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This blog is about gay acrobats, their life and times, their adventures, their love, their love of fitness and, above all, their story, as told in three connected books which get promoted in the posts from time to time! The books are available in both paper form and as e-books from the usual web outlets. We want you to enjoy the pictures and the episodes of our life and times which get posted here, and we also hope that you’ll enjoy a good read…

bc48789155991bicep…wherever you hang out! Feel free to comment, or if you prefer something more private, use e-mail to – always happy to have your thoughts and opinions!

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7


Sincere apologies to all who have clicked on links in previous posts and obtained ‘Page Not Found': the publisher changed them all but did not tell ME… there is always Amazon and Kindle


Now read on, and join us ‘Living the Dream’…


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Onwards and Upwards…

Aerial-RingHasty preparations for Zach, Gary and I to join the circus tour continue, leaving Pete, Ivo and principally Dave to be in charge of kids until their two mums return about a week later. Son Leo still furious that he can’t rejoin the circus, especially with the Thanksgiving break coming whilst I’m away. But 12yos need to be in school!

With Chad’s help, we’ve set up a temporary aerial training facility in the annexe to his private gym and, with a bit of ingenuity and the loan of a huge plank and a trestle and some loose lashings (don’t ask!!) we have set up a sort of ersatz teeterboard trainer. It would never pass any health and safety test – but then acrobatics rarely does. Up in the far north-west, already at the circus, Ethan and Jack have had a go on the real thing, with some limited success, with a couple of the other circus performers who know something of the skill helping them out as well in between practicing their knife throwing or whatever. Meanwhile, we’ve been studying as many YouTube videos as we can find!

teeter-220px-Korean_teeterboard_montrealThe proper teeterboard professionals appear to train in similar makeshift ways (see right, some guys at work for a circus in Montreal) – so maybe it won’t be too bad. And anyway, our main act is what we are contracted to do – this is just an idea to take advantage of having the board. Who knows – a new career! At least we can land more or less where we take off from now!

Let’s break for the next cryptic fitness-related clue. I forgot to put one in the previous post – sorry. Remember, the objective is to be the first person to send me all ten correct answers, for a modest reward (book, signed copy).

Clue number 8

Start to bandage a cut: it may stand to your credit (7)

You may be interested in the details of all the books: if so, just click on these ISBNs.

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

They’re all related to acrobatic lives, being gay (but readers only need to be gay-friendly – being actually gay is not a requirement!) and some adventures built in – which led to some serious injuries, not acrobatics related, and worse than any teeterboard incident could inflict. Ideal Christmas presents for adult readers.

Aside from all the additional training I needed to do, we’re going to have a great sendoff. Along with Pete and Ivo and Dave, we’re off to Lexington for the weekend to spend time with our dear friends Leon and Dane, both part of our closed-circuit gay-sex fraternity which keeps us all both safe and very happy. Lots of wrestling, and more… Then the three of us will fly out of Lexington which, because of different connections, mysteriously works out a lot cheaper. And that will also help me to do a little more research for my latest book venture (almost totally fiction) which has somehow wandered down to the banks of the Kentucky River in the course of the plot unfolding. Unlike the other books, it’s a tragedy – all ends in tears. Oh dear. Let the Future Find Me is the title to watch out for, but NOT YET. Several months to wait, probably. Kind of busy!!

I’ll complete this post with the usual random selection of fitness-freak pictures – the guys who should be inspiring us all (yes, that’s YOU as well) – to get out an exercise and build some great bodies. Enjoy:

First of all, working on their strength…





Making good use of their strength…




(although those last two are hardly showing good ‘form’, but never mind…)


Just chillin’ –  these next two after a sweaty wrestle bout:



golden glow

Show off a bit, maybe…

The pineapple diet??

good diet

Seems to work for him!

gym bunny 5


look at that!



And, finally, a guy who ticks ALL the boxes. Built, ripped, tanned,  sweaty, out in the sun, and on the beach. Ticks all the right boxes!

ticks all boxes


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Inspiration – for us this time!



Some teeterboard specialists from Cirque du Soleil offering a little inspiration for those of us who are going to try this next week for the first time!! This group are called Amaluna and are shown here having just completed pitch to handstand catch – to a guy off to the side of the centre of the board – quite a feat:


Not quite sure where the guy still on the board is going in this next shot – a bit like a ‘spot the ball’ competition!:


…I think he is vacating the space for the flier to land on his end of the board and pitch up the other guy.

That’s definitely a bit out of our league! We (if we get it together at all) are more likely to look like this:


…except of course we shall be shirtless and barefoot as usual. In fact, I’m told some new costumes await us: silvery three-quarter length pants like these, with silver ‘thongs’ under for when we strip down to do the sweaty and ‘fakir-type stuff. A style rather like these…


but some sort of ‘metallic’ finish to be picked out by the lights, apparently!

Jeans can look pretty effective in performance, as illustrated here by two British lads – Sam Sturt (top) and Jack Atherton (base, who I know slightly):


…doing stuff we’re rather more familiar with (but wearing gym slippers not barefoot)





Well, that’s given Jack and Sam a bit of a ‘plug’, I suppose. Now back to our own training!


Keeping up the strength and muscle for holding those balances.

No time for more today – off to the gym right now.



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Retraining for the Circus


1 week to go before I go out with Zach and Gary to join the circus tour for a month or so. With a still slightly swollen ankle and low left leg I have been a bit worried about the elements which involve trapeze etc, but it seems to be working out OK. My usual partner for our ‘suspension by teeth’ trick is Dave but he’s not coming, so this time I’ll be suspending Zach – he  is less confident about supporting me high above the ground because he has not really done this one very much!

Another interesting surprise was that Ethan texted me to say that the circus owners have just acquired a teeterboard, and would we care to incorporate it in the act:

nackt_Circus Performers

Zach and I are the principal ‘fliers’ in our little acrobat community, so the mid-air twists and somersaults are not the problem. The problem is landing back on the end of the board in exactly the right place! Hence these two training with significant safety mats, which I think we’ll need to do for a while including our performances. Notice too that, like the trapeze guy in the first picture, they are training naked… the feeling of freedom…

Just in case you’re not sure, each descending performer pitches the other up, and you build enough height to do the ‘tricks’. Usually you land the same end, but one trick we want to try is pitching to the opposite end of the board whilst your partner nips across to the other side ready for your descent to pitch him. Circus say they have a harness we can use for training, which is pretty much a ‘must have’ when you haven’t done this before!

You get things going in the first place with two assistants, mounting to shoulders three-high for the first person to jump down and ‘launch’ the opposite partner. That’s probably going to be me. And if you’re wondering why not Ethan and Jack, who are usually up for pretty much anything, actually they’re sticking with the really tricky balances which they’ve developed over more than ten years – sharing out the ‘moments of fame’!! Ethan get’s pitched over the audiences heads, and also does his ‘death plunge’ from the trapeze, but in each case the catchers are able to move and catch him flat on their arms, taking the energy out of the fall. Much easier. I’m quite looking forward to this now, although I grew to hate living in that tour bus… especially without my Dave…


OK: break time, and Cluedo No 6:

Fair or display in the capital of Guatemala (8)

If you don’t know what this is about, see recent posts: collect 10 correct answers and the first person to send them in gets a free book. They’re all fitness-related in some tenuous way.Cover1 Full

And, if the stuff we’re talking about here interests you, there are two other books which follow on – ‘The Power of Love’ and ‘Against all Odds’. E-books also available:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Do be aware that we are a gay crew, and the books contain a fair bit of that. And, within our closed group, we share out the love (and sex): and I have to say that Ethan and Jack are definitely looking forward to having three more partners in that department…


There’s another skill which we might try sometime:


You can do some quite nice tricks with the pole:


…although I must confess we are more used to training with the bar horizontal!



And, of course, we always need to keep one step ahead with our weights:



Whatever we’re doing, when two or more of us get together, there’ll undoubtedly be something physical involved, just to keep up the pressure:


Training with one or more partners is always so much more fun, and can be really useful if you partner can assist in getting your ‘body line’ sorted:


…yes, the ‘girlie’ asymmetric bars are just as useful for the boys!

Never waste a space to train:


So I’m just about done for today. I’m going miss my Dave for a few weeks…


…but I shall four other great fit and gay guys to play with!

My son Leo is really pissed off that he can’t come (he did some shows at the start of the summer and revelled in having the concrete blocks smashed on his body) – but school takes precedence and, at least, he gets his mum back shortly after I’ve gone.

Which just leave me time to share a couple more fitness inspirations for you. Have fun, and get stuck in!






Two great partnerships there, and another great partner ship to end with: the handstand, and a fantastic location in which to perform it!


C’mon: what are you waiting for?



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Time for a Rotation


Regular readers here (the ones who read the words as well as enjoying the pictures!) will know us as a group of gay acrobats with assorted ‘family’ connections. Currently four of our number (Jack and Ethan, extraordinary balancers who do stuff with swords on the side) and our two lesbian ‘mums’ (fire and fakir stuff) are occupying a permanent ‘slot’ in a circus company on a lengthy tour which started in June. Acrobatics and some aerial work are included. I was due to go initially but then injured my leg – but lets not go through all that again. It’s almost back to normal, which is what matters.

Jack and Ethan have been there throughout and seem to thrive on the permanency of being ‘on the road’. Dave (as in ‘my Dave’) went initially; Zach and Gary did a long stint but are now back, and so the caravan rolls on.


Both Thanksgiving and Christmas are approaching. Even Ethan and Jack are keen to have Christmas with at least one set of parents (Tennessee or Toronto), but the shows will go on in those holiday periods and we don’t want to ‘lose’ our ‘slot’ – it’s almost like having a take-off slot at a busy airport – if you don’t use it, someone else gets it.

The girls, plus Dave and I, have parenting duties too, whilst Dave and I have prominent roles in the gymnastics centre now largely managed by Peter and Ivo, so they definitely can’t go.


Wait: all these names may mean nothing to new readers, who could usefully start HERE by clicking on these covers:

Cover1 ThumbCover2 ThumbCover 3 ThumbOK, all is explained in there. Gay love, acrobatic investigations and training, public performance and some misadventure (to say the least) which has shaped our little gay enclave based in Tennessee.

Since the days described in those books, we’re all just a little bit older now and moving (slowly) more into coaching than performing, although we still train hard. We’ve resolved things for the short time that I will go out along with Zach and Gary, who as I said have done one ‘shift’. The girls will return shortly after, leaving five acrobatics and endurance artists (I hate that word) on duty – bed of nails or glass or swords, in combination with our aerial stuff and acrobatics… well, at least it is original.


So I’m back into some of our old routines, with different partners. Zach was the original acrobatic ‘top’ when I joined: famed for his distaste of shoes, he’s almost always to be seen wearing them around his neck when not actually training or performing!

could be zach


Plenty of ‘strength moves’ to practice again, too:


(Hope I can still do them after such a long layoff). Definitely will need to keep up the weights…


…that’s always difficult on tour. But we usually manage to find a gym somewhere, every couple of days.


Of course, if we can’t get access to weights, there’s always each other:


Keeping up flexibility is easier to organise:


…just need a flat space!

OK, so in ten days or so I’ll be on a plane again to make camp in our touring bus which is close to the Canadian border right now, over near the west coast. Just for four weeks. Not sure what’s going to happen after that, but we’re working on some old friends from Australia (who appear in books 2 and 3) who might well take over the slot for a while.

Cluedo slot now: here is no. 6

Arm extension from this moment: an afterthought? (7)

Free book for the first person to reach me with the correct answer to all 10.

All clues or answers relate in some way to our general theme here of fitness, weight training and so forth. Good luck.

A few more fitness pix to encourage you:





eight pack

york bench




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Mornings are the pits – and evenings too!


Cluedo number (5) – these are our sports-related cryptic clues. A prize for the first person to send me 10 correct answers!

‘Sports heat up on rings is a youngster’s game’ (8)

OK, that’s done for today – just let’s have a ‘rings’ picture, to set the mood (it’s not a hint, by the way):


He’s showing a little of what Dave and I both believe defines that essential ‘maleness’ – the armpit:


When I wake in the mornings alongside my sleeping boy, my first action is to nuzzle him right there, inhale deeply, then, as he stirs himself, have a little lick. Those pheromones – wow! They define any male environment like a weight room and, as a gay guy, I find them deeply intoxicating. Possibly the best job in the world coming up here – two shirtless guys working out in close harmony…


On the evenings we go to Chad’s private gym, we start with a compulsory shower. My dad remembers when he was at school that changing rooms smelt profoundly of feet, not armpits: happily things have changed, and young guys take much more care of their hygiene. But, because Chad’s maxim is ‘We’re all boys here – who needs clothes?’, that initial shower is very thorough. We all start from a level playing field.

H010528 (741)

We warm up, do some tumbling and acrobatics, get on the weight machines then get invited over to the wrestle mats. It’s a bit less messy than doing it on the beach…


…and mostly there are no Speedos to get sand down inside! So we get ‘up close and comfortable’ – and sweaty. But that sweat – copiously shared between the fighters, of course, is part of the game. Any sweat generated through one’s own fitness efforts is your reward – as here:


…and if he’s been bench pressing that weight, he deserves every drop!

Usually, the wrestling moves on to oil:

oiling up

Oil makes the wrestling totally change character, since one can slip and slide around and get out of holds more easily. Light applications are OK to stay on the mats – we just wipe up after, but a lot of guys use about a pint of baby oil each and that gets quite messy, so Chad has a couple of ‘oil pits’ – wrestle areas with a depression in the middle and a low barrier round the outside. There’s usually about a gallon of oil in there already, so we ‘splash around’ quite happily. It’s fun! Give it a try sometime if you have a partner you feel you can get fairly intimate with… oil wrestling and clothing don’t go together, although it is the Turkish national style and they wear thick leather shorts… but you are allowed to get a hold by putting your hand down inside your opponent’s shorts, apparently! And those guys are awash with olive oil, and wrestle on grass out of doors, so no mess to clean up.

Pretty much ‘anything goes’, holds wise, in our private environment: yep, even ‘ball grabbing’. For once I’ll post a more ‘risque’ picture than usual – sadly a rather ‘posed’ one, but you get the idea I’m sure.


By the way, some guys like to oil up just for the photographer, or perhaps for erotic reasons:


Especially when you have a body worth showing off, as he does!

Chad also more recently installed a ‘wet’ pit. There was a sudden craze for wrestling under a water spray (you can still get the videos from the likes of ‘Naked Combat’) but more often than not, a more personal kind of spray is employed. I guess Dave and I started this, years ago, just for the slightly fetish thrill, but there is a more sensible ‘explanation’, if one is needed.

On our bathroom shelf is a old bottle of skin moisturiser which proudly claims to treat “atopic eczema, ichthycosis, hyperkeratosis and xeroderma” (no, I don’t either) and its principal ingredient is 10% urea. And the principal constituent of a guy’s otherwise antiseptic ‘golden shower’ is… (no prizes for this) – urea. Old Russian women (the sort who swim in frozen rivers at the age of 80+) wash their faces in their own urine every day to try and preserve their looks.

And so the wet pit finds a different use: a useful puddle to which passing guys can occasionally add a top-up, friends massaging during wrestling – a free skin treatment for those of us addicted to sunbathing – and, finally, an admittedly much needed second shower!


Well, we do like to soak up the sun perhaps more than we should, so the skin treatment is probably a good thing. However, a recent survey showed that sunbathers, on average, live longer: they get more skin cancers, but their enhanced level of Vitamin D prevents many other things. So they say: that’s their story and we’re sticking to it!

162 tan

Just a pity we don’t live anywhere near the sea… and a pity that winter is heading our way too. Oh well.

So after all that over-indulgence in pits and bodily functions, and the usual “word from our sponsor”…  (lots more on these themes, with adventure added)…

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

…it’s back to bed and another day to look forward to!


By the way, see the subtle reference to ‘fight club’ there? That sums up Chad’s perfectly (and features in those books, too): a place where gay guys can do their own thing and “the first rule of Fight Club is ‘don’t talk about Fight Club’!”





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Not Backing Off


I’ve received a furious message from a reader – who hasn’t solved a single one of the ‘Cluedo’ puzzles yet – to “back off from this nonsense”. Well, I’m not going to “back down” until I’ve set all ten, since I offered a prize (so get “off my back”, guys…) – and so here is the new one (No. 4):

Feeble few days by the sound of it (4)

Remember that they are all ‘fitness related’ in some way, but that may be in the clue or in the answer… not necessarily both!

So, I’ve put someone’s “back up”. Actually I have a “backlog” of pictures to post, so let’s keep going on this accidental theme of “backs”…


Actually, I admire a well-muscled back as much as a well-muscled ‘front’ – so why do they get so neglected in fitness blogs and (ahem) porn pics?


That’s a bodybuilder (Ondrej Kratsky) – and now a German gymnast on the high bar, Philip Boy:


Hey, his body should be in a slight ‘dish’ (forward bend) and not an arch (backward bend). Good heavens – he’s an Olympian!

Slim boys can look pretty neat from the rear, too:


Two ‘gym rats’ now:



So many gyms lack climbing ropes.  Here’s someone who possibly could make good use of them:


The artistic back picture:


…just sort out the muscle from the shadows and the tattoos!

Here’s the essential message:


Couldn’t have put it better myself. Except that I can spell CONSISTENT!  Remember: the only way you’ll ever do this…


…is to get stuck into building up your back muscles. And your shoulders. And arms. And chest….!

Couldn’t have put it better myself. Of course, when it all gets too much…


…just chill!

Read a good book with your loved one:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7


Yes, I’m not backing off either from promoting a certain trio of books celebrating gay love, acrobatic sports and adventures on tour (misadventures too). E-books available. Nor  from supporting gay relationships in general, despite the thwarting of the Pope’s wishes at synod this week by a lot of traditionalist Catholic bishops!

Ooops. Getting political/religious. Dangerous territory. Better stop for today! G’night!






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A Strange ‘Take’ on Ebola: Handstands!!

A neighbour asked me yesterday if I knew how long the Ebola virus would take to get here from Texas where, sadly, one guy has died and two nurses are ill. I thought to myself ‘let’s look on the bright side, shall we?’ and made what I hope were encouraging noises about low probabilities. If she had her way, Oak Ridge would be in lockdown right now with all travel forbidden and all roads into town sealed off.


Coincidentally, I found an article to read which implied that our governments (US and UK) are not adequately prepared for any further transmission of the disease. Then there was a reference to some fairly senior lady in one of the international health organisations who has, apparently, made the following suggestion (I jest not, it’s true!):

Stay indoors, write a book, relearn the art of the handstand


Well, I spent most of today outdoors, so that’s that. Obviously I’m stuffed on that one.

Cover1 ThumbCover2 ThumbBut I AM writing a book – my fourth one, actually, almost certainly to have the title Let the Future Find Me. Don’t search for it yet because I am only just a little over half-way through, and the first three (different topic) took seven years! You can click on the covers here for more information about the first three, which are semi-autobiographical about gay love, sport (acrobatics mainly and performing on tours, plus the unexpected adventures which befell us).

Cover 3 ThumbThe new one is loosely based on an interesting Native American guy who crossed our path but is essentially fiction: we have no idea what happened to him in real life but this one is, shall we say, a bit of a ‘weepie’ based around what we did learn of him and what he did whilst he shared a few months of our lives – and most certainly doesn’t end happily ever after.

Will this activity ward off Ebola if the rest of Oak Ridge succumbs? Unlikely.

I do realise that Ebola is no laughing matter, with thousands of lives lost already, and I do not intend to be flippant. But, if writing a book isn’t going to keep it at bay, surely doing handstands………………?

handstand in undies

I wonder if the lady thought about ‘the law of unintended consequences’ when she made her suggestion? Given the general unfitness of the population, I suspect that suddenly everyone attempting handstands would do more harm than good, with quite a few casualties!


Only this week, as I reported, a young lad in our local acrobatic gym class broke his ‘balance’ arm when sliding off his partner’s head in a one-arm handstand. Not good. So at least try them on the ground, first:



As a ‘cure’, though, to ward off the Ebola virus? Doesn’t seem too likely to work, to me!

A couple more good ones, and then we’ll perhaps move on: the first one is British gymnast Jay Thompson (and in fact his senior team-mate Sam Oldham is the guy on the parallel bars in the earlier picture):



…and that one-armer, by the way, is the best conformation of all.

Let’s move on – perhaps helping to inspire more general ‘ground-based’ fitness would be more likely to stave off the dreaded disease!

severin - 089



I like this one of the younger generation comparing their six-packs:

young 6 packs

Working the ‘pec dec’ – a guy who I would have to say, definitely needs it:


Challenge those biceps:


…but who needs lumps of iron when you have a friend…?


…and don’t overlook the value of a simple pull-up bar!


None of which, I’m sure, will ward off Ebola if the worst happens. But we shall have fun keeping fit whilst we wait – and maybe even get to a position where we can be described as ‘perfectly formed’???

pull down

Oh, I nearly forgot:

‘Cluedo’ clue number 3:

Force prisoners to exercise (9)




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Good News, Bad News…


Let’s do the good news first. Smiley face (see above!). This blog passed the 700,000 hits milestone today! Yeee-haw (or words to that effect). Thanks guys: I really do appreciate your support and interest. Don’t forget you can feed back either as comments or by e-mailing me if your prefer to be private:

Secondly, ‘sad face’… News that acrobatics doesn’t always go according to plan. Amongst the boys we share coaching in the gymnastics centre is a lad, 11 years old, who has the capacity to be a world-class competitor and has already done one international competition with his partner, coming fourth. Yesterday, he was practicing the one-arm balance positions on his partners head, with the 17yo partner (a previous international champion) squatting to sit and then to turn right around under him to the position we call ‘front support’. They train together at least twenty hours a week. They’ve done this move dozens of times and can be left to practice this on their own. Until…

This young lad’s hand slipped off his partner’s head, his balance arm taking the full force of his weight hitting the gymnastic floor. Major break in the bone… this is a disaster for him because it will be months before he can get back to that quality of balance, or work his other less-favoured arm to do the job. Thankfully, it didn’t occur on our watch. And yes, they are taught how to fall, and never to take the full force of a fall on an outstretched limb… This time, he was so close to the floor (with his partner just reaching the front-support position) that he didn’t react fast enough to save his arm. S***, as they say…

Thankfully, neither I nor my acrobatic colleagues has suffered such a disaster in training or performance… except Dave. He broke his arm years ago during a performance in the UK, but there were rather peculiar circumstances which caused a major collapse, because another performer took a direct hit from a madman in the audience. Fortunately it wasn’t his favoured ‘balance arm’. I’ll leave it to you to discover more about that one, and the events which followed: see

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Now we look on the bright side again, and enjoy some great male physiques:




Rope climbing – an exercise which tends to get overlooked in many gyms. Great for the chest.

asian hunk


OK, while we’re sitting down, let me remind you that we are issuing cryptic ‘crossword’ clues based around fitness themes: collect all ten and you could win a free copy of Loving the Boy sent anywhere in the world.

A reminder of the first one, in case you missed it: ‘By putting the effort into his gym workout, Peter became a specialist!’ (6)

And now, ‘Cluedo’ No. 2: Calm gym expert (5)

No hints! Answers will be provided when it is all over! And now, back to the fitness pictures:

blue trunks



This is Epke Zonderland, the Dutch gymnast and model:

epke 2


By the way, continuing the small debate about retaining chest hair, that guy looks great with what he has, don’t you think? Why shave that off, even if he were an acrobatic performer?


But yes, smooth looks great too, especially with a tan (and some epic abs)!

ticks all boxes

Here’s another lad who has made good use of the equipment in his garage!


And one who obviously has a gym membership!





OK. Those Zoggs are a good one to end on. Have fun with the cryptic clues – those first two are a bit easy, though… I’ll have to try harder!





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Cryptic Cluedo


As a person whose business (as well as physical training and performance) is words (three quarters of a million of them so far!), I quite enjoy cryptic crosswords, usually finding time to do one of the easier ones in on-line newspapers like The Times of London.

I’ve noticed that quite often, there are fitness related clues and I thought it would be fun to set a few challenges here for readers. So, if I try an easy one:

What this author wants from his weights programme (4)

…and you came up with the answer TONE – you’d be on the right track!


So, over the next few weeks, I shall drop an occasional clue into the posts which is somehow related to fitness. Collect ten right answers and send them to me (by comment or e-mail to ) and I’ll send the first person a signed copy of Loving the Boy – or one of the other books if preferred – anywhere in the world.

Cover2 ThumbCover 3 ThumbFor the ‘new readers start here’ department, there are three books on the themes of finding gay love, a love of acrobatics and performance, and some misadventures… these are the other two, and you can click on covers or the first link for more information!



By putting the effort into his gym workout, Peter becomes a specialist! (6)

If you can solve that one, keep your answer until you have the full set and then send them to me…

Meanwhile, some more fitness inspiration for you. I aim to get every reader, any age, into the gym!

011110 (360)



camos in gym

chunky B&W


hunk 2

lifter chest


triceps pull



Be proud of what you have, and then resolve to make it better!

proud lifter




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Celebrations (various!)

golden boy hi

I recently reported a minor altercation with Leo’s Phys Ed coach about using Leo as an example (making him a ‘teacher’s favourite in effect) which was leading to some continuing minor bullying. Well, said coach has happily stepped back from Leo a bit now, but he still loves his monthly ‘awards’ in class – ‘best pitcher’, ‘best wrestler’, and so forth…

…and this month, no-one was more pleased than Leo and his mate Chris when the ‘most improved’ award went to Ryan, the third member of their fitness-freak gang! Ryan, handed to us a while back by his somewhat reformed dad to get him fit alongside the example set by his friends (reformed after previously thinking we would somehow turn his son gay), was singled out for the most improved appearance (loss of any fat, tight muscle appropriate to age and success in the sports the coach happens to like!). Not only that, he was rewarded with a place in the wrestle team , joining the other two.

Their ethic of sharing training and not trying to be better than the others but rather helping them to keep alongside comes from Dave and I and our own friends, or at least I hope it does. And making sure you have fun at the same time…


Cover1 ThumbCover2 ThumbCover 3 ThumbWe’ve certainly got so much out of this ‘caring, sharing’ motivation that I ended up writing a lot about it in these books. Plus, I need to add, a lot about discovering gay love and accepting myself for what I truly am, then finding a way to get a lovely son and Dave his brilliant daughter. Plus some adventure.

The successes sometimes take us by surprise, even now. Ryan was forbidden contact with Leo outside school for a long time because he had gay parents (two gay guys (us) sharing a household with another gay couple plus two lesbians)… his homophobic father assumed that he son would be corrupted swiftly, and maybe worse. But he slowly came round, especially when he realised that our kids were actually ‘normal’ and, last night, the ultimate accolade… a ‘sleep-over’ in Ryan’s home for both Leo and Chris. Celebrations indeed.

Which left us free to enjoy an evening at Chad’s private gym and to respond to a request to wrestle with our great friends Jake and Quinn. Naturally, some tumbling and some weights work came first (and the showing off that goes with that!):




Of course, after all that, plus three wrestling bouts each, everyone was pretty sweaty…


…just how I like to TASTE my boy… yes, let’s do the last of the ‘five senses of Dave’ and get that theme done!

Usually Jake wins these wrestle matches but, this time, Dave was the outright winner and his ‘prize’ was the tongue bath. Three other gay guys savouring the salty taste, from the tips of his toes (delicious!), past his manhood (equally s0), abs and then armpits…

armpit worship

…not forgetting the taste of his kiss…


I get more than a fair share of Dave’s dribble, actually. One of the things in our performance routines is to suspend each other by our teeth, via a cunning pivot device that allows the lower guy to spin. The bottom guy – usually me, but not every time – gets a bucketful of tasty dribble and just has to swallow!

There are other delicious tastes. Many times I’ve licked away a tear (Dave can be an emotional guy) or the blood from a scraped elbow or whatever. And of course, as Dave and I settled down alongside the other couple, each to enjoy more intimate moments with his lover after the wrestling – a treat offered in the private environment of Chad’s gym – there are more tastes to enjoy. I doubt that I need to describe them further…

Which gets me off the hook in terms of ‘the five senses of Dave’, so let’s move on. Some more armpits to enjoy (and, by the way, we NEVER shave, there or anywhere else except the face: just saying, in answer to those regular ‘do you shave your chest? questions).


ALBUM 1 (1269)

armpit sitting




pits 8


Maybe that’s enough of a celebration of the source of that most delicious scent of maleness. I’ll finish with a couple more pictures celebrating the whole male body, since that’s the business we are in! Enjoy.




And finally for today, celebrating excellence in that centre of excellence, the weights gym! Bye!




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