Last One from Phoenix

So – Sunday morning and, this evening, Dave and I are out of here on our way to UK. It’s been an interesting week – three cabaret style shows all related in some way or other to conferences, I gather. Nice reception, nice hotel (recommend the Radisson Airport North, on 44th Street North, except that its pool is tiny and its fitness facility is pretty rubbish, but we had another offer!).

3 shows with simplified acro and sharing with another act. Now, some break time with family, and a chance to check up on our little hideout in Wales, of which more will follow. I’m told that the weather there is still close to freezing, with snow flurries forecast today, so that will be a bit of a contrast to our rather pleasant 77F (25C). We took the tram and bus up to Scottsdale yesterday, souvenir hunting for family (and for our own kids when we get back to Tennessee). Scottsdale has a preserved section of old ‘wild west’ town and lots of genuine Indian craftwork. A bit touristy in parts, but some nice native American people earning an honest living if you seek out the good places.

Overall, then, time for a bit of outdoor fun in the sun, some great workouts, and a bit of acro, in that order. Like these guys:

The last pic, a trio of Moroccans: it is interesting that the best balancers in the world seem to be Moroccan. It must be something in the genes: we know a Moroccan guy in Austria who does a stunning arm balancing routine on high pedestals – a standard of poise and elegance that I know I could never achieve. Well done, Abdul…

…and here are three Mexican circus acrobats strutting their stuff with an obviously impresssed young lady:

A small treat awaiting me in UK, I’m told is my first royalty cheque!! A small one, but then it’s early days, and at least a few people have bought the first book. By the way, forgive me for going on about it, but it would be great if you were interested in our acro, our love lives, and our unexpected adventures. At least it offers quantity if not quality, although a couple of people have suggested that there’s a bit of quality too – enough for a Polari prize nomination. And Volume 2 offers even more quantity!

A couple of weeks in the peace of wild Wales might offer the opportunity for me to get the finale finished (it’s half the size of the others, will complete the circle back to Mexico, where our biggest misadventure happened, and will offer more adventure and less sex – just in case you’de prefer that…). And, thanks to miracle of satellites, our hideaway has an internet connection, so I’ll be keeping up the posts.

Stay happy!

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