‘You Can’t Please All of the People’ – Ever!


Methinks I ask too many questions. Because you get too many contradictory answers! In the last few posts I’ve tried to respond to issues raised (mainly by e-mail)…‘That grey writing is hard to read against a grey background’…OK, so I try a sort of salmon pink and get 50% success. ‘That’s much better -easier to see – good contrast…’ and ‘I can’t see that so easily…’ So I offer three more colours and get about equal amounts in favour of each.

‘You’re writing too much about ‘Me, me, me..” Indeed, perhaps I am but then, that’s effectively what this blog is about. According to my book publicist anyway! ‘You’re living in some sort of gay fitness Utopia – too good to be true’… well maybe I do make this little corner of Tennessee sound rather fun but in truth, life here is pretty ordinary. And life has had its downs as well as its ups. Out to work (coaching), home (weights cabin, to fight off the advancing years and to maintain some capability to do acrobatics when the occasion demands), try and finish another book (that’s writing, not reading). Slightly strange family situation, which has attracted some comments, but surely it cannot be unique? Haven’t other gay dad’s actually achieved that aim without artificial insemination? Just sucked their teeth and got on with it…?

And by now, with this little rant, I’ve probably breached another reader’s sensibilities. Already this week someone wrote ‘I can’t read what you write any more – goodbye’… either he objects to the things I say or can’t stand the salmon pink either. Didn’t make it clear except to say ‘I’m not just here for the pictures…’ Well, I don’t care if you are: we enjoy them so why shouldn’t anyone else?


Like that guy, I feel I’m getting all tangled up in a knot (and, before you ask, no, I can’t get into that position any more!). Where are we going with this blog I wonder? Over 730 posts so far and all bar one still up there: 1,060,568 hits at the last count and between 100-200 per day (the record is 3055 – I know that’s not a lot by some standards, but this is bit of a niche market, after all.

8017548_wallyliftingweightsSo I guess that I’ll just plod on, writing whatever comes into my head and, when nothing does, return to the pictures… even if no-one else likes it, it gives me something to do when I’m not doing this.

That’s another thing – I get asked to help with weights programmes or fitness training for people I don’t know. Generally I resist, but I did prepare a very simple starter schedule for a guy who declared his age and general fitness level to me, and then never heard another word, good or bad. Maybe it killed him. Bad move…




chest power






And LOOK – no book adverts this post. I must be slipping.

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