‘What a Difference a Day Made…’

…and about 200 miles going south!

Mid-60s temp (~17C), sun, no rain…a chance for a bit of this…


Someone said we have passed under the jet stream and are now on the ‘good’ side of it. Long may that last. And we are encamped in the grounds of a very large resort hotel in northern CA with access to all of its facilities, including gym and pool – and, naturally, its WiFi. So, despite coming to you from a circus on tour, the tents are largely up and it’s chill-out for a few hours before the first show here. I’m seated in the hotel lounge with a cool beer set in front of me… sort this post first, and then into their gym for a bit!


Sorry about the proliferation of song lyrics in recent post titles. Don’t know what’s gotten into me, except that I have found certain song lyrics to be very relevant for chapter headings in my current book. A long way to go with that, unfortunately, so think next Christmas for that present to yourself, rather than this one… although there are three others waiting for you out there:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

…but then (sigh) I pointed that out six hundred times already!!! All set for your i-readers and Kindles, too…

Here’s possibly a more acceptable present, then: a selection of great guys to inspire you to follow in their footsteps:


Well, if you follow in his footsteps, better kick off your shoes right away! And maybe imagine yourself on the beach:


If you do get to go in the water, perhaps remember to take your jeans off first…


Here’s an odd combination: combining training rings with surfing a big wave… curious composition, but fun:


All training should be fun, and friends help to make it that way:


Birds of a Feather184

Certainly, being surrounded by all those great bodies and seeing those muscles at work makes you want to do better for yourself and, if you’re lucky enough to have a close friend who shares the same ambitions…


…it is surprising how quickly you will achieve new things together…


Some random success stories, now:


mighty pits


‘You, too, can have a body like mine!’ said the self-styled Charles Atlas in a pose like that, about 50 years ago in what then passed for lads mags. I believe that his ‘method’ was pitting your muscles against one another in pairs…likce bicep fighting bicep in that last guy – these days (after he’s finished cleaning that filthy cooker!) he’ll no doubt be going to the basement to his weights collection – and good for him!

basement gym 2

As a Brit ‘in exile’ in the US, there isn’t much here that I prefer to what we have back home, but the basement sure is one thing… pretty much every home has one, and alongside the washing machine and tumbler drier, its teens and twenty-somethings are pushing weights around. If not the basement, spare space in those capacious garages! This guy is headed for his session right now… and look what he’s achieved already with his rhomboids, traps and lats!!:

rhomboids - and the rest!

That, gentlemen, is definition!!

Well, dusk falls early in our hemisphere right now, and just as this last guy contemplates a final swim of the day, we shall be all set to go to ‘work’ doing our acro and endurance things in the tent. However you spend your evening, enjoy!





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2 Responses to ‘What a Difference a Day Made…’

  1. Paul says:

    Where in the world do you find so many breathtakingly muscular teens and young men???
    Consistantly you picture the prime of young manhood. THANKS

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