Needing Medical Advice

Just before leaving Tennessee headed for Arizona and then UK, I somehow tweaked a muscle in my shoulder. Specifically, it is the left medial deltoid, where I think I tore a little of the attachment to the bone in my upper arm. Ordinarily, our resident medical guru Nate in Chad’s gym provides the advice, but he’s not here, and the problem is it isn’t getting any better.

Our normal way of dealing with such things (and as an acrobat there are quite a few of them!) is ‘train through the pain’ (but gently). That is not working, the pain continues, and nothing seems to ease it. Even lying on the arm in bed is painful, and I’m worrying that it is going to affect my performance permanently (“if ‘old age’ doesn’t get you first”, says Dave unhelpfully – and he’s the one who got his arm broken in our little misadventure in Edinburgh some years ago! – see Loving the Boy’ and ‘The Power of Love’).

So, any medics out there? What’s the answer? Cold? Heat? Specific exercise? Give up acrobatics? (no way!). Feel free to leave a comment!

Some pictures of boys who have clearly been exercising their shoulders seem appropriate:

Exercising doesn’t seem to have done his shoulders any harm!

Nor him. You don’t hold an ‘iron cross’ with a tweaked shoulder, I can promise you!

Nice all-round look (especially shoulder development) against a weird background. Ditto this (shoulder-wise):

Finally, the ultimate in shoulder strength: the top planche. I’m off these for a while:

Just look at the ripped shoulders. Well, mine feels ‘ripped’ inside right now, and I’ll be grateful for any advice that you ‘lifters’ or gymnasts out there can offer!

Meanwhile, as hinted previously, Dave and I are off to Wales (UK) to check out our little investment hideaway and see what the local lads have been up to in the barn we equipped as a gym for ourselves. Maybe the answer to my problem lies there.

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3 Responses to Needing Medical Advice

  1. Nick says:

    Hey tony
    If it’s just a tear then rest and cast (or a splint) should do it. I would advice against any further exertion to the shoulder. However, I’m just a med school student right now so dont take my word for it. I suggest you get a proper medical examination done and follow the doc’s advice.

    Hoping you get well soon 🙂

    • tonycavanagh says:

      Thanks for the thoughts, Nick. appreciated! Actually, it started to feel rather better, resting over the weekend whilst in Oxford. We’re now in Wales (the main posts will catch up with us soon!) and, as we found brilliant warm spring sunshine today (in Wales!!), we took our bench outside and did a few gentle bench presses (just 63Kg) – hurt a little on the first set but quickly settled down and actually feels a lot better now. A few handstands also OK, so definitely getting there!

      • Nick says:

        Glad to hear that! U could also try some cold fomentation if it hurts….. ( look at me showing off…… I just mean apply an ice pack!!! ) 🙂

        Hope u get well soon

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