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This blog is for guys who admire other guys who put real effort into their physical development. It is NOT exclusively gay, but hopefully you will be gay-friendly.

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  1. Make an effort to improve your own fitness this year (you’re NEVER too old);
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The books (print and e-versions available) are about finding gay love, developing ourselves as acrobats, starting a family (yeah, I’m a gay dad and enormously proud of my teenage son!!), going on tour, meeting difficulties ‘head-on’ (they become a bit of a thriller as well). sticky-1-readLinks from all posts from September 2014 onwards will lead you to more information and potential purchase – they are in almost every post and either through clicking on images of the covers, or on the separate links when given!! And, as the image on the right clearly shows, you can follow all of these rules at one go…

The blog is essentially G-rated; the books get a little explicit from time to time about gay guys doing what gay guys do – you don’t have to be gay to enjoy them – just be gay-friendly. 

And now, as they used to say on the old TV game shows: “Come on Down!”⇓

*** Many pictures will enlarge if you click on them ***


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Hard Body


We had the pre-teen gym boys in our cabin with the mid-teen gym boys this weekend, and the talk was all about two things: how to get a ‘hard body’ and how to acquire the assorted acrobatic skills that Leo (and Jaymee) have learned from us over the years. This post focuses on the first thing – the so-called ‘hard body’ – like that guy.

Whatever muscle he needs to do whatever it is he wants to do, he’s got it, and it shows! What it shows is interesting: it is not about BIG muscle – it is about STRONG muscle – and there is a huge difference in the way you train, between the two.

If you want to be acrobatic – and remain athletic to do the tumbling and whatnot – then this next is about as far as you should go with muscle size:


Here’s a fully professional acrobat we all admire – Ed Upcott – holding a straight top planche which is quite a tough move needed shoulder and chest/back musculature of iron – his muscles are certainly not huge, but they are powerful (check him out on YouTube!):


The bottom line for training with weights is ‘little and often’ – modest weights, many repetitions. Coupled with a sensible diet and plenty of ‘normal’ exercise like running, the magic will work!

The ‘human flag’, for example, does not need huge muscles – just power and stamina:


What do you think of these two gym buddies?


Is one somehow ‘better’ than the other? the right-hand guy seems to have more muscle development, but who is stronger? My guess is the guy on the left. Most likely, we find, gym buds lift the same poundages: left is ‘slim and strong’, right is maybe more developed but very likely no stronger than his friend. It all depends on what you want – and, crucially, what you eat and what you do when not in the gym.

Next exhibit:


Power lifter. A huge mass to lift – just once. One massive surge of energy needed, and then you’re done. Is this how the average guy should train? Absolutely not. Modest weights build stamina and resilience – you can keep the effort going for much longer, and this is what most sports demand. Inn fact, there is a loose relationship between muscle mass and duration of activity – marathon runners are skinny but have huge cardiovascular resource to keep going for over 26 miles – you wouldn’t see that power lifter get much further than the first mile, probably!

So, younger lads should aspire to something like this and will keep very active:


This is about right for a more mature lad doing something requiring strength (like acrobatics):


…whereas this next lad is definitely going for body-building as such, which is perfectly fine but definitely starts to limits one’s agility:


…but good luck to him: he’s proud of what he has built – especially those shoulders I should think. And the trickle o sweat between his pectorals is evidence of the hard work he has been willing to commit to to get his result.

We do have this ‘sweat is good’ philosophy when it comes to training:


That’s either been a very intense workout or has been ‘engineered’ for the picture. But sports like boxing or wrestling push out the sweat during the actual performance, of course:



The moral here, perhaps, is that young guys should build the body they need to do the sport they love best, and remember that size isn’t everything! Especially if you want to work as an acrobatic ‘top’:


My neck is really creaking today after spending some hours yesterday with my son balancing on my head! I don’t really need him to get any heavier although, in principle, we (adults) all trained to take each other’s weight anyway so I ought not to be struggling with him. He’s past the ‘growth spurt’ stage and into the ‘filling out’ stage – putting on the muscle to match the extension of his bone structure – so there’ll still be some weight to add. He support Jaymee on his head of course: she’s likely to end up a little lighter than him. But it’s the shoulder strength he needs for arm balancing:


So there we are. End of short lecture on how (or how not) to build up the teen-boy body for sport. I guess that we were successful “in our day”, as told here:

cover1-thumbcover2-thumbLoving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7


A few more Tone-approved hard young bodies for you, starting with a bit of history! Damn, no year shown…


Where are these magazines today? It’s just huge bodybuilders, apart from Men’s Health which is far too commercial. I used to get a magazine called ‘Exercise for Men Only’ which featured more ‘normal’ guys development (and no hidden connotation about the peculiar title), but it seems to have pretty much disappeared. Oh well. On with the show!





And to finish, perfect proportions!


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Him ‘n Me

A post dedicated to gay couples. Why not?


After all:


Sadly, the Tumblr blog mentioned on the bottom of that poster no longer exists.

cover1-thumbcover2-thumbcover-3-thumbMy writings published so far have all been about us – Dave and I – and our sporting (acrobatic) interests and adventures from a few years back. No secret about what we are, then. Clicking on the covers leads to more information, and they are available in e-book form too. Which said, on with the gallery for today!

Guys together, having fun (or more), no specific sexuality necessarily implied (although, in some cases, I’m sure you’ll form a view)…







And now, after the unbelievably cute couples, the ‘tough stuff’…


In the next, mine’s the one on the right:



You would think from the nearest guy that the next two were having their meal in a sauna – but I don’t think so… he must have ordered the triple chilli:


Russian gym buds in a rusty and peeling environment…


Better outdoors! (…and, since everything is painted yellow and blue, probably Ukraine)…



Wait – I didn’t him and HIM


(Oh, never mind! Your gym bud is a sweetie, dude!)


So is yours!

And the FUN stuff, beautifully caught by the photographer…


And, to end as we began…


Love at first lick! For the time being, ‘G’night, sleep well…’


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Bias? Genes? I’m Not Sure…

This post is a bit of a soul searcher. Tune out now rather than be offended!

A recent comment on quite an old post makes me think. Am I biassed against posting images of guys whose skin color is other than white? Not intentionally. I could argue that in that wide wide web of posted images, a huge majority are indeed of white guys.


So here’s an interesting image. I did NOT crop this, but there is (most of) a guy missing at the top. Just arms are visible – colored arms. So why is the picture cropped in this way? Accident on the part of the photographer? Or someone ‘getting rid’ of a part of the image they preferred not to post (this arrived to me, in this form, in a Yahoo Group post this week).

So, will try to do better. Certainly we’ve nothing against dark skin – nor have the countless hordes (like us) who choose to bask in the sun each summer…



No ‘fake tan’ for us any more (not sure about that last guy though) – but should we confess to using sun beds to ‘top up’? Yes, we should, when we are going to perform. We feel (for whatever reason) that, as a group, we should all look about ‘the same’ when stripped down to our performing briefs. Why should that worry us? Does it worry an audience? I don’t know, but one colored guy in a troupe of white acrobats stands out just as one white guy in a troupe of black acrobats would stand out. I’m not saying either is wrong, and there are plenty instances out there (for example the top photo) where it happens.

Most groups however (and wherever) look like this:


I’ve really struggled to find a picture which doesn’t do that, but here’s one – ONE guy only – in a group of 12 friends:


A group of buds from an eastern European country – not sure which – or possibly Denmark – never mind: one dark-skinned guy out of twelve, but fitting in fine to the group – I think they are soccer players. When I collected that picture I captioned it ‘five out of twelve’ because I was focussed on the thing that my own genes drive me to think about – the shirtless guys! My brain wants to search out physically fit guys – I’m gay, so that makes sense. I will honestly admit that I admire muscle in ANY guy of any skin color – but I think that I am not physically attracted to something about our African American and related colleagues – I’m being brutally honest here if I say it may be facial features.

My genes are saying that, not my mind/body/spirit (to coin a genre phrase): we absolutely love having Theo and Errol in the teens fitness gang, and some of my best gymnasts (in my professional capacity) are African-American. Could I fall in love with an African American? – its OK, Dave – I doubt it very much.

I’ve written many times about our disquiet with the ‘white supremacy’ attitude of the founder of our private gym, which is finally changing for the better. But when I look through my collection of gym images, what do I find? Almost 100% white guys:


All of this soul-searching brings to mind another drum to bang.


You can’t fault that, can you? And you can’t tell which  of the three is the gay student. I have to applaud the younger generation for their increased tolerance and understanding compared with my generation (and certainly the next older one!). Just in case you’re curious, the school concerned is in Ireland.

Gay guys are fortunate. Unless they choose to ‘feminise’ themselves – and sure, some do – you cannot single out a gay guy just by looking. Contrast that with the Af-Am ethnicity and skin color. And remember, we are living in Tennessee where memories of slavery are still very powerful, and redneck attitudes seem to prevail still.

12795358_1168289306549879_2836090684282253149_nAnd so, just to lighten things a little (right), some girls who find they are chatting up a guy who turns out to be gay can get somewhat pissed off!

So having searched all my fitness image files destined for this blog and found almost no Af-Am guys featured, all I can say is: will try to do better. After all, if I expect the world to understand us gay guys, and to accept us, the least I can do… etc. etc.

A final thought, before someone asks. Do my books include other ethnicities other than white Caucasian male? The answer is yes, but the only examples who have pivotal roles in the books are Chinese or Latino… both, incidentally, having been welcomed into the private gym under the previous and current management.

You can check for yourselves.

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

My next book, Let The Future Find Me, which is currently under consideration for publication, features two Native Americans: in a small, way, perhaps I am doing my bit but, as I freely admit in response to that very ‘on-the-ball’ comment, ‘could do better’.

I will now shut up and just post a few more images of fitness inspiration, illustrated by the inevitable white Caucasian male, but the message about the desirability of a fit body is available to all.







Re-reading this, maybe I’ve been a bit too frank. Lord only knows what the comments are going to say…

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Wild and Woolly


The unprecedented cold we have been experiencing here in TN almost – but not quite – put a stop to our ‘wild’ swimming sessions in the Clinch River. The -10C/14F we experienced at the weekend didn’t actually make the river freeze like this one in Russia, so we didn’t actually have to cut through the ice with a chainsaw to get our ‘refreshing’ dip!

However, having seen pictures of ice flows on European rivers on TV, I guess things could be a lot worse. Strangely, the UK (my home country, of course) seems to have escaped the icy blast, although we hear that snow is expected at our place in Wales later this week.

Any way, these thoughts prompt some SWIMMING PICTURES ! and thoughts of summer to come!

Rivers first: and some rather fit young men to illustrate them…




Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH









I guess we need to include the (outdoor) pool as well:





Of course, if you can’t wait for the summer…


We did one time do under-ice swims when we were somewhat younger – you can find more about that buried in these three volumes which detail our sporting and circus endeavours alongside a bit of gay stuff and some other misadventures:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0cover1-thumb

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Meanwhile, you can always make use of rain to show off your toughness…



…and, meanwhile, if you are really keen to show off your resilience and the cold weather continues, how’s about a wrestle in the hoar frost to warm up first?



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Last Waltz… New Dance…


A nice capture there for you of a teeterboard ‘dance’ each guy doing a tuck somersault followed by a layout somersault. The ‘trick’ – if there is one – is to land in the right place. For what it is worth, we are hopeless at that.

So, the party is over. All went well. We had two adults on the door to look after street clothes and shoes, and to deter gatecrashers. Most of the boys attending wore Speedos or board shorts, and most of the girls found their bikinis despite being seriously out of season, to support the ‘beach wear’ theme! Our crew did indeed wear the silver briefs they use for performance (silver bikinis for Jaymee and Karla) and, yes, there was a little showing off. But mainly it was girls hanging around boys necks when not dancing on the mats or spilling Coke thereon. As they do at 15yo birthday bashes.

It has occurred to Dave and I that we have to move on from thinking about boys mucking about with boys…


…to boys and girls mucking around with each other. After all, Dave and I started to explore our gay sexuality together by age 17…


…and they start younger every year. Since Dave and I couldn’t get each other pregnant, probably our liaisons were less potentially serious than early boy/girl relationships can be, but is it time for “THE TALK”? OMG, being a parent and all that… and especially as these kids are training together so much, unsupervised, and their amorous feelings are most definitely getting aroused. I feel a difficult discussion about condoms coming on, preceded by some serious words about what is right and what is not. Dave says he’ll leave Jaymee’s talk to her mum, but Leo, being a boy, is I think traditionally my problem!

Actually, neither of them is stupid and both are very amenable to talking freely with their parents, so I hope all will be well. But when they’re all sweaty and stripped off after a training session, who knows what could happen. I’ve been struggling to remember at what age I first got an erection… you can see where my mind has been wandering since this party!

As both Dave and I are gay boys and were never destined to do this, I think that we need a bit of counselling ourselves!


Meanwhile, in other news:

I also mentioned in yesterday’s post that the private gym is closing ranks and becoming much more ‘private’ again. Ron, who has “inherited” the job of managing what to any outsider must appear a somewhat strange environment, also proposed during discussions that the place has become over-populated, sometimes to the extent that training groups are encroaching on each other’s space with potentially hazardous consequences. Henceforth, no new members are to be introduced until ‘natural wastage’ has reduced the numbers. This is a pity, but understandable. And, to misquote the British Prime Minister Teresa May when she utters the meaningless phrase ‘Brexit means Brexit’, we have all been reminded that ‘Private means Private’. In other words, as I originally reported in my books (which got past Chad’s censorship!), ‘The First Rule of Fight Cub is You Don’t Talk about Fight Club’. So expect a little less information here about the place, except to say that it is more strictly regulated and with strictly adult activity segregated so that those 15yo minds do not get corrupted.

cover1-thumbcover2-thumbcover-3-thumbDid I say books? Click on covers for more info – you can also find them as e-books and on Amazon etc.

We’ll be focussed more here on male

fitness, training, acrobatics, general news with a gay slant, and so forth. Hope that’s OK!

Now let’s enjoy some general fitness pictures to finish off today’s contribution:

















As I finish this, a shout from Leo asks if we might go swimming this afternoon. It has been extremely cold here overnight – -10C/14F, and will not rise above freezing all day!! ‘Swimming’ means river, and river means at least above freezing point. It may feel rather more like this…


Should at least quell any thoughts of inappropriate underwater liaisons between boys and girls as we troop down to the swimming hole from Cody’s place…

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Last Tango…


Ten like-minded guys – in it to improve their bodies. Very much like the guys in the private gym we are fortunate to be members of. Where it is all change – again.


I mentioned last time that tonight (Saturday) is party night for Leo and Jaymee’s 15th. It is being held in the small hall at said gym, which has been variously available for group hire since Chad first made it available for the teenage us to train kids from what was then ‘our’ High School who were interested in acro. Loving the Boy and The Power of Love cover that era – before Leo or Jaymee were even a twinkle in their respective mothers’ eyes!

And now here they are 15. The theme for the party is ‘beach wear’ – not too surprising since they have grown up in a household where minimal clothing has always been the norm – all that sweaty training, which they have  themselves grown into, along with their closest friends. Ron, in charge of said gym, has excelled himself, for he knows our kids and their training mates are really dedicated to what they do and are welcome members of what previously was an adults-only affair. So we spent last evening helping him move two contraptions we know as the ‘wet pits’ into the small gym, complete with drains and pumps. They were originally installed to allow members to indulge in a craze for ‘wet’ wrestling, under a water spray. NKD Kombat sells videos of that stuff. Some members, either the more ‘gay fetishy’ kind or those (like us) who recognise potential medical benefits to the skin, have used the pits with other forms of fluid provided by themselves. For the party, however, its the closest simulation to a beach Ron could think of, and he’s even imported a load of sand! Sand and weights (and sweat!) can go together…


…and some might even get lifted at the party – but not all the invitees are fitness freaks by any means, there will be loud music, food and drink – and no adults. Actually, there is CCTV supervision, and our kids know that…

tumblr_oidzwuwvsl1sxiuywo1_1280…I don’t put it past Leo and Jaymee to organise some sort of ‘talent’ competition so they can show off their balance routine, though. However, we have tried to curb their tendency to show off their unusual abilities in school breaks, because they’ve learned the hard way that it does not necessarily win friends!

When the party is over, “The Party’s Over” in another sense too. Before Chad, who founded this private gym club, left for his world travel, the rules on admission were getting rather relaxed and a number of well-under-eighteens had been admitted to what had previously been a seriously adult affair. Adult for two reasons: training naked has always been encouraged – a place where guys can enjoy a special freedom to sweat without having clinging wet rags around your body!…


… and with a high percentage of gay clientele, where those who wished could explore their passions to the full if they so wished, and not particularly discreetly.

To the first point, in our view no ‘defense’ is required, except for the presence of the under-age kids (who do exactly the same every morning in our private training cabin anyway, but you can see the potential issue…). Baden-Powell, founder of the Scouts, in his just-after Boer war days, upon being informed that, at one of his camps, there were naked boys climbing trees, replied ‘Excellent!’ Manly, indeed. And no sense that there was any depravity from him, of course. I also refer you to an earlier post on naked training in the UK, and the correspondence attached to it.

However, there has been an awkward interface between that (with the young uns present) and the desire of some gay members to go further, with a number of trial solutions to separate the activities. After a members’ meeting, a new solution has been agreed. The small gym, previously known as Man.Power.2, will close to any external events. The wet pits will stay, along with mats and a small selection of weight machines: any members desirous of rounding off their training or wrestling matches with more intimate encounters will be required to leave the main gym and go to the small gym via the pass door. The main gym becomes strictly for workouts, acrobatic and wrestling training. Naked if you want, yes…


…not everyone wishes to go quite that far…


…that far, then, but no further. And no more under-16s will be admitted except in very special cases, and those that are already ‘in’ can remain because they are either related to existing members or closely associated with them, and all relevant parental approval is in place.

And that will be as far as it goes in the main gym henceforth.


Fun and fooling around, of course…


…is definitely allowed! But the main ethic is hard workouts…


One other thing I am really pleased about is that two fairly recent additions to Leo’s fitness ‘clan’ – Afro-Americans Theo and Errol, are “in”. This is a first: in our Bible-Belt state with memories of the Civil War not far beneath the surface and a mindset that our dark-skinned colleagues are still ‘slaves’, this overturns a policy which the original owner Chad put it in place and was “immovable” for more than 15 years. Dave and I, and the rest of our own adult ‘clan’ argued the case very strongly in the meeting, and I am proud to say that a significant majority of the existing members willingly accepted the change based on our assurances that they are training like demons. They are booked to give a demonstration next week!

Meanwhile, no-one knows if Chad will ever return. At the moment we think he is in The Philippines and travelling with another guy. He still has a significant financial interest in the building… but that is a problem for another time.

Otherwise, several problems solved and a lot of happy people. Our young-uns included.

Ah! More sand: excuse for a quick abs workout…


Never pass up an opportunity! Climbing frame? Baden-Powell would be delighted…


Men, young and old, developing their bodies and the skills they can perform with them. Our business!

cover-3-thumbThere is, by the way, a third book. They are all related and cover a few early years in our sporting lives, just as we discovered gay love. If you are interested in any of the stuff recorded here, including circus tours and one which went wrong, getting us into some serious hot water, then click on this cover which will lead you to the publisher. And there’s always Amazon for e-versions…

But now, enough words in this post. Just a few more appropriate images to entertain… and lets stay on the sand!








And finally, the perfect handstand shape (for a normal handstand!) – as we try to teach it. Have a go!




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Surprise, Surprise…


We could, in the best British pantomime tradition, all call out “BEHIND YOU!”. Or we could make a guess at what that young Russian gymnast is wishing for in his new year wish list!

Anyways, here we are in 2017, back in Tennessee, back at work coaching etc and our young uns, both now 15yo, back in school and reunited with their friends.

Some surprises were in store when we returned!

But first let’s introduce the picture theme for todays post – BICEPS. Well, of course, I already did that, with the help of my young Russian friends!


OK. While we’ve been away, Ivo and Pete have been ‘home alone’, handling the gymnastics sessions at the center. Surprise number 1 was that they were unusually pleased to see us. Being, of course, members of our closed gay group, and them desirous of more than their own company, they kind of hi-jacked Dave and I big time on our first night back. The usually reticent Ivo, content to ‘bottom’ for his partner Pete, demanded the other role of Dave, while Pete did likewise of me. Then we switched over roles – and partners – to return the favour. Weren’t quite expecting that, but we sure enjoyed it.

Surprise number 2 was that Ivo then handed us the coaching schedule and announced that he and Pete were going away for a week, leaving us in charge of ensuring that all coaching sessions are staffed and run efficiently. Heigh Ho – well, we had sloped off for more than a week over Xmas, so I guess it’s fair enough. And Pete and Ivo would, of course, say that we were well rewarded in advance.


A further surprise was that Leo and Jaymee are hosting a joint 15th birthday bash on Saturday evening. That in itself was not the surprise – we knew already. The surprise – aka shock – is that they thought about the music, the venue and the liquid refreshment – but neither of them remembered to organise FOOD! We had been assured that everything was in hand – and we would just get the bills – for their event which is being held in the small gym hall at Man.Power (kindly cleared out by Ron for the occasion) for about 40 assorted friends – fitness freaks and not so, in equal measure. They do have other friends! And it is definitely a dance, not a weights session (although that would have NOT been a surprise, I suppose). But now we’ve been frantically dashing around to find a last-minute caterer – of course, their Moms are still in Canada with the show, otherwise I am sure they would asked the obvious questions and got the act together! Clare would probably have done the cooking herself. Fortunately, our panicky search has proved successful.


So we are having what you could call a ‘pear-shaped week’! But then, pear-shaped can be fun, according to Jaymee, who sits back and lets us do the worrying!



Ah – two guys sharing their passion. In this case, for muscle. Something very close to our hearts in this blog, so no surprise there then.

cover1-thumbcover2-thumbcover-3-thumbI have, of course, shared that passion – for fit bodies, acrobatics, performance and a bit of adventure – in another way, as these three volumes testify! I would encourage you to consider a bit of leisure reading, after your new-year-resolution workouts! With partner alongside, of course… you can share the e-versions if you prefer that to the printed page. The covers are the links…

Now, back to bicep power! And no more surprises. For now.



If you MUST wear a top in the weights gym, this next one is surely cover enough?


Better, though, without!


Our next boy is slightly blurred, I fear – but his biceps are worthy of his place here (and the rest!)…


Lean and mean…



Sweaty too – even better…


If you’re not working out to that level of sweat, you’re not doing enough!





Another shirt in the gym – arrrgh! But the arms deserve a show:


And finally, in our ‘gun show’ arms AND abs!


tumblr_mygzg2b_up_v1spbqkko1_500Actually, as the topic today (apart from biceps) was surprises, I’ll add one more little surprise – for Dave to explore. Just to show that I haven’t forgotten his strange addiction…


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Here We Go, Then…


I trust you all had a fun time seeing in 2017: as our German-speaking friends like to put it – “Did you have a good slide into the new year?”

We certainly did. I guess that I could have expected something, with Jack in cahoots with our old friends Alain and Michel. After Saturday’s second show, we met a beaming Michel outside the theatre, ready to whisk our two young ones (Leo turned 15 yesterday!!) off in his car to a suitable party venue with other younger members of Jack’s extended family: Alain jumped on to our tour bus to guide us to a ‘secret’ venue where some of their gay friends were already gathering for what turned out to be something of a wrestlefest!


Cut to a well-equipped (i.e.matted) basement somewhere in the Toronto suburbs: out came the oil bottles…


Our hosts friends were slightly startled to see our two ladies in the party, but as soon as they realised that they were lesbians, liked getting naked, and like as not would thrash them on the mats, so everyone was up for a bout or three!

As we didn’t leave the theatre until 10pm, it wasn’t all that long to the 2017 countdown, and then it was back on the mats for a couple of hours before everyone split with their own partners to welcome the new year in that very special way…


Nuff said about that, probably. Not surprising either that we cut the gym session on New Year’s Day.

So, this comes to you courtesy of O’Hare Airport WiFi as we await our connection back to Tennessee and, for the kids, back to school tomorrow. Our contribution to the show completed: the rest of the team staying on until the beginning of February. Jaymee still has her birthday to look forward to (Thursday) but, apart from that, it will be back to our sporting/training/coaching business as usual. The rest of today’s gallery selection, as usual, fits those themes, starting with ways in which like-minded partners can share the fun!






Rumble at Rt 66

However primitive the facilities (and note the dumbbells!!):


Yes, it’s always great to train with a friend or two. But never mind if you are alone in your dreams – this is ‘Resolution Time’!!

Go for it (ANY AGE!!), and don’t be afraid to ask for advice. Ask here if you want. Or at gymacrobat@gmail.com Some images of great results follow, after the COMMERCIAL BREAK!


Help to keep this blog going through 2017: buy the books, and recommend them to your friends (but they have to buy their own)!! They can get (cheaper) e-versions, but every little helps!! Click on the cover or the links!

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

You can see the themes from the cover: acrobatics, adventure and a celebration of gay love. If you don’t read Chinese, search the blog for ‘Tuan Jie’!

And now, the well-built boys:







Wet boys do have that special look!


Finally for today, a whole heap of wrestler lads. Note that I haven’t asked for a handstand today – just a bit of effort to get the body in shape! The clever stuff can come later, once you get going! Up for it, then?



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Happy New Year 2017!


From snowy eastern Canada (I’m watching snow blowing sideways in a strong wind, illuminated by street lighting outside the theatre here while we await the end of the first performance today), Dave and I (and everyone else!) wishes you all everything you wish for yourself in 2017!

Some guys are built to withstand the cold…


…others (and that definitely includes us) are not! Thankfully, TN has a warmer clime!


Remember to make your fitness resolutions (we’ll be checking upon you!!)…


See you on the other side!

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Stopped in Our Tracks (And the Teaser Answers)


Today’s Gallery Theme – ‘Hanging Around’

That’s one of our acrobatic heroes – Ed Upcott – in  rather contrived location for ring work!

I meant to give you the answers to the non-crossword clues in the previous post, but we were rather knocked off our perch by a very pleasant surprise, and I forgot. But let me deal with the answers first:

  1. Lever in gym boy pulled up (5) PEDAL
  2.  Son gets on with everything except gym kit (4,4) WALL BARS
  3.  Undisclosed strain stops nude wrestling (7) UNAIRED (and we can’t see quite how you get the ‘air’ bit either)
  4.  Do exercises in school (5) NO IDEA – OVER TO YOU!! (Might be a reference to a British Private School, and I hope to find the answer soon)
  5.  A glass for the acrobat (7) TUMBLER
  6.  Exercise before second drink (5,2) PRESS UP
  7.  Just outside gym, in full view of everybody (6) OPENLY
  8.  Wrestling’s not finished – that’s the problem (3) SUM
  9.  Force prisoners to exercise (9) CONSTRAIN
  10.  Gym teacher taking public transport with hesitation (7) TRAINER

OK, let’s not hang about:


Could be our teen-boy pre-breakfast training group although, if it were, I should be rather unhappy that only the boy on the right has his feet and legs together, and even he is not stretching his feet. Powerful back muscle, though…

and our lot probably wouldn’t be wearing their wrestle pants either…


So, the surprise! When we first met Jack (see Loving the Boy), he was the ‘top’ in a competitive men’s four acrobatic group. The bases, Alain and Michel, a gay couple living at the time near Niagara Falls, because really good friends, as my books relate (e.g. The Power of Love). The fourth guy (straight), Ted, seems to have vanished without trace along with his girlfriend! However, Alain and Michel are still around and, of course, Jack has kept in touch. Knowing from Jack about the show, they surprised all of us by coming to the second house and then appearing backstage. Apart from Jack himself (and his partner Ethan when he has been here), none of us have seen them since about 2006, so you can imagine that we had a lot of catching up to do, involving ‘hanging around’ in a late-night bar…


(Just for once, I didn’t mean that kind of bar!!!)

…and missing the usual gym training the next morning!


It’s so easy to lose touch with people when you don’t make enough of an effort to keep in touch. They’ve more or less given up on acro now – one time, they joined us for a tour and it all went horribly pear-shaped (see Against All Odds), but that wasn’t the reason. They help to run a weights gym in a town about 35 miles from Toronto, where they now live (that sort of thing is kind of catching) but both have ‘proper’ jobs as well.


Their gym has a ‘street workout’ section for use in the better weather but, being Canada, that does not stretch to this time of year! So they, too, have stayed in real good shape.

So, a real treat for all. They invited us to their gym, of course, but that’s not really practical in this little time window Dave, I, and the kids have – but the others will probably get over there before the show finally ends in early February. But right now, we’re struggling to keep up with the ‘two shows a day and training’ schedule, and the four of us fly back to TN on Monday anyway.

Some more ‘hanging around’ now, for those who have the time:



(A puzzling location for hanging levers…)



(We’re not sure what it is about Russian boys, but they frequently appear in public for exercise or swimming in just their underwear – presumably this saves them money on Speedos? In this case, assuming that the clothing was necessary in the first place, this boy could maybe use a bit more ‘protection’!)


Another one from Chelyabinsk now:


(Training can be tough!)


(Nicely held back lever – feet should stretch more)


(OK, he’s only ready to hang, but close enough)


(That’s just decorative hanging of course, but nice…)





Just before I go for our usual pre-shows lunch, a quick reprise of those books – just in case (click on covers for more info and you can find them as e-books too…


Finally, here’s what a love of ring exercise can build for you! Be inspired, and look forward to building a better body for 2017!


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