Reality Check

So, we made it to UK, to my parents home in Oxford. And picked up the Royalty Check (American) or Royalty Cheque (English). Then came the ‘Reality Check’. Not exactly worth flying the Atlanic for, although that’s not why we came!

I really do need to sell a few more of these books. You guys are reading all this stuff here for free (and welcome!): well, there’s 1200 pages out there (and 300 more in final preparation in my laptop here), full of gay boy stuff, acrobatics and our ‘adventures’ (if that’s the right word). ‘Loving the Boy’, ‘The Power of Love’ and, sometime in the future when its finished, been accepted, and printed, ‘Against All Odds’.

Just think of all the situations in which you could while away your time reading and help support starving acrobats!

On the beach (great tan here, by the way):

While practicing those inverted ab crunches:

While taking the sun (by the way, count the legs here – there’s FOUR guys in this picture):

 Whilst showing off your flexibility:

…more entertaining than checking your e-mails on your smart phone, I would suggest!

And, of course, when stretching: martial arts dudes let their legs split against a wall, lying on their backs and reading magazines whilst gravity does its work, but any form of stretching offers an opportunity for a little light reading:

…another guy seemingly addicted to his phone who could use a good book instead.

So there we are! Just a small hint: if you are in a perfect gay partnership, why not buy him a book as a surprise…

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2 Responses to Reality Check

  1. will says:

    mate do you have a twitter?

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