Great News on the Home Front

I cannot believe how fortunate everything has worked out for us in regard to Stateside accommodations.

The girls sealed the deal on their house sale yesterday! Dave’s dad (still in UK house hunting himself) has agreed to accept from them for his US house (in which we have lived for over 12 years) the same amount as they get, whilst Dave and I, and Pete and Ivo, will continue to pay rent to him – until he decides he has enough, whereupon as long as we retain our space in Oak Ridge we will pay it to the girls instead. The girls will take over his old room, and the only issue will be to make a room in the basement so that the kids do not need to share, as they currently do when they are here. At 12yo and upwards they definitely need their own space.

Jaymee says she’s happy with the room they presently share when they are here, which is good because, naturally, Leo wants the basement for himself and as a den for his mates: at the moment he’ll be sharing with the washer, the drier and the boiler and a load of accumulated rubbish and probably the girls’ fire-raising stuff for their fakir show, but we’re going to erect some partitions and make a proper bedroom. Then, no doubt, there’ll be a stream of boys hanging out in their underwear, play wrestling…


…and probably doing all the electronic stuff they do these days – we’ve been fortunate in keeping the kids off much of that in favour of sports training so far.

Basements in American homes often end up as family rooms, and they make good gyms, too:

blue wall lifter

…knowing Leo, he’ll set something up for himself in addition to our wonderful training cabin, to work out with his friends. He won’t be the first one to set up a gym in his bedroom…

strange gym

If ANYONE can explain that picture to us, we’ll be delighted…

Dave’s dad has called off his own realtor today – who seemed to be pretty useless anyway because (thankfully) only one family ever came to look at the place. So I think we’re safely through this now! Eight people just fit in, we’re all ‘family’ and everyone trusts everyone else to play their part… should be OK. Six cars in the driveway, though, and only garage space for two… but the girls will be in charge as it will be their home now, and we’re happy with that. Our present housekeeper is an unresolved issue, as Clare likes to manage her kitchen, but it is hardly fair to expect her to start catering and cleaning for eight people and the four of us who have been there are rather used to having someone clean up after us whilst we have fun  doing what we love to do…


…as do all guys (don’t they? – what IS he doing??)…

Birds of a Feather41

Any excuse to get those shirts off…


…and show off what you’ve (we’ve?) got…


Also on the ‘home’ front, the one we own in Wales (UK), at last the builders have moved in under my dad’s supervision, tidying up fallen rendering, replacing the collapsing porch, replacing the woodshed roof… things in Wales can take for ever to get started, but they’re pretty efficient once they do start. We’re getting pictures sent across each day so that we can approve what is happening. Well done, dad…

So, we can look forward perhaps to some relaxing time in the summer spent in our Welsh swimming hole – very secluded like this one but without the large concrete lumps…



…as well as spending time in our own small gym facility there…


‘Too much talk, not enough pictures’ I know…

A blue boy to go with that blue basement:


Blue jeans on a blue bar…


Blue vest:


…and a blue flag:

fly the blue flag

We, of course, are far from blue today!

Next task will be to see if the new ‘family’ arrangements pacify the homophobic dad whose son can only spend time with Leo at school because he disapproves of Leo’s ‘situation’. Well, the boy’s straight, interested in girls, and will be living with his mum and dad (OK, and with a few others!)… what more can the man need to let his son be the friend he desperately wants to be? I’m inclined to seek out the mother first (‘Phone her now, dad’, says Leo, every time we mention it…). No, maybe a stiff drink this evening and then I’ll call round…

…just don’t show the guy these!Cover 3 ThumbCover2 ThumbCover1 Thumb

About tonycavanagh

Born Northampton UK; school Oxford UK and Oak Ridge Tennessee, where I met my wonderful partner Dave, also from UK. Oak Ridge is our main training base for acrobatics and circus stuff, but we also established a base in Wales (UK) to serve us when we are working in Europe. Our 'story', of finding gay love, learning the acrobatics trade and then of how we got shot at during our show (and worse was to follow - just to prove that the risks of being an acrobat are not always the most obvious ones!) are now available in my three books 'Loving the Boy', 'The Power of Love' and 'Against All Odds'. Links available on most blog posts. Actually, waiting for the imminent arrival of the first printed copies was far scarier than anything we do in performance. A fourth book - not about us but exploring the sadness of a gay Native American boy denied his true identity - is currently with an agent for evaluation. watch for 'Let The Future Find Me' in due time. And now to book five... another boy, another quest... seems its always boys...
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