Let The Bad Times Begin?

cheer up youre on camera

Not for nothing do I start this post with a guy looking miserable! A recent correspondent who lives not all that far from us and decided to make himself known to me by e-mail (gymacrobat@gmail.com) – welcome, dude – surprised me a little bit by suggesting that we seem to have such a wonderful time that it all seems too good to be true! If only…

The first part...I have never made any secret of the fact that I started this blog at the suggestion of my publisher’s advertising guy. That’s why book adverts spill into almost every post (thanks to the other correspondent yesterday who told me he just bought one – thanks!). Those three books are semi-autobiographical, yes, and started their lives as a boring diary until my better-informed friends taught me a few things about writing what people might prefer to read. We had to change a lot of locations, names and so forth (“to protect the innocent” and ourselves from law suits!!) and, though based on real events, they were crafted into – shall we say – a much more ‘exciting’ read by a guy back in UK who taught me a huge amount about how to write better for an audience.

The second part...Cover 3 ThumbI never planned to publish anyway, but one or two people who got hold of the story in various ways (one in US, one in UK, one in Austria) gave such valuable feedback that I did go to a publisher and those guys got a credit. Hence these irritating little thumbnails on which I hope the odd person might click.

So, what is the situation in reality? Gay – check. Wonderful partner called Dave – check. Part of a small carefully selected group of gay friends with whom we can share our love in absolute safety – check (and I can’t understand why this seems unusual to some people – surely it’s got to be better than those sordid one-night-stand pickups in gay bars?). Access to two private gay-friendly gyms (ours and another guy’s) where we can do our own thing and wear as little as we like while doing it – check (there are groups and sites on the web which are devoted to lamenting the fight guys have to shuck their shirts in public gyms, and I list a couple at the bottom right of this page). Into acrobatics – check, but wondering how long we can keep it up as we get ever older. Into fitness and especially weight training – check. Spending more time coaching the next generation – check. Being a gay Dad – check.

Those are the things we like and, as those things feature strongly in the books, those are the things I tend to scribble about here. I’d always assumed that you didn’t want to hear about the black days and the things that drive us up the wall…

Here’s a picture of a wall. Just to make a point! Fortunately it has a young lifter breaking sweat in front of it…

breaking sweat

So maybe I’ve been making it all sound ‘too good to be true’? Those who want to read about the s**t, raise your hands! I did blog about my still-unexplained DVT last June which put me out of effective action for nearly six months with one leg twice the size of the other, just as an example. I thought that was something that only happened to old people. I also recall ranting on about a chest infection, possibly more than once. I do report fairly regular when something homophobic happens. I dread returning to the baking heat of our ‘tour bus’ when I have to go back to the circus tour to replace some of the others – I keep deciding ‘never again’, but something usually changes that.

On the other hand, while we can still do this stuff…


…I guess that it will be hard to give it up really.

Of course, the majority come here just to trawl for pictures of fit young men doing ‘fit-young-men’ stuff in limited amounts of clothing…


…and why not? We enjoy looking at them too, or they wouldn’t have accumulated on my computer, now would they? Here are some more:




w buffDude_BicepsGym[1]

(that’s one of my fave machines at Chad’s gym)

upright row







So there we have it. Rant over for now, and I think that I shall continue to focus on the good news rather than the bad times. Meanwhile, we keep flying the ‘fitness’ flag and, if you can be persuaded to join in – whatever your age, you too could be admiring the results in front of a mirror or camera before you know it!


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4 Responses to Let The Bad Times Begin?

  1. PatrickDee says:

    Is there any way your books can be purchased on-line to an iPad for easy reading on flights or whatever? I much enjoy your blog. Thanks.


    • tonycavanagh says:

      Sure they can. e-reader versions are available through Amazon and other similar outlets. You can locate them by searching the author/title or the ISBN, I believe. Thanks for your interest.

  2. Alan says:

    For quite a long time now I’ve been reading your blog and enjoy it very much. Thank you for your honesty and openness about nearly everything. The only thing I would change is the type color to something darker. Had to tease you. Am a early retired teacher in the beautiful Pacific Northwest!! You have just been very encouraging for me to get out more and return to my weights and continue swimming laps!! Wanted you to know this. At my age of just 62 yrs I will be toning up more!! Thanks again and stay cool!

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