Mornings are the pits – and evenings too!


Cluedo number (5) – these are our sports-related cryptic clues. A prize for the first person to send me 10 correct answers!

‘Sports heat up on rings is a youngster’s game’ (8)

OK, that’s done for today – just let’s have a ‘rings’ picture, to set the mood (it’s not a hint, by the way):


He’s showing a little of what Dave and I both believe defines that essential ‘maleness’ – the armpit:


When I wake in the mornings alongside my sleeping boy, my first action is to nuzzle him right there, inhale deeply, then, as he stirs himself, have a little lick. Those pheromones – wow! They define any male environment like a weight room and, as a gay guy, I find them deeply intoxicating. Possibly the best job in the world coming up here – two shirtless guys working out in close harmony…


On the evenings we go to Chad’s private gym, we start with a compulsory shower. My dad remembers when he was at school that changing rooms smelt profoundly of feet, not armpits: happily things have changed, and young guys take much more care of their hygiene. But, because Chad’s maxim is ‘We’re all boys here – who needs clothes?’, that initial shower is very thorough. We all start from a level playing field.

H010528 (741)

We warm up, do some tumbling and acrobatics, get on the weight machines then get invited over to the wrestle mats. It’s a bit less messy than doing it on the beach…


…and mostly there are no Speedos to get sand down inside! So we get ‘up close and comfortable’ – and sweaty. But that sweat – copiously shared between the fighters, of course, is part of the game. Any sweat generated through one’s own fitness efforts is your reward – as here:


…and if he’s been bench pressing that weight, he deserves every drop!

Usually, the wrestling moves on to oil:

oiling up

Oil makes the wrestling totally change character, since one can slip and slide around and get out of holds more easily. Light applications are OK to stay on the mats – we just wipe up after, but a lot of guys use about a pint of baby oil each and that gets quite messy, so Chad has a couple of ‘oil pits’ – wrestle areas with a depression in the middle and a low barrier round the outside. There’s usually about a gallon of oil in there already, so we ‘splash around’ quite happily. It’s fun! Give it a try sometime if you have a partner you feel you can get fairly intimate with… oil wrestling and clothing don’t go together, although it is the Turkish national style and they wear thick leather shorts… but you are allowed to get a hold by putting your hand down inside your opponent’s shorts, apparently! And those guys are awash with olive oil, and wrestle on grass out of doors, so no mess to clean up.

Pretty much ‘anything goes’, holds wise, in our private environment: yep, even ‘ball grabbing’. For once I’ll post a more ‘risque’ picture than usual – sadly a rather ‘posed’ one, but you get the idea I’m sure.


By the way, some guys like to oil up just for the photographer, or perhaps for erotic reasons:


Especially when you have a body worth showing off, as he does!

Chad also more recently installed a ‘wet’ pit. There was a sudden craze for wrestling under a water spray (you can still get the videos from the likes of ‘Naked Combat’) but more often than not, a more personal kind of spray is employed. I guess Dave and I started this, years ago, just for the slightly fetish thrill, but there is a more sensible ‘explanation’, if one is needed.

On our bathroom shelf is a old bottle of skin moisturiser which proudly claims to treat “atopic eczema, ichthycosis, hyperkeratosis and xeroderma” (no, I don’t either) and its principal ingredient is 10% urea. And the principal constituent of a guy’s otherwise antiseptic ‘golden shower’ is… (no prizes for this) – urea. Old Russian women (the sort who swim in frozen rivers at the age of 80+) wash their faces in their own urine every day to try and preserve their looks.

And so the wet pit finds a different use: a useful puddle to which passing guys can occasionally add a top-up, friends massaging during wrestling – a free skin treatment for those of us addicted to sunbathing – and, finally, an admittedly much needed second shower!


Well, we do like to soak up the sun perhaps more than we should, so the skin treatment is probably a good thing. However, a recent survey showed that sunbathers, on average, live longer: they get more skin cancers, but their enhanced level of Vitamin D prevents many other things. So they say: that’s their story and we’re sticking to it!

162 tan

Just a pity we don’t live anywhere near the sea… and a pity that winter is heading our way too. Oh well.

So after all that over-indulgence in pits and bodily functions, and the usual “word from our sponsor”…  (lots more on these themes, with adventure added)…

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

…it’s back to bed and another day to look forward to!


By the way, see the subtle reference to ‘fight club’ there? That sums up Chad’s perfectly (and features in those books, too): a place where gay guys can do their own thing and “the first rule of Fight Club is ‘don’t talk about Fight Club’!”





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