“I Will”… but We Won’t…


Midnight Friday, Gay Marriage became legal in our home country (in England and Wales, to be exact: not in Scotland, the other part of Great Britain, at least not for now, and not in Northern Ireland, the rest of the United Kingdom, for the foreseeable future – more of a Disunited Kingdom, really!).


Lots of people have asked Dave and I (and the other gay/lesbian couples in our orbit) whether we intend to marry. Do I want to marry someone, I ask myself, who:

(i) contorts my body into  any number of painful positions in search of so-called acrobatic ‘flexibility’;

(ii) regularly crushes me between two beds of nails;

(iii) often forces me into agonies pushing up weights ‘just one more time…’…

I’ve also been asked do I want to consider marrying the lesbian mother of my son! Not sure what her partner would say to that!

Dave and I made our own commitments to one another long ago, and neither of us would ever contemplate breaking off our love for one another…


Tuan JieBut we share our love – sexually and safely – with four other committed couples. I don’t think that goes with ‘married’ whereas, in our case, it makes no difference to our special personal relationship. In a sense, therefore, we are ‘married’ in a group of ten… that magical symbol appears on our lower backs and on the cover of all three books which describe finding gay love, enjoying our sport and performance, and having a few (mis) adventures:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

So, whilst my Dave and I enjoy every fulfilling moment of our life together, whether that means I’m sucking his toes or he is peeing on me before massaging it into my back to allow the urea ‘to stop those old-age wrinkles, Tone’, we have long since agreed that ‘marriage’ is not for us. We are in no sense religious, we have made and repeated our commitment to one another many times in front of our friends, so it adds nothing except some legal niceties regarding inheritances which we will probably have to consider one day… but not yet!


We shall therefore continue to have fun, both in the bedroom…


…and elsewhere…


…enjoying the company of like-minded friends…



Good clean fun…


But, at the end of the day…


…two guys together is real special…



…especially when the fight is shirtless!!


…and so to bed, after another hard day…


Note the Jolly Roger motif…


















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