Shining Bright

The sun is still shining on us here in Wales UK – amazing for the time of year, and we’re really enjoying the opportunity to chill out and sort out lots of things in the cottage here. In fact, we so appreciate this unseasonably dry weather that we’re seriously wondering whether to spend more time here and less in the hot and sticky summer heat in Tennessee. Of course, many things call us back there, not least our kids Leo and Jaymee, living happily with their lesbian mums and our great friends. And the whole ‘lifter/sporty’ gay male community we so enjoy in a private gym.

Book 3 is getting done too – another two Chapters finished now and very near the end: difficult to re-live some of the bad stuff that happened to us and which is why (in answer to several questions in comments and off-line) I’ve felt the need to change some names in these posts (and in the books) and to ‘hide’ our real selves a bit.

Actually that’s a bit of a pain for anyone trying to align our performing career with what you read here, but the books will explain it.

Let’s share a couple of ‘shiny’ boys then: the real ‘posers’ love their oil (or sun screen sheen):

A different sort of ‘shining’ now, but I really do like this picture provided, of course, that the subject takes his shots of ultraviolet in suitable moderation:

Ah, where would these posts be without the pictures, I wonder? Thanks to all the brilliant photographers who post their stuff freely on the web. So far I’ve managed to upset only two people who have asked for their stuff to be removed, and in one case it was because I said something stupid about it whilst the second guy is quite cool now (we’ve talked) and just wants (rightly) to make money out of his professional work and not to give it away for free. So, if anyone else out there asks for something to be removed (e-mail under ‘about’) I will do so immediately.

That’ll do for today. Just my usual little promotional thumbs here at the end. I really do appreciate the ‘clicks’ on these, even if you don’t go the whole mile and give up a few pounds/dollars/euros/zlotys/whatever to read the half million words that are already out there. No, I don’t believe that number either, but it’s right. 500,000 approx, and another 150,000 approx to come. Blah, blah, blah…!

Actually, one more thing. The most excellent photographer with whom I recently corresponded about the picture I originally posted in ‘Light Fantastic’ (Feb 7) is called Dusica Paripovic. He doesn’t have a website, but Google him because he deserves support from like-minded folks like us.

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