Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall…


…who is the fairest of us all?

Well, not the wicked queen, obviously! But where would the ‘selfie’ generation be without the humble mirror?


Of course, all we muscle- and fitness-conscious guys want to look good…


… and we also use mirrors in the gym to make sure that our ‘form’ in various weight and acrobatic exercises is right.

Cover1 ThumbHowever, if anyone has actually read at least the early part of Loving the Boy’, you might be aware that we have never had mirrors in our own training cabin at the top of the yard, not since before I was even on the Oak Ridge Scene in 2000. When the Anderton family (my Dave, his brother Pete and their dad Brian) first set up home and Pete found the ‘right’ use for that cabin, he managed to pitch his (then) new love Ivo into a mirror whilst wrestling and ripped open his thigh right alongside the artery. Fortunately, Pete knew what to do, his dad was near, and Ivo remains with us, albeit with a striking scar on his inner thigh!

Cover2 ThumbBrian banned mirrors forthwith. It was his only rule, and somehow it stuck right up till now, even though we are all 14 years older (and ‘wiser’??) – but there is a new young generation about the place. However, with Clare and Karen taking over proprietorship in a week, it is ‘all change’. We get our mirrors (we have had to rely till now on Chad’s gym for the above-mentioned uses) – in allegedly shatter-proof glass, as specified for gym use. Guaranteed not to break even if young Chris throws my son Leo hard against them… (fingers tightly crossed).

Cover 3 ThumbSo, we can all admire ourselves without having to trek across town to Chads.




I like this next effect (which I hope is a mirror and not some Photoshop thingy)…

mirror effect

And here’s a guy with a good, old-fashioned camera!

selfie in good light

Two for the price of one…



…a nice composition, although that might have been a total accident!

‘Out and proud’ with the abs, then…


…or check out your shoulders and rhomboids…


Chest and biceps?



…and the full upper body…


Well, if you are going to do the ‘selfie’ thing, we love to see what you have! This collection is not too bad, but it would be really great if guys could take pictures that are fully in focus AND, in some cases, CLEAN THE MIRROR!

It is also a great idea to think about the background (if it is not obvious, like a gym)… something in a contrasting colour is best to show off what you’ve got, rather than this next one:


Finally (for today), there are plenty other ways to use a mirror. Show off your back and front at the same time, like Adam here… and give your mate a decent camera to make the picture!

adam corelli 5

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1 Response to Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall…

  1. Who’s the fairest? That’s an unfair question….I will go crazy and melt trying to decide;
    hoping you will let me taste every one of these perfect beauties. THEN I will tell you

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