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golden boy hi

I recently reported a minor altercation with Leo’s Phys Ed coach about using Leo as an example (making him a ‘teacher’s favourite in effect) which was leading to some continuing minor bullying. Well, said coach has happily stepped back from Leo a bit now, but he still loves his monthly ‘awards’ in class – ‘best pitcher’, ‘best wrestler’, and so forth…

…and this month, no-one was more pleased than Leo and his mate Chris when the ‘most improved’ award went to Ryan, the third member of their fitness-freak gang! Ryan, handed to us a while back by his somewhat reformed dad to get him fit alongside the example set by his friends (reformed after previously thinking we would somehow turn his son gay), was singled out for the most improved appearance (loss of any fat, tight muscle appropriate to age and success in the sports the coach happens to like!). Not only that, he was rewarded with a place in the wrestle team , joining the other two.

Their ethic of sharing training and not trying to be better than the others but rather helping them to keep alongside comes from Dave and I and our own friends, or at least I hope it does. And making sure you have fun at the same time…


Cover1 ThumbCover2 ThumbCover 3 ThumbWe’ve certainly got so much out of this ‘caring, sharing’ motivation that I ended up writing a lot about it in these books. Plus, I need to add, a lot about discovering gay love and accepting myself for what I truly am, then finding a way to get a lovely son and Dave his brilliant daughter. Plus some adventure.

The successes sometimes take us by surprise, even now. Ryan was forbidden contact with Leo outside school for a long time because he had gay parents (two gay guys (us) sharing a household with another gay couple plus two lesbians)… his homophobic father assumed that he son would be corrupted swiftly, and maybe worse. But he slowly came round, especially when he realised that our kids were actually ‘normal’ and, last night, the ultimate accolade… a ‘sleep-over’ in Ryan’s home for both Leo and Chris. Celebrations indeed.

Which left us free to enjoy an evening at Chad’s private gym and to respond to a request to wrestle with our great friends Jake and Quinn. Naturally, some tumbling and some weights work came first (and the showing off that goes with that!):




Of course, after all that, plus three wrestling bouts each, everyone was pretty sweaty…


…just how I like to TASTE my boy… yes, let’s do the last of the ‘five senses of Dave’ and get that theme done!

Usually Jake wins these wrestle matches but, this time, Dave was the outright winner and his ‘prize’ was the tongue bath. Three other gay guys savouring the salty taste, from the tips of his toes (delicious!), past his manhood (equally s0), abs and then armpits…

armpit worship

…not forgetting the taste of his kiss…


I get more than a fair share of Dave’s dribble, actually. One of the things in our performance routines is to suspend each other by our teeth, via a cunning pivot device that allows the lower guy to spin. The bottom guy – usually me, but not every time – gets a bucketful of tasty dribble and just has to swallow!

There are other delicious tastes. Many times I’ve licked away a tear (Dave can be an emotional guy) or the blood from a scraped elbow or whatever. And of course, as Dave and I settled down alongside the other couple, each to enjoy more intimate moments with his lover after the wrestling – a treat offered in the private environment of Chad’s gym – there are more tastes to enjoy. I doubt that I need to describe them further…

Which gets me off the hook in terms of ‘the five senses of Dave’, so let’s move on. Some more armpits to enjoy (and, by the way, we NEVER shave, there or anywhere else except the face: just saying, in answer to those regular ‘do you shave your chest? questions).


ALBUM 1 (1269)

armpit sitting




pits 8


Maybe that’s enough of a celebration of the source of that most delicious scent of maleness. I’ll finish with a couple more pictures celebrating the whole male body, since that’s the business we are in! Enjoy.




And finally for today, celebrating excellence in that centre of excellence, the weights gym! Bye!




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