Early Morning, On the Bus…

An everyday story of acrobatic folk ‘on the road’:

2menturtle - Copy

We’re seven guys and one girl at the moment, living in a converted bus and travelling with the circus tour. It is still seriously hot here and everyone sleeps naked on top of their bunks…


Such weight training as we can do gets done in the early morning, when it is coolest. Dumbbells, mainly.



I wake somewhat blearily…


…but pleasurably, as Ethan is ‘play-licking’ my belly to wake me up, needing a partner to stretch him. His own (equally gay) partner Jack is already being stretched, on his back with legs out sideways at right angles and being pushed further by Zach and Gary. This is necessary to keep the body in trim for hand-balancing with the legs in various ‘splits’ positions, because you don’t have the weight of your own body pushing you down as you do in a conventional ‘split’ on the floor like this…


…and, because he is going to be joining in the bed-of-nails activities when Karen and I leave in three weeks, he is putting in his hours at the same time on the small nail bed we squeeze into the bus. Double the pain, double the effect, and maybe double the ‘pleasure’. Satisfaction, anyway. Further back in the bus, Leon and Dane are sweatily engaged in one-arm push-ups. Very sweatily…


All part of the necessary daily routine to keep in shape for performance!



Of course, we get outside to train when we can:


ath_energy drinks

…but inside the bus (which has ‘see-out-but-not-see-in’ windows) naked training does fine:


To be fair, some do that in public anyway!…


The first part...The second part...Cover 3 ThumbOur ‘antics’, if that’s what they are, derive from a combination of being gay, being hooked on acrobatics, being part of a group of ten ‘clean’ gay guys who can fully interact in gay ways as well as being in individual partnerships. Sounds a bit weird, but there we go – these books will set the scene and maybe shed some light darkness on it! e-books are available also.

All of this in preparation (as far as I am concerned) for three more weeks with the circus. Let me end this post with a small selection of physique success stories, to be enjoyed:

23dwr (1)







So there!





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