Still Dave Here… ‘Home Alone’

I lay awake a lot of last night, thinking about Tone. It’s the longest period we’ve been apart since we first declared our love. That’s how we always want to be – that close. Competitive, yes, but always caring…

The things that Tone has written about me in his books used to embarrass me. Not any more. It shows his true feelings, which of course I absolutely share. Remember, this is Tone speaking here:

“It was after two in the morning, and distinctly cold. We arranged a duvet over the lower bunk and crawled under it, holding one another close. 

After a long silence, in which I guess we were both reflecting on what we had done that evening, Dave finally commented: 

‘Strange evening, Tone!’ 

‘Strange weekend altogether!’ I responded. ‘If I hadn’t met you, and got myself mixed up with all these macho guys your brother and Ivo got us into, I wonder what I would have been doing tonight? Tucked up in bed by mummy, ready for school starting on Tuesday, I suppose!’

‘And instead,’ said Dave, his face right by my ear, ‘You’re thoroughly s***ed, f***ed, a committed queer, a bloody good acro man, a fantastic body, and……..’ He broke off. 


‘And all mine! Come here!’ His lips covered mine in a big, sloppy kiss. ‘Now stop worrying about everything…”

Yeah. References to High School. Heigh Ho. That was, after all, twelve years ago now, and it was the final grade, into which two English lads had been thrown to complete their ‘education’…

“‘Whatever you want, next time, is cool for me too. Now go to sleep.’ 

And we did, our arms entwined around our bodies, our bodies pressed against one another.

As lovers…”


Well, we’re never afraid to show our love in public.

Tone will be back in three more days, if everything goes well. Until then I’ve still got his slightly sweaty tee-shirt on my pillow. And the rest of Tuan Jie are all helping to look after me – the eight of us living locally (and two in Lexington who join us when they can) share pretty much everything, in the gym and out: it is five separate loyal couples but each willing to care for and share with the others under a confident sworn bond of, erm, security. So the night before last, Ethan and Jack came to stay over in the training cabin and I joined them for the night…

…that’s after we’de all done our own things with the weights of course

…and shared around a bit with the other guys – Zach, Gary, Pete and Ivo, before they went off to their own beds:

Funny thing. Tone and I don’t ordinarily swop our clothes between us, but Ethan and Jack swopped tee-shirts the first time they met and, since they’ve lived together, they seem to have a single wardrobe between them. They tend to throw their clothes into one pile when they strip for training and then its quite likely that one of them will leave wearing the underwear the other came in, without even noticing. Oh well.

What else to say? Well, nothing, except that I need him back so much:

That loving look in his eyes as he gazes at me…

“OK Dave, enough of that. Snap out of it!”

I can just hear him…

Anyway, hopefully when he returns he’ll share the news with you all. I’m not even allowed to give just a tiny clue.

So it’s just the

Bonus Boys

Hopefully Tone won’t notice the furry friend in the last one, especially if I make it a bit smaller…

Bye! Oh… gosh, he does look like Ethan when we first knew him eleven years ago.

Same mop of dark furry fur hair, crafty expression, hard to keep in order…

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