Welcome to the Site!

Updated 19th June 2020

Tony Cavanagh welcomes you to what started as a blog to promote books but has morphed into a multi-page experience celebrating first and foremost male fitness and his favourite sports – weight training, acrobatics, gymnastics, wrestling… secondly identifying with the gay community and ‘gently’ supporting gay love and relationships… and finally, in a lower-key way now, his trio of books covering all that stuff plus a more recent novel.

Thus, the pages here celebrate the male body image and physical achievement – but this is not a porn site and, if  that is what you are seeking, please look elsewhere.

Please do go to the index at the top of this page and begin your exploration!

This pic kind of wraps everything up together!



And now: Welcome Aboard! Feel free to comment, especially on the blog posts, or contact me directly on all male physical fitness themes, at gymacrobat@gmail.com

Here is a video of the sort of stuff we love, and then a few thumbnail examples of the images we like to share here, to get you started. Pretty much all images on this site will enlarge if clicked.



retro027 sweat tumblr_f28d547a0a97a39ad11162867233174f_bec957e0_500 831 wr 103503003_713457399403589_7365703080119575300_o hs doesnt count really gg post-144-2 two bn11 gymn c_108

Get the idea? Come on in!

Postscript: If any picture was not intended for free re-post by the photographer, I will at once apologise and take it down. I do not knowingly post under-age pictures unless there are special circumstances which justify it, such as excellence in sporting achievement by The Younger Generation on that page. And, yes, I do occasionally include images of ourselves: you just need to decide for yourselves which they are! Hope that clears things up…?

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Wrestle On!

54 new wrestle pix on WRESTLING GALLERY #2. Here’s a couple of examples to get you started:

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“A Suitable Boy”

A famous book – and currently on British TV which we get here in Portugal. Not that we watch that stuff. However, it’s a great post title and it builds on a recent post about what pictures make it onto these pages.

Pictures like these!


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Three or Four Having Fun

And why not? !!

Smile, guys.. I said FUN!

(Did I say FUN?)!!

(Now they’re definitely having fun!)

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These Guys Have Got What it Takes…

…to get posted on this site!

(Well, what did you think…!)

It’s all about personal preferences (Dave and I) and, if that rules out some things you’d like to see, then I’m afraid you must look elsewhere. That said, you can submit anything you would particularly like to be included by e-mail to gymacrobat@gmail.com. Offers gratefully accepted, but will be moderated. I offer some guidance in between the following pix and, if any of our likes/dislikes offend, well I’m sorry, but that’s the way it is!

Some things we don’t usually appreciate:

Toilets and urinals in the picture / dirty mirrors for selfies

Pants around the ankles while flexing muscles

Camera/phone obscuring the face or body (selfie takers, please learn!!) or dreadful camera angle (ditto!)

Moustaches and beards

Glasses (and, yes, I wear them for driving, but could you take them off for the picture?)

…some more below

Some things we DO like:

Shirts off!

Gymnasts and acrobats at all skill levels

Martial artists

Lifters/gym bunnies/street workout dudes/sweaty workouts



Stupid edits and obvious ‘Photoshopping’

…some more below

Some more things we DON’T generally like:

Excessive tattoos

Obvious porn set-ups – including guys pictured in jock straps just to show off!

Obvious underwear ads (but we relent where the model is ACE!)

Bodybuilding to ridiculous degrees

Masks (sorry, Coronavirus)

Nudity except where really artistic and destined for the permanent themed pages with genuine justification

Self-promoting models and guys making a living out of self-promotion on the web

Not overtly ‘gay’

Not ‘too young’ to be imaged in the way that they are


Smiles / candid shots

Sportsmen in action

Kewl body image, sometimes featuring specific muscle groups or tailored to their sport

Unusual perspectives, groups, use of light for the image

‘Gently gay’ (like two guys looking affectionate for the blog, closer couples for the other pages)

So there we are:

Not an exhaustive list of likes and dislikes by any means, but there you are. And there are always exceptions! If it helps to explain what you see here, fine: if it offends, you are welcome to look elsewhere for what you want.

Dave and I are very much of the sporting persuasion and work in fitness promotion and (less often now – age!) in acrobatic performance. So, you see, you’ll more or less “get what it says on the tin!” Your comments are welcome, either here or via gymacrobat@gmail.com

Enjoy the rest (we hope…)

(A boy at 45 degrees. Dreadful selfie camera angle that cannot be improved by simple rotation by 90 degrees. But we liked him as well as the lake in the background!)

(Folk wrestler, we think. Odd background though…)

(Almost perfect…)

(Probably taken by a mate: the great outdoors is usually a good setting. Next one too…)

(… but this shot is almost certainly a set-up – with each admiring his own muscle, especially the guy on the right – HOWEVER: it’s the great outdoors again, nice setting, and the bodies are for sure ‘well OK’, so OK! It’s in)

(Street workout dude caught at night [possibly] – it is hard to tell here. Candid night shots can work really well – this is a bit too ‘posed’.)

(Water always makes a great background, so here’s another…)

(Adriatic coast, quiet hidden beach… don’t you just want to join him…?)

(Actually DOING the exercise [bicycle twist for oblique abdominals – much better than posing in front of the mirror in the gym and flexing! Anyway,s he’s at home!)

(Quirky shot. I leave you to figure out why!)

(Here, we allow the vest. Everything else about the shot is great – outdoor [hotel?] gym setting, big weight in the composition, smile…)


(…well, at least the mirror is clean, even if it’s surround obscures the quad he wants us to admire! But he could be sticking his tongue out at us for all we know [and some do – WHY?]…)

Some edits we just like for no apparent reason. That is one of them! Don’t get ‘all hung up’about it…

(Combines weights and a little simple acrobatics – NICE! The guy is a gymnast – you can tell from the toes.)

(Natural setting [messy!!, Pilates ball at the end of the bed??] – mate in the room with a camera, almost certainly with his shirt off too. So a buddy pic too. And we also a get a partial silhouette on the wall, reflected off a mirror by the flash. Fun.)

(Hmmm. Supplements. That one is OK, but prefer not…)

(An oldie – almost certainly a repeat. But the definition is amazing – every hair on his arms… we can surely forgive the weirdo hair?)

(Oh, YES! Not a somersault position so it must be mid-dive with a very short exposure time.)

(Why cut the shirtless buddy off?)

‘Playtime’ to finish. Hope you found something to like and so will return. Comments welcome, as I said, and let us know which is your favourite here. Then check out other pages on the site covering wrestling, gymnastics, handstands… we aim to please!

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Wet ‘n Wild

Well, maybe only a bit wild!


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What’s YOUR ‘Social Distance’?

When your ‘bestie’ or your workout/training buddy is involved, up close and comfortable, most likely! Certainly, in the holiday centre we work in, everyone in their groups seems to trust each other to say if they actually felt ill, and make reasoned risk assessments. Unfortunately, medical advisors can only be 100% sure that we can keep virus free by locking everyone up permanently, and are holding risk-averse politicians to ransom, except in the USA where, weirdly, the opposite is true! – but then, it’s Trump… Elsewhere, rationality, thankfully, is breaking out! We all need our fun, and friends, if only for mental health reasons…

Yep. Sports like wrestling, martial arts and acrobatics are slowly getting back together in several countries now. Thank goodness…

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Admire! Aspire!! Acquire!!!

Any guy who cares the least little bit about his body image or his readiness for a sport will have cast an eye over other guys and made comparisons. Admiring other guys doesn’t ‘make’ you gay, by the way. if they’re going around shirtless then odds on they are hoping to be admired! Then you’ll have thought about what you aspire to. Not necessarily huge muscles (which turn out generally to be pretty useless for any sport): maybe slim, lean and cut. Maybe you are after strength (not the same as big muscles, by the way), or flexibility, or endurance for athletics or whatever.

Then, go find a mate or two, and get stuck in with the HARD WORK you will need to do to achieve your goals, and STICK WITH IT! Encourage each other – don’t try to be better than the others: help them to be as good as you. Make it fun, as well as challenging. Record your progress.

That’s what this site, with its blog posts and auxiliary pages, is all about. Getting FIT FOR PURPOSE!!

Enjoy today’s gallery of pictures and you will see what I mean.

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Out and About

It’s that time of year! Unless you are in Australia/NZ/S. Africa/S. America, in which case, enjoy the sun here! And anyway, enjoy the fit young men…

…just get that shirt off, then…

(Don’t be afraid to show us what you have!)

(Bit of a tough guy that one, with those traps…)

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Apocrine Glands To The Fore

There are more microbes under your armpit than there are people on the planet, and some of them really like to work on the outpourings from your sweat glands to produce that very characteristic odour of ‘active boy’!

Some folks hate that – some (and we are in this group) regard it as desirable evidence of a great workout and find it not only acceptable but positively encouraging… a group of sweaty lads sharing something they love to do. And it certainly gets well-shared when wrestling, as a quick visit to our wrestling pages (e.g. #1 and #2 for starters) will confirm! Maybe we’re just weird, but let’s celebrate with some very relevant pictures – a mash-up of sweat and armpits!

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School PE – Gymnastics and More!

I came across this great image yesterday:

This was like school PE in my day (except that in my school we went barefoot, and to find every boy smiling would be rare!). Actually this was a school in Derby, UK I believe. They called it ‘gym’, but not as we know it (HaHa) – not today’s gymnastics with the boy’s/men’s six apparatus we’re so familiar with now. But it inspired many of us, me included, to take up gymnastics as a sport, often as a result of an inspirational PE master (mine was called ‘Chalky’ so I leave you to guess his name).

This is why I have several galleries featuring gymnastics on this site, and an opportunity to report on a large update today on GYMNASTS GALLERY #2! I also feature some younger gymnasts from time to time on THE YOUNGER GENERATION page, where boys clearly into their physical sports and keen to develop their body image are featured.

Here are some examples from recent updates to whet your appetite to go explore this site further.

This one shows acrobatic gymnasts training (Adam Upcott [top] and Charlie Tate, world champions)…

…many elite acro gym participants go on to take part in professional shows. Which leads us neatly to performance!

It is unclear to me precisely what is going on there. However, crash mats are involved so it is some sort of tumbling display but clearly a performance in front of an audience, and now this post features numerous acrobatic performers in training and in shows, all built up from that original school PE! Still largely shirtless and barefoot! Enjoy!

P.S. Hand balancing of all types is usually featured separately at HANDSTAND CENTRAL GALLERY #1 AND #2. Then go to the index at the top of any of the pages, which will guide to numerous other acrobatically-themed pages.

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