“Welcome Home Tone… You Still Smell of Fish”

I’m back. Dave set the scene neatly for my return to Oak Ridge at stupid o-clock, driving up from Atlanta after a late evening arrival into the airport there. I slid between the sheets exactly as Dave described in the previous post. Naturally, a great deal of kissing, licking, and hugging ensued. My chest pressed against his, skin on skin… bliss.

And then, after about 20 minutes of that, we exchanged our first proper words. He said: ‘Welcome home, Tone mate (long pause)… you still smell of fish. Probably your hair is worst!”

So. It’s a long story, and I’ll tell it all over the next few posts, but we took ourselves into the shower room at 4am and he helped me to have another go to get rid of the smell. Not that I hadn’t showered a dozen times since… I think that it happened because for the flight I grabbed a tee-shirt from my ‘used’ pile in my backpack by mistake, although the hair must have been like that all the time. Some of Zach’s lemony stuff from Maisie’s emporium finally seems to have covered it up. And I must have smelt better after that, because he’s never mentioned it again…

Yes, its good to be back. And I haven’t done any acrobatics or weights for a week. Arrrrrrrrrgh! Need to get back to some of this as quickly as possible…

…as well as this!

This all started eleven years ago, as documented in my second book The Power of Love. As ‘Man.Power Acrobatics‘, we got ourselves into a TV talent program, and won. It included working on the nails, too, just after we had started incorporating that stuff into the ‘act’. (I hate that word, but it will serve). That led, some time later, to another TV slot. We’ve done them on and off ever since, amid our many live shows and tours.

That TV company is no more, taken over by a larger one. But someone in a related production company, based in Atlanta, either read the book or remembered clearly the sort of stuff we constantly talked about. And he must have like the writing style (wow!) because, three months ago and quite out of the blue, I had a call passed on by the publishers. ‘Were we the group depicted in the book?’ Well, yes. ‘Did we still do that stuff, and the stuff in the videos?’ Aha, those videos. Gymnastics, acrobatics, wrestling, sometimes naked,  and worse still in the later ones… thank the Lord they’re out of print now, or whatever the phrase should be! ‘In which case, could they please talk with us about doing some stunt work and, since Tone writes so clearly about the sort of stuff you’ve done (blush) could he come down to Atlanta and give us some script advice on what is possible that you guys could do for us?’

I can’t really imagine why we haven’t tried to break into this stunt stuff before. Just too busy, I guess. We’ve seen colleagues go into modelling (especially our good friend and weights freak Carlos, and a brief foray ourselves covered in ‘Against All Odds’ when it comes out)… but, when you think about it, we must be a dream team so far as stunt work goes. Eight members of Tuan Jie living very close and two others up in Lexington when needed:

(i) pretty damn good bodies (should be after more than 12 years of intensive weights!!)

(ii) fairly classy acrobatic capabilities including aerial work – Ethan and Jack’s ‘Death Plunge from 30 feet, Dave and I suspending one another by our teeth at the same height, and Ivo’s hair hanging…

(iii) able to take some severe punishment (see the books!!) in addition to ‘straightforward’ beds of nails and glass… wrestling included…

(iv) adaptable – willing to take on extremes like ice swimming, and to go naked (blush again, but we’re quite used to it now)

(v) can call on the girls for fire breathing, body burning, piercing and occasional suspensions even along with Dave and I doing a few pins occasionally ourselves

(vi) two kids available under the right circumstances too, both classy acrobats already at age 10 and 7/8!

So, to cut to the chase, I was invited (as the books’ author) to represent our group and go down to Atlanta to look over some scripts for a forthcoming TV series. Pretty brutal stuff, with assorted characters coming to seriously bad ends. Amazingly, the writers didn’t seem to understand what it was possible to get actors’ doubles to do, and wanted advice on elements of the scripts. And then, as they seemed taken aback when I suggested some of the things that I would have been willing to do as a body double, they almost tore up the script for the next episode and we spent two days holed up in an office re-writing it. And then…

‘Would I fly out to the production unit with them, and try some of the things out with the crew and the actors…..?’

Would I just! Which is how my car became abandoned in Atlanta as we flew over to New York.

(to be continued: the fish WILL be explained, but later!).

Enough for one post: just a couple of our selected

Bonus Boys

which Dave already had sorted out.

In this next one, look carefully. He is NOT wearing a bra…

One more: I love the ‘come to bed’ look here. Actually, I’m shattered. Wish it was OK to go to bed at 4 in the afternoon…

Actually, there’s no-one else in the house at the moment. Maybe if I just lie down for a while……. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

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