Things Are Heating Up

Whilst Dave and I continue to enjoy stunning weather in Wales (UK) – never thought I would write that!) – news from Oak Ridge reports that the spring has arrived early there too. It is often characterised by temperatures up to the 80s F (high 20s C) and thunderstorms – modest humidity by Tennessee standards but considerably more humid than Wales. The humidity in TN in the summer is one of the things I’ve never got used to since we’ve lived there – training in sticky heat is never comfortable.

Meanwhile its all hands to the pumps at Cefn Derwen as we prepare our little investment for the summer season when we hope to recover a little money by letting it. This is our first significant stay there and we’re really starting to feel at home. It’s small, but large enough for a cosy little twosome. In fact, it’s usually quite hard to get ourselves out of bed in the morning!

There’s something about this place that makes us relax, giving us time to enjoy our own company in a way that hasn’t happened for quite a while. And the coast is not far away:

I have to admit that the high rises in the background of that picture are not typical of Wales! Our little love nest may be small but there’s always enough room to have like-minded friends around:

 Of course, we musn’t overlook our training, and we’re getting to help in a local gym club…

…as well as training in our own little gym (aka ‘sheep shed’ ha ha) with our caretaker friend Neil and his mates. All in all – a great existence. However, we are getting a little ‘homesick’ over our kids Leo (mine) and Jaymee (Dave) and starting to think about our eventual return to Oak Ridge.

Not, however, until the sequel to these two has been finished: that is definitely onthe top of the ‘to do’ pile at the moment and has to be finished, to coin a phrase since it’s the title, ‘Against all Odds’. Hopefully I shall win the battle against the clock, but its hard to concentrate sometimes when we’re in such a marvellous place!

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