Our Autobi-DOG-raphy

Tone is back tomorrow morning, so this is my last chance for a literary effort…Dave here again!

We went for a swim in the open-air pool yesterday. Cool and not many around. After, we lazed around in a rather weak sun and started reminiscing. I guess it was all my fault how it went. Tone and I, exiles from the UK, have a subscription to the websites of The Times and The Sunday Times because it is often the only way we ever get news of the UK or anywhere that isn’t in the USA, apart from phone calls home. So, in the morning, I had been trawling through the Sunday edition and found two interesting news items.

Inspired by Tone’s frankly exasperated phoned lecture about not posting any more about cats here, I was pleased to find a dog story. Pudsey, the performing dog which won Britain’s Got Talent this year (rather more appropriately won a couple of years back by the acrobatic group Spelbound, in which we were obviously very interested and delighted), has published his autobiography, inventing that rather excellent word I put in the title of this post along the way.

It struck us that the three books that Tone has written (two published the last one on its way soon) are OUR autobiography – or at least, three years of our lives in rather intimate detail). Yes, it bothered us whilst he was writing, not least because of the rather threatening things that happened to us (twice, and perhaps the threat is still out there, hanging over us), but also because of the explicit descriptions he put in. How Tone and I fell in love (no shame there), how we explored our sexuality (erm!), how our like-minded friends both encouraged us and took care of us, and how we all fell together in that strange world we named Tuan Jie – strength through brotherhood, all protective of each other to an infinite degree.

Another word that describes that bond is again ‘love’ – love on a slightly lower level than each couple experiences together, but only just below. And we have all drawn so much comfort from that.

But Tone essentially has auto-biogged ALL of us, and covers things that we were really bothered about at first. Like how we get some sort of erotic pleasure from hurting each other a bit – because we can take it, and feel good after. We’re not exactly fetishists, but…

So it was interesting to read a second item on the newspaper website relating to another autobiography – that of 007 Bond’s creator Ian Fleming. A book in which his wife Anne made an interesting confession.

Apparently she wrote to Ian Fleming when he was away: ‘I long for you to whip me, because I love being hurt by you and kissed afterwards…’ Wow! So maybe, when Tone writes that we sometimes sharpen ourselves up with a few lashes across the back with a leather belt, it’s not so shocking? We all certainly enjoy that erotic ‘tweak’ it gives us, and the smug satisfaction of knowing that we endured it. And of course we do present parts of our acrobatic shows with the base man on a bed of nails or glass… just because we can.

So that’s three books about US out there. OMG, if they ever got reviewed in The Sunday Times, our cover would be blown! Yet, Tone has changed names. Not because we are ashamed of what we did or what happened to us, but because of that lingering threat. We were advised to go to ground and to perform under a different name from the one he wrote about – or rather, in reverse, to change the names of people and companies in the books. It’s all clear and explained in the last one, which is, frankly, more of a thriller. But, all that is yet to come. In the meantime, let’s have some fun. A final choice of pictures from me, before the master returns.

Ten boys there, having fun in (I think) the Dnieper River near Kiev. Ten boys in Tuan Jie too. No suggestion, of course, that the guys pictured get up to what we get up to.

We always enjoy the water too. Skinny dipping a lot in our local river in Tennessee, the Clinch, as well as the public pool. None of us lives in a house with its own pool. Oh well. And, like these guys here, we fight. Why not? Wrestling is fun, and great exercise, even in the river!

And so, if today’s photo-theme is going to be ‘guys having fun in the water’, let’s stick with that and see what I can find…

…this beach guy looks like he’s been hitting the weights in an effective way: great pecs, shoulders and traps:

Oh, another “fight”!

Spot the water nymph:

Lads ready to take a dive…

Not a ripple on that blue water yet. I love diving into pools that are absolutely still. On the other hand, if you don’t have a blue pool, just ‘make use of a sluice’

Oh, now there’s a thing. Artem, variously known as ‘Tema’ and ‘Halien’ according to which site he publishes on, has grown tired of posting wonderful pictures like that one above on his own site, and hasn’t posted since Sept 30th. He advises that he is a bit depressed that people just ‘take’ the pictures for themselves and don’t offer comments. Well, Tone recently did, which is how we know what’s going on. It’s true that here on Tone’s blog, the vast majority of ‘clicks’ are just people copying the pictures off. OK, I suppose that’s why he posts them, although there is usually something (a bit of!) story attached. Some relevance. He, and all of us who feature in his ‘Living the Dream; trilogy, would certainly appreciate a bit more feedback. Here, or at Tone’s e-mail gymacrobat@gmail.com And, of course, if you actually ordered a book or three, that would be F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C ! Just click on any Vol 1 or Vol 2 cover…

OK Tone, did I do OK? If all goes well, you’ll be back in the early hours tomorrow. I’ve changed the sheets and I’ll be there, all showered up and just waiting for the warmth of your body as you slip between the sheets beside me, waking me in that special way that only you can…

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