Games People Play…

…gay guys, that is. Chad, in his exclusive private gym here in TN, forbids shirts altogether (the exact opposite of most public gyms!) – if guys are there to develop their bodies and the skills they can achieve with them, then everyone wants to see those muscles working and show them off. Well, of course!

Most gymnasts want to train shirt-free too…

Even when we try weirder stuff (as we so frequently do!) there’s never a shirt to be seen…

Chad not only discourages shirts, he actually encourages nakedness for those that want. And it is compulsory for the initiation hazing we’ve all ‘enjoyed’ – just to make the point, perhaps, that well-developed bodies are here to be admired. Most of our submission wrestling is done that way too – its a sport where clothes just get in the way… muscle pitted against muscle, sweat lubricating skin sliding on skin…

Later in the evenings, when everyone is chilling out after getting really sweaty, sometimes Chad introduces a seriously erotic game. Everyone stands in a line with eyes shut. A pair of guys get a tap on the shoulder and step backward. Each gets a blindfold, and the others then gather round to view the spectacle of the blindfolded pair trying to identify each other by touch (and I suppose smell and taste). Neither speaks until one is ready to call out the name of the person they are investigating. If wrong, then the sound of their own voice offers a likely clue to the other. Winner gets to choose the next pair, loser usually accepts some embarrassing forfeit.

After a while, Chad adds a twist. The pairs have their hands strapped behind their backs as well, leaving investigations of their partners chains, rings, etc., their body hair, and their musculature, down to feet, nose and tongue. Gets really erotic then. Especially when you decide to find out if your partner is ‘cut’ or ‘uncut’… and the ‘forfeit’ then is usually a few lashes across the back with the leather straps – which, immediately, the winner also offers to accept in our collective spirit of sharing.

It’s not unknown for some guys to ‘erupt’ during this game, and very often the case that the pairs disappear off for a while to relieve their tensions.

In the end, of course, the majority being gay (and the straight ones frankly just as aroused as the rest of us), it comes down to a little bit of this between sweaty, salty partners, enjoying the pleasures that only this kind of exclusive environment can offer. Dave and I have been there since twelve years now, and most of our particular group of close friends much the same. Leon and Dane from Lexington KY are more recent, but come down whenever they can.

Heigh ho. I’ve written a lot more about this place in here by the way, and in the two books which follow. Maybe worth a look.

So, if we’re into admiring the male body, here’s a couple more for today – our

Bonus Boys

Built boys! We love ’em and, judging by what you guys click on most in this blog, so do you.

So, get a group together to play ‘the game’. You just need to leave out guys who are blindingly obvious – like our Zach, with his toe ring, leathery feet from a lifetime of barefooting, distinctive ankle and wrist bands and neckwear, and his permanently lemony smell which persists through any amount of sweat. Oh, and the scar on his chest where the surgeons cut in to remove the bullet – that bit is in here. It is through the sincere love of his gay friends – and a bit of help from some extraordinary spiritual people – that means he is still with us. So play hard, be sincere and, above all, play safe.

See you soon.

About tonycavanagh

Born Northampton UK; school Oxford UK and Oak Ridge Tennessee, where I met my wonderful partner Dave, also from UK. Oak Ridge is our main training base for acrobatics and circus stuff, but we also established a base in Wales (UK) to serve us when we are working in Europe. Our 'story', of finding gay love, learning the acrobatics trade and then of how we got shot at during our show (and worse was to follow - just to prove that the risks of being an acrobat are not always the most obvious ones!) are now available in my three books 'Loving the Boy', 'The Power of Love' and 'Against All Odds'. Links available on most blog posts. Actually, waiting for the imminent arrival of the first printed copies was far scarier than anything we do in performance. A fourth book - not about us but exploring the sadness of a gay Native American boy denied his true identity - is currently with an agent for evaluation. watch for 'Let The Future Find Me' in due time. And now to book five... another boy, another quest... seems its always boys...
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