All Change


This weekend we commence the final 4 weeks of our circus contract with a big change around. Pete, Ivo, Leon, Dane and I are driving down in Ivo’s “unreasonably large” car (that’s what he calls it): 48 hours sorting out the new routines and then Karen will bring his car back along with Dave (so I ‘lose’ him again for another four weeks – sigh), our long-suffering roadie and driver Chet, who has some family issues, and Zach, who has pulled a muscle and is currently preventing its recovery by continuing to perform. Leon will take over the driving and finally bring the bus – and the rest of the crew – home to TN.

Since Dave is my (perfect) partner, we couldn’t really have made a worse arrangement! Not much chance of this for another four weeks, then:


…although we shall get two nights together in the tour bus when the rest of the guys (and girls) will hopefully leave us alone together.

I have been covering shifts at the gymnastics centre for others so that they will return the favour by doing extra ones when Dave is the only one of the normal four of us who work there. Fortunately the Romanian owners have left us to sort it out, although they will do extra coaching shifts themselves as part of the agreed plan. As former competitive gymnasts themselves at international level, they understand the need for acrobats to perform (even us ageing ones!) and to keep our own skills sharp in order to pass them on to others (notably the next generation) in the gym:



So, come the end of the first week in October, we shall all be home – even Ethan and Jack, whose affection for circus and shows seems to be endless. They’re already negotiating another ‘gig’ in Canada (where Jack comes from).

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 ThumbWait. All these names. Who’s Who? Well, if anyone cares, all of this miscellaneous cast of characters is introduced in these three volumes, where you can smile at Dave and my inept attempts to understand that we were gay lovers, how we developed the acrobatic and endurance stuff we still perform, and (occasionally) where things went wrong. e-books are available.

If you haven’t succumbed to my endless nagging about books – well, guys, I need the money and you get a heck of lot of words for your bucks! – let me just point out that they would make great gifts for your gay partners and that Christmas in coming.

tumblr_n8com8PBA21qd45ayo1_1280Our main mission in the future is going to be promoting fitness and helping younger guys to attain it and to maintain it. There will be messages of encouragement on these pages…

…and this particular message is important. I always tell my gymnasts that I’m not looking for perfection (yet!!) but for improvement, to show that they’re serious about what they’re doing and that I’m not wasting my time. And time spent getting and keeping fit is never wasted. At which point, we launch into our customary gallery of evidence!







…not forgetting, of course, where the primary strength comes from…


…and training with a friend always makes it easier! Even if he’s just taking the photos!


An intense lad there. Followed by a less intense lad, but still doing all the right things…


dumbbell dude

So there we are. Any age can start – you’ve just got to want to, and to do it. With appropriate professional advice, of course!




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    Hello, BOYS !

    I have found this picture on the web, for you !

    Beatutiful NAKED BOYS, in an Acrobatic LOVE !!!

    Bye, bye, see you soon !


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