Timeshifting and Shapeshifting

I’m still trying to get my body to figure out why time shifted by thirteen hours (or eleven, depending on which way you look at it) twice in seven days! Anyways, back in TN and a lot of sleeping. It’s not going to be long before Dave and I plus Leo and his friend Chris shift another five hours and decamp to Wales UK for four weeks… yes, they’ll all be leaving the circus tour after Friday’s show, as planned, and coming home for the weekend before the four of us set off.

Plane rides are kewl (four last week, two next week to get us to London), but you can have too much of a good thing.

There’ll be a bit of togetherness as soon as Dave gets back!

011026 (696)

love him


As for the ‘shapeshifting’ reference in this post’s title… well, it’s the leg. It is, finally, very slowly reducing in size. Maybe plane rides with lowered pressure are good but, for the moment, I’m still rather self-conscious about one leg being larger than the other. But, each day, things get better.

Cover1 ThumbCover2 ThumbJust as they did back when, as described in the books. Even in the face of adversity. And there’s plenty of gay stuff in there as well as the acrobatics and the adventure.

Cover 3 ThumbEnd of commercial.

Let’s move on to a random mix of great fitness inspiration: try a balance on thumbs alone for starters…


I just tried this. I have two very painful thumbs now, and it wasn’t very successful for more than a fraction of a second. Gotta admire these street workout guys…

011026 (44)

Actually, there are other ways to do a workout on your thumbs which are more pleasurable…


Two looking good:


Three looking good too (gymnasts):


If the UK weather holds up (it is forecast to be hot), Dave and I and the boys will soon be basking on the rocks by the sea…

Full Body Shirtless78

…or this…



Definitely ready to swim (sneak in quick, hiding the leg)!


I’ll need to get my upper body back in shape, now the doc says the time for exercise has come:



Meanwhile, the real joy will be having Dave back in my bed…


Gosh, I’m all overcome, just thinking about that. Just four days to go…


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