Welsh Weights ‘Al Fresco’

Considering that we are currently in Wales (UK), where ‘Welsh sunshine’ is a euphamism for RAIN, it has been a stunning three days now, with warm sunshine, and still only early March. Wow!

This place is our little investment (Dave and I), where we’ve spirited away some of our limited ‘ill-gotten gains’ from our performance work, bought this little farmhouse and converted a sheep shed into our own little gym. It’s also our circus company’s European ‘base’, although a little inconvenient for London Heathrow airport, as they keep reminding us!

To be fair, our neighbouring farm boy caretaker Neil has done a lot of the work, and his reward is to have all his mates here to train for Rugby or whatever the Young Farmers want to do. Actually, he loves cross country. In turn, one or two of them have brought their own weight sets here, so we have a startling collection of free weights now along with a few benches – enough for us dedicated types to keep up our training requirements, anyway. Plus there’s a floor for tumbling and wrestling etc.

Actually there’s a little pen of ewes and lambs too, at present: Neil is no fool, and takes advantage of our generosity (bless him) by slightly enlarging his own lambing facilities. OK, so in deference to our Welsh friends, I offer a little picture we just took of some of the ewes and lambs already turned out in nearby fields. As you can see, this place is seriously remote, which suits us fine. And I seem to have captured a few that aren’t all white. Some people call the white ones ‘Welsh maggots’. Well, seen from a distance…

Oh, one other thing. The bog in the background is NOT where they hold the world bog snorkelling championships, but its not far away!

Anyway. Todays’ picture theme has to be training with the weights, and we’ll start outdoors, since that’s we’ve been able to do here the last three days, r eally enjoying the feel of fresh air on our bodies as we’ve been piling in to the bench presses:

However, most of the time, free weights end up in scruffy basements and untidy garages (or bedrooms);

(a bit of a celeb, there)

Don’t forget the important pull-downs for shaping the back: 

Now that looks like the inside of our shed. It isn’t our shed, but you get the idea.

So, this place is Cefn Derwen, ‘Oak Ridge’ in Welsh language, to remind us of ‘home’, if home actually is Oak Ridge TN – we live there, and have our wonderful kids there, but we’re Brits really. Actually, we’re wondering seriously about whether we shouldn’t  move back here to UK permanently, and just have the kids over for long periods. They live with their mums anyway (that’s a lesbian couple, just in case you’ve not been following the plot here) and fully appreciate their unusual and possibly unique situation. All four parents, of course, love ’em to bits, especially as they’re following the family tradition into circus skills, and it would be an awful wrench to be away from them for long periods… anyway, something to think hard about.

Also, I need to finish the third and final book. I’ve just spent several hours today in the peace of Mid Wales re-writing and getting to the point where the second attack on us came, out of the blue in California. Yes, the Edinburgh shooting was only the beginning. It’s kind of therapeutic, writing it all down, even though it was a few years ago now and, in a strange way, I’m enjoying re-living it. But then, I know how it ended up, and (so far) you guys don’t. Except that Dave and I are obviously still here…

…clicking on these book cover thumbs will get you started, if you’re interested…

… oh go on, you’ve nothing to lose…

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    Thanks very interesting blog!

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