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This blog is about gay acrobats, their life and times, their adventures, their love, their love of fitness and, above all, their story, as told in three connected books which get promoted in the posts from time to time! The books are available in both paper form and as e-books from the usual web outlets. We want you to enjoy the pictures and the episodes of our life and times which get posted here, and we also hope that you’ll enjoy a good read…

bc48789155991bicep…wherever you hang out! Feel free to comment, or if you prefer something more private, use e-mail to – always happy to have your thoughts and opinions!

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7


Sincere apologies to all who have clicked on links in previous posts and obtained ‘Page Not Found': the publisher changed them all but did not tell ME… there is always Amazon and Kindle


Now read on, and join us ‘Living the Dream’…


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Back in Civilisation

OK, I’m back in WiFi World! Explanations in the next post: today I’ll just aim to satisfy the majority of readers who come here for new inspiration fitness pictures:






Well, the guy on the right is obviously sweaty from his workout: maybe the guy on the left is more like me: I have to exercise exceptionally intensely to break a sweat like that – perhaps I’m really a dog…


…and that’s a bit of a ‘sideways’ look: a somewhat Spartan bedroom obviously designed for his workout…

arm tat


sorry, that’s a small picture and won’t enlarge



At this point, a word from our sponsor:

‘The Book is a Silent Teacher and a Companion in Life’

Kim Il Sung – Great Leader of the ‘Democratic’ Republic of North Korea

Cover1 ThumbCover2 Thumb…and, in this case, has the extra benefit of putting a few additional dollars/pounds/shekels/yen/yuan or whatever into my pocket! At the time of posting, the links from the book covers lead to the publisher’s website: also available from Amazon/Kindle etc. I would really appreciate you guys showing your appreciation in this way… gay love, acrobatics, and adventure, all in one – actually, all in three…Cover 3 Thumb

Now, where were we? Oh yes, in the weight room…





pits 44





Are you having those ‘wish I could look like those guys’ thoughts? Remember:


Bye for now!





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Improved Reception: Redressing the Balance


Seems that I have some slightly improved (but incredibly slow) internet connection (and I found some suitable unused images on my laptop), so I offer just a few pictures on the theme of ‘getting the balance right’ – just to keep things on the boil. I’m not getting the normal feedback from the host computer whilst editing this blog post though so, if it doesn’t come out right, bear with me until the weekend and I’ll sort it out. I hadn’t realised that smoke signals were quite so bad at transmitting internet…




A particularly bendy boy here -younger than I usually post, but just this once…



I don’t usually post nudes either, but this next picture is tastefully and rather excellently modelled…


Excellent split, and no hands on the pole…


Balance in the weight room…


Balancing the Russian lever:



Just in case I need to repost this all over again when I return to civilisation, I’ll stop after the next picture which features a favourite Russian gymnast and street workout dude, Dmitry Brodyakin (on the right), with a friend. Just remind you about some books you might like, on our discovery of gay love and our acrobatic activities [on Amazon and Kindle, if you must, but the royalties are lower!!]:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Bye for now





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Normal Posting Service Will Be Resumed…

…on September 21st.

I’m currently in a place where the internet is decidedly ‘iffy’… I thought you had to leave the planet for things to be this bad… and I forgot the USB drive with my file of selected photos on it.

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

If I let Dave loose on here he’ll just be posting cats again.

Btw: he recommends

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Lifestyle Choices: Counting the Ways

Sitting thinking…


…as you do, I was pondering again a recent question ‘Why Are You Gay?’ We explored that, and clearly it’s not a choice to be gay, but there are clear choices about how you choose to express that gayness. And, in our case, it’s a little special. Maybe I’m gonna write too much detail here for some… in which case, just skip to the pics, OK?

Cover1 ThumbDave and I realised our gayness, and our love for each other, at age around 17. We were very naïve, and it took a while, but one evening Dave suddenly looked at me with those lovely brown eyes and said the words… ‘Tone, it’s time. I want you to…’ Penetrative sex. Two choices there, then, for gay guys. We explored both. Around about the same time (it’s all in that book on the left [click on covers!]), we met a lovely guy called Zach. He had lost a  number of friends to AIDS in his former extrovert gay Californian lifestyle, wanted to put all that behind him, and was determined that no new friend of his would ever be similarly afflicted. Some gays do tend to be very promiscuous, especially in clubs after getting fired up with alcohol… His suggestion was to be in a closed group, proven and guaranteed to be free of AIDS and other STDs, and only ‘do it’ within that group. He also introduced the concept of ‘strength through brotherhood’ – Tuan Jie – almost ‘tricked’ us into getting those two Chinese characters tattooed on our backs which we’re now so proud of and, as that was done, rather sheepishly produced his own certificate of sexual health… and so the ‘core four’ (acrobats, but that’s incidental here) was formed, the fourth being martial artist Gary, who would become Zach’s true love just as Dave is mine. But sharing that love… safely.

Cover 3 ThumbUsing the discreet biblical term, I have ‘known’ just 12 guys. The Tuan Jie group slowly expanded within our fitness/acrobatic community. One guy left, with our blessings and good wishes, to enjoy a monogamous lifestyle with a lovely guy called CJ, both gymnastics coaches in Florida now. Two French Canadian acrobat guys joined us briefly during a performing tour – they didn’t get the mark. Still great friends, but living in Toronto area and following their own destinies now. Those events are documented in the third book (left).

Now we are a group of ten, and that’s unlikely to change. All based in TN or KY, regularly getting together and ‘getting it together’… five devoted couples, but willing sharing their love within the group. Maybe that’s weird… I don’t know. We all have regular checks, and regularly re-swear our oaths that we have not had anal sex outside the group. No-one has ever defaulted. I have never – ever – needed to use a condom.

Cover2 ThumbZach, bless him, has been a bit ‘accident-prone’. Habitually barefoot, he had his foot stamped on and crushed by a guy in work boots at Niagara Falls (it’s in this middle book); he got shot (and has scars on his chest) and later very nearly got stabbed, except that Gary lunged in to deflect the blow. All related to a second tattoo on his body which has now been (more or less) removed… he also thinks that I saved his life after that second incident, but that’s a bit over the top. I just had an idea that there was a way to bring him out of a coma… but needless to say, as with everyone in Tuan Jie, we are very, very close.

Gosh, this is getting a bit sentimental. A couple of fitness pictures to give us a break:



(Novel use of kettlebells there!)

Lest we sound too ‘perfect’ ‘idyllic’ or whatever, as gay guys we are naturally attracted to and excited by other guys’ bodies outside of Tuan Jie. Especially after sweaty training or wrestling with them, one naturally gets horny. So ‘relief’ alongside other gay guys definitely happens… licking and sucking permitted, we might say – and, I confess, sometimes slightly ‘fetishy’ things… I do rather enjoy to be the ‘bukkake boy’… but nothing anal outside the group. Never.

Which brings me – ‘not before time, Tone!’ – to a further selection of pictures promoting those fit bodies we all so much admire!





(Those traps and shoulders… wow!)






FA010812 (166)


nice vees




I hope that lot will keep you happy until next time. There may be a short hiatus in posting in the next few days as I am going to spend a little time trying something new. See you soon. OK, just one more… a bit of a poser, this guy, but a great body and a great picture! ‘Bye for now!



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Like Father, (Un)Like Son


I got to thinking about things which I had in common with my son Leo when I was his age. For a start, we both enjoy doing that!

He has just started Middle School in the US along with his best friend Chris: I had just started grammar school in Oxford, UK, along with my best friend Colin. Both of us quickly got involved in the sports scene: in my case it was always gymnastics…

sam oldham

…the acrobatics came later…


For Leo, his current school really isn’t into gymnastics, but he does all of his acrobatic training and performance with us. He’s in the wrestle team, having shared my lack of interest in the usual US team games of baseball, American football or even basketball, although he’ll play if he has to. But it’s the wrestling he likes best, although he prefers our submission style to the collegiate, and perhaps even more he just prefers to do it for fun…


Actually, we both enjoyed doing silly things with our friends for fun (and still do!)…


We both enjoyed swimming from an early age…


…especially in ‘open water’…


We both enjoy the freedom that going shirtless brings, both in sports and just generally when chilling out…


We both enjoy being in the sun, working on our Vitamin D levels…


…’looking good’…

When I was 11 I hadn’t really found weight training, but we developed ‘bodyweight’ exercises in school…

clapping press-up 2

…whereas Leo, thanks to our subsequent ‘addiction’ to pumping iron, has been using exercises suitable for his present stage of physical development more or less ever since he was old enough not to drop them!


At age 11, I was as proud of my body and what it could do as he is now.

zac ainsley

But there are some important differences! In our family now, there is a habit to hang around the house naked without giving it much of a second thought, and extending that to our swimming in suitable places…


…when I was 11, in conservative Oxford and considering my parents’ attitude to things, that would not have been ‘seemly’ (although Colin and I would sunbathe and swim together naked in the summer when we got the chance).

But there is a very significant difference between the 11yo me and the 11yo Leo. I’m gay; he’s chasing after the girls and has recently introduced his fourth girlfriend!

When I was 11, I didn’t know I was gay. But I had no interest in the ladies, preferring to hang out with the lads…


I didn’t know I was gay until about age 16 when I first met Dave. But my friends suspected it, and Colin was certain! He said that I always had a eye for the boys in the locker rooms! The big difference between me at 11 and my son is that he knows what gay is, he knows his dad is gay (and his mum is lesbian), he doesn’t find it odd, he accepts it as ‘normal’ in our family… and I can cheerfully give my partner a kiss in front of Leo and he doesn’t give it a thought.


But, we live in the ‘bible belt’, and being gay openly isn’t always wise. And Leo is shrewd enough to understand that discussing his family situation, sometimes even just mentioning that his dad is gay, isn’t always wise!

I guess that summarising that, I could say that the 11yo Leo is wise beyond his years, whereas the 11yo Tone wasn’t! Gosh, I’m so proud of him…

Cover1 ThumbCover2 ThumbCover 3 ThumbMy voyage of self-discovery, from age 16 3/4 onwards, is chronicled in the first two books! Discovering gay love, developing the acrobatic career, having a few adventures, and stuff. Clicks on the book covers will tell you more, and Amazon and Kindle can provide! The events that ‘led to’ Leo being conceived by a gay man and his lesbian mum are there too. If Leo ever writes his story, his discovery of true love will definitely take a different course – the straight pathway! Good luck to him – he’s a great kid and he deserves the best.

One more thing we share – irritation with most of the lessons in school and a desire to get outdoors and to do something physical! According to my dad’s wishes, I was going to be a physicist: my ‘resolution’ is to let Leo make his own choices.

We spend a huge amount of time together, and that’s great. I don’t post pictures of the kids on here, but what follows are things we typically do together. Physical challenges…


…in the gym…


…showing off…


…acrobatic group work…


…even ‘fakir’ stuff. I love my son!

But there’s that important difference… whilst he enjoys kissing the girls and having them run admiring hands over his muscles, I’ll be snugging down with Dave and our gay friends!




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Just Sayin’


That is what I like. A young guy who values his appearance, works out, and is proud to show off what he has achieved. A guy who, like this next one, will feel good on the beach…


♥ I enjoy posting such pictures on this blog for the enjoyment of readers.

However, there have been a couple of inappropriate comments made recently, which I have not permitted to be published, and a couple of off-line remarks also.

So, just for the avoidance of doubt…

♥ All gay activities mentioned in this blog take place between consenting adults and in private places open only to like-minded guys

♥ Yes, I and many of my adult gay colleagues enjoy training naked, enjoying the sight and feel of other bodies hard at work developing muscles and using them in acrobatic skills, wrestling, etc

♥ Within our two ‘families’ (that’s Dave and I, the kids, and their lesbian mums), since the day the kids were born, no-one has had hang-ups about appearing naked in the home or ‘skinny dipping’ together in private locations: this is essentially ordinary family ‘naturism’, ‘Frei Korper Kultur’ as it’s openly practiced in the German-speaking countries, and a generally-accepted activity for which many local authorities in Europe (less so in US) provided dedicated areas on beaches, riversides, and so forth

♥ This ‘freedom’ has led my son Leo (and Dave’s daughter to a lesser extent until her female development became more obvious) to tend to run around naked: if left to themselves, Leo and his young male friends continue to tend to train, swim, and sometimes to fool around (play wrestling) naked, again in private locations only where others cannot observe them… such as the great summer four weeks in Wales shared with his friend Chris and their mutual UK friend Ollie (whose parents were in attendance most of the time)… few kids get such a chance in such a beautiful location to just ‘be themselves’

♥ The kids do not know my books (shown at the bottom of this post) even exist, and their (innocent) appearances in them have been disguised with pseudonyms and some changed locations

♥ Our work coaching young people in gymnastics and acrobatics is totally separated from our gay life, is supervised with legal checks and appropriate training, and our interest in those kid’s bodies relates only to their appropriate training regime for the skills they wish to develop. All teaching sessions can be observed by parents throughout, and the kid’s work is regularly discussed with the parents. That said, most boys in gymnastic clubs around the world tend to prefer to train shirtless for the freedom of movement it allows and to keep cool

♥ We are NOT, absolutely NOT paedophiles, and find even the idea revolting and obnoxious. And I come from a country (UK) where local residents set fire to the home of a paediatrician (doctor specialising in infant care, again for the avoidance of doubt) because they couldn’t take the trouble to understand the difference between the two words. No child in our care, professionally or otherwise, will ever be at risk from us or any of our colleagues

and, finally, to answer one particularly troubling suggestion

♥ We would not consider even for an instant any form of ‘relationship’ across the generation gap, not even when the kids become adults

Just Sayin’… I hope that’s clear!

Sorry for the rant. I just git a bit fired up. Now let’s continue the customary celebration of the young male physique and the work that goes into creating it.







ball boy


blond on the line

‘How am I doin?’

checkin out

Not bad!


Jacek Kramek-Polish Model (032)

OK, those books. Click on the covers for more info about how Dave and I found love, our love of acrobatics, and lots more:

Cover1 ThumbCover2 ThumbCover 3 Thumb…you’ll find them on Amazon and Kindle also…

One more pic, then:


No more rants for a while: promise!



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Information Overload


Definitely no ‘overload’ with those two guys! Great core strength – just the ticket for balance and lever activities. OK – to the point:

Son Leo, aged 12 (“and three quarters, Dad”) arrived back from school today (shirtless as usual) with a new and clearly besotted girlfriend in tow. I think I wrote in a previous post (forgotten which) about his first one – we’re on to model four (I think it is) now. This one doesn’t come with the baggage associated with growing up in Oak Ridge: she’s a recent import from Canada, apparently.

‘Mom’s away. This is Dad. Hi Dad – this is Shelley. We’re going to work together on our assignment…’

And they disappeared into his basement room… As I said – age 12. And three quarters…

Leo can at times be very mature and adult (in his personal approach to his acrobatics and training, for example) and at other times completely childlike (OK, he is one. I know that). One lesson he has definitely learned is that giving more information than you need to can lead to issues. Like being bullied for bragging about his acrobatics and his circus performances in the vacation, as an example. So, when he remembers, he’s more cautious. Especially being the son of gay parents… He could have said…

‘Mom’s away to the circus with her girlfriend, fire-eating and lying on beds of nails and stuff. This is Dad – he’s an acrobat, and has a boyfriend called Dave and they like wrestling naked and….’

But, he knows better. He knows never to give personal information to any audience who catch up with him after shows and ask for autographs and things. He’s learned a few lessons the hard way, and his family circumstances probably don’t make it any easier!

I think that they actually were working on a school assignment. I didn’t check: that could have led to a personal ‘information overload’. They reappeared after an hour and Leo, who had obviously not dressed for the occasion and was still shirtless, announced that he was going to walk Shelley home.

‘…in case there’s any trouble…’

I decided not to comment. As I said, you can get too much information… Not all that much ‘trouble’ in Oak Ridge!

Yeah, Leo’s a pretty tough guy. He can do this, for example (that’s NOT him):


One school of thought says that no 12yo (and three quarters) should be lifting weights. Well, his regime is strictly controlled and appropriate for his stage of physical development. To hold a one-arm balance for more than a minute, he needs to get his strength in peak condition.

Cover1 ThumbCover2 ThumbCover 3 ThumbThe clue to our somewhat crazy lifestyle (for anyone new to this) can be found in these volumes (clicking on a cover will lead to more information) and e-books are also available from Amazon alongside the paper copies. Leo, and my partner Dave’s daughter Jaymee, basically live with two dads and two mums in a combined gay and lesbian household. Pretty much everyone we know accepts all this now, although the kids have had issues. Note the acrobatic themes on the book covers, too – a clue to our circus lives, and also the Chinese symbols which represent ‘strength through brotherhood’ – something which might be applied these days to any LGBT community but in our case represents also a dedication to supporting one another to stay at the peak of fitness and acrobatic ability.

I don’t want to give you ‘information overload’, so I leave you to investigate for yourselves and turn, as we inevitably do here, to pictures promoting male fitness and sports activities: anyone for tennis?


NO, I said tennis, not handstands… I know it’s on a tennis court (and you need better shoulder flexibility so you can get your body in a straight line)

SP010812 (1312)

Thank you! Now there are better places to do handstands…


Quite. Try a planche, then…


You need strength for that:


He’s showing good technique – straight back – but going for the heaviest weights doesn’t build strength, it just builds muscle fibre. But he’s a football player, so he probably needs both! Bodyweight exercises are good, especially for the younger clients…


Yes, he’s not a younger client. But they’re good for older guys too!

Be proud of what you achieve, but don’t be too easily satisfied…


Working out in front of a mirror is a really good idea: watch the muscles work, watch the sweat trickle (with satisfaction), and make sure your ‘form’ is correct:

sweat together

Some good results:




Follow a sensible fitness programme, and you’ll be looking like this in no time:


And I think that’s quite enough ‘information’ for one post. Hate to overload…


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The Skin Game

011105 (102)

If my previous post going on about the antics of our closed group of gay guys was a bit explicit, then apologies. It was probably provoked (in part) by the same person who asked a while back ‘Why are you Gay?’ I reflected on that question a long time and, as a UK reader pointed out to me, I should perhaps have responded ‘Why Are You Straight?’ because it is a question with no obvious answer. Basically, I like men, he likes women. Asking ‘why?’ opens up a whole new can of worms.

This time, he asked me a different question: what do I find attractive in men? Because I like this guy and his family, and he’s easy to talk to, I pushed the matter, asking him what attracted him to women. Basically – their looks (he admires their appearance), he like their touch on his body ad the feel of theirs, he enjoys sex with women (copiously, I think, before he married), he likes to kiss (mainly his wife now, I hope), and (after feeding him an extra beer, this one) he loves to feel his wife’s smooth body sliding against his as they participate very fully and energetically in (presumably) monogamous sexual adventures.

‘OK’, I said, ‘You’ve answered the question. It’s just that my DNA makes me want to experience all of that with another guy, rather than a woman.’

011201 (781)

‘But you had a kid with Clare…’ OK, that’s a fair question too, because it’s true. All I can say about that is that there were really special circumstances – it took some doing (see my first and second books, since the first one ends exactly when the decision to ‘go for it’ was taken!) – and more and more gay men are admitting how much they would love to have a family… Leo has brought both Clare and I immense joy and I find it hard to imagine life without him after nearly 13 amazing years… but I digress.

Mr Galsworthy coined the title of this post many years ago, for a play which had nothing to do with gay sex (nor, in any explicit way, straight sex either!). But my conversation with this guy moved on until we were talking about wrestling. His son is in the same Middle School wrestle team as Leo. I said that Dave and I enjoyed frequent wrestling matches, but submission style, not collegiate. Basically that means you continue until one guy is forced to submit to the other: may go to ‘best of three’ or whatever. Pretty much ‘no holds barred’, although we do draw the line at eye gouging and anything potentially injurious.

muriel 14 and friend

I eventually admitted that we do (in private) mostly wrestle naked amongst our group and in Chad’s private gym. Sometimes we start in underwear or Speedos, but they usually get pulled off, so ‘what the heck, let’s go naked’ prevails. I described all the things he described to me about his relations with women, blow by blow: standing opposite your opponent (who is almost always a close friend), admiring his body – the firmness of the muscle, the lack of fat, ripped abs, strong arms and so forth. Sometimes we apply oil first, rubbing over each other’s body in a way which is always highly sensual (and, I might say, equally sensual for the straight guys in the gym as well, who frequently and willingly participate). Just as that guy surely does with his wife, we enjoy the scent of another male standing next to us – pheromones work for gays as well as straights – and especially, as the struggle begins, the increasing sweat release adds to the atmosphere as our bodies come close and get entangled, his sweat mingling with mine, his skin sliding against mine…

Is it surprising then, that the effect is usually to arouse both guys (even the straights)? Being naked allows additional holds to be achieved on your opponents manhood, which adds some ‘spice’ to the bout and most definitely adds to the arousal. Gays and straights alike, at the end of such a struggle, often find a need to relieve themselves, and the gays more often than not will do it in a mutual way – at least, the so-called ‘helping hand': maybe more. Nuff said.

‘That sure sounds more fun than what Vaughan [his son] is doing at school!’ said the guy, accepting another beer. Who knows – one day he might just come around to our training cabin at the top of the yard and try out the submission style – our ‘Skin Game’ – himself! OK, he’s welcome: he needs to get a bit fitter first I think: no, actually, he needs to get a lot fitter. But, to give the guy his due, he says what he thinks, and has no issues at all with having gay friends and neighbours (well, about 300 yards away), unlike a majority in ultra-conservative Tennessee.

OK, I admit it (as all my gay mates would too). The feel of another guy close up and personal – whatever the circumstances – is a magic feeling for me…



Partly, it’s that ‘acceptance’ thing again. “He’s willing to have me… desires to have me… up close, against his body. I’m good enough.” It’s a kind of need for me, to have guys demonstrate that I’m a suitable member of the pack: fit enough, strong enough, desirable enough… and by showing love, as well as these basic ‘instinct’ things, well, that’s what it’s all about. Being there for the other guy, even as you twist him into a ‘backbreaker-across-the-knee’ or that splendidly named hold, the ‘spladdle’!

Does any of that make even the remotest sense?



OK, enough of this emotional twaddle. Another reader points out that he likes the pictures posted here, but he’s interested in muscle. Right, since we’ve brought wrestling into this and wrestlers need exactly that, let’s admire a few muscular torsos:











Well, I hope that those keep the juices flowing for you  until next time. I leave you with a final ‘skin-on-skin’ example.. there’s something about pool tables and gay porn – don’t ask me why! But just looking at those chests pressed together… I need to go find Dave…


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Labor Day Gathering

Tuan JieThere are eleven of us who proudly carry this ‘strength through brotherhood’ symbol on our left lower backs, nestling just above the tan line. That’s eleven gay guys who have sworn to maintain their fitness, to support one another and, most importantly, to keep themselves ‘clean’ by never, ever, engaging in penetrative sex outside of the group (so that we can confidently do exactly that within the group!). One guy, our lovely British gymnast friend Richard, left with everyone’s blessing to enjoy a wonderful monogamous relationship with a guy called CJ down in Florida – which leaves the current ten.

How this all comes about in the first place, I leave you to discover here. Note that these links are up to date at the time of writing… gotta say that after my discovery yesterday that the publisher changed the page names… grrr…

The first book...Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

So, six of us have been together for the entire Labor Day Weekend: working out on the weights…


…both in our cabin and in Chad’s private gym (where special things happen!); a bit of wrestling (because that’s where Leon and Dane specialise)…


…some acrobatics (where Dave and I specialise)…


… hanging around by the river…




…even us ‘old’ guys still enjoy climbing trees and rocks…


And so to Labor Day itself. Six of us for breakfast, and for the training cabin. Kids away, girls gone (with two Chinese martial arts boys) to join the circus tour alongside our acrobats Ethan and Jack, and Zach and Gary expected back later, returning in the girls’ car (because we have a converted bus on the tour providing accommodation etc). A relaxing morning, and then (again) down to the woods – Cody’s place in a remote location by the river bank – where we can all hang out as we like to be – barefoot and shirtless (or more) in the open air, light wind on our backs, shade under the trees when we need it – and a fire and food to enjoy with our friends. Cody and his housemate ‘Adge’ aren’t in the Tuan Jie  ‘closed’ clan, but they’re gay too, members of Chad’s special gym and so enjoy the same things as we do. Not sure quite what these next two are enjoying – your suggestions are very welcome…


…whereas this is pretty clear!!…


Zach and Gary arrived just as darkness was falling. They’ve been away for ten weeks and, although Dave was performing with them for the first four, the rest of us haven’t seen them all that time. Which makes eight naked Tuan Jie guys…

“If you go down to the woods today, you better go in disguise…

…for every bear that ever there was will gather there for certain because

Today’s the day the teddy bears have their pic-nic!” (Henry Hall)

Well, not quite, but substitute us lot for the bears, Cody and Adge as welcome and understanding bystanders, and essentially zero chance of ever being disturbed. And inevitably, Zach, who devised Tuan Jie in the first place, takes the initiative:

‘Let’s reaffirm our vows’

This involves each guy filling a paper cup with his own product. Then, arms around each other’s shoulders in a circle, the oath – something like:

‘I solemnly swear that I have not, and will not, enjoy penetrative relations with anyone who is not Tuan Jie’

We all have special partners, of course (Dave!!) but within the group there is an understanding that these things may be shared. The cups are then passed round, and everyone takes a sip from all the others. Kind of sealing the bond of love and support. I know, it sounds disgusting. And Zach, as ever, mischievous…

‘OK guys, now everyone f**k the guy on your left!”

I’ll draw the veil here, but the lovely Leon was on my left, and I was on the left of Ivo…

Cover2 FullCover 3 FullThere’s something special about doing it outdoors, in the dark, around a crackling fire, in the company of the best mates in the world. It’s the sort of loving atmosphere that finally inspired me to write it all down. All 750,000 words of it, capturing the discovery of gay love, the ‘buzz’ of fitness training in the company of like-minded guys, performing on various circus tours around the world, and having a couple of serious misadventures along the way.

With a renewed apology that many of the links to the books in the older posts will no longer work, thanks to my publisher mucking around with their website again, I’ll finish off this post once again with a little more fitness inspiration: remember, you’re never too old to get back in training, and this could be YOU!


by lorenzo lee


cargoes on beach

chest 44

Here’s a vintage one of lads enjoying themselves… there’s nothing new (and no implications here of their sexuality either, but look where one guy has his hand!)…straight guys often enjoy physical contact activities just as much as gay guys – testing out their strength and so on…


And to finish, two posed pictures. One to remind us of that special relationship between gay couples, and one to illustrate how the combination of a great physique and a great photographer can work magic. Enjoy!

posed pair

Joshua Tilleard08292


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Links to Precis of Books… UPDATED

Sincere apologies to everyone who may have clicked on a link to the books in previous posts – either from a cover or a direct text reference…

My lovely publisher, Melrose Books, has changed all the direct links to descriptive pages AGAIN… without telling me

That means that 569 previous posts have broken links in… arrrgh!!!

I don’t think I can change that lot…

I know, I should have checked them more frequently…

Here are the corrected ones…

I have no idea when I can get around to changing the links on the newer posts (at least), but I will try. If anyone knows a system for trawling through the entire blog and changing them all in one go, DO please comment here!!
Right now I think I just need a little tlc…
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