Training Weekend


Acro training this weekend, ready for the four-week stint in the circus alongside Ivo, Pete and the guys from Lexington. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do it on the beach, like these guys! If only we had a beach here in TN. Oh well.

Dane and Leon from Lexington are basically going to be doing ‘strength’ moves rather than balance – that’s their thing as wrestlers, basically. In their club, they start ’em tough and they just go on getting tougher…


Of course, we have to integrate the moves we’re practicing with the other lads who are already there and are staying on, so we’ve had a lot of Skype dialogue!

My beloved Dave will be coming home, along with Karen, who has truck driving to do. That mean’s that Jaymee will have two parents home once more, while my son Leo will have none. He’ll cope. It’s as if he’s had two dads and two mums all his life anyway, as this little trio of epics explains:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Clare stays on for a while, keeping up the fire breathing and joining on the bed of nails and stuff like that. And there’s lots of balance in the acts too.


Should explain – that’s not us. We don’t appear before the God-fearing Southern public in costumes quite that skimpy, even if do train in even less in our private places. More like this:


Someone asked me why acrobats so often wear so little. You are using your body at maximum energy output, and get very hot and sweaty, and you need freedom of movement. Skin on skin is a safe contact, especially if a little ‘chalk’ is added to the hands and feet. And I guess that with all the essential physical training, acrobats are a little bit proud of their bodies, and some of us are a little bit of a show-off…


Divers, of course, do it too:


Ever seen a diver wearing a shirt? Don’t think so (although you see people in public pools around here swimming in tee-shirts, which I think is insane)! This has to be better…


…even if appearing in public in your underpants rather than a Speedo is less common in the States than elsewhere!

OK. Let’s check out the weight room now.



…and some results:





SP010812 (1070)

That last guy is all but perfect – he can join our little troupe any time he wants!

AND FINALLY: wondering if any of you followers who receive these posts by e-mail are experiencing any difficulties reading the text since I’ve been experimenting with colour changes. A guy in UK reports odd problems – my post with white text was invisible one morning, in black the next, then invisible again after. I’ve tried to design the colour schemes to suit the grey background which WordPress provides on my selected style… anyone else having difficulties reading the stuff?


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4 Responses to Training Weekend

  1. PatrickDee says:

    I didn’t see any commentary yesterday (Saturday) so perhaps the color was not in sufficient contrast then with the copy. The photos, however, continue to be a delight. Thanks.

  2. my favorite pic of the bunch was the parallel bar handstander.

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