Hobbit Surprise

Dave’s brother Pete banged on our door this morning. ‘You guys awake?’ Well, we were then. 7am. Lying together bleary eyed, naked, covers thrown off during the night because we were rather warm. Pete, grinning at us wearing just his sweat pants and no top. ‘You got company. Shut your eyes!’

‘Huh?’ I made a grab for the covers. What on earth was going on?

‘Shut your eyes.’ Erm, well, OK. A heavy figure jumped on the bed alongside me. I felt a hand cover my eyes, just in case. Then, a kiss. Hard, on the mouth. I’m spluttering, and at the same time realise that Dave is also getting the treatment from a second person. This has to be some sort of wind up from our mates, but what the f***???

Then, a foot on my face. Gently, but firmly, in the manner in which our Tuan Jie friends ‘care and share’. But this is no ordinary foot. This is hairy. There is only one pair of feet that fit that description in our experience, and that has to be RICHARD!

Cover1 ThumbCover2 ThumbCover 3 ThumbOMG. One-time Tuan Jie member, a great gymnast from Nottingham UK and on through Penn State gym team. Became a great friend, especially of our Ethan. Performed with us brilliantly. All in Vols 1 and 2 of this series. Then (Vol 3), finally found true love with CJ, and left us for Florida…

…yes, the other guy has to be CJ! Amazingly, they have suddenly decided to come up from Florida for Chad’s gym birthday celebration, drove on through the night, knowing they would be assured of a welcome and a place to rest when reaching Oak Ridge. Richard, he with the amazing ‘Hobbit’ feet, the hairiest I have ever seen. Wow. They’ve been in Florida nearly 10 years now, a perfect match. They run a gymnastics and fitness centre in FL – we visited a couple of times. Wow! Such a welcome surprise and, in typical ‘gay mates’ style, they obviously join us in bed!

Nothing totally intimate allowed now. That’s the rules of the game. Because we cannot be certain of their status. Their word we’de trust, but equally, they know what we’ve sworn to protect each other within Tuan Jie from sexually transmitted disease. So, we cannot, and will not, go that final step, much as we would like to.

Class artistic gymnastics is their main love, and they both continue to participate as well as coach:




However, over the past few years they have built up the fitness side of their business with a great gym, offering personal training to develop those physiques…


…similar to those that gymnasts achieve through endless hours on the equipment, but using the weights…


Being Florida, they also have an outdoor work-out cage where guys can work on their tans simultaneously with lifting in their posing trunks or Speedos – and the girls, for that matter, in their bikinis (no sex discrimination in that gym!)


CJ and Richard, deeply tanned from their Florida sun, have such a successful business on their hands that they are even thinking of purchasing adjacent land and putting in a pool – to bring in even more bronzed young muscle to ogle!


‘We should move to Florida!’ says Dave immedaitely. Well, maybe, but right now we have the ‘party to end all parties’ to look forward to this evening, when Chad celebrates his own private gym’s birthday. And so fantastic to have our old friends, still members there, to join in. Plenty of fond memories to re-live as we chilled in each other’s company, starting right there in our king-sized bed…



…but, respecting their monogamous relationship, knowing the limits (as well as imposing our own ‘safety rules’)…


…and there’ll be more this evening as everyone gathers and gets their kit off ready to party, to sweat, to lift and to wrestle…


…yep. Soon be time to party. But, until then, thre are plenty ways to pass the time…


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