LGTB – A Different Christian View

charlotte 2Hot on the heels of my rant about the ‘Grace’ church in Seattle and its ferociously homophobic pastor and his wife comes news of a church much closer to us here, in North Carolina, which stands up to be counted for its welcoming of gays n’all (as they say around here) – and recently found itself the victim of a homophobic graffiti artist as a result. Assuming that they are all worshipping the same God, one of them must have got it wrong…?

We would say, ‘thank God for the folks of Wedgewood Church, Charlotte’ for their response to the graffiti (above left and below)…

charlotte 1

…was to re-paint the doors of their church in the welcoming colours of Gay Pride…

charlotte 3

The pastor, Rev. Chris Ayers, said the paint job ‘…is just one more example of how Wedgewood aims to “let people know “that there are churches and Christians out there who believe that sexual orientation and gender identity are not sins, but great gifts from God,” as well as “celebrate the tremendous courage for those who came out so long ago and set the stage for the wonderful things that have happened.”‘

As it happens, one of the issues in my next book, Let the Future Find Me is the different views on homosexuality in different factions of the native American community. Putting it like that, it sounds dreadfully boring, but I promise you that – when it eventually gets published – it’s anything but… watch this space!

Apparently, the graffiti at Wedgewood Church was less aimed directly at the church than at the LGTB communities directly, although some time ago someone did reorganise the letters of the sign out front to read ‘A Lesbo church’.

00_09_20So, for remainder of this post (the ‘colour supplement’!), I think that we can safely be a little bit gay and admire the male form and what it can be…



As we seem to be featuring biceps this far, a couple of close-ups…





…and a close-up of a couple…


OK, moving on…! Some groups now:

four gym bunnies

likely lads

…whenever four fit your men are gathered together, there’s scope for some fun and games…


…or just three…

young acrobats!

Five in the woods, at ease…


The more, the merrier…


Not entirely sure what that Danish group are doing, but one or two of those bodies could do with a little ‘fine tuning’ in the weight room I think!

tumblr_ng2bqxCQ8t1tytx4ao1_500Two posts in a row about churches – oh dear. Some might fear that I am becoming religious! Well, I am , but not in that way. I’m a firm believer in the power of the gym, where ‘Miracles DON’T Happen’ – those body shapes which we admire don’t happen by themselves. See left!

Then see below for some good reads about our gay life and times (that do not involve churchgoing but very much do involve gym-going!).

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7



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1 Response to LGTB – A Different Christian View

  1. Nick says:

    It is wonderful to see how some people are willing to show that faith, any and all faith, is about love and compassion. To people like us who face threats and violence on a regular basis , it is news such as this that keeps us motivated to struggle on till it gets better.

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