Yes, that is a pretty good result, but that wasn’t quite what I meant. I mean that we have persuaded our friends Leon and Dane to venture out on the circus circuit for four weeks as part of our ‘troupe’. They last did that 12 years ago, when the tour ended in disarray (Against All Oddsbut they sure have maintained their fitness like the rest of us, and can do all the strength moves (nails and stuff) as well as making sound bases for balance work. Phew! That’ll give some of the others a bit of a break.

I was pretty confident that they would agree, or I wouldn’t have mentioned it in the last post. Frankly, I think that we have collectively bitten off more than we can chew with these circus contracts, when you take into consideration all the work that four of us are committed to at the gymnastics center plus the fact that Karen has a trucking job as well, in theory anyway! And there’s the kids to consider (they’ll do some shows once in a while – twice if we let them! – but having parents around would be good). But maybe we have to say ‘enough is enough’, although Ethan and Jack seem never to tire of doing shows and touring and I think those two will just go on for ever.

So, a couple of weekends of intensive rehearsing are coming up! Be nice if we could do it on the beach like these two, but Tennessee kind of misses out on beaches…

beach ballet


…and plenty of this for all of us too, of course…



tumblr_na5qwdkAHb1rzmk49o1_1280Growing tired of touring doesn’t, of course, mean we are tiring of doing all the things we have always loved to do! The ten guys referred to in the Five-A-Side post remain as committed to fitness through weights, acrobatics and so on as we have ever been – and as ten committed gay guys sworn to stay ‘clean’ and just for the group, we are as relentless in keeping that promise as we are with the weights and stuff!

That all developed quite quickly shortly after Dave and I came to the US, and is documented in Loving the Boy and The Power of Love.

Right! So more time to teach the things we love to do in the future, in a slightly less frantic way, will be great. Maybe more time for writing, even. Who knows.

Let’s celebrate fitness some more, then: young lads showing off the muscles that gymnastics has built for them…


Five older lads strutting their stuff:


Turkish wrestler boys:

turkish wrestlers



note the elbow straps

Time spent exercising – whatever you do – is never wasted!


green bars

You’re sure to be proud of the results!



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