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This blog is for guys who admire other guys who put real effort into their physical development. It is NOT exclusively gay, but hopefully you will be gay-friendly.

tumblr_neimn2tEkV1qffcrao3_500The rules are simple:

  1. Make an effort to improve your own fitness this year (you’re NEVER too old);
  2. Enjoy the pictures (and comment please on what you see, and feel free to ‘FOLLOW’);
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The books (print and e-versions available) are about finding gay love, developing ourselves as acrobats, starting a family (yeah, I’m a gay dad and enormously proud of my teenage son!!), going on tour, meeting difficulties ‘head-on’ (they become a bit of a thriller as well). sticky-1-readLinks from all posts from September 2014 onwards will lead you to more information and potential purchase – they are in almost every post and either through clicking on images of the covers, or on the separate links when given!! And, as the image on the right clearly shows, you can follow all of these rules at one go…

The blog is essentially G-rated; the books get a little explicit from time to time about gay guys doing what gay guys do – you don’t have to be gay to enjoy them – just be gay-friendly. 

And now, as they used to say on the old TV game shows: “Come on Down!”⇓

*** Many pictures will enlarge if you click on them ***


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Up Close and (Un)Comfortable

…mainly, ‘comfortable’ – hence:

Today’s Gallery Theme: Up Close


…starting with the UNcomfortable – but enormous FUN – of wrestling NHB style in a maximum dress code of Speedos. But look closely at the ‘trapped’ guy – if you turn his head the right way up, that’s a smile!

Yes, we love our close contact activities – and being gay adds that special frisson of course (I think I have the French right – Dave would know, but he’s out). Muscle against muscle, skin on skin, mud… wait, mud?


…yes, OK! Can’t complain about a little mud, I suppose. We coat ourselves in oil, preferably, and when we choose to get wet for wrestling, it isn’t always sea water either. ‘Nuff said, I think.

small lovingBut being gay, and having both a wonderful partner and close like-minded friends, means that being up close is generally very comfortable. I’m afraid that’s as big as that picture will go, so here’s another on a rather similar theme…


Love. It saddens me that so many straight people seem to feel that love between two guys must in some way be evil and wrong. We just have a preference, like they do: why should everyone be the same?


There’s two swimmers just congratulating each other – anything wrong?

Stretching, in the acrobatic gym?


If hugging your partner close improves your ‘box’ split, why not? You don’t have to be in love, nor even ‘gay’.


Two guys actually touching one another! Ouch! But this next one does look a teensy bit gay, don’t you think? Naked together in the water! Ho hum…


I would, of course, love you to get together with a friend to read one of my books… shirtless, naturally…

res_readmoretumblr_nyqgc4_DTCf1rvm4amo1_500or, preferably, to read all three of them!

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 Thumb

OK. I sneaked that little ad in rather well, I thought. Let’s enjoy some more ‘up close’ shall we? Coach and gymnast? A different kind of relationship!

high bar prep

Just posing…


Actually, gym lads do it a lot!

four gym lads 2

But the bottom line is that true loving feeling between a gay guy and his partner…


These two Turks probably aren’t gay but… nonetheless… !!!


But, for Dave and I, just being together like these two here is absolutely brilliant! Thanks, Dave, for the love…





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And Then There Were Three

Today’s Gallery Theme: Training Boys


I’ve started with the kettlebells because that is the latest craze of my son Leo and his friends.

The training twins, 9yo boys Stevie and Josh, have now been joined by a very enthusiastic friend called Alvin. Perhaps fairer to say that Alvin’s father is the enthusiast because he is an ex college sportsman and remains an enthusiastic weight trainer. Alvin is into that already and has been pushing the twins, against our initial advice, to start using weights when they can get access to some.


So, they are training in our cabin now whenever a parent is available to transport them to a session, rather than in their own basement where there is space but no weights (as yet!). We have to check first that no-one else is training naked, of course – just as likely to be the females as the males – before we let them in, not least because the taxi-parent will also usually be joining us! Jaymee, faced every day with naked boys and their own mums has basically given in and thrown modesty to the winds: the cabin is her professional training environment too, however hungrily Chris stares at her…

(No, I’m not illustrating that!)

But not during twin training sessions! They were desperate to try a bed of nails and Dave and I judged that they are now sufficiently in control of their muscle tension to make this possible. So we lifted each of the three boys in turn by shoulders and feet, already ‘stiffened up’ and instructed not to move, and laid them experimentally on the ironwork. And they took to it with great enthusiasm! We even had one young boy on top of each of them, doubling the effective weight. So our lessons on muscle control along with their generally increasing strength are certainly paying off. But we hid the swords and the broken glass, just in case!


At their current rate of progress and enthusiasm, these young kids are going to overtake us all in their strength and skills. Kind of scary, but huge fun to work with them, and Leo loves playing his part (and getting paid too, of course).


The twins and Alvin are not doing gymnastics as such – just some elementary acrobatics so far. But, if they wanted to try more formal gymnastics, they would be well equipped. They, like most 9yos, retain their infant flexibility and we can work with that to keep them in excellent shape.


It becomes increasingly likely that Leo, Jaymee and Chris will indeed be joining the circus during the summer school vacation, thereby compromising our own plans. However, since they are so professional about what they do, and so much enjoy it, that we are probably going to have to give in. Who goes with them – and someone is going to have to – remains to be seen.


Give it a year and the twins could maybe go as well! I’m convinced they could be good enough, and the circus dude loves to have the youngsters on the playbill because it brings in the kids in the summer.





(You can never have enough gymnast photos! But the rest of today’s “training boys” are doing strength work.)





pec dec

river viiperi special (16)



You can read more about our ‘stuff’ in these:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0
The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6
Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7



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Who Needs to Run Away?


In the old days, you ‘ran away to join the circus’. In our unusual and extended family, the circus has been part of it all for as long as I have been in the USA – 16 years and counting! And the children – my son Leo and Dave’s daughter Jaymee – have very much become part of the circus scene. And they are in demand, along with Leo’s close friend Chris: they appeared with a selection of our group in the circus in the last summer vacation and are in demand again.

What to do? Give up the whole summer yet again, for a pastime they absolutely enjoy but which we, the adults, are becoming a little tired of? What about our other potential summer plans? Go to our place in Wales UK? It’s been more than a year…


Leo and Jaymee’s acrobatic potential is in no doubt. Chris adds the strength moves and a little balance ability too, and they work well as a trio doing both balance and ‘fakir’ stuff. If a couple of our adults in the group went with them, doing acrobatics too and adding to the ‘fakir’ “spectacle” for eight weeks while the other artists take a break, the circus guy would be overjoyed.

Leo would be even more overjoyed if Karla, the girl he likes who works with Jaymee in competitions, would go too, but this seems unlikely for reasons of her family situation. Chris and Jaymee, on the other hand, grow increasingly fond…  to the extent that Jaymee now makes a point of being in our training cabin in early morning sessions when Leo, Chris and the boys are in there. The usually train naked and she has been a rather reluctant observer: however, since her mother Karen and her partner Clare have trained naked for as long as I have known them, she has become a minority. And this morning, she quietly showed up and just got down to it with the rest of them…

how to train!

Perhaps I should explain this this training is highly professional, stretching, weights and acrobatic moves. All of them are dedicated to fitness and their performing skills, and good for them.


There are conflicts, in regard to the summer plans. Leo and Chris are desperate to join up with their UK friends Olly and Alex, who they view as their closest friends in fitness and whose progress is shared daily via Skype. And Dave and I would like that too, since Olly’s dad is my oldest friend… decisions, decisions. So everyone is torn two ways about the summer. And that’s when we are still ‘enjoying’ snow flurries and the tail end of winter! Why does everything get so complicated?

OK, the rest of Today’s Gallery Theme: Acrobatic Fitness


(…in the snow, note!)




(Yes, that guy performs in the bath… well, we all try to be original!)






(Well, that’s more climbing than acrobatics, but I give them all full marks for entertainment value!)

Of course, all gymnastics is essentially a performance:



I guess we have to let all this ‘hang in the air’ for a while, and see what is finally decided!


Plenty of our previous circus adventures to be found here…

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 Thumb



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More Bacteria Afoot…


‘Yeeeeuch!‘ observes Dave after reading what I wrote in the previous post about under-arm bacteria. ‘I quite like your armpits too – at least, I did until now! Just don’t mention the feet…’

Ah. Lots of guys do things together barefoot. Swimming. Most martial arts. Most gymnasts train barefoot, although socks are required for men in competition on certain apparatus. And of course, wrestling affords not only plenty of skin-on-skin contact (and bacterial transfer!) but, in many styles including ours, fighting with the bare feet.

Hence, Today’s Gallery Theme is: Barefoot

feet 2

We go barefoot a lot, by choice. It keeps the feet fresher, but also can expose them to transferable ailments. There are three principal threats in everyday foot-to-foot contact: general bacteria (‘cheesy’ feet), athlete’s foot (fungus) and the verruca (very infectious by contact through wet pool floors and so forth).

Meet the bacteria8235088_f260! Cheerful little guys, huh? This image is false colour, of course. If you compare them with the examples in the previous post you will see they are quite different. Our between-toes environment offers the perfect humidity and temperature combined with foot-flavour sweat which makes the little beasties thrive. Best remedy? Wash! No sweaty trainers and ancient stiffening socks. Feet open to the air are healthier feet.

Next, the fungus.  athletes footThis also enjoys that environment but is a different kind of plague, requiring more specific antifungal medications to get rid of it – a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide is one option. It is easily spread between barefoot athletes or when (for some reason) you wear someone else’s socks.

verrucasAnd, finally, the ‘star’ of the show, the verruca. This is caused by a viral infection and very easily spread. It is treatable with specially formulated gels, followed by covering up the thing so that it cannot spread to someone else.

Three things (and this is far from an exhaustive list!), each needing a different type of treatment. You may well ask why anyone would go barefoot into any kind of public area where others are barefoot… yet we all do, don’t we? Swimming pools are the obvious one.

‘Oh well,’ sighs Dave. ‘Just don’t start researching what  rubs off your chest onto my back… or your entire body will be out of bounds…’

Unlikely to happen, either with Dave or the rest of the largely gay assembly we train with. No-one died yet… and barefoot feels soooooooo good, indoors or out…






private workout




Transferring the bacteria to the mat and then perhaps on to the weights…..!





I’m not entirely sure what’s happening here, but it fits the theme…


Lovely offering to the Gods, if that’s what it’s about! Hope he’s not dead!

If you ever wondered why a footbath is mandated upon entry to our training cabin, and a shower before starting a workout in Chad’s private gym, now you know!

All of our gym and gay adventures over about five years can be found here:

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 Thumb




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This Is The Pits…


For some of us (well, some of us here, at any rate), armpits have a curious fascination. And a recent study at North Carolina Central University which, in USA terms, is just down the road from here, inspires this theme today for both words and pictures.


It all hinges on whether you use antiperspirants, deodorants or, as Dave and I do, just wash.

And having washed, we then we sleep together, as a gay couple does. One of the great pleasures for me is to feel the warmth of Dave’s body next to mine and, in the early morning, to wake to his very pleasurable scent. Which, for me, is dominated by that wonderful musky armpit scent – he usually has his arms round his head, leaving an inviting armpit to which my face is inevitably drawn…


CorynebacteriumdiphteriaeNC Central find that non-users of antiperspirants and deodorants have a strong population of Corynebacteria in their armpits, contributing to body odour as single-celled micro-organisms do, but which also are thought to help as a defence against disease. Strange looking beasties, are they not – and one nuzzle of Dave’s armpit transfer a few millions of them to me…

StaphylococcusSEMCut to the cosmetic users… and they are found to have an entirely different population of Staphylococcus beasties, which don’t seem to have the defence capabilities and are described by the researchers as ‘a grab-bag of opportunistic bacteria’ – whatever that means. Tasty, huh?

Just think what is happening when our tongues explore our partner’s bodies… but then a trillion or so bacteria from our mouths are going the other way… ‘Yuck!’ says Dave thoughtfully, ‘Maybe we should both live in separate plastic bags…’


Several of the guys with whom we come into close contact in acrobatics, wrestling and what-not enthuse about their antiperspirants. Maybe we should avoid these people! In the gym, whether it be in the roomy private hall run by Chad or our own confined training cabin, a heady smell of sweat often hangs in the air. Hard-won sweat through exercise, though – everyone by common consent starts off clean and showered, conscious of the body contact to follow. The study doesn’t appear to consider what shower gel does to the blossoming population of bugs. One thing for sure – it never eliminates the assorted populations which associate themselves either with armpits or (presumably a different lot with different ‘tastes’) with toes and feet. They always quickly re-colonise…


Not to mention the teeming billions which inhabit your gut. In fact, if you look up what proportion of your bodyweight is not ‘you’ but multifarious creatures to which your body plays host, it comes as quite a shock!

We shan’t be changing our habits.

Ben Booker (2)a

Some body-conscious guys shave their armpits. Like Ben, training for us above. This includes some of the acrobatic performers we know, who feel that audiences are ‘put off’ by body hair. We don’t do that either. Zach once threatened to shave his chest, having at that time a more noticeable blackish ‘fur’ than the rest of the group. We dissuaded him then, and he never has. With increasing age, all of us have a bit, but it is not noticeable from a distance and we assume that people are watching what we can do rather than assessing our hair count.


So let’s ‘nuzzle up’ to a few more armpit pics, interleaved with my usual invitation to ‘click on the covers’ and find out a little more about those darned books.

either do up your belt or...

flag wallbars


The first part...



The second part...




Cover 3 Thumb




And, finally, a wet boy in black and white shows off his armpit real close up! Kind of inviting…





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“Hello Cobbers….”

Today’s Gallery Theme: On Your Hands


(Look carefully – that actually is two different guys…)

“Hello Cobbers…” – no, he didn’t actually say that. But we had the unexpected surprise of having a guest at the gymnastics center for a few days – an Australian State and former National Champion gymnast, no less.

Everyone of course knows that Australia is ‘upside down’ from most of the rest of the world – hence our picture theme!

And the first thing I wanted to do was to criticise the guy’s handstand shape! I didn’t, though. But it inspired today’s photo collection of the good, the bad and the ugly in handstands. You decide!


The guy is about 20yo. He coached a few sessions in place of the usual coaches – mainly with the more senior groups. He did a lot of things differently from us, but that’s always refreshing. And, obviously, he knows his stuff. And his form on the apparatus was, understandably, excellent. The elements in his floor routine also. Just those handstands…


Good shoulder flexibility… just that he had always a hollow in the small of his back in any straight handstand position. And that is not good. Should be like this:


…and not like these ‘classic’ examples:


That ‘banana-back’ shape was thought to be good at the time – and to the vast majority of people who think that performing any handstand is amazing, who cares? It’s just that in acrobatics (especially amateur competition under FIG rules), the points get deducted very easily when shoulders are not open and backs straight.

This guy needs shoulder work, and his feet should be more stretched.


This is a transient handstand on the high bar, but the shape is perfect:


The same is true of this transit though handstand in the Tsukuhara vault:


A few more:




…and then on one hand only (here’s another guy who likes training naked for the camera):


More ‘conventionally’:


And finally, back on both hands, but horizontal. Enjoy!


Some reading matter on acrobatics, being gay and having fun training (with and without clothes!) and performing, can be found in Loving the Boy, The Power of Love, and here:

Cover 3 Full

(And what, you might well ask, has any of that to do with a cross near Bassenthwaite Lake in the UK’s Lake District? Well, an awful lot, since you ask… but you have to find that our for yourselves. e-books also available)


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“Muscles are Made of Chicken”

Today’s Gallery Theme: Doing Things Together


There are, perhaps, better images of fitness than swilling beers while practicing your one-arm balances, but you get the idea. It is the ever-increasing enthusiasm of the young twins for their fitness training that inspires this post and its rather odd title.

Their mum, ever supportive, tried to explain that they needed to eat more protein to build their muscles up, and said that was why they were being fed chicken one day for dinner. To which Josh asked ‘Does that mean that if you sliced up my bicep it would taste of chicken then?’

I’m not sure what answer he got, but it reminded me of something I read recently. Extracting chicken from biceps may not be straightforward – but:

“Sunbeams may be Extracted from Cucumbers, but the Process is Tedious”

David Doggett, Pamphlet, 1799

It’s logical after all: if sunbeams make the cucumbers, then they’re in there somewhere. Like the chicken in Josh and Stevie’s muscles!


Fun in the sun together, there. Novel strength / acrobatic training.

The young twins cannot get enough of the new regime of bodyweight and light dumbbell training, plus playing around with handstands and other simple acrobatics. My boy Leo is enjoying it too, especially as he gets paid when he helps out. And the twins’ best friend, also 9yo, wants ‘in’ too… maybe I have inadvertently started up a new business in ‘bratpack’ training, but it’s fun.


Boys enjoy getting dirty, too, so why not enjoy wrestling on the sea shore?

Fitness training with partners can be taken to extreme lengths: our twins are probably not quite ready for this yet, not least because their teeth are not strong enough…

dont overdo it

…nor ready yet for weights of this calibre…

gym partners

…but maybe this: I mentioned ‘snow swimming’ during our recent blizzards, and one or two people were a bit puzzled… so here we are:


It’s very straightforward… just a front crawl. Dive in and enjoy…

Anyway, straightforward weights gym and gymnastics are probably better illustrations of ‘doing it together’…




Back with the biceps: fancy a bite? Today’s flavour is ‘roast beef’…


These guys have an outdoor gym… and time to enjoy each other’s company too…


Showing off a bit:


And, maybe if you’re a wee bit gay, taking advantage of acrobatic training to share a private moment…


Which puts me mind, inevitably, of where my writings all began, with Loving the Boy! Here’s part two of the tale (for a fuller explanation of part 1, see the end of the previous post):

Cover2 Full

As you can see, more acrobatics, and a fateful trip from TN to Edinburgh Scotland…

A little shared gay love, to finish off our pictures for today:



Yep, as far as Dave and I are concerned, we are following our theme exactly and ‘doing it together’! Fitness – and the rest…





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Getting the Balance Right

I refer not so much to this:


(although when you’re on the edge of a 10m board, that’s quite important!)

but this:


…everything in the right proportion, a body to be proud of, but not excessively bulging like a bodybuilder on steroids. This is what I would encourage every young man to aim for, and us older dudes to strive to maintain – sensible exercise regime, good diet, no chemicals! Absolutely. So today’s pictures aim to celebrate that.






adrian 2


blond babe

bunkbed boi




And, when you’ve developed that body – and added a bit of strength – go for the balance as well!


By the way, this offers you plenty of balance (see the silhouettes!), gym in general and a whole heap of gay love… and it’s only the beginning…

Cover1 Full

Prefer e-reading? Search on Amazon…


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From USA With Love… Gertrude (née Jonas)…

The storm that dumped the snow on us here in NE USA made it across the Atlantic and dumped rain on the UK… at our place in Wales, four inches of rain in twelve hours and wind gusts up to 80mph… my parents there for an allegedly ‘quiet’ week’s break! A complete ‘white-out’ of rain going sideways, apparently: trucks blown over and rail lines washed out after just being repaired from the storms in December. Fun, fun…

And so, Today’s Gallery Theme: Fun in the SUN…


Someone commented yesterday that they hope for ‘full frontal’ pictures on this blog. Not our thing, really but, as you can see, we do have ‘decent’ pictures of guys enjoying their exercise al fresco…


My parents are veterans of wild Welsh weather – they were using the place before I was born, let alone before Dave and I actually bought it. So the additional amusement yesterday of yet another frog blocking a ballcock in the water system didn’t phase my dad too much either…

…but isn’t the beach in summer a better option, especially if it is a naturist one? Or completely deserted…?


That, by the way, is an excellent handstand shape.


Anyway, you don’t have to shed all your clothes to have fun in the sun…



Even better if the ‘fun’ involves exercising those muscles…



The first part...

This next guy’s obviously been exercising…


…and this dude too. Weight plates and kettlebells in the woods…?


I guess he could be part of a wrestle camp.

The second part...

Ready for some partner work on the bar:

shoulder straps

…or on the rings in the evening sunshine…

rings boi

Just hanging with your mates:


Cover 3 Thumb

lakeside 2

Gymnastics on the roof, even…


…or just FUN?


As I wake today here in Oak Ridge it is just on freezing outside – but hey, sun is forecast. Not, I fear, hot enough for any serious sunbathing yet, though! As I think I have said several times this year already: ROLL ON SUMMER…


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Slow Going…

Slowly the snow is going, but the cripplingly cold overnight temperatures here have added to the general disruption of our plans! The kids were meant to be on a school trip into the Smokies: that was cancelled for obvious (snow!) reasons. Our training cabin is not well insulated for 20F (-7C) temperatures, so our morning training routines have been disrupted too. Even Leo wears a shirt – and a sweat top – to go across the yard…

Sunday morning, Leo and Jaymee decided to practice their ‘unison’ balance routine on their blocks in Leo’s basement training space. Leo was also keen to earn a little more cash training the 9yo twins, whose planned evening session we had to cancel Friday. So I called their dad, who agreed to bring them over to our place for the day.

No more snow pictures (brrrrrr!) – just general ‘training’ for today’s gallery:


Stevie and Josh duly arrived in time to see Leo and Jaymee still hard at work perfecting their coordination.

‘Permesso?’ I rapped on the door at the stair which leads down to Leo’s domain.

‘Prego!’ We have to speak Italian just now, following a recent pizza delivery…


‘Mi dispiace, ma ho non parlo bene l’italiano….’ Enough. It’s Dave who always throws in a bit of ‘foreign’…

I knocked partly because I wasn’t sure what they’d be wearing (his basement stays warm at night!) – the twins father in tow – and also because, at 14, they need a bit of respect anyway.


I left them alone to warm up the twins with some simple exercises like this one (no room here for running and stuff)…


…and then set a programme of alternating handstand training and stretching. Once again, these twin boys were over the moon to be with the ‘actual acrobats’ and who wanted to be able to do the same things. I checked on them from time to time and our two were doing a grand job of coaching and encouraging. The twins showed no sign of flagging, so I occupied myself preparing some lesson plans for the gymnastics groups I coach.


When the twin’s dad returned at lunch time, I found them happily doing handstands on top of Leo’s back bridge, more or less balancing themselves on his stomach with just a little bit of support from Jaymee. Our two had carefully taught the right sort of body shapes, too, and even better, the twins were doing their best to get them right. Training these two is going to be fun and, if they keep it up, I can see them joining the young acro ‘clique’ we have created! Leo and Jaymee split the fee, so they were happy too.


Leo’s various mates trudged through the snow in the afternoon to join him in the by-then somewhat warmer cabin for their planned weights and wrestling session. Jaymee and our two lesbian moms were already there in their usual states of training undress, but everyone is used to that and the boys just stripped off anyway and got on with their tasks, and were eventually left on their own. Five in all – Leo, Chris, the openly gay Jude, upcoming wrestler Ryan and his skinny contortionist wrestler friend Tjark. All with one objective: get strongly/fitter/better… for all their various sports:


I really love the way that these boys have ‘gelled’ into a group which spends as much time encouraging each other as working out for themselves: there is no sense here of wanting to be better than the rest, but rather wanting the rest to be as good as you.


So everyone gets very sweaty, despite the cold weather. But what to do? No shower! The hosepipe is frozen up. ‘Easy’, grins Jude, who has found a video on YouTube of Czech boys at a winter wrestling camp. ‘We’ll just swim in the snow…’

This involves, basically, swimming crawl in the snow around a course (in our yard, out and back around a tree) in just underpants (the neighbours may be watching, so no naked attempts!). Actually, the neighbours regard us as totally mad anyway, so the sight of boys in their underwear flailing their arms in an inadequate amount of snow depth for so-called swimming should not be particularly unusual for them!

Sorry, I don’t have pictures of that… so we’re back in a gym for our next shot:


They towelled each other off to warm back up, then grabbed their clothes and tumbled back into the house in search of food before all disappearing into Leo’s basement.

The planned Sunday evening meal with Jude’s parents did go ahead as planned. We fed the hungry five and dispatched them back to the cabin to entertain themselves any which way until some of them had to drift off home. This was intended as an occasion to try and reassure Jude’s parents that his being gay wasn’t all bad. In the company of four gay parents, though, they were clearly uneasy. We had to explain a lot of how we got together, how we managed to create two beautiful and straight kids, sporty in our own images but absolutely ‘normal’ in every other way. It’s all in these:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Fundamentally, each of our two offspring effectively has two dads and two mums, since both gay pairs live in the same household (we didn’t, for a long time, and the kids shuttled around a little). We think that they are far better off than any kids who get passed between estranged parents. Some kids in school have been a little unkind, accusing them that they ‘must’ be gay because of their parents: Leo generally sorts that out very swiftly, and they have always been willing to talk with us about any trouble which has occurred. We think that they are growing up as very mature and tolerant young people who have a great life both within the family and with their friends – not to mention their professional acrobatic performing abilities, which makes them very special!


Jude’s ‘problem’, if he has one, is that he tends to go around almost boasting about being gay, seemingly oblivious to the undercurrent of resentment and intolerance that resides in this Bible Belt region. In Canada, they lived in a quite remote region and no-one seemed to give a damn. So, his initial appearance in the High School was a little awkward, and Leo quickly took him in hand: if any High School pupils understand homosexuality, I guess it has to be our two…

Hopefully, all will be well for him and his parents are a little less uneasy. We shall see.

And so to the rest of the pictures:



ring crunches

(Novel use for the rings – and weird to wear jeans for gymnastics – but a perfect opportunity for abs crunches…)

And finally for today, a happy lifter poses for us before he lifts his barbell, a satisfied look on his face. That’s what it’s all about!


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