Welcome to the Blog!

Tony Cavanagh welcomes you to his world of books (first and foremost!) and to the things he loves best on the other pages here. After six blogging years, I’m having something of a reorganisation and culling many old posts and associated images to make room for new things. This blog home page offers more information about my books and will also signpost additions to the ‘Fitness, Acrobatics and Gymnastics‘ pages (see Index) and also to the ‘Gay Expression‘ page – these being the themes which run through my first three books. Purchasing books helps to support the blog, and most readers rate them well!

Before we get there, there is a fourth book published October 2017 and a fifth half completed. So let’s start with the most recent offering:

A ‘reluctantly’ gay boy, cast out of his community for discovering his sexuality… can he find the true meaning of his life and his true love, or does fate have more s*** in store for him? Best classified as ‘Romantic Fiction’, I think, the book explores Native American beliefs as his shape-shifting ‘spirit guide’ struggles to make things right for him. Darker influences are also at work, however, and his life holds many surprises and disappointments before the final dénouement. Click on the cover for a link to buy direct, and support this blog… e-versions of all the books are also available. And, if  you must, because they don’t pay the author much, there is Amazon…

Three earlier books, written in the first person, chart the life and times of a British teen relocated to the USA who quickly finds another like-minded exiled Brit with whom he shares a love of acrobatic sports and, very shortly after, with whom he shares his gay love. Surrounded by a caring group of sporting (and mainly gay) friends, things nevertheless start to go badly wrong and there are clearly people around who do not wish them well. They discover a life as a touring show… and also a future life as gay dads, but there is much else waiting in store for them before they can be ‘happy ever after’…




Notice too that these covers combine locations of the stories combined with acrobatic images and some Chinese characters: the significance of these emerges early in the first book.


So there we are – welcome. Scroll down for the latest posts, or cross to the other pages for Fitness, Acrobatic and Gymnastics images –  a lifestyle we enthusiastically support – or to Gay Expression for  occasional musings and images related to the gay lifestyle. You will not find porn here.

This blog is also for guys who admire other guys who put real effort into their physical development. On that ‘fitness’ page I encourage you to think how good the fitness lifestyle is for you. The rules are simple:

  1. Make an effort to improve your own fitness this year (you’re NEVER too old);
  2. Enjoy the pictures (and comment please on what you see, and feel free to ‘FOLLOW’);
  3. Buy a book (preferably, all of them) to support the continuation of the blog!

AND: you can even try combining the reading with your workout!

The blog is essentially G-rated; the earlier books get a little explicit from time to time about gay guys doing what gay guys do – you don’t have to be gay to enjoy them – just be gay-friendly. 

And now, as they used to say on the old TV game shows: “Come on Down!”⇓ or alternatively Sideways (to the other pages!)

*** Many pictures  on all of the pages… like the one on the left illustrating what we love to do… will sticky-2-readenlarge if you click on them ***


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Lets Keep in Shape!


Well, that’s original!











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“Nice Boys”

As my mother used to say: “Make sure that you play with nice boys”. Exactly!



Hope you found a playmate there!


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Time On Our Hands

…which means that I have updated the HANDSTAND CENTRAL GALLERY #1 !

I have also added a load more gymnasts at GYMNASTS GALLERY #1 (soon be time to start up #2 I think).

And, while I was at it, I put in some new material on GENTLY GAY as well.

One of the ‘gymnasts’ pictures qualifies for handstands and weight trainers as well, so I repeat it here:

…and now we can continue this post in a suitable theme. Things to might like to be doing to keep ourselves fit in he open air, while we cannot do what we normally love to do.

Well, that looks like a long way down with just a fingertip grip!

Finally for today, something to cheer you up (or convince you that we’re nuts) – Dave found it on Facebook. Well, he thinks its funny (and yes, he did exactly what it says.





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Performers Are in Lockdown Too…

…but still in training!

Can anyone explain the flying saucer in that image? Don’t ask me!


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“Gym Fanatic Consuming a Source of Protein” (6 letters)

Answer at the end! Today’s pictures follow that theme.










ANSWER: Peanut [PE-a-nut]

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More Clicks – More Pics

Visitor numbers to this blog and its associated pages are rising very noticeably since lots of folk went into lockdown. So, if the pictures are cheering people up when you have nothing better to do (and your fitness training is done for the day), here we go again!

Let’s focus on the younger set, devoted to their fitness programmes.

The next eight pictures all feature a young Russian lad ‘Mark’, aged 12, who is clearly training as a bodybuilder and kickboxer. His instagram is ‘kikboxer.mark’ (spelt exactly like that) and he has YouTube features under the watchful eye of ‘Andrey Muscle’ who blocks most of them from being downloaded (which I am obliged to say you shouldn’t do anyway…ahem) because Andrey sells longer vids… oh well! Here’s to ‘Mark’ and some of his mentors:

And now back to ‘miscellaneous’:

(That’s Giuliano Stroe, now into boxing, one-time one of the famous strong Italian kids: his brother Claudio also features in their many YouTube muscle hits since they were very young)

And finally (for this post)…

…anyone might think that I was American. Well, we lived there a long time, but exceedingly glad we’re not there now!

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“Let’s Go Gay” with A Good Read?

I just added some new things to the GENTLY GAY page. A couple of them are vintage book covers. It does occur to me, given the current situation everyone is in, that it might be the time to re-introduce THE BOOKS! Reading helps pass the time when you have nothing else to do (and training is done, obviously).

The first three books are a chronicle loosely based on our own adventures in acrobatics (and in finding gay love), semi-autobiographical and woven into a text which develops into adventure and multi-mishaps. Number 4 (Let The Future Find Me) is a kind of road trip undertaken by a lonely orphaned native American boy in search of love and a life. All of them delve a little into the mystical world as characters receive advice and encouragement from ancestors or (in the No 4 case) from a mischievous shape-shifting spirit guardian.

NONE of them are now available from their original publishers and, if you get them through Amazon and the like, even as e-books, I get nothing in return since the first publisher went bust and their debtors get any income.

ALL remain available directly, post-free to anywhere in the world, from my UK agent, provided that the UK postal service and the one in your country keeps operating. So maybe give it a whirl? Just drop an e-mail to me at gymacrobat@gmail.com and I will organise it all for you.

Here’s a reminder of what is in store.

“God, I love him so much…

I love him more than anything and anyone else in the whole world…

I love him because he always offers a shoulder to cry on…

I love him because he is so tender and caring…
I love him so much that it hurts…
I love him so much…
I love him…
I love…

“The boy, shirtless and barefoot, sat motionless under the tree, oblivious to the shadows lengthening around him and the chill developing in the air as evening began its slow transformation into night. Since lunchtime he had been there, moving only once to relieve himself against the same tree trunk.

His face displayed no emotion, no indication of the turmoil which had occupied his brain for the previous twenty-four hours. Indeed, his face seemed almost serene, calm. And, indeed, he was calm, now. He was close to reaching the decision which would immeasurably change his life forever. A decision he had never imagined he would have to make, but which was now unavoidable after the events of the previous afternoon – a catastrophic chain of events for which, he now admitted to himself, he had been entirely responsible. And, yet… was he? This was one of the several debates which had raged in his mind. What had occurred had seemed to him entirely natural. So why should it have resulted in such a dramatic reaction from the elders in his community? But, inside himself, he knew the answer to that perfectly well.

I call him a ‘boy’, partly on account of his youthful appearance and partly because, in my world, we use the term rather generously to describe young men well into their twenties and, as we become older, we tend to carry the term forward to mean anyone of our own age or younger. But this was, indeed, a man of just over nineteen mature years. Naturally dark of complexion, his shirtless habit in all except the very coldest weather had added a deep and even tan. His dark-brown eyes, seemingly unseeing and looking into the distance, yet noting even the slightest stirring in the grass, conveyed no emotion either… indeed, they conveyed an impression of serenity which totally concealed his true feelings. His hair, jet black, was both full and long. Very long, in fact, with much of it collected into a ‘pony tail’ tied with a leather lace: the tail, and the end of the lace, extended down to the small of his back. If you were asked to guess his age, you would probably have put it at no more than sixteen.

His feet and lower legs matched his upper body in colour, for he was also accustomed to spending much of his time barefoot, his soles toughened through growing up largely in the open air such that treading stony paths or climbing trees or rocks without shoes came quite naturally to him. His only garment was a pair of well-worn three-quarter length jeans, with the legs rolled up a little so that they reached to just above his knees. The jeans were held in place with an ornate leather belt, decorated with some of the symbols of his heritage. Beneath them, he wore no undergarment. His habit of keeping himself scrupulously clean was also a part of that heritage and, since a young boy, he had shunned the white man’s affection for fancy underwear.

For this was no ‘white man’, nor ‘black man’ either. This boy was a ‘red man’ – a ‘Red Indian’ – a Native American. An ‘Etowah’. And it was the heritage, traditions and beliefs of his people – his tribe – which in large measure had led to his present situation. Together with a prejudice which they shared with many other groups of people in the wider world…”


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Sharing What We Love To Do

…to keep spirits up during our lockdown!

(I do wish guys wouldn’t include toilets in their pix…)

Im Moment sind wir nicht sehr aktiv auf Instagram aber auch das Training muss grade pausiert werden, da in der Schule echt viele Tests etc. anstanden/anstehen…??
Nächste Woche klappt es dann hoffentlich wieder besser, aber das ist jetzt erstmal kein Grund für schlechte Laune, der Schulkram ist schon schlimm genug ????
~Nils & Erik

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These Guys have been Keeping in Shape!

…So let them inspire you to do everything you can during the lockdown to improve your own bodies!


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The Opposite of Social Distancing…

…wrestling, for sure! 16 new images added to WRESTLING GALLERY #2.

But, unless you are lucky enough to be isolating with training partners, such ‘up-close-and-comfortable’ activities are out for the moment.

Here are some ‘social’ pictures to remind you what we can look forward to:

Nice piece of ‘acfro’ there – which reminds me that I also have a mass of new gymnastics pictures just adding to the GYMNASTS GALLERY #1, so go explore those too (as we cannot go to our gyms right now)… for example:

More groups now – memories of happier times!



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