Treat Him Well

It’s summer. It’s hot. Time to relax with your loved one.

I’ve written an awful lot about love in this blog and elsewhere – specifically gay love and how I found it. How it developed for Dave and I along with our careers in acrobatics, and how its power held us together when things got really tough for us and our performing mates. A little more even, yet to come, in the third part of my ‘epic’.

Guys getting it together in a loving caring way is so sweet and usually brings a little tear to my eye. Only a minority of the straight community seems to find it objectionable, fortunately, except in a few benighted countries where the religious or politcal fanatics don’t seem able to deal with us. So we all hope for the continuing spread of the realisation that we are not a dangerous contagion but something which is actually natural, and something over which we do not have control. Not something to be ‘cured’, but something to be understood and respected.



Touching and feeling:




Memo: could do with a slightly larger bed – or maybe not? This seems to work quite well, at least with symmetrical boys!…

…and, of course, training:

So today’s sermon is: love him, share, do it together, and enjoy, whatever the rest of the world says!

You can even share the books… one each! 


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