Onwards and Upwards…

Aerial-RingHasty preparations for Zach, Gary and I to join the circus tour continue, leaving Pete, Ivo and principally Dave to be in charge of kids until their two mums return about a week later. Son Leo still furious that he can’t rejoin the circus, especially with the Thanksgiving break coming whilst I’m away. But 12yos need to be in school!

With Chad’s help, we’ve set up a temporary aerial training facility in the annexe to his private gym and, with a bit of ingenuity and the loan of a huge plank and a trestle and some loose lashings (don’t ask!!) we have set up a sort of ersatz teeterboard trainer. It would never pass any health and safety test – but then acrobatics rarely does. Up in the far north-west, already at the circus, Ethan and Jack have had a go on the real thing, with some limited success, with a couple of the other circus performers who know something of the skill helping them out as well in between practicing their knife throwing or whatever. Meanwhile, we’ve been studying as many YouTube videos as we can find!

teeter-220px-Korean_teeterboard_montrealThe proper teeterboard professionals appear to train in similar makeshift ways (see right, some guys at work for a circus in Montreal) – so maybe it won’t be too bad. And anyway, our main act is what we are contracted to do – this is just an idea to take advantage of having the board. Who knows – a new career! At least we can land more or less where we take off from now!

Let’s break for the next cryptic fitness-related clue. I forgot to put one in the previous post – sorry. Remember, the objective is to be the first person to send me all ten correct answers, for a modest reward (book, signed copy).

Clue number 8

Start to bandage a cut: it may stand to your credit (7)

You may be interested in the details of all the books: if so, just click on these ISBNs.

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

They’re all related to acrobatic lives, being gay (but readers only need to be gay-friendly – being actually gay is not a requirement!) and some adventures built in – which led to some serious injuries, not acrobatics related, and worse than any teeterboard incident could inflict. Ideal Christmas presents for adult readers.

Aside from all the additional training I needed to do, we’re going to have a great sendoff. Along with Pete and Ivo and Dave, we’re off to Lexington for the weekend to spend time with our dear friends Leon and Dane, both part of our closed-circuit gay-sex fraternity which keeps us all both safe and very happy. Lots of wrestling, and more… Then the three of us will fly out of Lexington which, because of different connections, mysteriously works out a lot cheaper. And that will also help me to do a little more research for my latest book venture (almost totally fiction) which has somehow wandered down to the banks of the Kentucky River in the course of the plot unfolding. Unlike the other books, it’s a tragedy – all ends in tears. Oh dear. Let the Future Find Me is the title to watch out for, but NOT YET. Several months to wait, probably. Kind of busy!!

I’ll complete this post with the usual random selection of fitness-freak pictures – the guys who should be inspiring us all (yes, that’s YOU as well) – to get out an exercise and build some great bodies. Enjoy:

First of all, working on their strength…





Making good use of their strength…




(although those last two are hardly showing good ‘form’, but never mind…)


Just chillin’ –  these next two after a sweaty wrestle bout:



golden glow

Show off a bit, maybe…

The pineapple diet??

good diet

Seems to work for him!

gym bunny 5


look at that!



And, finally, a guy who ticks ALL the boxes. Built, ripped, tanned,  sweaty, out in the sun, and on the beach. Ticks all the right boxes!

ticks all boxes


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