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This blog is for guys who admire other guys who put real effort into their physical development. It is NOT exclusively gay, but hopefully you will be gay-friendly.

tumblr_neimn2tEkV1qffcrao3_500The rules are simple:

  1. Make an effort to improve your own fitness this year (you’re NEVER too old);
  2. Enjoy the pictures (and comment please on what you see, and feel free to ‘FOLLOW’);
  3. Buy a book (preferably, all of them) to support the continuation of the blog!

The books (print and e-versions available) are about finding gay love, developing ourselves as acrobats, starting a family (yeah, I’m a gay dad and enormously proud of my teenage son!!), going on tour, meeting difficulties ‘head-on’ (they become a bit of a thriller as well). sticky-1-readLinks from all posts from September 2014 onwards will lead you to more information and potential purchase – they are in almost every post and either through clicking on images of the covers, or on the separate links when given!! And, as the image on the right clearly shows, you can follow all of these rules at one go…

The blog is essentially G-rated; the books get a little explicit from time to time about gay guys doing what gay guys do – you don’t have to be gay to enjoy them – just be gay-friendly. 

And now, as they used to say on the old TV game shows: “Come on Down!”⇓

*** Many pictures will enlarge if you click on them ***


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The Fat Lady Sings


Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Wet or Sweat?’


A slight apology is due, I suspect, to the lady featured in the previous post. Especially as it was titled ‘Good Relations’! But the lady I question was, indeed, very large. No. It’s about Leo and Chris’s new swimmer friend, who wants to engage with them on their weights (particularly) and enjoys wrestling, too. An extremely pleasant African American boy, slightly younger than Leo, who joined the swimming trips in the summer. Happily went skinny-dipping with the rest, apparently.

Here in Tennessee, relationships between the races aren’t always entirely comfortable. As a Brit, I have failed to get to grips with the situation here, which is do different from UK. You do have to be careful what you say here, sometimes. Anyway, his Mom came around and gave him a flea in his ear for being here, as I related.


So, our boys (and this new friend) certainly like to get wet – and they are never happier than when they are sweating it out in the gym either – weights, wrestling, acrobatics… – hence our picture theme today.


So this boy’s mom showed up in our yard and met Clare. The brief meeting seems to have worked some magic, for today we had a phone call – ‘Are you sure its OK for him to spend time with you?’

I actually think she was afraid that her ‘young gentleman of colour’ would have been an unwelcome presence here. Far from it! If he’s sporty and enjoys what the kids enjoy, he’s ‘in’ – whether he’s white, black, blue or green! And we’re really pleased that ‘our’ half-American kids are not following the prejudices of the town.

He’s here now, and I think his other mate who was in the swimming party will be a regular visitor too. We really have lost our training cabin to the next generation: they’re enjoying it just as much as we did – and we’re in there ourselves as much as possible, when there’s room! Sweating it out…


Can’t get enough of it! If only the sea was closer to TN…




Interestingly, we got seriously wet (as well as frequently sweaty) in the third of my books:


Click on that cover for more info. You might like the first two as well:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Now, where were we?









This last boy’s definitely at ease being wet!



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Good Relations


That’s a neat picture which says

‘Check Out My Muscle!’ – Today’s Gallery Theme


Today’s narrative is about something entirely different. Quite a funny story, really. I mentioned a month or so ago that the boys had palled up with a group from High School during the summer vacation and were spending a lot of time swimming, particularly river swimming in the Clinch. A couple of the group were African American, which we were very pleased to see, especially when we are faced with what is essentially a colour bar in the private gym (but, with Chad away on his travels, there is some pressure on Ron to get rid of that – but that’s another story for another time, and which could end badly when Chad returns).

Clare was in our yard the other afternoon, riding the mower in her usual state of semi-undress (shorts and bikini top). She noticed the lads and Jaymee return from school – and Leo, his mate Chris, and one of these new swimming dudes, disappear into our training cabin with a cheery wave. She thought no more about it…


…until suddenly, a large perspiring African-American lady bustled up, as Clare put it later ‘dressed for church’ (it was over 90 degrees at the time). ‘I suppose you’re his mother?’ Well, yes, Clare is indeed Leo’s mother, but what could this woman want? ‘I want to check out its OK for my boy to be here. He should be home doing his assignments. Where is he?’


Ooops. Clare knew perfectly well that the boys would be sweating over weights or wrestling in the cabin, almost certainly in a state of undress. No-one gets into our cabin without an invitation, though.

‘How did you know to come here?’ Clare was puzzled and was avoiding the issue.

‘He has to text me so I know where he is.’ Right!

‘You wait right here, Mrs…? She gave her name. ‘OK, you wait right here and I’ll see if I can find them. Take a seat right here on the mower!’ The lady looked very relieved to take her not inconsiderable weight off her feet, and sat fanning herself, which gave Clare time to sneak into the cabin and tip the boys off. Chris and the new guy were indeed in a sweaty tangle on the mats, with Leo cheering them on. The new boy just in his underpants…

‘Better pull some shorts on and get out here. Your Mom’s on your trail!’


Poor boy. Clare says she definitely heard ‘Oh shit!’ They lads were actually calling by to let us know that they were going for a swim, but got distracted. As they do. And the boy got ordered home to do his homework. He was soooooo embarrassed!

‘Mrs xxxxxxx – he’s welcome here any time…’ …but the large lady was bustling him out of the yard – not exactly leading him by his ear, but as good as…

Clare decided to trade on the situation. ‘So you two got the same assignment? Better quit messing in the cabin then? You gonna work together on it?’ They often do.

Faces fell. ‘I was going to go round to Chris’s this evening to do it – after we had a swim.’


‘My Mom’ll feed us,’ volunteered Chris.

I think we’re generally a bit more relaxed about how the kids spend their time that the large sweaty lady.

Clare glared at them for a long time before turning away.

‘Better get the bikes and get off down there, then. There’s towels in the airing cup…….’

But they were already racing off across the yard!


I like to think that we have some understanding with our kids in terms of what our expectations are, and them of us. Karen and Clare are certainly no ‘tiger moms’, nor Dave and I ‘tiger dads’ (if there are such things). We do demand – and get – respect – both ways. The kids get to enjoy their lives without feeling oppressed – and they get to ‘live’ them, as well. And any friend of theirs is always welcome. But not always, perhaps, their Moms…


And so to business, with more muscle admiration:









A quick reminder that you can explore our world through these links:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7






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“Only Sporty Girls Need Apply”


Now who are they trying to attract, I wonder?

A rare spat between my son Leo and his best friend Chris yesterday after school.

They both came back to train with the ladies on some fire stuff – breaking lumber across their backs which just happens to have been dipped in kerosene and set on fire – but is only in contact for a microsecond, so no sweat! Then Jaymee (Dave’s daughter) announced that she was going to a movie in the evening with her friends (and their boyfriends I suppose) and would Chris like to join her?

Now Chris has had Jaymee in his sights for a long time, but the feelings didn’t seem to be reciprocated – until now! – although they work together ‘professionally’ – we set up a show with the four kids for summer camp, for example. Sadly, Leo’s ‘squeeze’, Karla, who actually stayed with us a while and was young team member number 4, has now left the district following her parent’s marriage breakup.

Normally, Leo and Chris are as close as two straight boys can ever be, especially in their fitness and acrobatic endeavours.


But having no girl to take to the flicks seemed to be a ‘last straw’ for Leo, who threw a sulk and told Chris to ‘just go, then’ if he didn’t want to spend the evening with him.

I do feel sorry for Leo. He has been coming over to the gym center whenever Jaymee goes to her competitive acrobatic gym class, hanging around in the sidelines and trying to impress some of the girls with his own handstands and whatnot. Shirtless and show-off, of course. He thinks of Jaymee as his sister, since they grew up together from day 1, and is fiercely protective – if anyone was to make it with her, he would surely want it to be his best friend. But something seemed to snap yesterday. Shrugged, turned his back on Chris and stomped off into the house.


Boys faces can be really full of expression!


Oh dear. Dave was away helping Pete and Ivo with an extra coaching shift, and Ethan was reluctantly spending time visit relatives with his parents. His partner, Jack, was chilling with me and watched this drama unfold. ‘Let’s get him down to the gym,’ he suggested. ‘Sweat it out of him.’


Turned out to be a great idea. When we entered the gym after the mandated shower, we found it almost empty. A couple of guys on the resistance machines, and three young twenty-somethings in a wrestling tangle on the mats. Immediately they called over Leo – ‘Want to make this a proper four-way tag? Losers get a beating?’ Of course, Leo was ‘in’ with that immediately. I think the idea of losing and getting the strap across his back felt appealing with the mood he was in.

(Don’t have a foursome wrestle pic to hand, so I’ll throw in the dreaded ‘spladdle’…)


Jack looked at me and at the empty oil pit. ‘Us, oil, loser gets f***ed?’ Well, we’re in a group free to do that and, yes, it was good. I won. The aftermath was conducted privately, of course. The gym, always gay-tolerant, now forces a strict separation for such activities since younger members have been admitted.

All three of us happy when we left, then, and Leo more willing to talk with us over a Subway sandwich. He is desperate for a girlfriend that he can respect, and that means fit and sporty, not like most of the girls in his year at High School (and he’s tried a fair few of them, actually!). Hence the strapline for this post. But readers here are unlikely to be 14-ish yo girls seeking a sport-mad fitness-freak boyfriend, so I think he needs to keep the search going elsewhere.


And this morning? Chris over as normal for the pre-school training in our cabin, just as if nothing had happened – if anything, Chris seemed to be extra-caring and encouraging. Good friends don’t let a rare disagreement get in the way. And Jaymee also in attendance, no doubt watching ‘her’ Chris work his muscles but also being strictly ‘professional’ and getting on with her own workout. Apparently (she told Dave) the film was great: little said about the ‘date’, but they were back quite early – well before we were.

Gay or straight, falling in love can be a challenge!

Here’s how Dave and I did it.


Just in case there are some fit teen girls reading this, some equally fit young eye candy follows. But I bet it will be the guys here that most enjoy it!














Yes, those bars are great for developing the upper body! Let’s finish where we started, with weights buddies encouraging each other. In this case, the one on the right needs to ‘push’ the one on the left to making some gains – I’m sure he will. Enjoy your own fitness program!


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Keeping Us Busy



Just like these guys, we enjoy ‘fun’ acrobatics as well as the serious stuff we need for our occasional performances. And, having Ethan and Jack back with us after over two years, we have a lot of catching up to do in that department! It’s still plenty warm enough here to be doing it in the ‘great outdoors’, too.


Actually, a high probability of rain today, but it will be 33C (91F) again by mid-week. Of course, Ethan and Jack have been keeping the other eight of us busy in other ways…


…an insatiable appetite for it, you might say.

But, in the more acrobatic way, they’ve been making sure that we’ve been training as hard as they have – checking out our flexibility for example:



…our strength and development…



…and whether we remember their cunning wrestling moves…



In the midst of all this ‘fun’ – and many hours spent with them in the private gym doing all of that stuff – there is “work” to fit in! Training the gymnasts…


…well, not him – he’s an Olympian and so far, from our corner of Tennessee, we haven’t produced any of those! Nile Wilson (UK) by the way.

So, the grand re-union has happened, and I think we’ve all passed each other’s tests and lived up to each other’s expectations. Like enjoying weird stuff, for example…


…being shirtless, even in the rain…


…and of course, being barefoot when possible too…


…and, of course, the rest! But, just to be clear, we don’t train naked all the time!


So there we are. Life returning to pretty much how it used to be before Ethan and Jack went off on their world tour. With one interesting difference – our kids Leo and Jaymee have grown up a lot, and developed their acrobatic skills a lot. Ethan and Jack seem very impressed, and have made sure that the young ‘uns make good use of their new balance pedestal – a triple, which allows for rotations during arm balancing and also has two blocks with slightly dished surfaces for their simultaneous free head balances, which Leo at least wants to try. He found a video of a Korean guy who makes a series of jumps on his head up a line of blocks – but that is definitely off the agenda for everyone because it has a real chance of compressing and damaging the top of the spinal column. As does Leo’s other YouTube find of a Chinese bloke who jumps a skipping rope in a free head balance. So we won’t be going there either!

Just maintaining the best fitness and balance capabilities that we can in our increasingly old age!





So keep up the hard work, folks!



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Sorry, Been a Bit Busy!


Sorry for the pause in posts. As you should be aware, we had Ethan and Jack come back to join us on Sunday after more than two years away performing on the streets, and later in a circus, in Australia and New Zealand. And, as they are two of our trusted Tuan Jie group, we had a lot of catching up to do – every which way!


Since Clare’s partner Karen was driving them home in her truck from Oregon, Clare decided that we should all have a grand dinner on Sunday evening – ten Tuan Jie, the two girls (also re-united, but only after a few days) and the two young-uns Leo and Jaymee. Sunday morning, Clare was issuing orders – peel these, wash that… lunch was almost forbidden in order to conserve ourselves for the feast, and Dave and I with Leon and Dane down from Lexington were assigned to yard duties, watering the shrubs.


Obviously we don’t have sculpture in our yard – nor, sadly, an unknown muscular lad in red trackies… our yard is, of course, overlooked by neighbours and so, despite the continuing heat, we needed Speedos at least. Soon, we were all as wet as the shrubs we were supposed to be watering (still arseing around, even in our 30’s!), and we lay down on some dry grass to let the sun dry us off. Conversation flagged, and we took to a little dozing with the sun on our backs. Not even enough energy for a few sit-ups, like these guys:


I obviously dropped off because the next thing I knew was someone’s head on my back, between the shoulder blades – bearing someone’s whole weight – Jack, of course, in his classic free head balance mode! And Ethan pushing his toes into my face…

This next guy is not Jack (nor Ethan) – apart from their Tuan Jie mark, their only tattoos are a matching pair of little lions on their abdomens – but you get the idea:


Well, from there on, things could only get better. After the amazing meal for 14, everyone except the young-uns went to the private gym for a very long and mainly entirely private session of wrestling and getting up, close and, erm, comfortable.


Ethan had chosen to let his parents think that they would be arriving the following day – he and Jack will stay there for a bit while they decide what to do next. So we basically had the whole night at our disposal, with only Ivo and Pete having to leave – eventually – to open the gymnastics center for the early-morning trainers. Lots of ‘positions’ were explored…


…after all: with ten acrobatic gay lovers in one place for a few hours, things happen ‘every which way’…


The last few days have passed in a bit of a blur, with little time to post, so sorry for that. Things have calmed down now, Ethan and Jack have found some casual work to keep the dollars coming in, and are staying for the time being in Ethan’s former single room in his parents’ quite small house. Strong and flexible after almost four years of continuous performance, they are catching up on weight training and the resistance machines big time, and we are considering integrating with them again for some shows we have been asked to do in the Fall.


Once upon a time they used to include trapeze in their shows, with Ethan finally descending from about 30 feet in his so-called ‘death plunge’, to be saved by us catching him under the chest and legs just clear of the pointy knives we left under there for effect! However, head balancing (with arm balancing) has been the core of their act recently – Ethan on Jack’s foot as he lays on the nails, for example, Jack on Ethan’s head as Ethan walks the glass, up and over a stepladder and a sword bed…



I have no doubt that the two of them will move on eventually – Toronto calls (Jack’s family), and I do not think they have tired of the circus, even if we have! In the meaning, the training (weights, acro etc.) goes on for all of us:




For the moment, it’s just like the old times depicted in these books, in which Ethan appears as a cheeky 15yo school kid with a natural talent for acrobatics who (correctly) realises that he is gay. Re-reading the bit where he meets Jack for the first time and then they get separated by 1000 miles with little hope of getting it together still brings a sense of a tear in the eye to me – even though I wrote it!

The first part...The second part...Just for completeness, there’s a third one too:

Cover 3 Thumb

Still love those silhouette acrobats, too, an idea from my friend Roman which was inspirational!

And so, amidst all this ‘domestic’ excitement, we continue to teach and to promote fitness: here, a few more hopefully inspirational (that word again!) images to complete the post – the first ones with young guys clearly sharing the enjoyment. I’ll try to get back to a normal posting schedule of at least every other day from now on. Promise!







A great one to end on, n’est pas?

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On Hand and On the Bar

Today’s Gallery Theme: Handstands


Leo and Jaymee have been looking to extend their ‘repertoire’ of balance and fakir work, and our friend Ron down at the gym suggested that they have a go at trapeze work, including handstands thereon as well as Jaymee performing from Leo’s hands while he hangs from his feet. This will be a neat addition to the family shows if it works out, and Ron is a good teacher for balance too. So they had a great session yesterday evening, while Dave and I went on the resistance machines with Leon and Dane, who are staying with us for today’s reunion with Ethan and Jack. Clare was there to encourage Jaymee, too, as well as pulling a few pounds herself. Leo and Jaymee also want to do the teeth-by-teeth hang thing that Dave and I do, and they tried that too.

But what they’re definitely best at is balance – handstands, including planche, and one-arm definitely – so that’s todays picture theme!


Shall we call that one ‘disinterested dog’?





If my references to all these assorted people are pretty meaningless and you don’t understand our interest in acrobatics and cabaret performances, best start here:

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 Thumb

It would be great if you would give the books a go but, if you’re just here for the pictures, here come some more hand balances!



Do it ‘naked as nature intended’. Feels good. Here’s another:







Your athletic body + sun + a desert! A handstand is surely inevitable!

No desert? OK, well, the gym’s empty, so wtf…


A bit of a back bend, now:


And I almost forgot – if a partner’s available…



Behind you…!!!


And a sunset to end…



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Shaping Up!


As they say! Time spent in the gym is always time well spent, whatever you are shaping up for! The last couple of posts tell what we’re shaping up for but, in truth, we spend a lot of time keeping as fit and strong as possible in order to maintain our acrobatic performances.

Here we celebrate the effort put in with suitable pictures.






After the bodyweight exercises, a bit of a stretch…






Leg stretch with Nile Wilson, UK gymnast, adding the weights for effect. And, talking of breaking out the weights, here’s another gymnast Epke Zonderland (The Netherlands):

Epke Zonderland, turner, tijdens krachttraining.

Vodacom Bulls Training Session



OK – lift ’em under the shower, if you must!



And don’t forget the resistance machines…


Then you’ll be ready for anything!!


Cover 3 Thumb





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Hot, and its Going to Get Hotter!

In common with southern Europe, we’re having an early autumn heatwave. Even Wales (UK) is warm, by their standards. But that isn’t quite what I mean!


Our wayward friends Ethan and Jack are finally on their way home, having just (literally – just had the text) linked up with Karen and her truck in Oregon. She’s promised to deliver them to us as soon as possible, which probably means Sunday afternoon.


Which kind of means that Sunday evening could be kind of ‘busy’. Leon and Dane from Lexington are coming down Saturday evening in anticipation and prepared to take Monday – and possibly Tuesday – off their work. The rest of our ‘gang of ten’ will have to work a bit at the start of next week, but I feel we can fit in plenty of ‘fun’ again…


And then what, for Ethan and Jack? That’s far from clear. After almost three continuous years of acrobatic performing, they don’t have a specific plan.


I think their idea is to just ‘crash’ here for a bit, with Ethan’s parents, and then go over to Toronto for a while with Jack’s. But they are thinking about more stable jobs than being itinerant performers – we are all painfully aware that our bodies are of increasing age, and good things do not go on for ever!



Meanwhile, don’t be too surprised if this blog goes quiet for a few days. As I say, there is a lot of catching up to do, every which way! “Tuan Jie rules, OK?”



And I guess there#ll be a few comparisons to be made… find out who can still do what


As for what this is all about… you’ll find it all here:

The first part...Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

So, while we ‘gird our loins’ for the days to come, let me share some more excellent physiques with you… starting with our own (British!) gymnastics star Max Whitlock:










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Coming Home Soon

Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Couples’


Our wayward acrobat friends Ethan and Jack, currently performing in a club in Seattle, seem to have fallen on their feet again – secured a ride 300 miles south with a gay-friendly club-goer who is also a delivery driver. That’s 300 miles closer to where Karen might be able to pick them, and their stuff, up when she does her monthly trucker run out to Oregon.

So we’re a little closer to our great Tuan Jie reunion! I think by now  that every reader here knows what that means! If you’re not – see the books recommended at the end of this post! Shared gay love with no restrictions – 10 guys all ‘cleared’ for action by new tests – the boys already did theirs in Seattle, while Leon and Dane have done the same up in Lexington and the rest of us are due in Dr (friend) Nathan’s office tomorrow…


Hmmm. I’m sure you can figure out that, since we haven’t seen Ethan and Jack in two years because of their touring wanderlust, there’s going to be one hell of a celebration. We trust one another, of course, not to have ‘strayed’, but we all agreed from the outset that every once in a while we would have a mass re-test, no exceptions. And this seems like one of those times.


If they do manage to link up with Karen’s truck, we should see them the middle of next week – she is setting off tomorrow and it’s quite a distance from Tennessee!


short speedos pair

Until then, it is ‘business as usual’ with the rest of us, of course – and a bit of work and training thrown in. And, with the new generation taking over our training cabin, plus their friends showing up all hours, fitting our own training in is becoming quite a challenge. Ivo is thinking of posting a timetable!


It won’t be followed, of course, but it might make the point to Leo and Jaymee and their friends that we established the cabin more than 15 years ago and we’re going to fight for our rights!



First up in the morning is always Ivo and Pete, doing a quick warm-up and them getting in some weights before they head off to open up the gymnastics center for the early before-school ‘tyro’ sessions. Meanwhile, my son Leo is out of his bed, several sets of bodyweight exercises in his bedroom training space, then its pulling on a pair of shorts to do a proper warmup running circuits around the yard before stripping off again in the cabin to work through his balance routines, usually with Jaymee. After which she leaves Leo and his assorted male friends to it, they having shown up at intervals. They’re doing weights and other ‘tyro’ stuff like nail beds.


At some point in all this Dave and I will show up for our own early morning session, usually as the boys depart for High School, showering and reluctantly pulling shirts on, or carrying them as long as possible before entering the school grounds. Sometimes Leo and Chris want the odd cinder block broken on their stomachs, just to  keep them in trim with that… or they will do it for each other. And that’s on the nail bed – real professionals!


Then, briefly, it’s Dave and I and maybe Chris’s dad Steve from up the road – we start later because our coaching sessions are usually later and cover evenings quite frequently. Somehow, everyone gets what they want out of the cabin because the boys usually go to the other gym after school, leaving the coast free for Jaymee, her mum and her partner Clare to practice their fakir stuff, stretch Jaymee and all the other things needed to keep everyone in ‘performance’ shape. Busy, busy… – not to mention the private fitness coaching we’re now fitting in for a group of really young ones…


As an aside, that’s one way to get a real good handstand shape, pushing yourself straight against the rubber strands. This, on the other hand, is a very bad way, not least because the kid on the ‘top’ is facing the wrong way and they have an awful hand grip as a result – but he’s having fun with his dad, so what the hell…


But that wasn’t really the sort of ‘couple’ I had in mind when I planned this picture theme.


Yep, it was definitely the ‘loving gay couple’ theme I had in mind! No presumptions about anyone’s sexuality in these or previous pix, of course.

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset


Well, that’s one way to get a kiss…


And, as I was saying, here’s some clues to ourselves which you might like to discover:

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 Thumb



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Bog Standard

I don’t have photos on this I’m afraid, but some news from wild Wales (where we own a cottage): following the Olympic Games, the nearby town of Llanwrtyd Wells has held the ‘World Alternative Games’: bog snorkelling (with and without a bicycle), wife carrying (in the bog), husband dragging (don’t ask) and many more. This news comes from the family that are currently renting our place for their vacation: they say that the games went off extremely well and that a huge (?? come on, it’s in the middle of nowhere) crowd enjoyed the spectacle. Sadly, we haven’t been able to get there for over a year and, short-term, it doesn’t seem likely. Never mind, the place is being well looked after.

The nearest thing I can find to a bog is the river for our pictures:





tan sky sand

river abs



Now there’s an idea: headstands on the river! And a handstand by the river, on your friend’s stomach. Why not?


And, my goodness, what you can get up to on a quiet beach…



Did everyone forget their Speedos? obviously not quite everyone:


Ah – the handstand. Here’s a really stylish beach handstand pic:




A beach show-off…

tan sky sand

And now time for me to show off: the following tales of finding gay love, developing acrobatic shows, circus tours and getting into trouble are worth a look:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Hope you will check out those books. And, for today’s finale, an unusual handstand contribution keeping the water theme…


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