here’s another lad who has made good use of the equipment in his garage!


And one who obviously has a gym membership!





OK. Those Zoggs are a good one to end on. Have fun with the cryptic clues – those first two are a bit easy, though… I’ll have to try harder!





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Cryptic Cluedo


As a person whose business (as well as physical training and performance) is words (three quarters of a million of them so far!), I quite enjoy cryptic crosswords, usually finding time to do one of the easier ones in on-line newspapers like The Times of London.

I’ve noticed that quite often, there are fitness related clues and I thought it would be fun to set a few challenges here for readers. So, if I try an easy one:

What this author wants from his weights programme (4)

…and you came up with the answer TONE – you’d be on the right track!


So, over the next few weeks, I shall drop an occasional clue into the posts which is somehow related to fitness. Collect ten right answers and send them to me (by comment or e-mail to ) and I’ll send the first person a signed copy of Loving the Boy – or one of the other books if preferred – anywhere in the world.

Cover2 ThumbCover 3 ThumbFor the ‘new readers start here’ department, there are three books on the themes of finding gay love, a love of acrobatics and performance, and some misadventures… these are the other two, and you can click on covers or the first link for more information!



By putting the effort into his gym workout, Peter becomes a specialist! (6)

If you can solve that one, keep your answer until you have the full set and then send them to me…

Meanwhile, some more fitness inspiration for you. I aim to get every reader, any age, into the gym!

011110 (360)



camos in gym

chunky B&W


hunk 2

lifter chest


triceps pull



Be proud of what you have, and then resolve to make it better!

proud lifter




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Celebrations (various!)

golden boy hi

I recently reported a minor altercation with Leo’s Phys Ed coach about using Leo as an example (making him a ‘teacher’s favourite in effect) which was leading to some continuing minor bullying. Well, said coach has happily stepped back from Leo a bit now, but he still loves his monthly ‘awards’ in class – ‘best pitcher’, ‘best wrestler’, and so forth…

…and this month, no-one was more pleased than Leo and his mate Chris when the ‘most improved’ award went to Ryan, the third member of their fitness-freak gang! Ryan, handed to us a while back by his somewhat reformed dad to get him fit alongside the example set by his friends (reformed after previously thinking we would somehow turn his son gay), was singled out for the most improved appearance (loss of any fat, tight muscle appropriate to age and success in the sports the coach happens to like!). Not only that, he was rewarded with a place in the wrestle team , joining the other two.

Their ethic of sharing training and not trying to be better than the others but rather helping them to keep alongside comes from Dave and I and our own friends, or at least I hope it does. And making sure you have fun at the same time…


Cover1 ThumbCover2 ThumbCover 3 ThumbWe’ve certainly got so much out of this ‘caring, sharing’ motivation that I ended up writing a lot about it in these books. Plus, I need to add, a lot about discovering gay love and accepting myself for what I truly am, then finding a way to get a lovely son and Dave his brilliant daughter. Plus some adventure.

The successes sometimes take us by surprise, even now. Ryan was forbidden contact with Leo outside school for a long time because he had gay parents (two gay guys (us) sharing a household with another gay couple plus two lesbians)… his homophobic father assumed that he son would be corrupted swiftly, and maybe worse. But he slowly came round, especially when he realised that our kids were actually ‘normal’ and, last night, the ultimate accolade… a ‘sleep-over’ in Ryan’s home for both Leo and Chris. Celebrations indeed.

Which left us free to enjoy an evening at Chad’s private gym and to respond to a request to wrestle with our great friends Jake and Quinn. Naturally, some tumbling and some weights work came first (and the showing off that goes with that!):




Of course, after all that, plus three wrestling bouts each, everyone was pretty sweaty…


…just how I like to TASTE my boy… yes, let’s do the last of the ‘five senses of Dave’ and get that theme done!

Usually Jake wins these wrestle matches but, this time, Dave was the outright winner and his ‘prize’ was the tongue bath. Three other gay guys savouring the salty taste, from the tips of his toes (delicious!), past his manhood (equally s0), abs and then armpits…

armpit worship

…not forgetting the taste of his kiss…


I get more than a fair share of Dave’s dribble, actually. One of the things in our performance routines is to suspend each other by our teeth, via a cunning pivot device that allows the lower guy to spin. The bottom guy – usually me, but not every time – gets a bucketful of tasty dribble and just has to swallow!

There are other delicious tastes. Many times I’ve licked away a tear (Dave can be an emotional guy) or the blood from a scraped elbow or whatever. And of course, as Dave and I settled down alongside the other couple, each to enjoy more intimate moments with his lover after the wrestling – a treat offered in the private environment of Chad’s gym – there are more tastes to enjoy. I doubt that I need to describe them further…

Which gets me off the hook in terms of ‘the five senses of Dave’, so let’s move on. Some more armpits to enjoy (and, by the way, we NEVER shave, there or anywhere else except the face: just saying, in answer to those regular ‘do you shave your chest? questions).


ALBUM 1 (1269)

armpit sitting




pits 8


Maybe that’s enough of a celebration of the source of that most delicious scent of maleness. I’ll finish with a couple more pictures celebrating the whole male body, since that’s the business we are in! Enjoy.




And finally for today, celebrating excellence in that centre of excellence, the weights gym! Bye!




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Snapshot from ‘The Sweat Room’


American households go to bed early and rise early and, normally, our ‘extended’ household is no exception. Usually it is Pete and Ivo who are first into the training cabin in the early morning, around 6am, but this week they are coaching the elite gymnasts in a pre-school session at the gym center…


…so, back at the ranch, it is the young boys who arrive first.

6.30am Thursday morning. Ryan’s formerly homophobic father now drops him off for his daily workout with Leo and Chris (see ‘Make a Man of Him’); Steve brings his two over (Chris and 19yo bodybuilder Billy) and Leo was already warmed up, waiting for them. It’s a ‘back and legs’ day for them, and the three boys are ‘rotating’ duties to keep their momentum going. Leo is on his hands and knees, making a ‘bench’ for Ryan, who lies on his chest on Leo’s back, arms stretched out to the sides, lifting a pair of dumbbells from the floor as high up behind him as he can manage.  As his repetitions become harder, Chris gives a little assistance for those so-important harder reps, and then swops the dumbbells for a lighter pair to allow Ryan to continue a little more, squeezing every last ounce of effort out of his rhomboids and shoulders. When he finally ‘fails’, they swop duties around and now Leo is lifting…


In the corner, Billy is pushing huge weights with his father Steve spotting for him…

before and after 1

In between, Steve joins Dave and I in our weights routine – three 30-somethings also working as a team, inspiring – or maybe being inspired by! – the 12yos!

before and after 2

Not for nothing does Leo call our cabin ‘The Sweat Room’! Ryan is a fairly sweaty boy anyway, and rivulets are running down his sides as he works out, and dripping on to my son’s back. This is, of course, a barefoot and shirtless zone and, when it’s jusy guys, mostly no-one bothers with clothes at all.

Currently missing is Dave’s daughter Jaymee. Normally, she does her strength training for acrobatics with her mum and her mum’s lesbian partner but, right now, they’re away with the circus tour. So Jaymee has remained in her room this morning, stretching, contorting and practicing different hand-balance positions on her ‘blocks’ (pedestals). Jaymee is maturing fast and, although brought up in an essentially naturist household, now prefers to use a leotard herself although perfectly tolerant of the rest of her extended family doing their ‘naked’ thing if they want. Today she will do her strength work after school, the boys usually being held back for wrestle-team practice or something similar. When she does train alongside the boys, they are shrewd enough to keep their shorts on.

So, that heady smell of sweat that so turns me on…

sweaty marcus


I think a lot of it (for me) is admiration of the efforts the guys have been making to get that sweaty… male bodies doing their thing! OK, you can get deliciously sweaty just sunbathing…

sweaty sunbather

(and doesn’t he look delicious?) but, ideally, the sweat will have been produced through hard physical work…

sweaty boxer

And of course, if the sweaty dude just happens to be my Dave: he’s always deliciously soapy-scented when we take to our bed. We kiss (of course)…


… and his sweet breath mingles with mine. I nuzzle his armpits, freshly re-developing their male muskiness, and similar his ‘private’ parts: sweet feet, too, to which I am attracted as much as his ‘personal places’… we drift off to sleep, noses almost touching, with sweet dreams of each other and anticipating the stronger more developed male odours which will greet us when we wake…


But, I have digressed into delivering the fourth part of the ‘Five Senses of Dave’ series! Meanwhile, back at the ranch:

7.20am. School starts early in USA, so the three 12yos hurtle out the back to hose themselves fresh (cold water, naturally), towel off, grab some shorts to race back up to the house in case neighbours are about, and down into Leo’s basement to change into clothes more suitable for school. Jaymee will join them for the 10-minute walk. But the boys’ shirts will probably stay tucked into their waistbands until inside the school gates – girls to impress with their increasingly ‘stacked’ bodies!! And, being a ‘gang of three’, they can deal with any sneering from other less-well-endowed’ boys… group ‘therapy’ is always nice (unlike this ‘flip’!!)…


…and the boys are so supportive of one another in their training…. (literally here!):


Everyone in our ‘Sweat Room’ is doing what they are doing because they want to be there. Both generations. Supporting, inspiring, encouraging. I’ve been part of it since age 16 7/8, when Dave first pulled my shirt over my head and let his lips brush against my chest in what I still believe was his first gay ‘kiss’. Pete and Ivo put me through a gruelling ‘try-out’ – see Loving the Boy – and then left Dave to get me into wrestling…


…except that jeans were already off, and the shorts swiftly followed!

Very occasionally, this habitual nakedness in the extended families does run into trouble… yesterday afternoon I happened to be in the kitchen late afternoon talking with an insurance agent about the car. Boys back from school, Ryan waiting to be picked up, so all three down in Leo’s basement practicing their wrestling holds. Leo comes up to raid the fridge for drinks – not a stitch on, fails to notice the stranger… oh well.

We all absolutely love our lifestyle – fit bodies, open air, water… (oh yes, skinny dipping is great too):


Long may it continue!


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In Vision


Here’s looking at you, kid!

I guess that most of you share our enjoyment of the well-presented male physique, or you wouldn’t be here. So what do I see in my Dave?

Cool brown eyes set in a slightly impish face, a deeply tanned body (with near invisible tan line) from the amount of time we spend shirtless or naked, training and performing. Well developed strong shoulders and upper arms – (this guy will NOT load the right way up – sorry!!)


…from all that balancing…


…a strongly muscled back…


…chiselled abs to die for…


One or two distinctive birthmarks, a few hairs on his chest (including one white one – showing his age!!) but never enough to warrant shaving for our public shows; an enticing ‘innie’, strong legs (more hair there) and gorgeous feet (I have a thing about feet… Dave’s are perfect with no tendons showing, neat ‘toe line’ well manicured and always fresh as a daisy.

I see a guy who maintains his flexibility – so essential for acrobatics…


Eye candy! And he’s all mine…

Cover1 ThumbCover2 ThumbCover 3 ThumbHe’s ‘The Boy’ in this, my first book. And he features pretty prominently in the other two as well!

Let the eye candy continue, then: black and white for starters…






Ah, the ‘lean and hungry’ look! Let’s see a smile…


‘Are my abs OK?’


Well, maybe a bit more work, and some bulking up generally, but nice… but he’ll need a bit of work to get here…


Ah, the outdoors, sun on your back… great! Enjoy it whilst the autumn permits, especially with your partner… and be sure to have fun at the same time!


Guys having a great time! You too, I hope.














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Not ‘Morocco Bound’

We interrupt this series (AGAIN!) for a newsflash.

gym pair

A simple picture of two guys together was used to ‘convict’ a British man aged 69 of ‘being homosexual’ in Morocco last week. Apparently, he had gone to visit a Moroccan man, and they were picked up at a bus stop ‘on suspicion of being homosexual’. But the police went through his phone afterwards and found a picture which was used as ‘evidence’ of homosexuality.

This from The Times website this morning. I assume the guy is gay, but he has a son (as I do) who is also gay (mine isn’t) and cannot go to try and help his father because he would be arrested as well. Well. If ‘being homosexual’ is a crime, that’s 10% of us stuffed right away. I know that public homosexual “acts” are unwise in a number of countries, but you can’t exactly help ‘being homosexual’, can you?

I think that they probably kissed or held hands or something at the bus stop, and the police swooped. I would think it extremely unlikely that they were doing anything actually ‘sexual’…


So that would be too much for Morocco… what about this? Too ‘friendly? ‘Being gay’?


And goodness, what about ‘fun’ on the beach?


Or maybe ‘three-up’?


Perhaps that would be regarded as ‘less suspicious’… and they’re wrestlers, of course: is such male ‘intimacy’ acceptable in Morocco? I have no idea, and no plan to give it a try either!

Today’s travel tip for gay friends: DON’T GO TO MOROCCO! The guy and his Moroccan friend are doing four months, in with paedophiles and murderers and, according to the news item, consular access has been denied.

Setting that aside, I can’t help noticing that my title is basically a part of a Bing Crosby or Frank Sinatra song lyric (possibly both). It came into my head, as rubbish often does, thrusting it’s double meaning at my brain. Because it is also a form of expensive book covering. My books, of course, have no such thing, they are paperbacks and e-books, but still worth a look…

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

The pictures which follow are provided for the enjoyment of the Moroccan authorities:







Hmmm. A gay kiss, leading to a prison sentence in Morocco. Oh dear. I guess that’s my Moroccan goose cooked, then…

…let’s all hope that the guy gets swiftly deported, although that won’t help his Moroccan friend.






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I don’t think he’ll take much persuading…

Thanks to the several correspondents who pointed out that another of Jane Austen’s novels could make a could ‘theme’ title for a post… I’d forgotten this one! (see earlier posts ‘Sense and Sensibility’ and ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and all will make sense!).

Funny word, ‘persuasion’. Two meanings.

Dave and I, many of our friends, and possibly you too, dear reader (but maybe not) are of the ‘gay persuasion’ according to remarks made to us from time to time. ‘Persuasion’ here, though’ means ‘belief’ or ‘conviction’. That means it must be like religion – you’re homosexual because you ‘believe’ in it. Utter nonsense, as we of that ilk well know! As far as I can recall, I don’t have a choice. I am gay, because that’s the way it is. So, whilst I enjoy this:


…a close relationship with the one I love (and a few close friends of the two of us), I also enjoy this:


…just hanging out with other guys who like to do some of (non-sexual) things we like to do. In larger numbers, as well:


Indeed, it is extremely rare that we need any additional ‘persuasion’ (the other meaning this time) to get stuck into some fitness training…


…into the gym hall…

high bar exit

…or, indeed, into the swim of things!


OK. Perhaps (like me!) you are tiring of the contrived literary references, although it is nice I suppose to acknowledge a fellow writer even if she is (ahem) a bit more widely read than I am…

Actually, in the last of those three books which are rather dear to my heart,

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

…I did contrive a reference to the excellent ‘Inspector Rebus’ novels set in Edinburgh, UK. This arose because of a Dave ‘foot-in-mouth’ moment when we were in discussions with a real Detective Inspector in that very city… Dave stupidly suggested that we needed a bit of help from ‘Rebus’ to resolve some of our problems… very fortunately, he was a very understanding Detective Inspector who turned the joke around and played it himself when we were in discussions with the authorities here in USA, who had no idea who ‘Rebus’ was. As they say on the old-fashioned billboards, or shout at street corners, ‘Read all abaht it…‘ – go on, you might even enjoy the books! E-version available too (Kindle, Amazon).

Come to think of it, I wove in a couple of quotes from Tolkein as well…

Actually, what put Rebus back into my mind was the wonderful BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) i-player, which delivers sane programmes to me in USA as a substitute for the mindless drivel which constitutes TV and radio here: Rebus just made it onto Radio 4’s ‘Classic Serial’ (usually costume drama type stuff) – high time in my opinion, and I enjoyed episode 2 here this morning live as it was being broadcast at home in UK in the afternoon.

Still to come, the rest of ‘the senses’, following the previous theme of posts which Jane Austen so neatly interrupted. And, to maintain interest in an otherwise totally boring piece, a further selection of my favourite fitness images. Enjoy!



abs delts


blue shorts

chst poser

Mica's Pick126





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