Red Light District

Around 30 local guys (mainly, some girls) use our barn gym facility here in Wales at unpredictable times for their personal training – a useful source of income to maintain and increase the equipment. However, when we’re in residence, our habit of getting naked in there, especially for wrestling, and including our girls – it’s all explained in the books at the bottom of the post! – made us discuss setting specific times for our sole use and also setting up a crafty red light for us to show as a warning – ‘sweaty and possibly naked natives inside!’ We certainly don’t wish to stop them coming, but we did feel we should alert them to our strange habits, so everyone has had a note…

…this is probably the first formal ‘red-light district’ in our little part of central Wales!

Cue pictures with special lighting, then, starting with the younger Kalutskikh working the pole:

kalutskih pole 2



Next Xheni, a gymnast we know in Austria (courtesy Novel Art – please do not re-post this one):

Xheni D comp

Well, those are the only ‘red(ish)’ pics I can find, so that theme meets the dust!

Now we are seven: Dave, Karen, Jaymee and Dave’s dad have gone up north (where last night’s storm was even worse than here) to visit Cathy, Dave’s estranged but now partially re-united mum [see Against All Odds] and do some house hunting for Dave’s dad. Colin, Natasha, their son Ollie and his sister have joined us; my parents have left but son Leo is still here with his mum Clare and so he and Ollie are now re-joined in their mutual admiration society (and Skyped the third member, Chris, and his brother Billy, in Oak Ridge last night for an hour!) – I found them in their shared little room here this morning both in one bunk, hands covering each other’s ears against the rattling tiles and howling gale. Wales is truly wonderful…

…ah. Here’s blue AND red together:


…and a stronger blue with red:

W010527 (216)

I do appreciate the photographers who  manage to highlight young muscle with innovative use of lighting – and, of course, there are other useful colours for that!

yellow dripper

light on chest


A gymnast with an odd expression (hmmm) caught in the light…


…and another ‘gymnastic’ light effect:


..and, finally, as we are still in Christmas week, I hope I can get away with this additional lighting effect:


OK, the wind is dropping, the barn is still in one piece and Leo and Ollie want to lift their suitably-sized weights and then wrestle. I know that their maximum dress will be shorts once they are warmed up – we’ll have to watch to see if the red light goes on!

Finally, to decode the references to pieces of our complex gay ‘family’ histories, and to learn more of our gay, acrobatic ways and misadventures some years ago, here is what you need (click on covers for more information; e-books available from the usual outlets too):

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Cover1 ThumbCover2 ThumbCover 3 Thumb

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