Pit Stop

..and, after the adventures with Cody and the knife throwers, something completely different. Friday evening and our great friends from Lexington arrive for the weekend. Wrestlers. Occasional acrobats. Tuan Jie. In other words, Leon and Dane. Currently ten in total, Tuan Jie is five devoted gay couples willing (and able) to share their love through a sworn bond of exclusivity (‘strength through brotherhood’)… but we’ve been there before, so enough!

graffiti two

We’ve been asked so many times – how you can you be devoted couples and yet share one another? Well, within this very special group, all of whom have shared bad times with us as well as good (The Power of Love, Against All Odds) we can, and we do. The books explain a lot…

Friday night, they stayed with Zach and Gary who live in a penthouse apartment which is actually inside Chad’s gym. And last night, they stayed with Dave and I, in my King sized bed…


Leon is an amazingly ripped olive-skinned guy, built just as his beloved Dane likes them! And Dane is chunky and muscled, just as Leon… oh, come on, you surely get the picture! Bodes to die for, as far as gay guys are concerned…



So, three boys for m to snuggle up to after that refreshing shower we all took before bed: wonderful fresh ‘boy’ smells to dream to, and to wake to, my favourite body parts being (as you might by now know) armpits and feet…


That’s the first place my muzzle has to go upon waking, I have to admit… closely followed by the feet…


…and, if a little wrestling has to take place to get there, well, all to the good!

Why do armpits have that special fascination?


Short answer, I don’t know. Is it the pheromones, which excite my gay genes?


And some boys just like showing ’em off…

564 (7)

…anyways, Leon and Dane, with us for the weekend. Wrestling in Chad’s gym this afternoon, after we had done our coaching stint at the gymnastics centre…

3721381216b871424c9bto9 comp

…our usual dedication to personal fitness training together after that…

Cody Deal

…and then, sadly, time for Dane and Leon to make their way north again ready for the working week ahead. Unlike the rest of us, they have proper jobs! They’ll be back very soon, of course – or maybe we’ll go to them for the weekend. Meanwhile, well, I’ve got my love (and his armpits) to keep me warm…



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