Five-a-Side Games


Well, there’s rather more than 5-a-side in that ‘scrum’, but it’s the best ‘(ir)relevant’ opening picture I can find!

Got rid of the kids… Son Leo is sleeping over with his new Dutch friend Tjark – Leo is fascinated by Tjark’s contortion abilities and Tjark by Leo’s balancing.. so there’s a fun weekend in the making! And I guess that the rest of their ‘gang’ will get involved too. Jaymee is week-ending in Knoxville with one of her acrobatic friends, so the coast is clear!

That’s ‘clear’ for the current resident three gay guys (Pete, Ivo and I), joined I’m happy to say by Leon and Dane over from Lexington for a weekend of shared weights, wrestling and FUN… of the sort that gay guys with guaranteed ‘clean’ and trusted friends can enjoy.


Down south, my partner Dave is similarly endowed with four others – but he has those all the time as they are all cooped up in our tour bus with the circus. So he’s with the ‘away side’… not so much weights for them, but more of this to keep in training…


Overall, we have a potential 8 guys and 2 girls, plus the kids out of school time, with which to keep our circus commitment fulfilled. But we are struggling also to hold down teaching commitments at the gymnastics centre here, and we’re hoping to persuade Leon and Dane, who are due a long “vacation” – to have another go – they toured and joined in some of the routines once before (see ‘Against All Odds’) when it all ended badly, but that should be behind us. They don’t have the balance capabilities but they do have strength



– able to support others and to readily take to the beds of nails and glass and that stuff. And well able to make effective combinations with slightly simpler moves like these…


Dane just finished a large construction project, and Leon says he is due at least eight weeks leave from his bus company after taking none for about two years. So we hope they could be persuaded… this far in, they haven’t said no!


That’s a Dane ‘look-alike’ – built to last! Let’s take in a few other similar bodies now:


stable stretch







0512 (2)

071515-4 (1)

tumblr_mfmo1cNWBX1r9o4lno1_1280Mmmm. Can’t beat keeping fit, really.

Here’s a reminder of all three currently-published books!

e-versions are available as well as paperback copies, from Amazon and other obvious outlets.

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 Thumb

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