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This blog is for guys who admire other guys who put real effort into their physical development. It is NOT exclusively gay, but hopefully you will be gay-friendly.

tumblr_neimn2tEkV1qffcrao3_500The rules are simple:

  1. Make an effort to improve your own fitness this year (you’re NEVER too old);
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The books (print and e-versions available) are about finding gay love, developing ourselves as acrobats, starting a family (yeah, I’m a gay dad and enormously proud of my teenage son!!), going on tour, meeting difficulties ‘head-on’ (they become a bit of a thriller as well). sticky-1-readLinks from all posts from September 2014 onwards will lead you to more information and potential purchase – they are in almost every post and either through clicking on images of the covers, or on the separate links when given!! And, as the image on the right clearly shows, you can follow all of these rules at one go…

The blog is essentially G-rated; the books get a little explicit from time to time about gay guys doing what gay guys do – you don’t have to be gay to enjoy them – just be gay-friendly. 

And now, as they used to say on the old TV game shows: “Come on Down!”⇓

*** Many pictures will enlarge if you click on them ***


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Colour (aka Color)


OK, joke over. That’s not what I meant in the title. Instead, a word of explanation relating to the several posts and resulting comments received in regard to my son’s new African-American friends Theo and Errol.

I have struggled with the terminology, at risk of offending some somewhere because what is in common usage and accepted in America is not necessary in common usage and accepted in Europe, and vice versa. So, in future, if I introduce any more such friends into these ramblings, they can be initially referred to as ‘People of Colour’. This from the BBC, the world’s best broadcasting organisation, on a programme I picked up today off their Radio 4 website. A phrase happily accepted by the many ‘people of colour’ who contributed to the programme.

So, hopefully, that will clear that up, with my apologies for any misunderstandings previously caused. End of subject!

The rest of today’s pictures reflect COLOUR (British spelling, sorry) in some way or other (as well as our customary fitness and athletic themes. We’ll start with blue and red.














Let’s add a little yellow:


(No, I have no idea…)



And, on that blue, yellow and red (yes, left foot) note, I have to stop for now. More colours (colors for true American readers – OK, I live here, I give in) and ‘Guys of Color’ to come in future posts!

A bit of local color recommended here:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

And, finally, where we began…


Well, sort of!

See y’all soon.


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Tales from the Bedroom

Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Good Results from The Sweat Room’


I am fortunate that my son Leo seems to be totally open with me (and his mum) about his life and times – hence I can bring you this story. Last weekend, his friend Chris and his family had a visit from relatives, including a cousin (I think) and his parents, who stayed a couple of nights. Leo was scheduled to overnight there as well, but I had offered to ‘order’ him home because of the squeeze on space – however, Steve, Chris’s dad, assured me that Chris would want him there as a diversion from the visiting boy.


Turns out the boy – half Latino – was the precise opposite of the other two, physically… skinny, boney, weak and uninvolved in sport. So Chris and Leo showing off at the barbecue in the evening probably didn’t help – cavorting around shirtless and barefoot as they inevitably do, Leo balancing on one arm on Chris’s stomach in ‘bridge’, showing off their strength…


Come bedtime, they were all to share Chris’s room – Leo on the opposite side of his large double bed (as they normally do – no, they’re straight) and the cousin on a camp bed on the floor. Cousin went to the bathroom first and when Leo and Chris joined him together they found him sitting on the end of the bed in his underpants, hands stuffed in…


‘Can I see yours?’

I wonder how many of us have been asked that question when we were their age, in a locker room or in  the apparent ‘privacy’ of a friend’s bedroom. Now Leo and Chris have for years trained in our private cabin on weights and wrestled… naked most of the time because they enjoy the freedom. Leo and Jaymee grew up together playing naked and watching their parents doing their own training in the same way so, in response to cousin’s question, Leo cheerfully pulled his shorts off. Anyway, both he and Chris sleep naked.


Leo, like me, is ‘cut’ because he had a small infection when he was a couple of weeks old, and the doc recommended that solution which I was obviously ‘cool’ with. Chris and the cousin are not, so there was quite a discussion about that. And then the cousin found a way to appear ‘superior’.

‘Do you jerk off?’



What happened next is (mercifully) slightly unclear, because Leo and Chris dissolve into giggles every time the subject comes up. The cousin certainly did, and probably the other two had a go as well. It is hard to be critical, as a gay dad to a straight boy who knows full well what his dad and partner like, and their dad’s friends like…

…what I do know is that both Leo and Chris are as straight as they come – Chris really fancies Jaymee (and she’s starting to respond) while Leo, after a recent disappointment, is currently looking for the perfect sporty and preferably acrobatic girl to show off his balance skills and his rather muscular body to.


Skinny cousin and his parents went home on the Monday, and everything is now back to what passes for ‘normal’. Steve came over to share weights with us yesterday morning, and we all had a good laugh about it as well. And then we wrestled for fun for a few minutes. And I got grabbed in that region because it makes a very good submission hold – by the very straight and upright Steve…

As I say: ‘Boys!’

On which subject:









cover1-thumbcover2-thumbcover-3-thumbMore ‘boys tales’ here:

And now, more well-crafted boys!





And finally, don’t guys just love those locker-room or washroom mirrors for a quick check…?



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And now – The Russian Eccentrics and their Influence

After yesterdays post on the unexpected public behaviour of Englishmen in the home environment, three things we admire about the Russian nation (and, in particular, Russian guys). First, the Street Workout:



…does wonders for the chest, back, shoulder and arms! And, occasionally, the neck:


We also admire Russian guys (and, indeed, some Russian elderly ladies for that matter) to make use of the great winter freeze-ups to take a dip in the river…


The sea can also be inviting…


You can get in training on the ski slopes…


…easy for us to say, of course, when daytime temperatures are still hitting the mid-70s here! But we have gone under the ice a couple of times, needing to go quite high in the Smokies to find some. But, generally, it’s the river and its side creeks for us…


…even at Christmas. Our friend Cody who lives by the Clinch River swims every day of the year.

Of course, the ice-bath is a well known treatment for tired muscles after exercise, and can also be a social occasion:


What brought this to mind was trying to justify something else Russian we do, though maybe not always for the right reasons. I saw the aforementioned 83-year old babushka being interviewed on TV as she took her daily dip among the ice floes on the river at St. Petersburg. The interviewer commented on her youthful looks and she said that was due to saving her own urine to wash in.

No pictures for that one, then… but it makes scientific sense, because the main constituent is urea and that is the most concentrated chemical ingredient in many skin creams. And we use it as a justification so the occasional gay-wrestling fetish habit of doing it ‘wet’. I don’t think that I need to go into more details but our doctor friend Nate concurs and says you need to leave it one for an hour or so to have any serious effect on re-vitalising the skin. Just about right for a wrestling match and the recovery time after… and wrestling is an excellent way of massaging things into the skin, I would say.

Of course, not all wrestling needs to get quite that messy, as these two Russian lads on their local riverbank show us:


Or, indeed, American lads!



And wrestlers get wet in other ways… seriously sweaty, for one:


…which is both ‘hot’ and ‘kewl’ at the same time.

But, get enough lads together, especially by water, and it  doesn’t take long for someone to get naked…


I’m afraid we’ve all ‘been there, done that’ – all of the above, really. You’ll find it all here:

cover1-thumbLoving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

So: what should I choose to finish off this post?  I guess it has to be the ‘naked’ theme for the moment… assorted ways to enjoy yourself with the freedom of the sun (if lucky) and wind on your skin…

…wait! This next one is probably Far Eastern, but the trees look like those silver birches seen everywhere in Russia!


A little bit acrobatic, too. Here’s a new take on ‘free gym’ – again from the Orient, I would say:


…and then we could translate our acrobatic gymnasts to the beach:


…or pool…


But let’s end where we began… with the Russian ‘bar boys’:


He looks ready for anything – and so do these two!


They make ’em tough in Russia – going shirtless is probably the one thing that Putin has got right!

And, as we head off for an afternoon swim in our Clinch River, I finish with another group of Russian boys preparing for their daily swim. Enjoy!


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The English Eccentrics

Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘The Great Outdoors’


Despite having lived here in Tennessee for 16 years, Dave and I (and his brother Pete) are still regarded as ‘The English Eccentrics’ and viewed with a little suspicion by our American neighbours from time to time. That’s despite having two American kids between us and has nothing to do with our sexuality… it has everything to do with being from ‘across the pond’.


We’re not just ‘two nations separated by a common language’ – we’re separate by a hell of a lot of water, which some of our neighbours here have never seen. When you have lived on a small island like Great Britain, the sea can be hard to avoid at times!

Certain neighbours have announced that they’re taking their first ever GB vacation in the spring, and asked for some advice. They plan to drive around (please God they remember to drive on the right side of the road [i.e. the left side of the road]) and asked for some advice on what might be on offer as a diversion.

I’ve written before about the bog snorkelling which takes place near our place in Wales, but that’s in August. So I did some research and came up with two ‘typically English’ springtime activities they might like.


How does the “UK Wife carrying Race” sound? This takes place in March in the small but busy town of Dorking. Competitors carry their “wives” over a 250 metre obstacle course, along which “spectators are encouraged to bring water pistols”. Furthermore: “Wives must be at least 17yo and can be male or female and do not need to be the carrier’s wife…“. Like the sound of that? I could carry Dave, then!! There is apparently a barrel of beer for the winner, while the carrier who completes the course with the heaviest wife gets a pound of sausages.

Think I’m joking?



Moving on to early May, they could take in the cheese rolling, on a precipitous slope near Gloucester.



I could go on, but you’ve heard enough. ‘Visit England’ is the stock phrase from the UK Tourist Offices… just remember that the village idiots are meant to fall off the gates – don’t stop to try to help them…

cover1-thumbcover2-thumbcover-3-thumbTo be fair, we’ve managed to get up to some pretty eccentric stuff too, what with our acrobatics and circus travails, and being gay with it… I refer you immodestly to these extensive records in three volumes!! Just click on the covers, or go for the e-versions. And much of that was actually here in the States, although one beautiful part of England, the Lake District, features strongly and is highly recommended. Not to mention Oz and Eastern Europe…

Which conveniently brings me back to The Great Outdoors. Enjoy the fit young men enjoying themselves!




It’s worth remembering that it does rain a fair bit in GB – but if you’ve got the figure, you can dress for it:



There’s a surprising amount of empty space in GB – you could go au naturel


Take a dip:


Try your hand at soccer, ‘The Beautiful Game’:


…or just show off what you’ve got in the park:


Don’t pose for pix on railroad tracks (in GB they are railways)… trains run frequently and very fast – 180 mph on one line and frequently at 125 mph on others!


There are nude beaches, too – but maybe a bit on the cold side in spring?


And right now, Britain is CHEAP thanks to the fall of the pound as a result of Brexit. Make the most of ‘The Great British Outdoors’! The fog might clear eventually…


…or you can always sit in the rental car and enjoy a good book!

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7



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“Tough Times Don’t Last…”

“…Tough People Do!”

Read the sign!!




Watching our next generation of lads training before school in the mornings when it is still dark in order to pack in as much fitness training to their day as possible – plus Jaymee as well, focussed on her acrobatics and the strength that needs – I do wonder quite how we managed to inspire them. Are we that dedicated now?? No, not really! Were we? Yes, I think so.

But we spend more time now training the next generation, although we do lift plenty and keep the acrobatics repertoire working as much as we can.



Another message:


Exactly: “No pain, no gain!” Work those legs…


…and shoulders:


Notice that the guy is naked. That’s not a requirement – the effort is the requirement. But the cooling air around the body when exercising is a great feeling and we would most certainly advocate going shirtless.

We do ‘gymnastics’ – literally “the naked art”. But ‘gymnastics’ in the old days was more athletics – performed naked by boys and young men for the enjoyment of older males, with females excluded. These days, some of those performers might well wish NOT to exclude the females. But, for us gays (for such we are), a lot of the enjoyment is working out alongside other fit male bodies that deserve admiration and respect. So we hate to cover up…


If you happen to be a member of one of those commercial gyms which demands a ‘shirts on’ policy for guys on some spurious “health” ground, campaign to get it changed!

Resistance equipment – strands, specialist machines – all should play their part in a good ‘routine’:



…and that ‘routine’ should change regularly to avoid getting stale. In fact, it is the wrong word altogether, but we can’t change that because everyone says it!

We’re lucky enough to have been invited into a very selective private gym which is very gay friendly (but not universally gay) and also very clothes-free friendly. We also have our own secluded training cabin and an outdoor area behind it, so we couldn’t really ask for more. That cabin is where the younger set are into their weights by 5.30am every morning. We follow a bit later!


How it all began, for us…


Yep- the first of three books about being gay fitness freaks (note the silhouettes) – having fun, meeting the lesbians which led to our shared (straight) kids… all there – and here:

cover2-thumbcover-3-thumbA click on one of those covers will lead to you to more information and to the pleasures of the written word (you can invent your own pictures to go with them!)… and help to pay for my next visit to Subway!!

But, meanwhile, some further ‘gymspiration’ to guide you down that ‘right’ path:


Isn’t that vest just soooooo annoying? Boy – we want to see that spread…


…now, that’s better!


And now, back to strands…


By the way, barefoot is great too, so long as you don’t drop free weights on them…


What lifter can’t resist a selfie in those lovely mirrors?


Back to basics now:


Go on: join ‘The Tough People’! No age limit!!


Feel the power grow!


Love that mad hair!!




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Getting the Right Balance at Christmas

Today’s Gallery Theme: Balance and Counter Balance


That – typical of a diver, is one of the best handstand shapes I’ve seen in a long while.

But, meanwhile – Christmas is sorted! We knew that Ethan and Jack, back from two years of circus and street performance down under, wouldn’t ‘sit still’ for long. They’re up in the Toronto area with Jack’s family right now, and seem to have lost no time in booking themselves into a stage show which will run eight weeks from early December. That’s there usual adagio balance and head-balancing stuff… and the show is short of performers, so “Why don’t some of you guys join? They’d like a bit of fakirism thrown in too…”


(Don’t be fooled by that – he’s behind the bottle, on the floor!)

Well, Pete, Ivo, Dave and I are fully immersed in gymnastics coaching, preparing the lads for competitions, right through to early new year at least. But Zach and Gary are up for it and, to our surprise, so are Clare and Karen with their fire and ‘body-burning’ stuff to add to the usual nails and glass.

So it is going to be a six-person team in Canada for the whole eight weeks (January is a quite time for Karen’s trucking activities and she’s owed some time off anyway).


It gets better. Over the actual Christmas / New Year Period, when schools are out, they want to do extra shows which are slightly more kid-oriented, and “Wouldn’t it be great to have Jaymee and Leo do their balance routines as well as interact with the fakir show?” Well, suddenly, our two young ‘uns are over the moon and yes, the whole lot of us, except for Ivo and Pete, will be spending that short holiday period in Canada with Jack’s family’s now huge household (his two siblings are married with kids and they’ll all be here too). Jack’s Mom is apparently delighted at the prospect of having 23 to Christmas Lunch (did I mention Ethan’s parents are going too!)… and there’ll be a show in the afternoon, so maybe that needs to turn into an evening meal instead…


And, as Dave and I will be there the same time as Leo and Jaymee (while the gym center is shut), then just maybe we could thrown our hats into the ring as well…

There’s one ‘head with a sore bear’ grouching around the place, though – Chris, Leo’s best mate and sometime performer also. He’s firmly grounded in Tennessee over Christmas with their own family gathering, much as he would prefer to be with us. But he’s accepting it with good grace, knowing that there are more summer camps to show off in next summer.


Well, that’s certainly brightened everyone up (except Chris!).

The first part...The second part...To any new readers, some of this may need a bit of explanation! Look no further than the books shown here – you can click on the covers to get to more information.

Cover 3 ThumbAnd now, some more ‘balance/counterbalance’ pictures to complete this post:




(“Just checkin’ your chimney stack…!)





(Strength, flexibility and balance – all in one…)


(Another diver, showing his flexibility as well as balance)




(How to use the stairs!)

…And again…




And, finally, the full Monty… see if you can crack this one!


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“This is Going to End Badly…”

I’m writing this as we return – much earlier than planned – from an invitation to a previously unknown (to us) gay wrestling club. ‘We’ being a group from our own private gym (the ten Tuan Jie on our camping bus plus a couple of cars) and some other guys from the wrestle club in Lexington KY.


The quote in the title is from Ron – an avid submission wrestler and currently the supervisor of our local very private gym, where the members have to be dedicated to fitness big time and where wrestling is only part of the fare on offer – weights and resistance machines, full-on bodybuilding and acrobatic gymnastics being the other main features. Likewise, the Lexington wrestle club is very much for all ages, and the ‘gay’ bit only functions late on a Saturday evening… but again, they are all a superbly fit lot. It was his first words on being shown into their private basement …


So, yes, we were expecting to get naked, get covered in oil and do all the usual stuff…


… (well, maybe it’s usually a bit more crowded than that, but you get the idea)… oily and ‘rip ‘n strip’ is fun…



What we hadn’t bargained for was 50% of them being fat ugly ‘bears’, and many of the so-called ‘gay partnerships’ being effectively ‘master/slave’ relationships… and they were offended because we didn’t all rush to volunteer ourselves for after-match sex (we don’t, although one couple from Lexington which I featured briefly in my books still do, but that’s up to them – yes, Luke, you  know who I mean…).

Not our scene.

Add to that, we had agreed to do a show featuring acrobatics and our simpler fakir stuff, only to find a ceiling height of just about eight feet… so no pitching/flying, no significant partner balance one on another, and not really even a safe height for basic tumbling.

Reduced to a few low-height counterbalances like this one…


…and some solo work…


…like that. But even then, most of the ‘locals’ seemed more interested in getting stuck into some weird stuff of their own…


Well, yes, its fun now and again (with your friends), and, yes, we have. And occasionally, do. But for fun. In that club we visited it seemed more like a religion.

So it didn’t work out at all and we won’t be offering a return match. But full marks to Ron for doing his best to make links with like-minded folk… just that they turned out to be not ‘like-minded’ enough. We do think of ourselves as ordinary guys who just happen to be gay and enjoy the company of other guys: yes, there is sex (within our group of 10 in our specific case)… for safe (underline SAFE) fun. And, most of the time, as the books tell, it works out well enough and we’re all happy. Very happy. Most of the time (see especially end of book and book 3!).

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 ThumbSo, overall, we’ve had a pretty rotten weekend. Hope yours was better. I shall post this just as soon as we get home, before going to bed for a early night. Well, earlier than expected!

After a day and a half of looking at fat sweaty guys (whose sweat seemed their natural environment rather than hard-won in exercise), lets enjoy a few more actually fit young men… starting with a guy in his shed!weights-shed


(get those legs straight, Vince!)



(looks like he’s been weight-training his hair as well as his body…)


(a bit of body oil there, I fancy, to enhance the fantastic ‘rip’…)




And, as soon as this hits the internet, to bed with my lovely partner… a fit and wonderful piece of manhood not least resembling a bear. I couldn’t ever imagine myself in such a relationship, I’m afraid.


Call me prejudiced, if you want.

And finally, a funny from the British ‘West Country’. Scrumpy is cider and mead is a drink made from honey by monks. Pasties are the local meat-pie delicacy and I guess the ducks are in a pond on the village green opposite the shop. Enjoy!


Must take a trip down there if we ever make it back to our little place in Wales. It would be a better way of spending a weekend than the one just passed…


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‘I Don’t Know What Love Is…’


A lovely trio here. Actually four of them, if you look very closely. Friends? Or more…?


A really thought-provoking comment from a regular correspondent (‘Platinumboy’) on yesterday’s post on ‘Couples‘. ‘I don’t know what love is… I don’t know if anybody really loved me…’

That’s really sad, and set us thinking. Maybe, P’boy, you just didn’t recognise that love?


Maybe me  publishing images of guys making out with one another didn’t help (although you said that the post was real nice’… thanks for that): in which case:




I assume that it’s guys… Maybe it’s the chat-up line?


If I’ve got it wrong, I apologise. But I sure appreciate your comments – not least the very thoughtful ones on the subject of enduring segregationalism in the southern USA, and my son’s small part in trying to overcome it (several recent posts).

Our love, as I am always saying, came on as a bit of a surprise (to me) and I was eventually moved to document it here:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

After which untimely reminder, let me add a few more images of guys together, not ‘loving’ (necessarily) but sharing. Sharing something – sharing anything, P-boy… get involved in something and the right person will come along! It doesn’t have to be sport, but we’ll start there:






Even ballet!


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A small celebration of loving gay couples in this post, which I must therefore dedicate to my very special partner who quite fortuitously featured in a crossword clue in a UK newspaper this week:

‘Cumbrian lad as street trader’ – The paper gives the answer as (6 then 3 letters) but, if you have read this blog diligently, or better, the books…

The first part...Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

…then you will know well enough that four letters will suffice!

As a further clue… he has a curious fascination for felines…


…although he is more likely to be found with his kit off in the gym rather than sitting on top of a rock.

So today I simply feature images of loving couples of the gay persuasion, wishing all of you in such a relationship the very best of love and for those of you hoping… never give up, for the right guy will surely show up! And when he does, you’ll know.




An underwater hug…why not?













Finally, if at the moment you look into your mirror and see only yourself instead of the perfect partner, everything comes to he who waits… as the final ‘take’ on the mirror theme shows: I dedicate this one to my own perfect partner (who knows why) and to a couple of recently joined followers with rather obviously expressed kitten instincts – welcome, one and all!

‘Well, what do you want to be when YOU grow up?’




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Invitations and Challenges


Hmmm. A fair bit about wrestling in today’s post. But you have to admit that if you are going to throttled by a bicep, that’s a great bicep to be throttled by!

Also: spoiler alert!! Just for once, at the end of this post there will be two wrestling pics in which the combatants are naked and have those additional parts of the anatomy showing which are normally forbidden here… I’m classing them as ‘artistic’ – but you have been duly warned.

NO – don’t scroll straight down…


Horrible tats, there – but the schoolboy pin looks fun…

BUT FIRST: Clare and I took tea yesterday with Theo’s mum. That’s Leo and Chris’s new Af-Am friend, whose mother appeared here all of a fluster a couple of weeks back, worrying if it was OK for her boy to be here. I may be a gay man, and Clare a lesbian but, as we are Leo’s birth parents and share the same household, we do sometimes get taken for ‘straight’ (normal) parents. This was one of the times. Clare made a special cake to take with us (she does that sort of thing!).

We enjoyed it. The lady has made a great job of raising her boy since the father walked out when he was aged two. She depends heavily on the church, and rules with a rod of iron. She is also painfully aware of how some folks in these parts regard the ‘place’ in society of the coloured community, and needed to reassure herself that it really is OK that Theo and his bosom pal Errol from the next-door home can share with ‘your great sporting boys’ (we had to explain that Chris isn’t ‘ours’ – although he spends so much time here that it is an easy mistake to make!).


‘Platinumboy’ made an extensive and valuable comment to the earlier posts about Theo and Errol, explaining the ‘history’ of race relations in these parts (I’m a Brit and somewhat naïve on these matters, coming from a country where integration is pretty much ‘normal’). As far as we all are concerned, and friends of Leo (or Jaymee) are welcome in our home – and into our training cabin for weights, wrestling, acrobatics and anything else they want to try! Theo and Errol are in the High School swim team, so hardly need encouraging to be ‘sporty’… anyway, that’s how Theo’s Mom sees it – and they first got together with our crew for wild swimming sessions in the summer in the Clinch. Good luck to ’em!




I confess that we didn’t actually raise the point that we are both homosexual, but I’m sure Leo will find a way of telling his friends – in fact, probably has already. Will they care? Hope not. Will they tell their mums – and how would they react? Don’t know! Time will tell…

OK, back to the gay stuff, and another invitation. Perhaps in response to this blog – who knows – another secretive gay wrestling group has raised its head above the parapet and invited (initially) the gay adult members of the wrestle club in Lexington where our Tuan Jie colleagues Leon and Dane train and coach. I’ve been asked not to say where it is – but it is quite a drive from here. The full Tuan Jie team are going, using our camping bus: Leon and Karen will share the driving – yes, Karen and Clare, as honorary boys and anyway gay, get to go too – Ron’s private gym here is sending a few more by car. The place we’re going is happily inter-racial, we’re told, which would horrify our local private gym’s original owner Chad… but that’s how it is around here, as I’ve often told.


It’s a whole weekend – they offer accommodation in their assorted homes but we shall use our camping bus. As befits an ‘underground’ wrestle club, the style is ‘submission’ – speedos, rip ‘n strip, naked, oil… they don’t appear to offer Indian style on a dirt floor, but who knows…


I think they have a proper ring, which we don’t and which we have no experience of, so that could be interesting…


I don’t expect they offer mud or sand, which is fun too…



So, we need to get in a bit of training, back at base…


…stock up on the oil…



I think it is going to be fun. We’ll need to make clear that we don’t indulge in post-match sex after bouts except with “our own” – all this ‘closed brotherhood’ safe-sex stuff is explained here:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

…but, for any gay ‘boy’ (including us ‘ageing’ ones!) the opportunity to get up close to another sporting fit body, muscle against muscle, sweat mixing with sweat… is not to be missed!



…not forgetting the bit about wanting to be the ‘dominant male’, of course.  It really is mainly about the wrestling – the naked part is just for convenience – who needs a sweaty wet tangle of clothing restricting your movements on the mats? Well, that’s our story, and we’re sticking with it.

our hosts have found out that we do acrobatic and fakir shows, so all that stuff is going with us as well.

Leo will spend the weekend hiking with Chris’s family in the Smokies, Jaymee will be away at an acrobatic gymnastics competition, so no conflicts of interest there either. A fun break for all, in fact. And the bunks in the camping bus are pretty comfortable, too… 5 couples, plus the girls down at the back…


I let you know how it goes. But there’ll be another post before the weekend in any case, I hope.

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