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This blog is about gay acrobats, their life and times, their adventures, their love, their love of fitness and, above all, their story, as told in three connected books which get promoted in the posts from time to time! The books are available in both paper form and as e-books from the usual web outlets. We want you to enjoy the pictures and the episodes of our life and times which get posted here, and we also hope that you’ll enjoy a good read…

bc48789155991bicep…wherever you hang out! Feel free to comment, or if you prefer something more private, use e-mail to – always happy to have your thoughts and opinions!

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7


Sincere apologies to all who have clicked on links in previous posts and obtained ‘Page Not Found': the publisher changed them all but did not tell ME… there is always Amazon and Kindle


Now read on, and join us ‘Living the Dream’…


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Sense and Sensibility


OK, we’re back with how I enjoy my boy(s) with all five senses. I wrote about TOUCH already, but there is an important aspect of that still to cover… the confident grip of an acrobatic partner as he suspends me by my ankles 20 feet above the ground whilst hanging by his feet from a trapeze… and the hard solid base of his abs under my hand as I balance on his stomach…

…the sturdy grip of hand in hand as we support each other in partner ‘hand-to-hand’ balancing, or against my shoulders…



AnkleToAnkleEnhance.jpg.w300h225Or, indeed, feet against feet…

But let’s move on to the sense of


Professionally, I listen to Dave patiently explaining the importance of body shape and tension to our countless gymnasts…



Aside from that, in his own training, I hear the grunts as he presses the weights for one last repetition…


2006-08-30 13:41

…or one last pull-up on the bar…


…followed by his shouts of encouragement for me to do the same!

Quiet words of assent and timekeeping as we perform together – yes, I’m in position – take the balance… except that he doesn’t really need the words any more – we just can tell from the slight sounds as we put in the effort


When all that’s over for the day, and it’s just the two of us in our own private time, the sounds are different..

I hear the beat of his heart as I rest my head on his chest…


…maybe as we shower together…


…and certainly in bed after..


I hear his breathing as he drifts off to sleep, but not before I hear the magic words… “I love you”


More of this slush can be found in the books!

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Still to come in this pointless series of the senses… taste, smell and sight…

But for now, conscious of the sensibilities of my blog readers, I refrain from more of that for now, and just add a few inspirational fitness pictures to feed the mind.

white slacks




lucky brand




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Feedback Loop


I’m putting the ‘5 senses of having a gay partner’ theme on hold whilst I explore something else altogether. For some time I have been asking myself ‘where is this blog going’…there must be a limit to how many times I can try and liven up a description of the everyday life and times of Tone – coaching gym and the occasional performance…

I made no secret of the original purpose of this blog: to get some sales of my three books ‘Loving the Boy’, ‘The Power of Love’ and ‘Against All Odds’. That has been thwarted along the way by the publisher repeatedly changing the URLs which lead to descriptions of my books, each time without telling me. And of course I didn’t check for ages… until the complaints started arriving. There are now more than 500 posts here and no simple way that I know of for changing all those links, so I just have to hope that most readers start exploring with the more recent posts. Amazon and Kindle can lead folks there directly, of course.

So such complaints are one form of feedback. Most ‘comments’ offering themselves for posting here are clunky computer-generated messages from Japan or Eastern Europe containing embedded links to sites selling fake Gucci handbags and sites bristling with malware and viruses. Obviously they get ‘spammed’.

Most comments arrive by e-mail to They break down into three main categories: praise and support (the vast majority), negative (then just don’t come here!! – GO AWAY!), and just plain weird. As people use the e-mail to keep their communications more private, I only post them or refer to them with the writer’s permission.

The weird ones are fun (sometimes). Depressed people who want a friend; people who want to inveigle themselves into my private life, often by offering to do things for me; people suggesting fetishes and weird sex and hoping for an invite, and so on. And people who pick up inconsistencies.

(Pause for a fitness picture – the other thing the blog has morphed into…)


Because the books are basically about real people, in a number of cases names have been changed. One thing I did without realising it was to change the (real) name of Zach’s mum, Danielle, into Daniella in mid story. Fortunately the publisher’s editor queried that. Even today, I’m not sure which is right. Then, as the books progress in ‘real time’, I had to recall the events and conversations from past times and, obviously, create sensible dialogue which would have occurred in them. More than once I couldn’t remember exactly who was present and, certainly, once, I found myself writing dialogue for someone who had exited the room two pages previously. The perils of being an author…

…but then, I have come across another modestly gay book from the same publisher where the author clearly changed his mind about the outcome of a scene and re-wrote it but left the original one in so, reading the book in one sitting whilst in bed in a hotel in Madrid (as you do) I had a ‘Groundhog Day’ experience and seem to have been the first person to realise that and draw attention to it. The publisher was, shall we say, a bit red-faced.

But it’s all too late when the books are out there.

Then there are the doubters, who want to drive over and check us out, either in TN or in Wales when we’re there. Guys, we do like to have a private life. And when I say that, people get ‘huffy’. Of course, the internet is a great ‘invisibility cloak’… as readers have pointed out, I could be a teenage Japanese girl having gaming-like fantasies (‘Konichi-wa!’) or a middle-aged Lithuanian fisherman with nothing else to do on watch (‘Labas!) – or maybe a fat, balding Austrian tram driver (Wieder hallo! Ich heiße Fritz! Ich bin einer Wiener “Bim”fahrer! Gestern geh’ ich funfmal über der Linie “D” aus Südbahnhof nach Nüssdorf und zuruck!’)… [I'm better at German than Lithuanian or Japanese!]. Sadly (well, maybe not ‘sadly’), I’m not any of those things: just a stupid fitness freak who enjoys acrobatics and also tried to make a few dollars/pounds/euros out of some gay books.

So tell me what you want. The options are:

♥ Shut up and go away;

♥ Stay as we are with tales of gayness and fitness based on ‘real life’ with occasional commentaries on relevant events around the world;

♥ Stop writing about how wonderful Dave, my friends and the kids are and think of something else to blog about;

♥ Default to just posting the pictures of physiques we can admire and guys using their muscles;

♥ Some combination of the above (you can choose more than one).

And, in case the feedback (if any) points to last of these options (pictures), I’ll end here by feeding you some more ‘back’ pictures!












dan 1 3



tumblr_nc5fltVBoi1qfd9cso1_1280So, go on! Get ‘back’ to me…


PS – My feedback: that last picture, and the blond guy lit from the left – those are the two that really ‘do it’ for us…


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Touching the Boy

A short series of posts exploring the five senses as applied to the love of my life, Dave, and our close and intimate friends. You may find this “a bit gay” but, well, we are what we are!


Just be aware that neither of us ever had any involvement with a ‘sex-hungry’ wife, though!!!!!

I guess what follows here is a bit emotional too (so maybe just flip through the pictures and don’t read the words!)… perhaps brought on by my own little brush with a life-threatening medical problem at the beginning of June, and realising even more what Dave means to me, along with the loving support of our dearest friends. So it’s all kind of pouring out… sorry

Part 1: Touch

FA010812 (145)

Touching him. I wake in the morning and find my chest pressed gently against his back. My skin against his warm body, my left arm across his hips and my fingers raking gently through the rather unruly hair just above his manhood. My right hand ruffles the usually unkempt hair on his head.


He sighs and wakes, our bodies now sliding together, skin against skin. So sensual. He twists his head around, seeking our first morning kiss. Lips pressed against mine…


My left hand slides lower, encouraging his manhood to spring into life for what will develop into those wonderful sensations for both of us as we become united in the expression of our love. Before that, though, one of us will usually turn around so that we can jointly deploy our lips and share the erotic pleasures of what is called the ’69’…

This is my Dave. The guy I have shared more than half of my life with. Dave, whose body is just perfect from head to toe. Tanned (we both worship the sun) and glowing with health and energy. I love to press his feet against my face, warm fragrant soles and toes which I can nibble and suck. Dave’s attention to personal hygiene is immaculate: his feet are surely the sweetest on the planet…

My hands move around his body, feeling and admiring his muscle. Like me, he has trained ferociously over some 15 years to develop strength and muscle tone without adding unnecessary bulk as we need to maintain flexibility as well as develop strength for acrobatics…

one built bicep boi

There is never competition between Dave and me – nor indeed between us and our other close mates. It’s all about keeping pace with one another… helping one another along so we can all be the best, and make a fantastic team…




Sometimes, after our workouts, we exchange massage. The magic of his fingertips against my aching shoulders…

All these things we enjoy as committed partners, but we also share with eight other chosen companions (four other devoted couples) because we have sworn never to engage in penetrative sexual activity outside the group of ten… so we can share the love without artificial barriers between our bodies. The enjoyment of skin against skin is shared much more widely, of course, through wrestling and partner training exercises. Massage, too: our friend Zach is a master of the art though self-taught, and we all luxuriate in his sensual touch, using feet on our backs as well as his hands. We’re all most definitely the barefoot and shirtless boys around here and, in our private premises, would rarely see any need to have clothing at all as we sweat over the training, friendly arms around shoulders…

sweaty renato and friend

Another great sensation we can all share is oiling up one another for pit wrestling. I can’t find the words to describe how it feels to have three or four of your dearest friends gently massaging that ‘baby oil’ into the most intimate parts of your body, and the pleasures of slipping and sliding your body against an opponent…


At home, Dave will often sit on my knee as we talk, arm usually flung across my upper back, fingers gently rubbing my shoulder muscles as his head leans on the opposite shoulder. Call us soppy if you will.


I rest my head on his chest, and I can feel his sturdy heartbeat. I like to think that our hearts beat as one.

At other times, his touch can be harsh. As we train on our nail beds to keep in practice for shows, he may jump around on my chest and stomach. We may, now and again, apply a leather strap to each other’s backs, just because we can and we somehow enjoy beating the pain. Makes us a tougher loving couple, if you like. Or just plain weird.

‘Love you, Dave.‘ I’ve expressed my love for Dave just about as publicly as one can – I started writing a book about him as he lay in a hospital bed recovering from a strange event during a performance: it expanded into two books and then I added a finale – four years in our lives, along with our training and performing mates, plus some other unplanned misadventures (I think all misadventures are unplanned, but you know what I mean) and a quick jump ahead at the end to more recent times…

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

…most of all, his incredible love for me is the most ‘touching’ thing about him. We never lose an opportunity to express that love…

FA010812 (37)

I still don’t believe my luck, even after all these wonderful years, that he could want me. We supported each other through our coming out, and in agreeing to father two amazing kids (the one time we came close to a serious falling out). Dave can be prone to bouts of melancholy – he had a hard time with his mother disappearing from his life at an early age and then reappearing, years later  (all in the books) – when that happens it’s my turn to wipe away the tear and clasp his body to mine…


Understanding one another…


Having fun together…

Tom Gaynor

Most of all, enjoying his touch! Coming next, ‘sight’…




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(Un)Dress Sense


How it should be: mates enjoying their freedom “in the nature” (as an Austrian friend slightly quaintly puts it) – open air, water, barefoot and shirt-free.

I was prompted towards this topic by a note in my (British) e-newspaper about a 16yo new driver in Texas who rolled a car with three of his friends in because the passenger set fire to his armpit hair. I resist exclamation marks…

…clearly, then, the driver was either shirtless or wearing a low-slung vest and, whilst driving, lifting his right arm up high enough for his ‘mate’ to deploy his lighter!

armpit hair

I do remember reading about some guy who used to try and impress the ladies by setting fire to his chest hair… well, we who join with our female collaborators and their ‘body-burning’ antics in our acrobatic/fakir shows choose to trim our visible or accessible hair to modest lengths for obvious reasons, but I never thought that armpit hair could be at risk.

I’ve lived in America for nearly 15 years now, and I still find American attitudes to exposing body parts totally confusing. On the one hand, young kids tend to go barefoot at home and sometimes outside, and teen boys always seem to pull their shirts off at parties (and sometimes strip down to underpants) – whether to impress girls or to share some ‘male bonding’ I can’t say. Initiations at male college fraternities almost always involve nudity. At the other extreme, objections to public shirtlessness seem to be on the increase – all those NS3 notices in stores, and aggressive security guards turning potential customers away. Often, spurious ‘health issues’ are given as the excuse. And in schoosl, some Phys Ed instructors never allow shirts to be removed.

You can probably guess where I stand on this. In our household (4 gay men, 2 lesbian mums and two offspring, all performers), barefoot is normal, shirtless guys are normal and, when the kids were much younger, total naturism indoors troubled no-one. Even though the kids now approach 13 years, we all still swim naked in the Clinch River and at our place in Wales along with assorted friends (albeit at a secluded venue) and think nothing of it.

rock boi

The males all train (weights, acrobatics etc) with never more than short shorts…


…and often with less in our private locations (our training cabin and the ‘special’ private gym)…


You’re gonna sweat (if the training means anything!)… so, as long as you are clean and fresh when you enter the room, who needs clothes? It’s all about improving the body, so let’s show it off… nothing there to be ashamed of…


I was aged about 8 I think (see a very early post on this blog) when I discovered, in the UK school summer break and along with my oldest friend Colin, the super sensation of flinging off our shirts, riding our bikes up to a favourite swimming place on the Cherwell River to hang out all day with the wind against our chests and the sun on our backs, kicking off our trainers and feeling the cool moist grass under our feet. We’d pull off our shorts to swim, intending to keep them dry, but then leave them off and sunbathe. Then we would play around with some ‘fun’ basic acrobatics, or wrestle… I always feel that you can define a ‘best friend’ as someone you’re fully comfortable being naked with!

We would admire each other’s muscles (fairly small ones at that age). Colin now says that he suspected I was gay even at that age (he’s fiercely straight by the way) by the way I looked at him, but I wasn’t aware of it and never really knew it all even at High School as I admired the other guys in the sports locker rooms. Colin, to his great credit and without me having the slightest notion of it, defended me up to the hilt when they taunted him for being friends with ‘the homo kid’. But it was never bullying, nor menacing, – we were all good friends really in my year group, and Colin remains a close friend to this day… indeed, my son Leo and his Ollie get together whenever we can save enough money for air fares, and behave exactly as their fathers did!

Colin and I naturally took to gymnastics under the tuition of a guy called ‘Chalky’ White who we all feared… until he became one of my greatest supporters for entering professional acrobatic performance, as I tell here.

So it all comes down to this: shirt-free fun whenever, wherever, we can…


…and, when you’re working professionally at acrobatics, which is all about using your muscles intensively, you really don’t want  to be impeded by any more clothing than you need to satisfy local decency laws!



Even in India – a very conservative country, their acrobats really show it all off…

India acro

Another issue is that there’s a lot of debate about is the unwillingness of High-Street weight gyms to allow males to train shirtless even when they cover their walls with posters showing fit guys doing exactly that! Some allow it (and some specifically gay gyms probably encourage it, as Chad’s private one does), provided you protect their machines from your sweat…


…some tolerate it until someone complains and, when that happens, it is usually a female who objects. Why? There’s nothing insulting or offensive about the male upper torso, on show in most public swim pools for example, often in the same buildings as those gyms! And then, I hear more and more that we discover guys in swimming pools wearing shirts, again, especially in America. Why? Doesn’t make any sense to us.

This should be the norm for public swimming:

black speedos

It’s certainly the norm in France, because that enlightened (?) country actually forbids the wearing of longer shorts (boxer-style or boardies) in public swim pools, apparently on health grounds… I jest not. It’s the law. It may make no sense to you (it certainly doesn’t to me), but then the French of either sex need little encouragement to strip off in public – all those topless girls on the Med beaches…

In gymnastic clubs, like as not, the boys will shuck their shirts soon enough once warmed up (here are two boys still in that process, alongside the guy on the rings):


Let’s be clear. It’s not because coaches insist, not because gymnasts are all gay showoffs… it’s because, when you’re working out hard and getting hot, it’s comfortable. Often the girl gymnasts will say ‘wish we could do the same!’

Wrestling, American style, is odd, too. High Schools promote it (unlike in my country UK) but the uniform is a lycra ‘onesie’, plus socks and trainers. I don’t understand any of that – especially why footwear is demanded – and there is a growing movement to allow a ‘topless’ uniform. Let’s face it – the other guy is going to sweat all over you anyway, so what exactly are we ‘protecting’? When we wrestle, it’s so-called ‘submission’ style or ‘underground’… just Speedos (if you must). My son does both – Middle School collegiate style and ‘submission’ with us – totally different rules and he has to throw a switch in his head at the outset to make sure he remembers he can’t grab his opponents balls and twist in a School training session!

Anyone new to this blog will surely by now be thinking – “gay guy” – “son”?? Long story. Set out in the book in that earlier link and also in these two (1) (2) which top-and-tail the story…

Time to shut off the rant. I’ll just add a few more pictures of well-built guys for our collective admiration, and see you next time!










Coming soon: A ‘Sensual’ Guide to my wonderful gay partner, Dave…

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Back with the Group


Gather together a group of guys into fitness, and the magic starts to happen. Encouragement, friendly competitiveness, support and good humour abound. I’ve been away in the backwoods for a week with just one other guy (Carlos) but, great and superbly fit guy that he is, he’s not exactly a conversationalist. After knowing him for 11 years, I’m still not sure whether he is gay or straight – to my knowledge he has had neither girlfriend nor boyfriend in that time, devoting his entire attention to himself – his fitness and his appearance. He’s a great wrestle partner, loves to train with us… and that’s it. His entire life story, apart from the paid work as a roofer that he does in between training! Oh, and the modelling we pushed him into and he now enjoys.

So I’m glad to be back with a larger group (and, obviously, with my beautiful Dave).


In our group, no-one tries to be ‘better’ than the next guy – the idea is to encourage everyone to do what you can do, and collectively improve.




That’s certainly how our acrobatic group works.

Of course, working in pairs is very helpful too – you can’t do everything in a large group!

buddy power

…one other guy spotting for you in the more challenging weights moves is perfect – and just look at the power of the pecs on both of them!

An ‘artistic’ gymnasium is often full of camerarderie, alongside the obvious competitiveness of each guy wanting to score the greater number of points in a competition (but for his team as well as for himself)…


By the way, “wood” you get this… just the sort of wrestling match I would enjoy:

wrestlers maybe

Cover1 ThumbCover2 ThumbCover 3 ThumbCamerarderie, by the way, is the name of the game in these three books (click on covers!): the comradeship of the group of fitness freaks (acrobats), the perfect partnerships within the larger group (Dave and I taking the lead here – he’s the ‘Boy’ of the title); the ‘Power of Love’ in keeping things together and sharing that love within the group. Then, working as a group, getting ourselves out of some seriously awkward situations. e-books available.

So, the group of two can work – so long as the other person isn’t the strong silent type with whom you are marooned in the outback! Both professionally, for example…


…and, of course, where the other guy is that ‘special’ person…




So it’s great to be back with Dave…

B n W Male Studios 113 (30)

..but also great to be working out alongside assorted members of the ‘herd’…


…and ‘playing’ too…


Again, ‘quite’.

So, if your ‘significant other’ is another guy, love him…


…but be sure, both of you, to make time for other friends too!

My final pic for this post is a special for Dave. That’s Dave who, once before and let loose with this blog whilst I was away, filled a post up with extraneous cats. OK, just for once (and just for him), I found this picture which illustrates purrfectly the group I  didn’t mean in this post’s title!


Love you, Dave…



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A Week in the Adirondacks


Last week’s posting difficulties arose because I was way out of reach of the internet most of the time, up in northern New York State at a lodge in the Adirondacks. A place that made its own electricity, provided superb food, and plays host every year to a residential group of art students from a college in New York.

Yep, I was posing. Along with Carlos, the most dedicated and ripped member of Chad’s gym who is also a professional model, and two sisters from New York City who are acrobatic contortionists and play the clubs of the major cities on the East Coast.

The job was offered during the recent circus tour that I had to miss with a leg injury. And, since everyone else in our acrobatic group had been hard at it (and some still are) it was suggested that I could go as a kind of consolation prize for missing the tour. And no Dave with me either – we’re still collectively catching up on coaching days as a result of our long absence in the summer vacation.

The requested formula was ‘life class’, including significant nude sessions, both indoors under the lights and outdoors. I’m no stranger to taking my clothes off in public (erm, see Loving the Boy and The Power of Love) so I didn’t really have hang ups with that…


… whilst Carlos spends hours every day pretty much naked and working on his ‘cuts’ alongside other guys similarly unclad, so he just needed to get used to having girls (and ladies) viewing him. The contortionists were a little nervous, but soon got into the swing of it alongside us…


This peculiar combination of individuals arose because the organisers wanted to include acrobatic positions in the modelling. A first time for them, apparently, and indeed for me. ‘How long can you balance on one arm?’ was an early question, and the answer is ‘Not as long as you probably hope!’ – actually, for positions like that we found that we could pose the position once, then take a rest, and then go back into it repeatedly hoping for some precision about holding exactly the same position. Not easy. But the students seemed to cope with that. Carlos doesn’t train as an acrobat – just for his ripped look (the organisers wanted to see individual muscles and he sure provides that!) and his strength – but the other three of us found he could support us as a balancing base quite well. He’s an ace wrestler, though – we all look forward to friendly bouts with him, especially when the oil comes out – so he and I also devised some entangled wrestling positions in which we could hold still for long enough for the students to sketch in the basics.

Carlos came into Chad’s gym and into our lives as the result of storm damage to the roof of Chad’s gym: one of a gang of three roofers who all became enthusiastic members when they saw what the gym was like (see Against All Odds) – one of them, Kellan, even had his wife accepted as an ‘honorary boy’ because Chad knew of her as a marathon runner. He has been a total enigma ever since – always stripped down to minute shorts when working on the roofs (and they usually come off in his lunch breaks if there is a convenient valley gutter to shield him from view): several hours of intense work on his muscles every day followed by more at home after a top-up tan on his tanning bed (no visible tan line, but we fear his skin will suddenly grow old ungracefully) – he does thousands of body-weight exercises every day…


…and intensive cardio exercises like this:


We introduced him to modelling, and now he divides him time between the studios and the roofs.

Some of the guys on the course were quite fit and were keen to get together with Carlos and I in the evenings…


Adirondack lakes and streams can be surprisingly cold:


…but, after a whole day of holding uncomfortable positions, they can be bliss! Carlos and I also went back to our shared room for some training in private – can’t miss a day out, you know! And I’m pretty certain now, judging by Carlos’s various reactions, that he’s as gay as I am. Just somehow, his regime comes out to be more important than anything else… but he certainly gets ‘aroused’ when wrestling and seeks his ‘relief’ in the same way I do (within the restraints of my Tuan Jie safe-sex commitment, of course!)

The students were told to try and draw my left leg the same size as the right one. It is going down day by day, but there is still something of a difference – however, I do seem to have recovered the balance skills, thank goodness. The concept of a slightly disabled acrobat seemed to amuse everyone!


So there we are – a strange week in the Adirondacks. It seemed to go well, and we may get invited back next year. The students stay out there for three weeks: right now in week 3 they’re capturing the colours of the New England (not quite) woodlands in the Fall; not sure how their first week was spent.

OK, I devote the rest of the space in this post to general fitness images, as ever. Enjoy!





A couple of ‘strength’ moves for you:



And now, back to the weight room:



(pity about the vest, but check out the biceps and delts!)


Admire the results:

lifter posing

SP010812 (375)


Well, I hope that you have as much fun doing whatever you do as we seem to. Gay or straight. Get fit, stay fit, and be inspired and encouraged by those who’ve already made some progress.


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Back in Civilisation

OK, I’m back in WiFi World! Explanations in the next post: today I’ll just aim to satisfy the majority of readers who come here for new inspiration fitness pictures:






Well, the guy on the right is obviously sweaty from his workout: maybe the guy on the left is more like me: I have to exercise exceptionally intensely to break a sweat like that – perhaps I’m really a dog…


…and that’s a bit of a ‘sideways’ look: a somewhat Spartan bedroom obviously designed for his workout…

arm tat


sorry, that’s a small picture and won’t enlarge



At this point, a word from our sponsor:

‘The Book is a Silent Teacher and a Companion in Life’

Kim Il Sung – Great Leader of the ‘Democratic’ Republic of North Korea

Cover1 ThumbCover2 Thumb…and, in this case, has the extra benefit of putting a few additional dollars/pounds/shekels/yen/yuan or whatever into my pocket! At the time of posting, the links from the book covers lead to the publisher’s website: also available from Amazon/Kindle etc. I would really appreciate you guys showing your appreciation in this way… gay love, acrobatics, and adventure, all in one – actually, all in three…Cover 3 Thumb

Now, where were we? Oh yes, in the weight room…





pits 44





Are you having those ‘wish I could look like those guys’ thoughts? Remember:


Bye for now!





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Improved Reception: Redressing the Balance


Seems that I have some slightly improved (but incredibly slow) internet connection (and I found some suitable unused images on my laptop), so I offer just a few pictures on the theme of ‘getting the balance right’ – just to keep things on the boil. I’m not getting the normal feedback from the host computer whilst editing this blog post though so, if it doesn’t come out right, bear with me until the weekend and I’ll sort it out. I hadn’t realised that smoke signals were quite so bad at transmitting internet…




A particularly bendy boy here -younger than I usually post, but just this once…



I don’t usually post nudes either, but this next picture is tastefully and rather excellently modelled…


Excellent split, and no hands on the pole…


Balance in the weight room…


Balancing the Russian lever:



Just in case I need to repost this all over again when I return to civilisation, I’ll stop after the next picture which features a favourite Russian gymnast and street workout dude, Dmitry Brodyakin (on the right), with a friend. Just remind you about some books you might like, on our discovery of gay love and our acrobatic activities [on Amazon and Kindle, if you must, but the royalties are lower!!]:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Bye for now





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Normal Posting Service Will Be Resumed…

…on September 21st.

I’m currently in a place where the internet is decidedly ‘iffy’… I thought you had to leave the planet for things to be this bad… and I forgot the USB drive with my file of selected photos on it.

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

If I let Dave loose on here he’ll just be posting cats again.

Btw: he recommends

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Lifestyle Choices: Counting the Ways

Sitting thinking…


…as you do, I was pondering again a recent question ‘Why Are You Gay?’ We explored that, and clearly it’s not a choice to be gay, but there are clear choices about how you choose to express that gayness. And, in our case, it’s a little special. Maybe I’m gonna write too much detail here for some… in which case, just skip to the pics, OK?

Cover1 ThumbDave and I realised our gayness, and our love for each other, at age around 17. We were very naïve, and it took a while, but one evening Dave suddenly looked at me with those lovely brown eyes and said the words… ‘Tone, it’s time. I want you to…’ Penetrative sex. Two choices there, then, for gay guys. We explored both. Around about the same time (it’s all in that book on the left [click on covers!]), we met a lovely guy called Zach. He had lost a  number of friends to AIDS in his former extrovert gay Californian lifestyle, wanted to put all that behind him, and was determined that no new friend of his would ever be similarly afflicted. Some gays do tend to be very promiscuous, especially in clubs after getting fired up with alcohol… His suggestion was to be in a closed group, proven and guaranteed to be free of AIDS and other STDs, and only ‘do it’ within that group. He also introduced the concept of ‘strength through brotherhood’ – Tuan Jie – almost ‘tricked’ us into getting those two Chinese characters tattooed on our backs which we’re now so proud of and, as that was done, rather sheepishly produced his own certificate of sexual health… and so the ‘core four’ (acrobats, but that’s incidental here) was formed, the fourth being martial artist Gary, who would become Zach’s true love just as Dave is mine. But sharing that love… safely.

Cover 3 ThumbUsing the discreet biblical term, I have ‘known’ just 12 guys. The Tuan Jie group slowly expanded within our fitness/acrobatic community. One guy left, with our blessings and good wishes, to enjoy a monogamous lifestyle with a lovely guy called CJ, both gymnastics coaches in Florida now. Two French Canadian acrobat guys joined us briefly during a performing tour – they didn’t get the mark. Still great friends, but living in Toronto area and following their own destinies now. Those events are documented in the third book (left).

Now we are a group of ten, and that’s unlikely to change. All based in TN or KY, regularly getting together and ‘getting it together’… five devoted couples, but willing sharing their love within the group. Maybe that’s weird… I don’t know. We all have regular checks, and regularly re-swear our oaths that we have not had anal sex outside the group. No-one has ever defaulted. I have never – ever – needed to use a condom.

Cover2 ThumbZach, bless him, has been a bit ‘accident-prone’. Habitually barefoot, he had his foot stamped on and crushed by a guy in work boots at Niagara Falls (it’s in this middle book); he got shot (and has scars on his chest) and later very nearly got stabbed, except that Gary lunged in to deflect the blow. All related to a second tattoo on his body which has now been (more or less) removed… he also thinks that I saved his life after that second incident, but that’s a bit over the top. I just had an idea that there was a way to bring him out of a coma… but needless to say, as with everyone in Tuan Jie, we are very, very close.

Gosh, this is getting a bit sentimental. A couple of fitness pictures to give us a break:



(Novel use of kettlebells there!)

Lest we sound too ‘perfect’ ‘idyllic’ or whatever, as gay guys we are naturally attracted to and excited by other guys’ bodies outside of Tuan Jie. Especially after sweaty training or wrestling with them, one naturally gets horny. So ‘relief’ alongside other gay guys definitely happens… licking and sucking permitted, we might say – and, I confess, sometimes slightly ‘fetishy’ things… I do rather enjoy to be the ‘bukkake boy’… but nothing anal outside the group. Never.

Which brings me – ‘not before time, Tone!’ – to a further selection of pictures promoting those fit bodies we all so much admire!





(Those traps and shoulders… wow!)






FA010812 (166)


nice vees




I hope that lot will keep you happy until next time. There may be a short hiatus in posting in the next few days as I am going to spend a little time trying something new. See you soon. OK, just one more… a bit of a poser, this guy, but a great body and a great picture! ‘Bye for now!



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