For today’s post, I’ve decided just to share some interesting pictures with you which, in various ways, use unusual angles in their composition. Naturally, they are on our general themes of (possibly) gay boys having fun, gym, and so forth!

Let’s start on the beach:

The guy on the right has a great tan, complemented by his vivid Speedos. Next, a stunning effect produced by three mirrors and an inventive photographer:

Another mirror effect, using tiles:

Next, on to the weight room:

Love the old-fashioned spherical dumbells! Next, one more celebration of the photographer’s inventiveness:

The final choice for today is not a clever photo, but definitely all about getting the angles right; arm position relative to body, split of the legs, and wrist flexibility. All towards achieving a perfect ‘top planche’ balance as demonstrated by this Russian boy:

Attaining this position successfully also depends upon developing powerful shoulder strength, and also strong muscles in the upper and lower back. Very effective though, and this guy is definitely an inspiration to us all to get the form absolutely perfect.

And, hey, did you notice, I haven’t mentioned a book once today!

(But you won’t have to scan many other posts to find out what I mean!)



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