Transatlantic Teenboys


The ‘Transatlantic Teenboys Fitness and Gymnastic Alliance Reunion’ here in Tennessee is now three days old and going great guns. New British recruit Alex, whose parents brought him and his friend Ollie over to join our US ‘gang of three’ have now taken off to do some touring, with their son assuring them he’s having a great time with his new US mates and Ollie working on his muscles and his acrobatics, and certainly doesn’t want to be sitting in the back of their rental car for the next few days.

I’m still totally amazed how these five young lads have got their act together, Skype-ing back and forth across the pond about their progress…


… flexing for their mates, and really putting their backs into an intense fitness program entirely of their own devising! This time last year we spent Easter in Wales, joined by Ollie’s family from Oxford, enjoying the wind, rain and dips into cold mountain rivers…


…whilst training in our own rather Spartan gym (also known as ‘The Sheep Shed’) with local farm guys…


…cold enough at times to feel as though we were doing this

ice swimmer

This year, thanks to the slightly more user-friendly climate here in Tennessee, they (and we) are all getting a lot sweatier in training to the extend that we actually feel that we want to do this:


The teen alliance is mostly sleeping in our gym cabin, so they’re under way very early in the morning. Theoretically, Leo’s friends Chris and Ryan have homes to go to, but I think that their families have basically given up on them, although there are anxious calls about them ‘not imposing’ and so forth. Actually, the entire weird household here of three gay couples and two resident 13yo’s is really enjoying them being here and doing the things we all still love to do, although Alex’s very UNsporty parents didn’t really feel at home with us, I fear.

Dave’s daughter Jaymee has been training with them too – she has another show with Leo coming up immediately after Easter and an acrobatic competition with her girls trio shortly after – but is clearing out most days to spend time with her girl friends and partners. To be fair, our cabin has become a bit ‘male-hormone-rich’ with the intense and regularly entirely naked training regime they (and we) tend to adopt in our private locations.

They are all off to Chad’s super-equipped private gym tomorrow, after gaining his seal of approval: since that place is normally 16yo and above only, and has a high proportion of gays who, erm, tend to ‘let it show’, he’s put special measures in place to protect the innocent young! They’re going to have a whale of a time…


…and so, I expect, is he! Twenty-nine different ‘instruments of torture’ to play on, plus the free weights, the acrobatic floor, the wrestling mats… and then there’s the gymnastics center for them to show off in as well…


I was taken to task recently for appearing to suggest that I had only respect for guys into fitness, and no time for anyone – gay or otherwise – who did not subscribe to that ethic. I invited the blog reader to state his case, which he has done through a friendly exchange of e-mails and then a guest blog post, so far to a clamorous ZERO comments, for or against. Go to that post, and offer your thoughts, by all means. This is a blog which promotes guys’ fitness above all else, from a gay perspective but with family involved as circus performers, so we’re bound to be involved deeply into such things here. Just like a stamp-collecting blog which caters for stamp collectors but does not imply that anyone who is not a stamp collector is looked down upon, so we support anyone’s right to their chosen lifestyle, fit or not, and never intend to imply otherwise. But you guys seem to be lapping up the fitness pictures, so you’re into the results, if not the personal hard work needed to create them! Enjoy!

And before the usual additional selection of images to brighten our days, the usual reminder that fitness and things are written about, along with gay love and adventures, here:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

And so, as my son and his US and British friends enjoy their acrobatics, lifting, wild swimming and wrestling (oil too – Alex thinks that is “awesome”), so shall we:






oil wrestlers

So, for those that are like minded, our teenboy fitness alliance has a simple message…



About tonycavanagh

Born Northampton UK; school Oxford UK and Oak Ridge Tennessee, where I met my wonderful partner Dave, also from UK. Oak Ridge is our main training base for acrobatics and circus stuff, but we also established a base in Wales (UK) to serve us when we are working in Europe. Our 'story', of finding gay love, learning the acrobatics trade and then of how we got shot at during our show (and worse was to follow - just to prove that the risks of being an acrobat are not always the most obvious ones!) are now available in my three books 'Loving the Boy', 'The Power of Love' and 'Against All Odds'. Links available on most blog posts. Actually, waiting for the imminent arrival of the first printed copies was far scarier than anything we do in performance. A fourth book - not about us but exploring the sadness of a gay Native American boy denied his true identity - is currently with an agent for evaluation. watch for 'Let The Future Find Me' in due time. And now to book five... another boy, another quest... seems its always boys...
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6 Responses to Transatlantic Teenboys

  1. Mike says:

    I’ve been thinking about the email you posted in a previous blog for some time before coming up with a response.
    I fully understand the writers perspectives, but don’t fully agree with them. I was also that brainy weedy kid that was always picked last. What inspired me was that some of the “sporty” kids really tried to take me with them – to include me in their plans. Yes, I was the weedy geek, but I was the clever weedy geek. And I worked hard – I gave it my all.
    I’ve re-read your posts, and nowhere does it exclude anyone for being a “weed”.
    Competition, while heated, is friendly and nurtures self improvement – from experience, this environment is a great place to be.

    Unfortunately, illness (brain injury) prevents me from training hard for now, but I look forward to going back into MMA training. I’m never going to seriously compete, I’m not very good, it’s not what I’m best at – but that doesn’t matter, it’s about respecting those you train with to give it your all – whatever your level, and encouraging others to do the same. And boy, does it yield results.

    Interestingly, this is the culture that we use in work. For those interested, look up “High Performance Culture”. It works well.

    I didn’t immerse myself in “all things gay”, and take up dressmaking
    Etc. I realised that I’m a man who is gay. It doesn’t have t define me.

    Who am I? Who have I become?

    I am an accomplished engineer working for arguably the worlds best aero engine manufacturers , with patents to my name. I’m one of the top percentile of engineers in my field. I’ve worked for a number of large manufacturers from all corners of the globe, including, Hitachi, Sony, ford, jaguar, Landrover, MG, Caterpillar, GE, SAIC.
    I’m a keen biker and diver.
    Also love restoring classic cars.
    I’m a keen performance driver and rider both on and off road.

    Oh – by the way, I’m gay.

    You are what you do, what you say, and the company you keep. You are not defined by what others think of you. You are your own person to choose what you do, say and choose friends.

    Because you are gay, you don’t have to do the gay typecast thing and go to the gay pubs and watch musicals etc. You can if you want, but you don’t have to – you can do what you want.

    If someone has a problem, that’s their problem to cope with, not yours to exasperate.

    However, I did like Ian McKellens “I’m Gandalf and Magneto – get over it” T-shirt…..

    I’ve worked in some very male- orientated industries. I don’t lie about my sexuality, if asked, I give a straight answer. I don’t shout about it either.
    I try to be myself and do the best that I can.

    When I came out to a colleague, he was utterly aghast in shock and disbelief – he spluttered out the words ” how can you be gay? Your one of the best drivers and riders here, your a wicked mechanic, and you are the butchest of all of us! – heck, you taught my son how to weld, and me how to swim! You can’t be gay!”

    I found this really amusing, because I don’t work at being “butch” at all – this is just me – doing what I want to do…

    All the best,

    P.S. I love the blogs, they are keeping me going on my long recovery.

    • tonycavanagh says:

      Thank you so much for this thoughtful and encouraging response. I have already had a couple of similar e-mails, but you’re the first to post directly. Really appreciate you taking the time. Great to hear about the mixed martial arts interest – glad you chose that over dressmaking anyway!

      Best regards


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