By the ‘Grace’ of God…

453410591That ‘wonderful’ God-fearing  ‘compassionate’ community in Seattle known as the Grace Church, renowned for the anti-gay activities of its pastor and his wife, Ryan and Katy Faust, has apparently launched a board game entitled ‘Chase the Homos Around the World’. Proceeds from the sale of the game will allegedly assist the Fausts to travel around the world spewing their hate for LGBT people everywhere. it seems that the game is designed to be played by five Christian bigots and one unlucky homosexual (the pink piece on the board, naturally). Every square on the board contains an ‘appropriate’ biblical quotation: the centre of the board is ‘Heaven’ from where the other players commence their pursuit. Naturally, the homo player is in a lose-lose situation and has to admit their ‘sin’ and be baptised into Christ’s church…

Oh, lordy!



Well, I was baptised and so was Dave. Not our particular choice, obviously, at a seriously young age, but it didn’t prevent either of us being homosexual. Nor did it prevent us having a loving relationship with each other and nor, should we have wanted it, with Christ/God…

Thanks to blogger ‘The Pink Agendist’ for alerting me to this latest venom from Washington State. I’ve been there several times and most folks appear quite normal and accepting! And this hot on the tail of news from Louisiana that the KKK are out to kill the gays…

I’ll tell you one thing: ‘God strikes back’! Apparently a piece of Louisiana the size of a football field is being washed out to sea every hour. Here’s hoping that’s KKK territory and not the homes of poor innocent God-fearing folks…


‘…What? I’m ranting again? All right, I’ll stop…’

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 ThumbDoubt that the Grace church would offer these on a ‘bring-and-buy’ fundraising stall! Tales of gay falling in love, gay groups enjoying their sports and pleasures, going on a circus tour together and getting into a spot of bother… with the benefit of hindsight, falling into the clutches of the Grace church would probably have been a fate far worse…

‘…what, I’m still ranting? OK, enough is enough then…’

Click on the covers or consult Amazon for the e-versions!

Some more images which, when placed in our gay context of admiring the male form, would certainly offend certain people in Seattle!





oiled Enzo Carini





A good sweat, there!

I seem to have gone all ‘black and white’. Never mind: two for the price of one here:


A ‘bars boy’ in an intense front planche:

from below

A final message from our ‘sponsor’, to gays everywhere…


Indeed. Should God exist, he/she/it made me gay, found me love, gave me freedom and made me happy. RESULT!!

Nice try, Mr and Mrs Faust, but I think it’s game, set and match to the LGTB fraternity!




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