18 days, 27 shows, and counting…


It should go without saying that we love what we do. Showing off acrobatics and tumbling, engaging with the fakir stuff… training for it with the weights and so on… yeah, great. But being cooped up in a stuffy tour bus, even with six of my very closest gay mates plus one equally amazing lesbian body burner – well, happy I am not!

I’m missing the gym coaching…



…yes, even those long shifts… I’m missing a real weights gym…


gym poser

I’m missing my son Leo and his mates, and the sparkle they bring into our lives…


…and, above all, I’m missing Dave…


I haven’t got the re-read / re-write of the fourth book going at all, despite having odd lumps of time to kill between training and shows – something pointless always seems to get in the way. So you will have to continue to make do with the first three…

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

To be fair, six of the team have been here longer – a lot longer – than I have. Leo and Dane are (supposedly) having a vacation of just four weeks ‘on the road’ (same as me this time), reliving a less successful attempt made over ten years ago (see ‘Against All Odds’). But they have ‘proper’ jobs needing them to get back (and in one piece).

They’re all getting tired now: and in two-and-a-half weeks our contract ends and we hand over to new acts, and life can return to ‘normal’. Except for Jack and Ethan, who have been in assorted shows almost continuously for nearly three years, focussing on adagio balance, particularly head-to-head. They have decided to treat themselves to an extended tour of Australia and New Zealand – not performing, but being tourists. My money is on them putting on impromptu displays and passing the hat around, but we shall see!

Would we engage in a new circus contract? That’s a difficult one. Mid-thirties is not a great age for acrobats, but many quit younger. If only to earn better and more reliable money! Any rate, we have declined to sign up yet for providing a team for six months ahead. We need to get away from the circus, and then discuss our options.

Will we keep training? Absolutely!


The day we can no longer feel confident about our own bodies, or can find faults with any of the others, is hopefully a long way off. One of my faithful bodybuilder followers is in his eighties. Long way to go, as he took time out to remind me last time I moaned about getting older.

Both Dave and I feel that rather than spend significant chunks of time ‘on the road’, we would rather spend that time enjoying our little investment property in Wales (UK). There’s a little gym there we’ve built up, but we’ve hardly seen it since last winter. Crossing the Atlantic is not cheap, but our parents are there and our kids have friends in UK that are as fanatical fitness kids as ours, so we think we might try harder to coordinate school breaks with them in the future, and even try to negotiate with the school for some leeway because the British and US school terms do not coincide. In UK they fine the parents if the kids are taken out of school during term time: not so here yet, but I expect that it will come because it happens elsewhere in the US (and, indeed, elsewhere in the State). Hmmm. Lot’s to think about.

OK. Let’s enjoy some more fit young guys now.




gym smiler



pose grinning



A ‘built’ boy enjoying the sun on his back. That’s what it is all about.

Here, the temperature has fallen a lot now, and we can sleep at night without our sweat saturating the bunk mattresses! This bus is going to need fumigating when we finally get it back to base in TN, I think!

Meanwhile, get into fitness action and enjoy. Even scrappy pyramids can be fun, and it’s a good introduction to the ‘art’…


Introduce the next generation to the fitness ‘art’…

two generations



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