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The books (print and e-versions available) are about finding gay love, developing ourselves as acrobats, starting a family (yeah, I’m a gay dad and enormously proud of my teenage son!!), going on tour, meeting difficulties ‘head-on’ (they become a bit of a thriller as well). sticky-1-readLinks from all posts from September 2014 onwards will lead you to more information and potential purchase – they are in almost every post and either through clicking on images of the covers, or on the separate links when given!! And, as the image on the right clearly shows, you can follow all of these rules at one go…

The blog is essentially G-rated; the books get a little explicit from time to time about gay guys doing what gay guys do – you don’t have to be gay to enjoy them – just be gay-friendly. 

And now, as they used to say on the old TV game shows: “Come on Down!”⇓

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Underwear, Over There

I’ve commented several times that there is an increasing tendency for boys, especially in Eastern Europe / Russia, to appear in public in their underwear when one might expect, say, Speedos or shorts. Swimming, including public beaches, weights gyms, etc. etc. and not forgetting those boys for whom being photographed in underwear is work – the models.

So, after a Speedo post last time, here come the underwear guys! That first one is clearly posing in what looks like a car park. Others, will be just ‘having fun’. Enjoy.

Undies in the snow? No problem!

Sneak preview (draft cover only!)…coming soon…

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A Taste of Things To Come

We’re busy designing one of these!

A gym with an open-air section. Actually, we’re designing two of them. Weights which won’t rust, a floor which won’t go soggy with the occasional shower, benches which won’t crack up in the sun… interesting. And we need the weight rack to be mobile…

Just got the budget confirmed this morning. About twice what we thought!! So we’ll add mats for a wrestle area to the adult side. Just for fun!

Dress code for staff also confirmed as either standard shorts or Speedos, according to taste/weather. Lifeguards and pool boys the same. So we get to spend our time in great weather, mainly outdoors, in Speedos. Who could ask for more of this new posting, I wonder (see previous posts for details!).

So this time, we shall celebrate Speedos. And the great guys inside them, of course.

Speedos do have other uses:

Cooldown time…

Beach wrestlers…

This one’s more a posing pouch…

And finally, Russian “Speedos” are – well – a bit long. But here’s three of them anyway:

I notice that Russian boys (and those in nearby countries), seem to regard their underwear as suitable substitutes for swimwear, and appear comfortably in their underwear in public. I seem to have loads of pics lined up in which feature underwear rather than swimwear, – so, maybe next time…


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Meanwhile, In Other News…

Tired of hearing about our forthcoming move to Europe? Yeah, me too!

Let’s talk about The Donald instead. ‘Groan’. OK, but this is something we shall be glad to get away from! All these Tweets! I ask you!

We don’t tweet. You may have noticed that. Who cares that I just had cornflakes and a banana for breakfast? We’ve better ways of spending our time. Now I was always under the impression that US presidents had their mobile devices taken off them for the duration of their presidency. Not so Trump, obviously.

Here’s such a device put to better use:

The intelligence agency in our home country, UK, is called GCHQ. The President says they were spying on him at Obama’s request. They say they were not. Know which side I’m inclined to believe? Not the side that claimed there was a big terrorist incident in Sweden, which left the Swedes looking around puzzled to see what terrorist incident they had overlooked! ‘Look what happened last night in Sweden! In SWEDEN!!!!!’ For goodness sake, does the man understand the difference between reality and dreams?

Cue two loving guys in bed (if not actually sleeping!):

He’s definitely not dreaming!

At least Trump’s crazy exclusion order has been stopped in its tracks again. Last time it was ‘By a so-called judge.’ This time it is two more “so-called” judges. Good for them. We think the man’s insane. Of all the shooter/terrorist incidents in the US since 9/11 (about 205 according to one count), three were perpetrated by Muslims. Just three. Most of them are down to trigger-happy redneck weirdos allowed guns in this insane place. The cowboy mentality prevails.

And don’t get me started on the Bible Belt…

OK. Enough of a rant. But perhaps enough to reveal why our decision to break with the UK – and our US family – at least for a while, seems like a good lifestyle choice. Where we’re going – and where the family will frequently join us – everyone wants just to get along and have a good time in the sun. And there are plenty of immigrants… mainly Brits, it has to be admitted!

Let’s just get along with some more fitness impressions, plus the occasional plug for someone’s books…

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Taking the Plunge…

…and hoping that we’ve made the right decision!

Praying to the Gods might just help!

So Dave and I have accepted jobs (identical, or joint, however you want to put it) on a new vacation development in southern Europe (the owners want to announce the location themselves in a few weeks, so I can’t). We shall be in charge of two things:

(i) Design, equip and manage two gym/fitness complexes including provision of classes;

(ii) Provision of entertainments on six evenings per week in a dedicated open-air [audience] auditorium, three per week for each ‘side’ of the complex, [one side caters for families, the other for adult groups and will be marketed as LGTB friendly]. This also includes participating in the design of the stage area to allow mounting of trapezes and so forth, the option of “acrobatic/fakir shows” being enthusiastically accepted on to the Agenda alongside music and other entertainments such as magicians. Although not a specific condition, participating ourselves will clearly be an option, along with our like-minded acrobatic mates/family. Ethan and Jack are already asking to have the first ‘residency’ and reckon they could do lunchtime entertainments in the nearby town or beach-front street entertainment to boost their income!

That guy on the base there is clearly a fit ‘oldie’ – good for him. There’s hope for us yet…

We shall be starting work on the procurement of gym equipment right away, working from here in US by internet etc. We have to be on site from mid-April for six weeks, and will then honour our US summer-camp commitments for the following six weeks, working with our kids and their close friends, before returning to Europe to take up ‘permanent’ residence in the rather splendid apartment which comes with the package, rent-free and serviced and with a huge roof area for sun loungers, eating outdoors, sleeping under the stars, and so forth. Living on the job can have drawbacks, like being called on in an emergency if other staff go awol, and we are accepting to be ‘on call’ one night per week in case of guest emergencies. Can live with that… especially in return for access to this…

The weather here in TN is currently foul. -6C (21F) outside as I write this at 7am, although rising to about 9C later. Where we’re going, right now it is in the mid-teens Celsius (up to a modest 60F) but generally enjoys a hot and sunny climate with (mercifully) low humidity for nine months of the year. Getting away from the summer humidity in TN will be a huge bonus for us Brits: could never get used to that even after 17 years here. And we definitely won’t need to train in the snow!

Working days can be spent like this…

…or even in just ‘staff’ Speedos, in common with the pool boys and lifeguards (there will be three pools altogether): just need somewhere to clip a badge and a radio! Matching baseball caps may be available as well.

It will have a naturist zone on the family side, catering for the large Nordic and German enthusiasm for baring all in the sun, with dedicated pool and sunbathing areas separate from a ‘clothed’ zone: on the ‘adult’ side, catering for gays and whatnot, there will be a large ‘clothing optional’ zone too which will include that gym. Definitely a place for ‘getting back to nature’…

Unwise sun exposure will probably be the No.1 issue for the shared medical centre: as in TN in high summer, the sun gets pretty intense at mid-day.

So, all in all, we seem to have fallen on our feet with the opportunity to do what we love to do, dressed the way we love to be, and to get paid for it.

The Down Side. Lots of issues, really.

No. 1: family. Our 15 yos and their mums. Long talks the last two days. Leo was clear: ‘Go for it, Dad. Don’t worry, we’ll be coming over all the time!’ Well, with school, he’ll find that difficult, unless he migrates over to us in Europe and becomes employed instead of being in school. Jaymee likewise. Our close Tuan Jie friends also support the move. ‘After all, Ethan and Jack were away nearly two years, you’ll be coming back from time to time, your membership of the gym here is for life, and you’re going to invite us all over for vacations!’

It is true we can have guests in our staff accommodation (two bedrooms and the couch always available!) and they can use the resort facilities for free – just pay for food taken in the guest restaurants. I guess they’ll be waiting in line (I’d call it a queue but I’m British!) quite soon…

‘…and anyway, won’t you be engaging us for the shows?’

Well, certainly. Not just them of course: we’ll be in contact with pretty much everyone we’ve ever performed with, and scouring the Agencies for Europe-based acts. Don’t apply yet… first things first, and the auditorium won’t be completed until after the first half of the complex (family side) has been opened!

The beach, of course, is always ready and is just a couple of miles away by shuttle transport!

Other deciding factors (speaking as a Brit) include getting away from the packaged, hormone-impregnated, over-carbohydrated, sugar-coated diet so beloved of the US in favour of REAL fresh European food, although the US diet doesn’t seen to have done much harm to this guy’s waistline…

Getting away from Trump is on the list, too (slight worries about how to keep our USA work visas valid when out of the country are on the list of ‘must-do’s, since we might want to come back and take up our former family lives again). There is a share of the present house to consider, too: the girls assure us of a welcome if we return, and also insist that the rest of their purchase loan can be managed without further contributions from us. Legally it is complex but, on a personal level, no-one really cares… theoretically we would own about 20% of it if ever sold.

Maybe writing books was easier! Here’s the customary commercial! Book 4 (unrelated to the other three) is in preparation and has no cover as yet, so just keep a mental note of the title: LET THE FUTURE FIND ME.

And now, may the fitness force be with you…

And, back in the great outdoors, pop-up acrobatics by the pool, anyone? (We’re probably up for that in the new job!)…

I’ll finish for today with a wrestling club changing area, conveniently equipped with climbing ropes for a bit of strength building. See you next time.




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And the Answer Is…

…after a lot of anguished to-ing and fro-ing, and tying ourselves in knots…

…feeling as though we have been standing on our heads all day, weighing up our options…

…wrestling with our consciences…

…no-one else could take the decision for us…

We took the best advice we could find, including more research about the international investors from Roger…

We signed. At least I think we did. Maybe…

Previous posts will explain! Got to go to bed now – morning flight back to the USA. Catch up with you after!


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If it’s Sunday, it must be Wales. I am, briefly, with my parents in my own house, Cefn Derwen. Yng fy nghartref, as they say here. That’s after four days on the southern fringe of Europe learning about our new possible job opportunity, a day in Oxford discussing it with my old friend Roger who caused it to happen through his business contacts (and downing a few beers with him and my oldest friend Colin and his family). Dave is on his way down from Cumbria after discussing with his parents and is hopefully about to arrive at our local train station Llanwrtyd Wells, ready for collection! And on Tuesday we shall be flying back to the States.


The first part of last week was like this…

Blue skies, temperature in the mid-twenties C (upper 70s F). Meanwhile, back in our current home of Tennessee it was freezing at night: here in Wales this afternoon it is bright, occasionally drizzly and a cold wind is setting in. I feel as though I am getting a world tour of weather as well. We went swimming in the ocean at the start of our trip and, happily, there was not a snowflake in sight!!…

…our days of looking enthusiastically for ice to swim under are probably over!

More serious decisions loom. We are being pressured by the German, Russian and Norwegian investor/directors in this new holiday complex project to ‘sign on the dotted line before Theresa May triggers Brexit’. Probably it is too soon to worry but, on the other hand, Brits already signed up to a job in the EU may be in a stronger position that Brits seeking to work in the EU after the countdown starts. Who knows?

We have questioned some small print about the degree of flexibility potentially expected of our duties at this holiday complex if other staff are absent but, other than that, it really does seem to be a remarkably generous package and our alleged talents do seem to fit the bill – although we’ve never actually designed a gym, let alone one which is going to be in the open air for much of the year.

Need to think about odd things like the effect of the sun on rubber covered weights, and what sort of safety flooring can tolerate being rained on from time to time. The machines would always be under cover, but weight racks would be rolled into the uncovered area along with benches and so forth…

We’re well aware that imitation leather benches, especially dark coloured, will heat up in direct sun and burn the trainers’ backs, as well as cracking up. Needs careful thought! On the ‘adult’ side of the complex, mats will also be available for wrestling or martial arts practice. On the ‘family’ side, we’ll need kids gym stuff which also comes in plastic covering which cannot tolerate hot sun… lots to think about!

I’m sure we can do better than this for outdoor equipment!…

Anyways, we have this evening to correlate all the advice we have gathered in, bounce it all off my parents (and off Dave’s by phone), talk to the rest of our family in the US (our kids and their mothers) and maybe one or two ‘fitness friends’ there too, and reach a decision.

Our instinct is to go for it for a one-year period, with a break clause available to either side at that point with no recriminations, provided we could return to our previous existence in the madhouse which passes for our home in the US (and if The Donald would still let us in, though I think we can keep our work visas going on the basis that we are “taking time out” – which all Americans seem to like doing). That’s one final check to be made tomorrow morning.

We shall miss the kids of course – but they’re 15 now and growing into lives of their own – and I have little doubt that they’ll be over to stay with us at every opportunity. They already talk of coming to live with us after the summer vacation period – but that would either mean transferring to school in an uncommon foreign language (absolutely not popular) – or some form of ‘home schooling’, for which we would have little time anyway. Son Leo says he would love the sun and the beach and could be persuaded to a (little) bit of work as well!!

In other words, a lot of that as well as this

…as much sun as possible, and not much else! To be fair, he was absolutely great with young kids at the summer camps last year, and we’re all signed up for six weeks of that again in the summer vacation. The remaining two weeks of his break, at the end of July before US school re-starts in August, he’s intending to spend coming back with us to the new place, “even if I have to pay for the ticket myself!”

There’s lots more to tell, but no time today. That includes Colin’s son Ollie and his gymnast buddy Alex, doing terrific work building their skills – and their bodies – they’re in almost daily Skype contact with Leo and his friend Chris and there are plans for a re-union… Colin may find some money to send Ollie down to join up with us (the US school vacations and the English one only overlap two weeks and by then Dave and I, at least, will be moving in on the new job, so it can’t be USA for him this year.

I think we’ll be moving in on the new job.

Final decision tomorrow.

I feel red wine coming on, to steady our nerves. This would be a huge change of direction.

Meanwhile, some more general fitness pics for you to keep things moving along.

Coming soon: “Let The Future Find Me” (by little old me again!), publisher Vanguard Press, Cambridge UK! An (almost entirely) fictional story of a gay Native American outcast who never gets to fulfil his romantic dream… watch this space for more details.

And, finally for today, a strange illustration of ‘fun in the sun with a mate’ and acrobatics. Context unclear! Paint job. Enjoy!

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Imagine a Butterfly…

…that’s what this place is becoming known as, in the local language.

We’re checking out a seriously interesting offer of a new job. So far, things are looking good, but there remain a lot of questions!

First, let’s have an “in the sun” pictures theme this morning, since the sun is blazing down out of a clear blue sky before 8am, and the local temperature is heading for 25C today – a comfortable 76F for our American friends back home in TN to contemplate. We’re about to go for a swim in the ocean!!

Might even get time to work on our tans, like this guy…

So, the butterfly! Imagine a butterfly with wings spread wide. each ‘wing’ is a private vacation resort, joined at the ‘body of the butterfly by so-called “common service buildings” – resident staff accommodation, kitchens (serving restaurants with different themes on either side and, behind that, an auditorium (open air) accessible from either ‘wing’ according to the nature of the show being presented. Evening entertainment. Acrobats, fakirs, magicians, local music…

The ‘themes’ planned by the owning consortium probably reflect their decision to contact us via a chain of ‘friend of a friends’. On the right, a family theme. Pools, gym with ‘classes’ for kids (tumbling, simple acrobatic fun, maybe trapeze)… “FKK welcome” which means they are also going to target naturist families. In other words, there will be areas (and a separate pool) with “clothing optional”. Targetting the German, Scandi and Dutch markets, where naturism is regarded as pretty normal, but obviously anyone else who enjoys the sun, of which there is a pretty-much guaranteed supply here for most of the year.

On the left, “adults only” and an obviously quieter environment. Again a pool, a gym (more focussed on the workout fraternity); again with extensive clothing optional areas. And the interesting thing – the carefully targetted advertising will make very clear that gay and lesbian guests are very welcome. Apparently this has all been put in front of the local authorities who seem ‘kewl’ with the plans so long as the naturism is confined within the walls and so long as sufficient local labour is employed.

So far, only the common services section is finished. We’ve been shown a serviced apartment which would be ours, cost free. Every apartment on the place will have a secluded balcony facing south, but the top floors are different. Instead of a balcony there is an internal staircase to the roof providing a totally private area for sunbathing, eating outside and even sleeping under the stars in high summer. Two bedrooms, private guests welcome to stay with us…

We would work on ‘both sides of the divide’, being first asked to be responsible for design and equipping the gyms, given that for much of the year more than half of each one would be open air with (for example) the free weights being trolleyed over so that people can work out in the sun. Issues of sun-damage to rubber-covered weights and floor coverings to be thought about, as well as dealing with the occasional but inevitable rain on the latter. Later, deliver training advice and supervision, including sessions for kids. Separately, be responsible for the auditorium schedule, performing ourselves for example but also bring in suitable entertainers during the season. Lot’s of scope there if we can get the auditorium equipped with trapezes and all our usual stuff.

Too good to be true? Probably, yes. But it is obvious that this complex is definitely going to happen. A huge building workforce is on the job as I type this.

Essentially, we would be ‘management’. Hands-on management, but with additional responsibilities relating to staffing. Not directly responsible for pools or lifeguarding, but able to take a turn if needed. The plan for that though is to target the locals. Manage the rotas for supervision (obviously it needs more folks than just us to deliver all of these things). Free meals (but obviously we can also cater for ourselves if we prefer), seclusion when we need time to ourselves, a minimum one full day off per week during the season…

One of the guys involved in financing the project joked with us about “not having to work naked in the clothing optional area”. Jokingly (I think), Dave responded “OK, would Speedos and a baseball cap marked ‘staff’ be acceptable?”, and the guy said ‘Sure – you want to design something for you and the pool boys?‘ I admit that I had a vision of having to wear blazers and slacks like Butlins redcoats, and am mightily relieved that, with these people, it seems to be “do your job and be happy at the same time”.  Of course, there are still plenty other issues to get our heads around, but I must say we are starting to like this concept a lot, and the local people seem very nice.

A couple of miles away, a super beach (we’re heading there now as we don’t have another meeting till lunchtime). A bit odd in that it needs a little ferry boat across an inlet to reach it – in the summer they charge 75 Eurocents return for that but a local guy is coming with us and says he’ll either find us a free ride or we’ll just swim it!

There are a lot of ex-pat Brits enjoying their retirements here, but I guess we can live with that!

So, a huge amount to think about – not least our family back in USA. And, as correspondent Carl has pointed out, plenty of small print to read!

Here’s some larger print you could read…

Now let’s enjoy some more guys enjoying the open air! Starting with Ed Upcott on Mallorca:

“Pop-up” acrobatics by the pool(s)? There’s an idea we could develop, too…

Ah! Speedo under a blue sky… could be us before long…

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Why Us?

Yes, “Why Us?” Perhaps because we’ve a history of that: gymnastics, promoting fitness… who knows?

We’re in Southern Europe, being a bit mysterious because we’ve been asked to be. This morning, having adjusted to GMT (now there’s a clue – not much of Europe does that time zone!) we’ve spent our morning touring a building site.

Quite an impressive building site. In fact, a huge building site. We’ve been entertained to lunch by three guys – one Brit, one Russian and one from (I think) Norway. All investors and developers. Now we have a couple of hours to ourselves (and hence this quick post) before we’re asked to attend a “business meeting”. We do have an idea now of what is on offer here, but I need to be a bit discreet for the moment. Suffice to say, it’s attractive! But they do say “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Dave’s on the phone right now to his dad in UK, seeking advice.

What to do?

It could be fun…

All I really have time for now, just to keep the blog alive, is to post some more fitness inspiration pix. Enjoy!

This looks fun – I see they have a book of instructions with them…

Going a bit wrong, but it’s one way to learn!! Here’s a variation they could try…

With all the excitement, I nearly forgot the purpose of this blog…

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

And now, the final two!

…and how we feel at the moment: the world turned upside down!

Just had a text that our transport is arriving in 30 minutes…

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Into The Unknown…


Actually, such things as shown there are in reality quite easy – if you practice enough! In our case, we are just on the verge of exploring a life-changing possibility after some 17 years in Tennessee – and some people certainly have the view that we are there for life. To be honest, so did we!

And, of course, we may be. This adventure in Europe is just a short voyage of exploration, seeing whether this ‘too-good-to-be-true’ offer really is what it says on the tin. Chances are it won’t be, but we’re getting a free trip out of it, starting later today, with the night spent crossing the Atlantic. So we’ll see.

After a long time spent doing this…


…and teaching this…


…it is maybe time for a change of direction. We shall see. Close family – like our two American kids – say ‘go for it’. And our respective parents, who were the cause of us going to the States in the first place, would be glad to have us at least a little closer to their home in UK. If it comes off, and is all it is said to be.

And, of course, if ‘they’ like us. Hmmm!

So we’re shortly headed to the airport in Knoxville, and for everyone else around here it is ‘business as usual’. Which, for this blog, means plenty of fitness inspiration pictures and the occasional nod towards some relevant reading matter.






















tumblr_ojwfiltprg1qem4c8o1_1280OK. Airport time! See you on the other side…


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A Turn of Events


Well, who would have thought it? I think I mentioned that Dave and I were feeling we were in a ‘rut’ and needed some time out. No sooner thought about – inconclusively – when in comes an e-mail from a blog reader. Not just any old reader, but one recommended to visit by a friend of ours in Oxford UK called Roger. The friend is a gay property developer with connections around Europe, and is investing in a project. I thought that it as a scam at first.

Having been told that Dave and I were ‘Ideal for the job’, we find ourselves about to embark on an expenses-paid trip to… well, all I can say at this point is ‘southern Europe’… to see if the feeling is mutual and the prospects are all that they seem. It is significant that we are Brits, and are going to have to make a decision on something rather urgently – before the British Prime Minister activates the so-called ‘Article 50’ to take the UK out of the EU – in order to secure certain rights of employment, shall we say…

Frankly, it all sounds too good to be true but, were it not for family over here in TN, not least our fantastic 15-year-old kids, the decision would be maybe be easier. And we would be a few thousand miles nearer to our parents in UK, who may come to rely on us more as they (and we!) grow older…

Stay, or go? Wrench either way. Our wonderful Tuan Jie gay friends… amazing private gym…

And anyway, it may not all be it is made out to be. We’ve got the tickets – all paid for – and we can break our journey home in UK for a parental visit as well. So many other things outside ‘family’ to consider, too – those lovely groups of kids we train, both at the gym center and privately, along with what life in America is going to be like under Trump compared with what’s left of the EU…

…so posting may just get a bit erratic for a while. Bear with me, if you will!


On another matter entirely, today is WORLD BOOK DAY. So, if you haven’t bought my books (and watch out, the fourth is now accepted by the publisher!!), what better day could there be to do the decent thing? Click on the covers, where they appear, for a direct link to the publisher, or search for me on Amazon if you want e-books!

And now, some random inspirational images for you:















OK. Only time to upload one more right now. Two guys – could be in southern Europe! Let’s see whether we might be joining them…



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