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Tony Cavanagh welcomes you to his world of books (first and foremost!) and to the things he loves best on the other pages here. After six blogging years, I’m having something of a reorganisation and culling many old posts and associated images to make room for new things. This blog home page offers more information about my books and will also signpost additions to the ‘Fitness, Acrobatics and Gymnastics‘ pages (see Index) and also to the ‘Gay Expression‘ page – these being the themes which run through my first three books. Purchasing books helps to support the blog, and most readers rate them well!

Before we get there, there is a fourth book published October 2017 and a fifth half completed. So let’s start with the most recent offering:

A ‘reluctantly’ gay boy, cast out of his community for discovering his sexuality… can he find the true meaning of his life and his true love, or does fate have more s*** in store for him? Best classified as ‘Romantic Fiction’, I think, the book explores Native American beliefs as his shape-shifting ‘spirit guide’ struggles to make things right for him. Darker influences are also at work, however, and his life holds many surprises and disappointments before the final dénouement. Click on the cover for a link to buy direct, and support this blog… e-versions of all the books are also available. And, if  you must, because they don’t pay the author much, there is Amazon…

Three earlier books, written in the first person, chart the life and times of a British teen relocated to the USA who quickly finds another like-minded exiled Brit with whom he shares a love of acrobatic sports and, very shortly after, with whom he shares his gay love. Surrounded by a caring group of sporting (and mainly gay) friends, things nevertheless start to go badly wrong and there are clearly people around who do not wish them well. They discover a life as a touring show… and also a future life as gay dads, but there is much else waiting in store for them before they can be ‘happy ever after’…

Notice too that these covers combine locations of the stories combined with acrobatic images and some Chinese characters: the significance of these emerges early in the first book.


So there we are – welcome. Scroll down for the latest posts, or cross to the other pages for Fitness, Acrobatic and Gymnastics images –  a lifestyle we enthusiastically support – or to Gay Expression for  occasional musings and images related to the gay lifestyle. You will not find porn here.

This blog is also for guys who admire other guys who put real effort into their physical development. On that ‘fitness’ page I encourage you to think how good the fitness lifestyle is for you. The rules are simple:

  1. Make an effort to improve your own fitness this year (you’re NEVER too old);
  2. Enjoy the pictures (and comment please on what you see, and feel free to ‘FOLLOW’);
  3. Buy a book (preferably, all of them) to support the continuation of the blog!

AND: you can even try combining the reading with your workout!

The blog is essentially G-rated; the earlier books get a little explicit from time to time about gay guys doing what gay guys do – you don’t have to be gay to enjoy them – just be gay-friendly. 

And now, as they used to say on the old TV game shows: “Come on Down!”⇓ or alternatively Sideways (to the other pages!)

*** Many pictures  on all of the pages… like the one on the left illustrating what we love to do… will sticky-2-readenlarge if you click on them ***


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The Place to Be

Fit boys in their element! 40 guys show us their results so far, starting with the youngest recruit working his triceps:

And, as it says in this final shot, “If It Doesn’t Challenge You, It Doesn’t Change You”!

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Handstands and Twosomes

I know that handstands and twosomes don’t really go together, but I updated both the Handstand Central and Caring and Sharing pages, so there you have it! Go check them out.

Here’s a really cool introduction to the handstand set – a gymnast training on his floor bars:

Admire the muscle and its control! And, while we’re in video mode for once, here’s another interesting one I found on YouTube:

As to the twosomes, the ones on the other page are really into each other: in this post, the twosomes which follow are definitely great mates, and that’s probably all. Enjoy their fun, then go check out the other pages.

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Street Workout Day

Time for some boys on bars!

Fresh air, and building strength and endurance at the same time! Very popular in Russia, as gymnast Mischa Pavlov from Chelyabinsk show us in this first one:

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“Just Add Water”

Boy + Water – the perfect combination. We have a tank like that – but use it in our shows for something different. More at the end. First, delicious wet boys!

Such fine detail there – great photography!

Y’know – I think that black and white works better for wet bodies…


That’s the last B&W one, I’m afraid.

Finish off today with three wet boys in their bathroom (with a vodka bottle on the shelf??) – maybe it’s sweat rather than shower water – who knows? Never mind! A great atmosphere in that bathroom!

Dave and I have taken to night swimming: after work is done here at the centre, we put on our swimmers, drive down to the harbour, swim across the narrow bit of the tidal Rio Formosa where the ferrymen carry the punters across during the day (often you can pretty much wade across at low tide), cross the dunes on the boardwalk and there we are on the sandy beach under the stars/moon (great moonlight last night). Rarely anyone else there except a couple of local teens doing what teens do under the umbrellas…

Oh yes – the tank. We use one in our fakir show and someone gets covered in broken glass and walked on (barefoot, ‘natch). So long as the eyes are protected, its perfectly safe (“multiple load paths” ensure that there is no problem with others standing on top) provided great care is taken how they are pulled out. Anything for money… heigh ho!

The other thing I do for money is write books. Maybe I need to do some more promotion here, actually: this is one is good for starters if you care to support this blog:

Click on the cover to buy from the publisher or mail me on gymacrobat@gmail.com. I can also supply copies of my first three epics (the publisher went bust). Great to hear from you.

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Aim For The Right Target

If you are new to fitness, remember to aim for the right target. Unless you aspire to win bodybuilding competitions, huge muscle is not for you. Your body-image target should match your physique to start with, and be aimed to improve your chosen sport. Aim for fitness, a good appearance, with the strength and endurance you need to achieve your sporting goals. Then keep it up together with regular exercises. Weights by all means, running, and a sensible diet.

Good luck! Here we offer some inspirational examples: some very photogenic but ‘ordinary’ boys. 39 more to go.

Oh, one more thing. Getting yourself photographed in a railway tunnel on an active rail line is maybe not such a good idea either!

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The Great Summer Outdoors

Sorry that posting has been a bit erratic over the last week – had rather a lot of things to sort out. Back on track now, I hope.

For most of the world it is high summer. Let’s get those shirts off and enjoy… 50 pix from beach/pool/sea/mountains/whatever! I’m not including street workout scenes today: plenty of those to come later.

That is one very clever shot!

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Think BIG!

Long-term readers will be aware of a running gag involving my partner Dave and cats… but the message is important. From where you are, to where you want to be… it is all down to you. And you don’t have to have an expensive gym membership… bedrooms, garages… the shed… just the Great Outdoors… just add ‘determination’, a training mate if you’re lucky, and away you go.

Before I share the rest of today’s images on that theme, a quick heads-up that there are new postings on three pages: WRESTLING GALLERY #1, GENTLY GAY, and GYMNASTS GALLERY #1. Go check them out!

How about making your own gym equipment with locally-available materials? Check these next two pictures out!

Now back to the garage… and I’m certain there are a few weights in there somewhere!

And who needs weights?

Take care of your diet:

OK, maybe not that last menu! Find a rope? Climb it…

…or a passing ring to pull up on – those outdoor facilities are cool…

No facility? Find a friend…

…put in some yard work…

Group on the beach? Put those muscles to work:

Make use of handrails…

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Body Image – A Sensible Approach

For modern teens and teens+, body image matters. Everyone wants to look good, but some take it to ridiculous lengths, desiring corded bulging muscles, gorging themselves on supplements… wrong. Build the body you need for your chosen sport sensibly, and to keep fit. All round – not just exploding biceps and pecs! Then you can be proud of what you have achieved. I offer 50 good examples.

Check out the sweat… he’s been on a running machine for sure. Not just lifting the heaviest weights possible, as some do. Good all rounder…



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Yesterday I posted lots of twosomes. I thought that today we should count down from ten – so loads of fit lads here!


Firstly, ten gymnasts from Chelyabinsk ready to swim (including their coach Andrey Telitsyn)

Now some other team!


Down to nine gymnasts from Chelyabinsk this time (Still including the coach):

Yeah, they’re at the pool. But they’re still gymnasts! Back in their gym:

…and with a girl (not sure I can allow this!):

…dump the girl (and the coach!) and go outside to train:




Chelyabinsk lads seem to be rather prominent in this post:


Chelyabinsk guys again – sauna this time:


I’m ignoring the guy holding the camera in this one – ‘fives’ seem hard to find!



Last appearance of Chelyabinsk gymnasts!

TWO – some more – why not?

ONE – The Big Finish!

I think that this guy, near Sydney Harbour Bridge, deserves the final accolade today.

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“It Takes Two to Tango…”

Two guys together, enjoying themselves shirtless… great. For the 29 couples that I’ve just added to the top of the CARING AND SHARING page (click here), things go a little further and there is obvious LOVE. Go explore there (and all my other pages indexed at the top). In this post I continue the theme of two mates having fun doing whatever they have decided to do with 34 more excellent images…

Noting the cross-matching of shorts and bandanas, maybe those two should have been on the Caring and Sharing page as well! I’m pretty confident that the next pair are ‘straight mates’ – arms around the shoulders never has to mean ore than ‘just good friends’:

“Two’s company, three’s NOT a crowd” in this case:

Now here’s a novel idea – let’s go out in the snow together in our underpants!

I fear that last one may be a modelling shot for underwear. Oh well, never mind… the guys are cute! And here we go again:

Should we read anything into that? Not sure!

…and a different pair in the same location:

Twins? … …

So: we’ve been a bit heavy on selfies in locker rooms/washrooms with pals keen to check each other out – never mind, it’s fun!

To finish, a couple of a different kind, totally in harmony with nature! Enjoy, and ‘bye for now!’

P.S. You are invited to caption that one!! Looks like the pig could you use some sun cream.

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