Christmas Eve Reflections on 2014

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Well, another year of celebrating male fitness! Our fourth year together on this site, for a start. We’re still keeping that fitness flag flying, and I hope that you are inspired to throw your hat into the same ring, even if you haven’t been fitness minded up to now.

A good time to turn the mirror upon ourselves, and see what it shows:


Another year celebrating my gay love with Dave, along with eight other of the finest gay friends in the world who also join us in our acrobatic and fun-wrestling activities…


I’ve celebrated all of that in my three books: another year of trying to sell more of those, with some success… thanks if you are a reader, and if not…

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Another year shared with my amazing son Leo, who will be a teenager on Jan 1st (arrrgh!). I’m unbelievably lucky to be a gay dad, and Dave doubles up on that with his daughter Jaymee: the two (lesbian) mums are in the same household and it all works brilliantly. As I recorded yesterday, he’s developed as a fine acrobat (they both have) and they will shortly being doing a TV show which includes their ‘fakir’ skills as well.


We’re all into maintaining fitness, perhaps in an epic way. A home training cabin, members of a private gym, where we can be ‘free’ to train (and play!) however we like…


Leo’s had a wonderful training year also, acrobatics, strength and flexibility with his close friends Chris and Ryan. And Ryan is maybe our success story of the year. Twelve months ago, his homophobic dad has still banned Ryan from any contact with Leo – however, when at school, their contact was unavoidable and their friendship grew ever more strongly. The father was clearly convinced that contact with the product of gay parents – and worse, contact with those gay parents – would ‘turn’ Ryan gay. Which, of course is nonsense. The turning point was when Leo’s mum joined this household: reluctantly, he allowed Ryan here – met Chris and his dad Steve, who did a lot of the convincing I think – and eventually came to us as ‘professional trainers’ to ‘Make a Man’ of Ryan, whom the father saw as something of a ‘weed’.


Actually, three more ‘straight’ young lads it would be hard to find, and I tire at the endless chatter about girls during training! Now Ryan is in there shirtless and barefoot (and frequently less than that), packing on muscle appropriate to his age and development, wrestling, learning some acrobatic skills as well, with his admiring dad occasionally looking in and piling on the praise for us. It just needed a ‘mum’ to be about – the fact that she’s a lesbian doesn’t seem to register! So, against some homophobes, there is hope.

On my part, a strenuous coaching year in artistic gymnastics as well as acrobatics:

iron cross

.10857835_830552937014855_5627495913866150834_n.. marred only by a potentially serious medical issue which is, thankfully, largely overcome, although close observers note that my left calf muscle remains ‘oversize’ compared with the right one. I lost some of a planned summer circus tour (which Leo, Jaymee and Dave got to go on) but made it later to a second stint with Zach and Gary, joining Ethan and Jack.

But, as the philosophers always point out, fate is there to play its trump card occasionally, and I was able to do lots of extra coaching shifts covering for my colleagues – got to make a trip to Jeju Island in Korea which I would otherwise not have made, thanks to the generosity of some good neighbours…

So, when even the things you enjoy seem to be going wrong…


(love that picture – one of the best-ever wrestling pics in my collection!)

.10628446_401474353361622_2236749398005226083_n..there’s always someone out there who cares, and offers a brighter side…sofa 1


If there has been a down side to 2014, it is the realisation, after a wonderful break with the boys at our place in Wales (UK)…

dipping time

…that it is going to be increasingly difficult to spend time there in the future with so many family and work commitments here in USA. This is a problem to be thought through in the new year, especially with a confirmed circus commitment for everyone starting in June at the beginning of the long school vacation. Difficult to see our way through that particular conundrum at the moment…


Anyway, let’s all toast our successes in 2014 and drink to the future…


…keep striving for that ‘perfect finish’ look we all desire…


…enjoy exercise, and have fun, in any and every way you can think of…


…and, most important, share the love with your perfect mate…


…oh, I almost forgot. One last thing for today (and apologies for the spelling mistake – NOT MINE!):


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