Cooling Off Period…

Well, the weather in Wales UK is finally cooling down to more normal March temperature – possibility of frosts again! – but still, ‘I’ve got my love to keep me warm…

…actually, we really do like to sleep like that, Dave and I – but usually with covers! I’m sure I’ve written somewhere that you couldn’t find sweeter feet than his to snuggle your face into anywhere on the planet. Yeah, we’re weird I suppose.

I’ve written so much about my love for Dave in ‘Loving the Boy’ and ‘The Power of Love’ that when I re-read what is published there I wonder if I should be embarrassed. Then we look at one another and remember just how much emotional support each has given the other, and kind of just fall into each other’s arms again, remembering those tears of joy and… no, I’m not embarrassed. I’m proud, and I don’t need a ‘cooling off period’ like when you decide not to continue with some agreement you made to buy some sort of service. I’m proud of it, and I’m proud of him. Amazed that, when my inner soul wanted him so much before my outer self even recognised it, his was responding to me in the same way. I’m so, so, lucky. It’s gay love, of course, and we’re proud to declare that in print too.

I suppose that I’m woffling on like this because there’s less ‘love interest’ in the final third part, ‘Against All Odds’, at least as far as Dave and I are concerned. That book is much more about our close and loving friends Gary and Zach, and the seriously shitty stuff that led to Gary offering the ultimate sacrifice – his life – to save that of his love. It doesn’t give too much away to say here that Gary is still with us, but the circumstances surrounding it all persuaded the publisher that there should definitely be a third book, so it’ll definitely happen. The pace of that is hotting up – only about one sixth left to write down.

OK, some more ‘cooling down’ pictures then:

Kewl, eh? Well, cool enough. Spring and summer are on the way, we’ll be on our way from Wales shortly, so maybe the next pictures should suggest sunnier places and times. Let’s see!

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