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The books (print and e-versions available) are about finding gay love, developing ourselves as acrobats, starting a family (yeah, I’m a gay dad and enormously proud of my teenage son!!), going on tour, meeting difficulties ‘head-on’ (they become a bit of a thriller as well). sticky-1-readLinks from all posts from September 2014 onwards will lead you to more information and potential purchase – they are in almost every post and either through clicking on images of the covers, or on the separate links when given!! And, as the image on the right clearly shows, you can follow all of these rules at one go…

The blog is essentially G-rated; the books get a little explicit from time to time about gay guys doing what gay guys do – you don’t have to be gay to enjoy them – just be gay-friendly. 

And now, as they used to say on the old TV game shows: “Come on Down!”⇓

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Cabin Boys

Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Training Places’


Sixteen years ago, a boy left school immediately after taking his ‘A’-level exams in Barrow-in-Furness, UK, accompanying his father to Tennessee as a ‘full dependent relative’ and therefore qualifying along with his father for indefinite residency and, ultimately, the right to work. His father, Bryan, had secured a post at the local US government nuclear laboratory. They took on a house in Oak Ridge, which had a semi-derelict cabin at the top of the yard, shielded by trees, with a fenced area behind which was private in the way that many Tennessee ‘yards’ are not. As something of a fitness fanatic, having been in a gymnastics club back in the UK, he persuaded his father to let him fit out the cabin and its separate small yard as a ‘private place’ to train weights and hang out. His father agreed.


He set to work. It was high summer and hot and sunny – much better weather than back in gloomy Barrow. When offered such novel climatic treats, Brits tend to shed their shirts. Out running that way, he came upon a local guy, also shirtless, who was exercising on a pull-up bar outside his own home. They talked, and our boy, for it was Pete, invited the guy to help set up the ‘private’ cabin. They became firm friends. This other guy was Ivo.


They became more than friends, for they were both gay. They relished the opportunities (for both training and private time) that the cabin offered. Sixteen years later, they remain as partners, with shares in the same home after Pete’s father sold it on.

At the end of that UK school term, Pete’s younger brother Dave flew out (in the care of his grandparents, making a visit to their son as a vacation). Another gymnast and fitness freak, at that time somewhat in awe of his brother, he immediately became a daily cabin boy as the stock of weights and benches increased. He adopted the same dress code that Ivo and Pete adopted in their private place, which was essentially an ‘undress code’. Ivo had introduced Pete to another private place (now known as Ron’s private gym) but, at that time, this was kept secret from Dave.


Dave duly started at the local High School at the beginning of August, his usual six-week UK summer break being severely curtailed by the mis-match in school vacation dates between UK and USA. About three weeks later, when Dave had made few friends, especially as gymnastics was not an offered sport in the school, he was pleased (I like to think) when another British boy showed up – me – just a few weeks younger than Dave. His father was on a similar attachment, and they also took on a house in Oak Ridge.

Relieved to see another Brit in the class, especially one who appeared to share his own interests, they became close friends immediately.

all round power

Pete, and particularly Ivo, were very possessive about the cabin, although a number of Ivo’s friends from that private gym began to show up. This included a couple of girls (who turned out to be lesbians) who were more fitness orientated than most of the guys and also indulged in fakir shows, who were regarded as ‘honorary boys’ in the ‘other place’ and who would happily shed their clothes along with the guys, especially for wrestling, which everyone seemed to enjoy.


Eventually, Dave persuaded them to let me visit the cabin. I remember that day back in 2000 as if it were yesterday. I agonised over what to wear, and was surprised, but not displeased, to be relieved of my top as soon as I arrived by Dave sliding his hands up my sides and lifting it over my head. His exact words were “We’re all boys here, you don’t need that”. Nor shoes neither. I was on trial as a potential invitee to the other place, along with Dave. They tested my weights, my acrobatics and, most of all, my sincerity – loyalty to them and to the other members of that private place to keep the fitness faith and to keep it private.

The first part...Dave and I didn’t discover that we were also gay and in love for a while. It is all documented here (click on the cover on left for more info.). But we became part of that generation of ‘cabin boys’, along with assorted (but carefully selected guys) from the ‘other place’ – we formed associations and trained hard for the acrobatic circus tours, TV shows and whatnot which would follow.

The second part...Eventually (click cover on right!), Dave and I and those lesbians became parents of a wonderful son (me) and daughter (Dave) who would both bind us tighter in a loving relationship shared with those lesbian mums, watching our kids grow up and become as hooked on fitness and acrobatics as we were. Probably they had little choice, being ‘parked’ in carry-cots in the gym and in the cabin almost from day one!


Cover 3 ThumbFast-forward (via the book on the right!) to recent times. Those kids are now 14. Leo has a group of lads (Chris, Jude, Ryan and Tjark) with whom he trains every morning, while Jaymee trains mainly with her mum and partner but also with Leo, although girls from the acrobatic gymnastics group are involved too. we have to run shifts: Ivo and Pete first thing in the morning before they head of to the gymnastics center to manage the pre-school sessions for the elite boys and girls, then Leo and co, sometimes with us and with Chris’s dad, who’s a bit of an enthusiast too (his older son Billy is a bodybuilder and shows up here from time to time as well).

garage utilisation

The lesbians bought the house and Dave and I remain there too along with Pete and Ivo. Surrounded by all these fit youngsters, I suppose that we ‘older guys’ are starting to feel our age. Leo and his mates are definitely the ‘Cabin Boys’ now, and we have to negotiate with them for time to do our own thing! Plus ça change…

film me!

OK. Enough history. Let’s continue to enjoy images of fit boys in their favourite environment!



gym rat red shoes

gym zoo

gym time

rather empty gym

rolled down

spartan gym

squeeze biceps






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It’s a Square World…

…when it comes to

Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Sporting Dress’


What’s odd about this picture? Apart from being a ‘kewl’ composition (I love the chance to dive into a pool when the water is completely still!), nothing is odd. To us, anyway. The guy is sensibly dressed for his sport – and, indeed, complies with French law (should he be in France) which demands that male swimmers do not wear long shorts in public pools “as this brings dirt into the pool”.

Gotta love the French! As a result of a new French law, their police are pretty much ripping ‘burkinis’ off women on the beaches, demanding that they expose themselves like Westerners in the interests of preventing terrorism. Contrast that with the imams (and frequently their husbands/brothers) who demand they cover up.


We recently (and very briefly) had a devout Muslim girl attend gym classes. She wasn’t in a burka, but wore yards of clothes around her which left only her face visible. Her brother accompanied her and demanded to be by her side the whole time to ensure she wasn’t molested by any man. Since it is hard to teach gymnastics without supporting a newcomer, he wanted all male coaches removed from the gym… well, as you may imagine, this didn’t work out. Not for her, not for them, not for the female coaches either. Since most of the boys in the gym at the time were training shirtless anyway, as they like to do, one had to wonder slightly if she was, beneath the veil as it were, enjoying a moment of eye-candy “freedom”.


It got us thinking about ‘acceptable’ sporting attire. The sight of perspiring Saudi ladies up against the bikini-clad opponents for beach volleyball at the Olympics… – we were wondering what the Saudi team were actually thinking as they opposed the scantily-clad opposition!

What goes around, comes around. Early in the twentieth century, once freed from their Victorian bathing machines, young men were encouraged to swim naked. This prevailed in schools in both USA and UK for a long time, and especially in YMCAs (so it must have been viewed as ‘OK’ by the church! – although we have so many reports of ‘bent’ clergy these days entertaining the wrong thoughts about young boys…). But now, it’s ‘about face’ – increasingly here in USA we see men (even young men) swimming in tee-shirts, unwilling to expose their bodies to public gaze, increasingly weights gyms forbid shirtlessness during training, and as for those ‘No Shirts No Shoes No Service’ signs so prevalent in retail outlets here in US… don’t get me going.

gym fan

Why are people over here suddenly getting so afraid of the sight of human flesh? So many French girls sunbathe topless on public beaches without a care in the world… naturism is encouraged in Europe – especially Germany and Sweden – as a family affair…  in The Netherlnds, public pools go naked after 8pm… and then we have the wrestling debate:


WWF, along with many guys who enjoy a submission bout, will do it that way – speedos, barefoot. You’re going to get sweaty, you’re going to want to get a good grip on your opponent. Additional clothes are unnecessary and get in the way. Some (our hands are up here), given a suitably private venue, like it this way:


So – contrast the American ‘collegiate’ style! A sweaty lycra ‘onesie’ which all the lads push down to their waists as soon as they are off the mats, with socks and trainers – oh, another broadside from Leo: “Why do you call ‘sneakers’ ‘trainers’, Dad?” “Because I’m British and I speak proper English!” OK, we’ll let that one go by! There is, apparently, a campaign to allow bare chests in collegiate, but it is strongly resisted, especially by schools. Here’s two who pushed their tops down quickly enough:


Leo has two close fitness-freak mates who are on the High School wrestle team – but when they come to ours or to the private gym, the style is ‘all-in’ and the clothes come ‘all-off’, or at least down to undies with bare feet.


Some of those who are willing to be seen bare chested would have a horror of doing what those lads are doing (and I don’t mean throttling your friend!) – touching their bare skin against another guy’s. We do find that weird. Being in a relatively warm climate and spending a lot of time in sports training, the whole household here (men and women) tend to wander around in minimalist clothing, and it has worn off on to the kids, at least as far as training goes. In the privacy of ‘family’ and certainly in our private training cabin, ‘FKK rules’ (that’s Freikorperkultur to the uninitiated). Not necessarily totally naked, especially in the house, but guys are generally shirtless and everyone is barefoot – and proud of what they have on show:



So there we were, Dave and I and our kids Leo and Jaymee, in shorts (or in Jaymee’s case, a bikini), on the grass beside the house last evening enjoying the evening sun, lounging around and thinking about a few possible new moves for our family acrobatic show, when Dave noticed a coupled of coloured lads standing slightly nervously in our driveway. ‘Style’ sneakers, shiny long nylon shorts, vests…

“We’ve come to fight with Leo!”

Ah. Two of his classmates, hopefully inspired by Leo’s and Chris’s uninhibited fitness exhibitions at school which have turned a few of his classmates off them completely – invited around (apparently) to wrestle a bit in our cabin. Great ‘race relations’ on his part, because they would simply not be allowed into the private gym (this is confederate country where old habits die hard) – but Leo and his friends don’t harbour such prejudices, thankfully. Half an hour later, when we poke our heads in at the door – you guessed it. Not quite FKK, but down to underpants… and all three of them drenched in sweat and laughing their heads off. I’m betting they’ll be back, and the rest of the gang will be joining in with them.

Leo’s done his bit both for race relations and for everyone’s right to dress – or undress – how they want.

‘Our’ training cabin – which started life as Ivo and Pete’s training cabin until Dave and I invaded 15 years ago – has now become the next generation’s training cabin into which we have to fight to find a place… plus ca change…

Let’s focus on shirtless/barefoot gyms (and appropriate short shorts!) for the rest of today’s pictures:







Not forgetting the other great ingredient: fresh air:

open air weights

And to finish for today: boys, underwear and water. Not the most muscular, exactly – but they’re having fun. Smile please:


The second part...Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7


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Don’t ‘Irk’ the ‘Nerk’


After causing unwarranted merriment by using the rather British phrase ‘Irksome’ to my American-born son Leo, and getting it fed back to me by all his friends with great mirth, I realise that I have scored a partial “own goal” by referring occasionally to boys who do something silly in gymnastics classes, or don’t understand simple instructions, as ‘Nerks’ – a hopefully meaningless word which I must have conjured out of the air as in ‘Don’t be a nerk!’

Leo's fateObviously, ‘irk’ rhymes with ‘nerk’ and one only needs to apply 14yo schoolboy humour…

I think I have called people ‘nerks’ for years. So I just looked it up in the dictionary and it isn’t there. Not with an ‘e’ nor with an ‘i’. The nearest word I can find is ‘nerka’ which appears to be a native American word from the north-west coast referring to a sockeye salmon. So I suppose that calling someone a ‘nerk’ when he does something stupid is better than a slap in the face with a wet fish…

Leo has been warned! See picture above left… (with thanks to Ian for finding that)


We’ll continue the picture theme of

Boys Having Fun Together


One that’s a bit different (and a bit gay):

how to shower

pool boys

And then, anticipating winter weather:

snow tumblr_obtc5a2K281ukxygno1_1280

Get in training now. Back to the beach, though:


What’s going on here?


This one’s easier to explain: ballet, methinks:


Some variations on a theme:




Lifters have fun just showing off what they’ve built together:

beach bodies

two fine specimens

Bar boys too:


Or you can just ‘nerk’ around in the gym when you should be lifting:


Before the finale, the inevitable:

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 ThumbObviously, supporting this blog through book purchase would be greatly appreciated by me and, I hope, by you: gay love, acrobatic adventures, circus tales and some scary stuff…

And, finally for today, a warning to Leo: for the irksome nerk, here is the final solution!


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“Dad’s Irked!”


I was foolish enough to use the word ‘irked’ the other day in front of my son Leo who, as an American born and bred, maybe doesn’t hear the word very often. I never have come to grips with different US usage of English. Now he’s using it about 100 times a day and spreading it around his friends, taking every opportunity to ask me ‘are you irked again?’


By the way, today’s gallery theme, for no particular reason, is

Briefs and Short Shorts


Well, I was ‘irked’. Ever since that stupid woman at the gym center had a go at me about my teaching methods, I seem to have been ‘irked’ about an awful lot of things recently. I think it’s just a phase, but silly little things are starting to annoy me and just seem to be piling up on me. Irksome indeed.

backup swimwear

And, inevitably, I’m getting irked at the number of times Leo and his mates (and Jaymee too, now) are finding excuses to use the word in front of me…


Perhaps the most irksome thing is that we have decided that we can’t do the fitness training for the group of 10yo boys either in any part of the private gym nor, really, in our own training cabin – mainly due to the multiple usage of our cabin along with the risk that people will inadvertently appear naked in front of them, as well as the space. And the same goes even for the smaller section of the private gym, really, which with the exception of ‘our’ lot is (rightly) really restricted to the over 16s at least.

hitch up

Meanwhile, Stevie and Josh’s basement will remain the venue: their dad seems totally happy to cram even more sweaty boys down there but, my goodness, with six of them and (usually) two of us trying to exercise down there, it gets very hot and humid! And there is not enough height to start the boys doing even simple acrobatics like ‘stand on shoulders’ – they are growing fast. So, although OK for now, it’s irksome in the long term and we shall have to find another solution which is accessible to all of us.


Another ‘irk’, while we’re on the subject, is the steady stream of inappropriate requests I receive, usually by e-mail but sometimes in unpublishable comments, from people who want to see “younger boys, preferably naked” on this site. Gentlemen (I assume you are gentlemen), that is NOT going to happen. This site is primarily about fitness in young adults – gay or not, we have no interest in small boys, we do not look for such images on the net, we do not harvest such images and have none to share here. So please desist from such requests, which will not be posted and are entirely inappropriate.

Yes – just fitness in the late teens and early adult generation. Oh, and trying to sell books – I’ll admit that one.

Cover1 ThumbLoving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

And about being gay and gay love, from time to time. Because we are.

ready for anything

sock speedo

Doesn’t Speedos and long socks seem a bit strange?


ripped 8

Nice to see some gyms tolerating shirtless training and more… I see more pictures of guys these days training in just underpants in apparently ‘public’ places:


…and even in car parks (??):


Well, it makes a good photoshoot maybe!






Gym training doesn’t have to be indoors:



More showing off:


Hope those wern’t too ‘irksome’ for you…

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Delivering A Product

bad tat nice boy

I am unable to defend the tattoos on this lad, but I commend the specimen. Balanced muscle, sporty, not over-developed. I wonder what his mum thinks about his choice of wording… However:

The process of coaching (anything) is often referred to as ‘delivering’. To be a gym coach you have to be clearly seen to be ‘delivering’ coaching and, periodically, you might get assessed by the governing body to ensure that you haven’t strayed away from the methods that you were trained and examined in to get your qualification.

In my case, it is gymnastics (artistic and acrobatic), plus general fitness training:

arm support

I have written here from time to time about two 10yo twin boys and their friend Alvin who we have been nurturing, at their dads’ request, to improve their fitness (as appropriate to their age, of course) and to teach them some fun acrobatic stuff. Greatly enjoyable, and our youngsters Leo and Jaymee enjoy helping out (and getting their share of the fees!). It started in the twins’ basement, with some trips out to our training cabin.

This is in danger of expanding into an industry. The three of them have been so vocal in telling their friends what fun it all is, being trained by “real acrobats” , and showing off how fit they are in their school Phys Ed sessions, that the group is now trying to expand to six of them. This means we have outgrown the original basement – and pretty much our own training cabin as well, especially if any other of the guys are in there doing their weights when we have these kids in. Pre-teen fitness seems to be becoming a product and, at this rate, we’re going to need premises!

blond quads

(Yes, credit to Patje for that one, as the Bambi indicates: today’s gallery are mainly slightly younger guys than I usually post, in line with the theme here – pre- and early teens)

new gymrat

I didn’t really want to start a business with this – it was just a favor (oops, dropping into American spellings again which, as a Brit I hate, but I’ll let it go) to two delightful twins! Now I’m not sure what to do, since I don’t want to offend any of them by saying ‘no’, especially when the twins and Alvin are clearly enjoying us putting the pressure on them just as much as we do. And, of course, we can’t start running a new business when we’re occupied so much at the gymnastics center (no, that’s not suitable). I suppose one option is Man.Power 2, the separated-off bit of Ron’s private gym which has some weight and machines in it and is hired out to carefully selected outside groups. We’ll have to see. I hadn’t really thought of kid’s fitness as a ‘product’ before…

start them young

Sure, its a bit different from my previous ‘products’…

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Marketing those hasn’t been overly successful, though – need to do better with all the products I guess, if I’m ever going to get rich!










up a tree in undies

young and slim

young trainer

OK, I know that previous one is a bit of an internet classic, but he’s cute. And finally:



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Grand Reunion


Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Togetherness’


After nearly two years away, our Tuan Jie colleagues Ethan and Jack are coming home. What started as a ‘year out’ backpacking in Australia turned into months of street theatre (to pay for the trip) and an offer to join a circus tour which meant they had to leave the country in order to apply for the right visa to get back in… so they carried on doing their ‘busking’ in new Zealand for a while before touring the entire country of Australia with a full act (acrobatics, beds of nail and glass and swords as in our normal shows) – focussing of course on their speciality which is head balancing.

Having preceded that with a couple of years touring Canada in another circus, they have finally decided that ‘enough is enough’ – a choice we kind of made already – but then they are a couple of years younger than us, so I guess it took a little longer to wear them out.

They say that they have been true to the Tuan Jie ethic – which means no full-on sexual relations outside the group – which means they’ve been a happy duo for all that time…


We shall all take a re-test with our doctor friend, as is our custom. And then, perhaps the biggest party ever as all ten of us get together for the first time for more than two years. We’ve arranged with Ron to have exclusive use of the private gym on a Sunday night when it usually pretty quiet anyway, so it shouldn’t upset many people to be excluded, just for once. Naturally, it will be a training party first – weights, acrobatics, wrestling, and the rest. Ten loving gay guys re-united – need you ask what will happen? It would be an understatement to say that we are looking forward to it!


However, we are going to have to wait a couple more weeks. They’re not flying home, as one might expect. No, they’ve taken passage on a container ship out of the west coast of Australia somewhere which is due into port somewhere on our west coast in about a week. Not sure where, and I’m not sure if they know either. They say it will be an experience where they can just ‘chill’ – although I strongly suspect that they’ll be putting on some performances for the crew! Then they’ll probably be bumming a ride in a truck – anything to save a few dollars. If they come into Portland Oregon, which is our guess, they may even connect with Karen because that is one of her regular runs in her alternative career as a trucker(ess)! So no real idea when they will show up.

For now, just a reminded of how Tuan Jie all began (yes, those wretched book adverts again) – and then more pictures of ‘Togetherness’.

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 Thumb
As you can see, the covers say it all – loving gay guys, acrobatics, Tuan Jie symbolised and scenes of adventure… and misadventure. Enjoy! And now:











bar buddies

Those pics of two guys together (gay or not) sharing something, an arm around each others’ shoulders, just ‘do it’ for me, sharing stuff that guys enjoy together – and as for that guy in the blue trunks in the previous picture… just look at their faces…


Whatever you do – and whoever you do it with: enjoy! Nobody gets out of this alive, so make the most of the time you have!

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Magic Max

max whitlock 2

Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Max Whitlock (and some lesser Gymnasts!)’

As a Brit living in USA and employed in coaching gymnastics, it is hard not to notice the progress of our sport in the Olympics. USA in first place with three golds and six medals in total: UK in 2nd with two and five. But the Brit in me has to come to the fore, with the amazing 23-year-old Max Whitlock from Essex getting two golds within two hours of one another – first the floor, then the pommel horse (and beating the previous star Louis Smith into silver position).

It would not be unreasonable to point out that we neither teach, nor have ever performed, to those standards!! Another pic of Max:

max whitlock

And, since a lot of gymnastics moves go into diving, I should surely mention the dream team of Jack Laugher and Chris Mears and their gold… not to mention the ‘Tom’ and his partner Daniel Goodfellow getting that bronze in the synchronised: now we just need Tom to pull of the individuals… and then there are those cyclists – and a certain Andy Murray…

What an Olympics!

Enough. If you’re an American reading this you’ll be slagging me off for not mentioning all the other USA achievements. But then, Britain is a tiny country in comparison to the US sporting gene pool… oh, shut up, Tone!

Some ordinary gymnasts, now, with a few stars thrown in for you to spot:

empty gym

gloomy gymnast

(…why the gloomy expression? Not the score he wanted, I guess…)


(…hmmm: a bit over-exposed, that one)

high bar prep


marcel nguyen

(Sometimes even the famous gymnasts cannot resist doing it the natural’ [and literally ‘gymnastic’] way… that’s Marcel Nguyen from Germany)

rings reach



(Yes, a younger Marcel, with his shorts on)




(Yes, a second USA representative – they deserve a ‘slot’ here too…)


(…and a parallel-bar handstand for the photographer, snapped by another photographer… he needs to lose that baseball cap, though…)


And today’s ‘footsie’ finale – splits on the floor:


Too much Olympics on the TV for you? Check out a good book instead:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

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Saturday Night, Sunday Morning


Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Ready for Anything!’

Saturday evening. Dave’s daughter Jaymee is away overnight with a new possible acrobatic partner. My son Leo is in the private gym with his bodybuilder mate Jude, sweating through a gruelling workout after helping out Ron as an acrobatic ‘flyer’ and balancer with some new guys who are giving acrobatics a ‘go’. Our lesbian moms of our kids are there lifting too, keeping the ‘family’ flag flying.

Dave and I arrive a little later, for we have an assignation! New members Seb and Andy (accountants!! – I can’t get over this…) are now in the gym three times a week, working out, and doing great. They have suggested a wrestle contest after, and we have suggested oil. They are ready around nine – just when the younger members like Leo and Jude are expected to head off home and leave the field free for us older guys to do whatever it is we get up to when the younger ones have left!


So Leo and Jude head back to Leo’s basement den – Jude is ‘overnighting with us because his parents are away – and will spend their time, probably in just their underwear, as boys seem to do these days, watching TV or playing on-screen games – or even, since it’s Leo and Jude, doing more weights!

Me – well, I’m face down on a plastic sheet being oiled up by Andy, while Dave is performing the same service for Seb. Being oiled up is always an amazing sensation, especially for a gay guy in the company of three others. The wrestling is excellent, and the outcome: well, there is a little problem. Gay guys tend to set ‘forfeits’, and ‘loser gets f***ed’ is one of them. That doesn’t work for us, since Seb and Andy are not part of our Tuan Jie clique. So, in the end, it is Seb and Andy (as a couple) doing their thing, and Dave and I sharing with Zach and Gary who conveniently show up from their apartment (part of the gym complex) just when things are heating up. Quite.


Then it’s a question of ‘Seb, you don’t need to drive back to Knoxville this late, you can stay over with us.’ After all, it is now past midnight. So they’re back with us, agreeing to share our admittedly huge ‘king size’ bed. ‘But we don’t have anything with us!’ ‘Who cares – Sunday tomorrow, you don’t have to dress for work!’

So it is settled, and we cosy up, Dave and I, with two lovely guys between us… proud of our sexuality, enjoying the touch of other great guys as we drop off to sleep…


Sunday morning. I wake to the realisation that I am the subject of some tlc. Andy is kneeling across me, coaxing my ‘junk’ into life, and offering me his. 69, as it is termed, and Dave and Seb are doing the same. We’re all ‘ready’ at just about the same time and it is Dave who rolls off the bed on to the floor first, offering a convenient place for all four of us to ‘cum’… and to share…

A late breakfast follows up this initial ‘feeding’. And a relaxing morning before these lovely guys head home.

Another ‘ordinary day in the life of ordinary Oak Ridge folk’.

fighter 2

Or maybe – another day in the life of extraordinary Oak Ridge folk.

boxer briefs

Or just ‘queer’ folk.


That’s around 7% of the entire world population, according to statistics, even though in this here Bible Belt, unofficially, we are a much smaller minority. Nonsense, of course – it’s just that folks around here are less likely to admit to it!



Of course, the bubble bursts. Reality sets in. We cannot just enjoy these ‘idyllic’ pastimes – there’s yard work to be done (right now, Tone!), and six hard days of coaching to come in the week! Oh well. We’ll soon be too old for these kind of shenanigans anyway, and I’ll have to read my own books to remember life ‘how it used to be’…

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

…and in the meantime, some more images of guys ‘ready for anything!’

cropped gymrat






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Chinese Whispers

db lateral raise

Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Free Weights’…

…has nothing to do with today’s text, which is just an interesting (alleged) spy story. Anyone who has read my books may recall that the reason we are here (in Oak Ridge TN) is that both my dad and Dave’s, before they retired, worked in the nuclear business and were assigned for a while to our local USDoE national Lab. Meanwhile, “in other news” from across the pond, the new British Prime Minister Theresa May is getting her knickers in a twist over the involvement of the Chinese in a new nuclear power plant project and their involvement in a lot more British infrastructure.

The USDoE has been trying to “warn off” us Brits for a while about getting into bed with the Chinese, and it turns out that a Chinese guy, one Mr Ho,  has been allegedly buying nuclear information from our local scientists and is to appear in court in Knoxville next week accused of getting sensitive information out of six local scientists in order to give China an ‘edge’ in nuclear power-plan design. Currently he is sampling the delights of a US jailhouse but is seeking bail.

Isn’t this fun! Perhaps it will lead to another book to add to these three and the one that’s awaiting publication:

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 ThumbAnd now back to the free weights!



bar curl mirror



dumbbell press 8

dumbbell country

hex dumbbells










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Body Image – Boys

018 (2)

Body Image: Today’s Gallery Theme

Body image in teens and early twenties kids has had a bit of a bad press recently. Girl models ‘obliged’ to slim down until they are bulimic in order to get work, and still skeleton-like girls appear in fashion ads, despite a general outcry.

Now it’s the boys, but it works in two ways.


The first way is the same as the girls – a drive for an ever more ‘ripped’ image, or – perhaps following bullying of somewhat overweight kids – a determination to ‘win back’ respect from peers by going on a starvation diet, skipping meals, and so forth. According to an article I found over the weekend, there are as many boys over-dieting as girls these days.


Of course, some are lost causes, especially where family example rules. Visit any McDonalds (or similar) – you’ll see what I mean as families waddle in for their Sunday lunches of their usual burgers, fries and sodas. Yeeeuch!

The second way in which boys are obsessing about body image is not new, but is also apparently increasing. This is obviously a different population of boys, who become hooked on bodybuilding to obsessive levels, are never satisfied, become depressed, take to supplements and in some cases to drugs. This way leads to madness, in our view, although there are bodybuilders in our private gym setup who are never out of the gym except when forced to work, and are certainly at the supplement stage as one overhears conversations about which supplement is best, and so forth.


The first part...The second part...Not all of the obsessives go for huge muscle, though. An example of this is a Latino friend called Carlos, for whom his body image is his life. Unmarried, apparently uninterested in either sex, he works as a roofer, topping up his tan all day, spends several hours in the gym toning up his already ripped self, then returns to his spartan apartment which contains more gym equipment than furniture, where he exercises some more before bed, rises early for more weights, leaves for work… I guess he eats, but it is difficult to figure out when, although his furniture does include a table and one chair. Cover 3 ThumbI have written about him in my books (which take you up to about 2005) and, eleven years later, he’s still there, same obsessive routine. We did however push him in the direction of modelling, figuring out that he ought to put his hard-won ripped body to good use, and he is still into that. More about the books, by the way, by clicking on the covers shown here!


It wasn’t just the article that put this into my head. Leo’s best friend Chris has a brother (Billy) who is 20 now and seriously into bodybuilding as a teen champion. Another of Leo’s friends, Jude, a Canadian (and openly gay)  14yo, is similarly into hard-core lifting and has been befriended by Billy in the gym. All of which is fine, except that Billy’s dad, my friend Steve, is getting seriously worried that Billy will take to steroids, and maybe pull others like Jude into the game with him. Billy has failed to hold down a reasonable job, preferring to be in the gym which, as Steve points out, doesn’t make money and doesn’t make sense either. Billy has no long-term plan beyond becoming ever bigger and bulkier.


Guys, this is NOT the way. This blog is here to promote fitness. We lift, we exercise through acrobatics and wrestling  (for which we need strength and flexibility, not size), but it cannot become such an obsession. There’s ‘real life’ out there too and, since you only have one life (and no-one gets out of this alive!) – make the most of it! Explore ALL your options. I would never recommend anyone to obsess about lifting in the way that Carlos or Billy do… enjoy spending time with the guys in the gym, yes (and we do, especially as the gym is gay-friendly and we’re…well… attracted to guys, so we like to see their bodies hard at work with their shirts off)… but it cannot take over your life because, if it does, there will be a high risk that it will all end badly.

I know this sounds a bit dark – but keep it all in proportion, that’s all.

beach night

Speaking of ‘dark’, most of the images so far are indeed a little dark, so let’s add a few brighter ones now! Still appreciating the male body, but keeping everything in proportion:

arm up jeans boi

bathroom boi

cars the star not






By the way, note the chest hair on that last boy, Lars. Some guys feel they have to obsessively shave their chests (or each others) in order to appeal to prospective partners. Our mate Zach, who has sported similar chest hair to Lars ever since we have performed together as acrobats, has always said he wants to shave it off because it would put the audience off. Of course it didn’t, because it is not excessive, and indeed Dave and I (and the rest) have all grown a bit of hair there over the years too. And anyway, if Dave or any of my trusted gay partners shaved their chests, it would become all bristly, wouldn’t it?

So don’t obsess about hairy chests – or even backs (which most guys feel is much worse!). It’s your body – it’s unique, so be yourself! Here’s another splendidly ‘built’ and slightly hairy chest:

on the spot

locker room



So there we are: nineteen fit young guys with great proportions (and one left to come), bodies to be proud of certainly, but in no obvious way ‘obsessive’. Just remember: it’s the only body you’ve got, so take care of it. Exercise regularly and remember too that “you are what you eat” – and if your diet is greasy fry-ups, burgers in buns with fries on the side and sugary carbonated drinks, then you know what you’ll be! ‘Fighting fit’, like this last guy, would maybe be a better choice.


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