Fate, Faith and Love

Sorry – been away a bit longer than I intended this week. Got rather overtaken by events. We’re currently in Wales UK, chilling at our hideaway in the hills. During the week five local kids on their way to karate training with one of the mums were involved in a horrible car smash. Amazingly no-one was seriously hurt, but some of the kids understandably were rather traumatised along with the parents, and we’ve been offering support. That’s included having some ‘fun’ gym sessions in our barn, and also taking some of them off to a ‘real’ gym for a recreational session (as well as persuading them back into car travel).

As for the woman whose car failed to take a bend on the correct side of the road, hitting the car ahead of the karate kids and then sliding broadside straight into the front of their people carrier… ‘oh, I’m so sorry’, was apparently the first response. I should say.

We’re not by nature religious, but prayers of thankfulness have been known to pass our lips, or go through our thoughts, when we in the past have experienced traumas of various kinds. By now, if you’ve read enough here, or dared to get hold of the first two books, you’ll know we had something of a mishap in Edinburgh when we got shot at by a nutter in the middle of a performance. We also found that there was far more beneath the surface in that incident, and it led, eventually, to some far more serious stuff which I’m just writing up. The week’s events here just reminded me about offering prayers because it happened when our beloved Zach appeared to have been saved from serious injury by his loving partner leaping in front of him and taking a knife blow to the stomach for his pains. As this drama unfolded, we were left not knowing if Gary had lived or died and, through circumstances, unable to find out. Then, almost miraculously, we had a clue that all might be well. Zach in tears on my shoulder, praying to a God he did not believe in, that it might be true… and whilst still in a situation himself where we had no idea what might happen to us.

Hmmm. It’ll all be in ‘Against All Odds’, the third part of my epic story, nearly ready for the publisher now.

I think partners sharing the love and caring has to be theme for the pictures in this post. Gay, obviously: that’s how we are: you’ll have to accept us as you find us!

And finally (would you believe), underwater love?

Well, maybe!

I can’t offer you a link to ‘Against All Odds’ yet because it isn’t even finished but, if you’re interested, here’s ‘the story so far!

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