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This blog is for guys who admire other guys who put real effort into their physical development. It is NOT exclusively gay, but hopefully you will be gay-friendly.

tumblr_neimn2tEkV1qffcrao3_500The rules are simple:

  1. Make an effort to improve your own fitness this year (you’re NEVER too old);
  2. Enjoy the pictures (and comment please on what you see, and feel free to ‘FOLLOW’);
  3. Buy a book (preferably, all of them) to support the continuation of the blog!

The books (print and e-versions available) are about finding gay love, developing ourselves as acrobats, starting a family (yeah, I’m a gay dad and enormously proud of my teenage son!!), going on tour, meeting difficulties ‘head-on’ (they become a bit of a thriller as well). sticky-1-readLinks from all posts from September 2014 onwards will lead you to more information and potential purchase – they are in almost every post and either through clicking on images of the covers, or on the separate links when given!! And, as the image on the right clearly shows, you can follow all of these rules at one go…

The blog is essentially G-rated; the books get a little explicit from time to time about gay guys doing what gay guys do – you don’t have to be gay to enjoy them – just be gay-friendly. 

And now, as they used to say on the old TV game shows: “Come on Down!”⇓

*** Many pictures will enlarge if you click on them ***


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Bedtime Rituals


1200627-MasterFile-238429-Largest_20-09-2015Sweet, huh! Well, coming from Bel Ami, it should be…

My analyst (Dave!) informs me that I have adapted some strange rituals in bed, if left to my own devices. I hadn’t realised it, but of course he is right. In our own bed, we have adopted personal ‘sides’, as most couples do. Mine is on the left, viewed from above with the pillows at the top. But in any other bed, even if alone, I will always go to that side. When I climb in, I always face the edge of the bed, hunching up into the foetal position with right hand under the pillow. After a short while, I straighten out both legs and then turn to face the opposite way, but not by rolling over. No, I, weirdly, twist under, face to the pillow. My right leg is bent, the left is straight, and the right hand remains under the pillow. I’m pretty much face down, head turned to my right, where Dave will be. And then I slide my left arm right under my chest, lifting the hand to touch his own right side just above the hip – for he will almost always be facing away from me at the time. Which means, I guess, that he has his rituals too. I need to analyse him. Later.

But you don’t need this information. Let’s play the pictures game instead.


bicep pull-ups










Christmas List Hints

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

As for all this bedtime stuff – nothing to get your knickers in a twist about!


Sleep tight!



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Thanks Duly Given…


It’s that Thursday again. The one where, in America, you sit down as a family to eat turkey (not the one Obama officially ‘pardoned’), fail to eat much of the pumpkin pie which follows, and give thanks.

My Brit family don’t ‘get’ Thanksgiving: no presents, no decorations, and on a Thursday for heaven’s sake! And, as a Brit living in the USA, even after 15 years, I can’t treat it seriously as the natives seem to do.

So, Dave and I got up thinking about training as usual (no gym center work today though – it’s closed), and we were rapidly advised to leave the kitchen by a grim-faced Clare getting to work at the oven.

So, I did spend a little time after breakfast thinking about what I am thankful for, because part of the dinner ‘ceremony’ is to make a statement about that (arrrgh!). Here we go:

  1.   Dave
  2.   Leo (and seeing him follow in my acro/fitness footsteps)
  3.   Clare, being Leo’s mum (and an excellent cook!)
  4.   The fellowship and love of my gay and acrobatic friends
  5.   Still being reasonably fit at the increasingly old age of XXXXXX! (don’t like to think about it).
  6.   Recovering from dvt in 2014
  7.   Not being blown up or shot by terrorists (as I quoted in another context, nobody gets out of life alive, but there are better ways to go)
  8.   Oh, that’ll do…

except that:Cover 3 ThumbThe second part...The first part... I am very grateful to those of you who enjoy this blog and return regularly, and especially those who have consented to buy one or more books to help things move along financially. It is appreciated and, for those who have yet to take the plunge, there are e-books too, and Amazon is a good source as well as the original publisher’s website in UK. Christmas is coming…

I am also thankful that, in my recent computer-snatch debacle, I have not lost my archive of fitness pictures – just the ones that I had additionally pre-selected for posting here. So, rest assured, the pictures will keep coming. Like, er, now:


What is he wondering, I wonder…? Perhaps ‘should I do more exercise?’…


Or, maybe, should I get some pictures at different angles?


No, that’s not right: three of them are identical! Oh well, ‘my mate outside is looking good, anyway…’

bulky boi

‘…and my kid brother’s coming along nicely…’


His friend is on the pec dec…

pec dec

This next one’s a bit of a show-off…

pike hold

…hope he’s doing some pike-hold push-ups there. And, if you can control your pike, might as well do some pull-ups too…


Using his teeth to show off his abs. More of the same, next (abs that is)…



Three nice sets there. You can’t really beat the ‘old faithful’ exercise for the abs – sit-ups:


This next lad’s obviously been working on his before turning his attention to his biceps…

good start

So there we are, for today. Whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving or not, be grateful for what you have, and keep up the fellowships because like-minded friends are just what you need to keep you driving forward to get – and look – even better…


So get in the gym  (indoor our outdoor!), shuck the shirt (and preferably the shoes too), and get stuck in!


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No Use Locking the Stable Door…

…after the horse has bolted…

Hmmm. After the loss of my laptop and the back-up which included the new book (!! – thankfully recoverable from the ‘cloud’ as I had sent it to a few people by G-mail), the moral is: “Don’t put  your back-up in the same bag as the computer”! I know this is obvious, and stupid, but I had always regarded the back-up as insurance against a laptop failure – not a theft… then, thanks to the extraordinarily slick and coordinated snatch…. oh shit, never mind…

I am getting a new one tomorrow. Higher spec. So I need to sell even more of the existing books because claiming on insurance will just put up the premium for future years.  The book advert is at the end. Please think how easy I am solving your Christmas-present problems.

And now, first, the pictures. Apologies for any repeats here – I am re-constructing the archive from other backed-up files and may not notice that a few are repeated…

I’m feeling all “upside down” at the moment…




OK, enough of that! One way of venting frustrations, as I did, is to have a ‘killer’ workout…




Followed, perhaps, by some simple fun with friends:




…especially if no-one is watching…



…or just, as they say, ‘crash’…


Now that’s definitely fun. Actually, after that workout, friends rallied around to ensure that I got a fair old beating after some wrestling. I actually enjoyed that: in some bizarre way, it helped.

Can’t beat the ‘team spirit’, whenever it arises…


The first part...Cover 3 ThumbThe second part...OK. That’ll have to do for now. But please do remember those potential Christmas gifts for any gay (and not so gay but gay-friendly) friends… e-books are available.

Back soon……




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Sorry for the Silence


I’ve started with something really cheerful – a pile of boys having fun. It has been nearly a week since I posted: the reason is that Dave and I had reason to make a short trip and, as we checked into a hotel, a well organised trio caused a distraction and made off with my bag containing, amongst other things, both my laptop and the USB drive on which I back up the pictures I intend to post.

It was very well done, making use of two large pillars in the reception area, as the hotel video clearly shows. Only for a few seconds was the bag there, on top of a rucksack, but the ‘lifter’ (not our sort, sadly) got the ‘wink’ that neither we nor the hotel reception people had our eyes on it for those vital seconds.


A couple more recently found pictures follow, along with normal service as soon as possible.


First, a well organised trio of a different kind:



Back soon…


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Saturday Rituals


Saturdays: no school. Potentially a little more time in bed. But not for the ‘gang of four’ fitness kids – nor, indeed, for us!

I’m sharing a breakfast coffee with my friend Steve, father of my son’s best friend Chris. It’s just after 9am. We’ve done our weights already, had a wrestle, and are now decently clad in shorts in the kitchen. Clare is humming around thinking about early preparations for the day’s food: Karen is off trucking again.

In our training cabin, a surprising scenario. Ryan, one-time slightly wimpy kid and with a homophobic father, is wrestling the new Canadian gay boy Jude. Ryan is a surprising convert to collegiate wrestling and somehow caught the High School coach’s eye after we started training to beef him up a bit at his father’s request. And now, that same dad happily watches his son wrestle a self-proclaimed gay lad, who have both shunned the constraining lycra ‘suits’ in our private training environment. Some change there.

Leo and Chris disappeared from the cabin a while back and are now in Leo’s basement room. I decide to flush them out, because Jude and Ryan let it be known they were thinking of going for a run after.

Down the stairs, and I push open Leo’s door. He has a training space here too, and a bench and barbell stands. However, Chris is on the floor, grinding out press-ups with Leo on his back and his feet up on Leo’s bed. He collapses, and I ask ‘How many?’ ‘Hundred and eight so far,’ is the reply. ‘We’re going for two hundred,’ says Leo, dropping down to begin his next set. ‘Hundred and four for me so far… get back on top, Chris.’ And this is after their ‘normal’ weights in the cabin, and some wrestling too.


‘The others want to go for a run,’ I tell them. ‘Great,’ says Chris as Leo heaves him up and down. ‘We’ll be there.’ It is spotting with rain. They’ll love that too – running bare-chested with the rain pattering on your hot and sweating skin is such a great feeling. Despite the fact that it fell below freezing here last night…

Pete and Ivo are long gone to the gymnastics centre,


…and Dave too, taking Jaymee who will spend the day with her acrobatic trio working with a Romanian coach. Dave has classes until lunchtime, and I start at 1pm in the weight room there with the boys he’s been teaching after they’ve had a break…


…then more coaching classes until 6pm, when I shall bring Jaymee back with me. In short, a normally busy start to the weekend!

We, all the dads, feel blessed that we have kids who are not wedded to I-phones, tablets and gaming. But I do wonder slightly if they are just overdoing the training a teensie bit… but then I preach to all the classes that you can never do enough. And the kids do have a wide circle of friends and do lots of other stuff, so I suppose it’s OK!

On the subject of fit young guys, then:







Here we take a short pause while I remind you, with the aid of four French lads who seem to follow our training dress code, what this blog is really for:


Actually, there are five if you look carefully. But they’re choosing a good read on the themes of this blog, and it is a good time to remind you that books on gay love, sport, circus and adventure could make really good presents – and, if you favour the e-book, they’re out there too (but there’s nothing like the feel of an actual page to turn…):

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 ThumbAs a hint of what’s there, note the tumbler and balance silhouettes on the covers (a brilliant idea from a friend in Austria) and the mysterious Chinese symbols which signify ‘strength through brotherhood’ – our mantra when working, training… and playing! It’s a good philosophy that we use for our coaching too: you don’t say to your training partner ‘I want to be the best’, you say ‘I want YOU to be the best…’

OK, back to the ‘show’ now: the next few guys turn their backs to the camera to show off what they’ve got:




…particularly fine shoulder development there, partly emphasised by the camera angle. And here:





And, staying with the backward theme but adding a smidgen of gayness, in the words of two famous British comedians when signing off at the end of their TV show: ‘It’s goodbye from me… and its goodbye from him!’


Well, until the next post anyway.




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The ‘Game’



Over the past few weeks, our friends Cody and Adge have built a new ‘dock’ alongside the Clinch river for the private use of their friends and themselves. These are two guys who share a hidden house in the woods and live a sort of feral lifestyle, fuelled by Cody’s private income – sigh, that would be nice for us too – anyway, they swim every day of the year, always without clothes, and that’s the style dictated when we visit them too.

Ever since Dave and I first arrived here, aged 16-ish, we’ve enjoyed such swims too. As indeed, have our ‘families’ as the kids grew up together, their mums having long been of the ‘naked-whenever-they-can’ persuasion although we do normally wear at least shorts in the home we now share. Born four days apart, the kids (Leo and Jaymee) grew up together playing naked in the sun, and have never really had inhibitions. Leo still doesn’t, training daily naked with his mates: Jaymee, on the other hand, as puberty has approached, has taken to a more ‘demure’ style. Until last weekend.

tree branch

At the start of the summer holidays, as we went to join the circus tour, Leo’s best mate Chris had something of a ‘crush’ on Jaymee, but it seemed to evaporate, and we don’t ask questions (much!). So, on Sunday afternoon, in the autumnal sun and the water still tolerably warm, the whole bunch of us were there to ‘christen’ the new installation – the mum’s too, who have also never shown any inhibitions. Add in Chris’s dad Steve, who has become something of a fitness freak too. And I noticed that when the rest of us were in the water, Jaymee gave one of those ‘what the heck’ shrugs, pulled everything off, and dived in after us. The boys effected not to notice and, eventually, ere back on the dock, towelling themselves as Jaymee pulled herself out of the water. Chris was staring, a strange look in his eyes!

Jaymee, un-phased, says: ‘I hope it’s the muscle you’re admiring…’, makes no attempt to cover herself until striding over to grab her towel. Chris’s eyes are now out on stalks. ‘Hey, that’s my sister you’re staring at’ says Leo mischievously. She isn’t, of course, but they think of themselves that way and he’s very protective of her. Would Leo approve of his “sister” and his best mate back as a couple? Goodness knows! But it may turn out that way…

Dave (her father) and I shall be watching this scene as it develops with great interest. Steve thinks it’s hilarious. And we all had a great bonfire and barbecue as darkness fell.

Let’s become voyeurs of our own usual scene now:



pits shiny


hairy is good

cropped blond

barbed wire

asian ace





And just a reminder of your Christmas shopping list – gay-friendly sporting tales for gay-friendly friends…

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

…full details in other posts… enjoy!


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Jake Bailey


“No-one gets out of life alive.”

A humbling story today. That quote is a cliché, of course, but when spoken by an 18yo lad who was diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma (one of the most rapidly advancing cancers) one week ago and told he had three weeks to live, it somehow takes on a different perspective. Especially when the young gentleman discharged himself from his chemotherapy in hospital in a wheelchair to fulfil his final duty as Head Boy of Christchurch High School for Boys (New Zealand) and delivered the valedictory speech at the end of the school year (it is end of spring in NZ).

It was Leo and Jaymee who drew this to my attention, because the whole matter was debated in class, Jake being held up as a wonderful example of courage:

“Some of us will not cross paths again; some of us will likely be seen on TV; others in print; some of us in prison… you know it’s true.”

“…be gallant, be great, be gracious, and be grateful for the opportunities that you have…”

“…moral strength is about making a conscious decision to be a person who doesn’t give up when it would be easy to, to be lesser because the journey is less arduous…”

“…forget about long-term dreams: lets be passionately dedicated to the pursuit of short-term goals. Work with passion and pride on what is in front of us – we don’t know where we might end up or when it might end up.”

Jake, you are indeed a man of true courage and an example to us all. Your fight against the cancer has reached out to millions through social media… even here to Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Our thoughts are with you.

To everyone else: be thankful for the health and fitness that you have. We’ll be back on that theme tomorrow.

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A Trip to the Mall



A ‘close encounter of the AAAAAARRRRRGH kind’ occurred on Saturday afternoon. Karen needed to go the shopping mall on the other side of town: Jaymee (her daughter, of course) decided to go with her, and then the boys (my son Leo and his best mate Chris – they are almost invariable together) tagged along as well, in search of something or other (a birthday present for Chris’s mum, I think). Dave and I were coaching gym, so well out of it.



In deference to the rules at the mall, the boys actually donned vests as they got out of Karen’s car, and everyone wore slip-on canvas shoes. All went well for a while and, just when they were going to split up and go in different directions, a strident voice rang out behind them: ‘You should be ashamed of yourself! It’s disgusting.’

Unsure who was addressing who, the group spun around to see an angry coloured lady storming up to them. Actually, I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say ‘coloured’ any more – in coffee shops around here you cannot ask for either a black or white coffee because that’s racist, apparently. A few other folks nearby, who were as astonished as Karen and the kids, also turned to get a better view.

The woman repeated herself, now clearly addressing Karen, and then went on: ‘I’ve seen you, you know. I’ve seen what you do in your shows. Those poor kids…’

sfa_03_equilibreHuh? This stuff? Poor kids, doing handstands? Anyway, which show? Certainly not the recent Hallowe’en ones, for no coloured folks were at either, I’m pretty sure.

‘Making them do all those tricks. And all that dangerous stuff. You know what I mean.  Smashing that cinder block on him.’ She pointed at Leo. ‘They called it ‘death-defying’…’

Well yes, we have excitable commentary designed to get the audiences’ attention. But, as readers of this blog are more than well aware, tricks on beds of nails or broken glass, and all the rest, work safely for all sorts of reasons – the laws of physics, engineering (‘multiple load paths’ on and under the glass), the remarkable resilience and stretchiness of human skin to resist tearing, not to say all the rigorous training for strength, balance and flexibility. This sort of stuff…



What do you do in this kind of situation? Ideally, I guess, you walk away. But, as Karen turned to walk on, the woman just got louder and the crowd of observers grew in size.

Never under-estimate the 14yo, especially when prowling in packs! Apparently Karen never got much of a chance to defend herself. As if she would need to – she’s one of the toughest women on the planet, as my books (see end of post) will testify. The kids moved to place themselves in a line between her and the woman.

‘Madam, we do our shows because we love to do it, because we’ve trained to do it, and because it’s safe to do it.’ said Jaymee, or something very similar.

‘A pity I don’t have my bed of nails with me,’ offered Leo. Actually, we have, in the past, been contracted to do shows by the management of the very mall – shows which did involve the nails and glass, and which also included pitching our friend Ethan over the balcony to be caught on the floor below. And, Karen says, she caught sight of a security guard who knew that, who was grinning broadly on the edge of the crowd.

By now, apparently, the kids were on the boil. ‘Let’s defy death, then,’ said Chris, bending back into a bridge for Leo to climb on to his stomach. Jaymee jumped up behind and climbed into a handstand on Leo’s head.

They jumped down. Chris, I think, glared at the woman and asked ‘Any more questions’ or words to that effect, the guard asked the woman to move on, and the surrounding crowd burst into applause, hoping for more I think. The kids were all for whipping off their vests and getting stuck into more of their routines right there, but Karen cracked a whip of their own and marshalled them back quickly into ‘shopping mode’.

‘You should be proud of your kids!’ said one guy to Karen, who was too taken aback to bother to explain that she was actually only the mother of one of them!

Well, it made a good story, and no doubt it’s been making a good story in the school yard today too. But it’s also pretty disturbing, in its way. People like that can cause trouble, complain to the authorities, start child-protection cases rolling, cause all sorts of sh*t to hit the fan. Just for the record, in case Mr Authority Person reads this, we are perfectly aware of child-employment regulations and their specific application to travelling circus families (for which we maybe mistakenly qualify), and we abide by them! But, as far as we know, there’s no law against anyone doing impromptu handstands in the mall, at least not if the owners are friendly.


And perhaps, when the story gets back to the manager’s office, it might occur to him to make another booking…


OK, a few more fitness pictures would seem to fit the bill:







three gymnasts

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 ThumbOh, I nearly forgot. All that ‘death-defying’ (????? – nah!) training for acrobatics and fakir stuff, plus finding gay love, touring, and getting out of other sorts of trouble… all here!

And, if you do want ‘death-defying’, maybe try this one:


…marginally weird, even by our standards!


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All Twisted Up


It may be well into Fall now (Autumn to Europeans) but temperatures are still peaking in the range 16 – 21C (60-70F) here in TN and, despite the occasional rain shower there’s still plenty of scope for shirtless fun and games outdoors. Leo has not yet arrived back from school with his shirt still on…

We have a house guest, as I mentioned. Felipe, from the old days, a contortionist who his basically ‘on his way home to Uruguay… for ever’, he says, and he’s leaving us next Tuesday. In the meantime he has met up with one of Leo’s school friends, a newly-arrived Dutch boy called Tjark. Tjark is no muscle man and has not fitted well into the ‘extreme fitness’ group of guys (Leo, Chris, Ryan and Jude) who frequent our cabin and Chad’s private gym (by invitation) regularly. However, he is VERY bendy: his grandmother, apparently, was a sideshow performer. Unexpectedly, he has attracted the attention of the wrestling coaches, not for his strength or skill, but because he seems able to slip out of almost any hold by contorting himself into extremely unexpected ways, and so fooling his opponents. When he comes to wrestle with us, in oil, he can squirm out of anything. Quite amazing.

So he’s been spending hours with Felipe, each bending the other into ever more extreme stretched and contorted positions – some of them quite eye-watering for us.

Any good acrobat should be able to hold this: I, in my mid-30s and packing on too much muscle maybe, struggle!


This is easier, most gymnasts should crack this one every warm-up:


…and this…


…while this is really basic…


…whereas, this next one, a more extreme version of the second picture in this post… no way!


Nor this, either!

extreme stretch

Interesting use of the fence as a training aid: and he’s not going to fall into the sea, that’s for sure.

Some yoga poses aren’t too difficult…


Others… well… get translated to the stage by exceptional people! Like Tjark.


Always more fun to use your flexibility with a partner…


…and, of course, you can adapt more regular training positions and give them an extra twist…


Anyway, Tjark is having a whale of a time with Felipe and, who knows, we may yet get him into a little show some time!

In other news, with a bit of a twist to our storyline now, Christmas is coming…


YES!  The place to solve all your Christmas present problems. And, the ideal gifts for people who share your (probable) interests (as you’re here), a trilogy of tales of gay acrobatic folk awaits… finding gay love (tender stuff!!), becoming gay dads (Dave and I – that’s where our Leo and Jaymee come in), circus tours that go well and one that goes horribly and dangerously wrong…

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 Thumbe-books too, if you must, but the printed page is coming back, you know, and even Amazon has opened an actual shop with actual paper books in it.

As for my fourth, an unrelated tale of a wandering outcast gay native American, you’ll have to wait for that because I’m still out there looking for a generous publisher!

OK, and as a bonus for reading all of that, a few more ‘twisty’ people:


H010528 (1353)



And when you’re all done with contortion, straighten up, stretch out and reach for the sky!!





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Shirt Story

Boys and Their Shirts:


Today’s boys can be so different from how we were! I’ve been musing over the behaviour of boys in regard to their shirts, observed in our particular gym-related sports experience.

There are those boys who rip their shirts off at every possible opportunity, revelling in the feel of the air on their skin, enjoying the freedom of movement. Willing to be shirtless so often that it can get them into trouble! We, and my son Leo and his sporty mates, definitely fall into that category. But, amongst the ‘boys of 2015’, I would say not more than about 5% fit into that category.

Then there are those boys who will usually pull their tops off after warm-up before commencing any strenuous training in the gym:


Amongst gymnasts in our local centre, this is probably about 30% of the boys. Sometimes we coaches insist they do take their tops off, so we can check that they are using their muscles correctly.

Category 3 is the smaller number of boys still who eventually pull of their tops (or push their leotards down) when they have decided that there are now sufficient other boys working shirtless that no-one will be particularly looking at them – perhaps another 30%.


Some of these boys, though, seem to have a phobia of their body accidently touching another boy’s body, skin on skin. We notice this if we propose a ‘shirts v skins’ game at some point in the session – some shirts go back on in the hope that they can be in the ‘shirts’ team, whilst others still in their shirts are horrified if selected to play ‘skins’.

But, most odd (to us) of all are the boys who, if they need just to change one shirt for another, will go and lock themselves in an individual cubicle rather than expose their chest in front of anyone else. I’ve noticed specific individuals always arrive early enough to grab one of these limited facilities rather than change for training in the general changing area with the others. And, here in 21st -century USA, these are in the majority.

Some of these even shun vests, settling only for a tee-shirt. And we see guys in the pool in tee-shirts rather than in ordinary swim shorts or trunks. This, apparently, embarrasses or disturbs them in some way…


Unbelievable to us, but there you are. I wonder what they would do on a beach, if there was one anywhere near here. Not this, for sure:

nature boiz

And as for ‘pasty’ skin colour… Vitamin ‘D’ deficiency surely beckons for such guys…

I suppose it is encouraged too by weights gyms where the popular chains insist on shirts, perhaps so as not to offend the ladies or for unfathomable ‘health and safety reasons’. And of course, by the regular ‘NS3’ mantra in establishments all over: ‘No shirt, no shoes, no service’.

So what, exactly, is wrong with this:

cable pulls 2

If you’re going to sweat (and you are, if you work out properly), let it evaporate rather than soak into a shirt which then sticks claggily to you as you move. if you get any sweat on the apparatus or bench, wipe it up!  And what, exactly, is the point of a ‘shirt’ like this?


If you’ve got it, flaunt it! The gay amongst us will be delighted, and everyone should be inspired to improve their own bodies.

So. ‘Evening dress’ in our household is no shirts and barefoot. Comfort first. And, yes, more than a little pride in our appearance. I like to enjoy the sight of a great ‘ripped’ body at any time, appreciating the work that has gone into creating it and having an empathy with its owner. And, before school in the morning, Leo and the gang will be hard at in our training cabin, certainly shirtless and barefoot and maybe even more – all guys together, enjoying what they do, and ‘comfortable in their skins’. Then they will show up for school Phys Ed session, pulling their shirts off and hoping to stay that way, whilst half of the rest of the class recoil in horror in case they are forced to do the same! And the present coaches, by and large, seem to support ‘shirts ON’. Unlike the amazing Andy who was our coach, as you can read here:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

We are privileged to be members of a private gym where the usual weights-gym rules are inverted. Chad posts a sign “You want to see your muscles develop, and so do we! No shirts to be worn in this facility…” It goes on to permit zero clothing too, within the closed group. That’s all in the books as well.

The ‘health and safety’ craze also means these days that guys on building sites, even in high summer heat, have to wear high-viz jackets, hard hats and steel-toed boots. So you’ll see an awful lot less of this nowadays:


Oh well. For now, here, some more excellent examples of the shirt-free classes, doing what they love to do…


p-bar turn




Here’s a ‘shirt v skin wrestle pic…


That looks a bit ‘posed’… but why does the boy underneath need a tee-shirt? And I guess the trainers and socks are in deference to ‘collegiate-style’, which the boys are forced into in school (and in lycra suits!) whereas we like NHB submission style. Oh well.

At least Dutch aero-gym dudes get their shirts off en masse!


Quite a range of body types there, some clearly require some weights work and weight-loss activities…but it’s all guys together and shirt-free, nonetheless. Well done, The Netherlands! And, after all, you are the ones whose public swimming baths encourage total nudity, at least after 8pm…

Fancy a trip, Dave? The beaches there can be quite fun, too…







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