Bring and Share…


I overheard a boy in the front row last evening ask his Mom ‘Why aren’t the acrobats wearing any clothes?’ Of course, we were, albeit rather skimpy ‘tangos’. Zach heard the answers – ‘I expect they want to show off their muscles.’ And then, as an afterthought, ‘They do look a bit hot…’

Which is, mainly, the point. Using your body vigorously for six minutes or so makes you very sweaty. You see that in the gym all the time…

sweat after the effort

…although in many public gyms, they insist you keep a top on, which gets soggy and clingy. And you can’t put your body through all the balance positions and whatnot encumbered by a clingy costume, hence we wear as little as possible. And yes, we do like to show off our muscles, I suppose.

So we are always “up close and comfortable” with each other. One position in our present routine has me standing upright, arched back somewhat with Zach in a similar position upside down, his chest resting against mine and the friction of our skin preventing him from sliding down on to his head. That one comes early in the routine, before there’s too much sweat swilling around – we can’t really put gymnastic chalk on our chests!

What we do have on our chests is microbes. I’ve been reading about microbes in my on-line newspaper, and it turns out that several pounds of our bodyweight is ‘other species’ – in fact there are ten times more microbes associated with our bodies than there are cells in our own bodies! Arrgh! Seems we leave a ‘microbiome signature’ wherever we go, whatever (or whoever) we touch.

Well, in our business, mixing with each other’s sweat (and discarded dead skin cells too I guess) goes with the territory! Unlike public gyms, we think nothing of lying back on the weight bench on top of the sweaty trail left by our colleagues – after all, we’re going to add to the puddle straight away…



All that faffing around in public gyms with vests and towels really doesn’t stop the microbial spread… they’re in the air, up your nose…


…and, being a group of gays able to be naked and intimate with one another in all those gay ways, basically we must all have a microbial stew within us and upon us which includes contributions from everyone. Those sneaky licks of beads of sweat, a brush of your face past the armpits…


And as for playtime – well, the body contact when wrestling will account for a few million of the little buggers crossing from one partner to the other…

backyard wrestling

…even more scope when naked…

naked wrestle in oil

…especially when you bring the feet into play – a whole new population of microbes to share there…


…in your face?


The first part...Cover 3 ThumbThe second part...Call me weird, but I love to be in that sort of position. Especially with my lovely partner Dave or one of the other boys we’re close to. In fact, all of this stuff must seem pretty weird to some. Trying to make a living by balancing on one another and tumbling around? Getting naked to lift weights? The gay love stories and liaisons? It’s all in these books. e-versions available too.

Some readers of the microbe piece in the newspaper would probably now be put off even just putting an arm around a friend’s shoulder…


The article tells me that showering vigorously only makes a difference for a few minutes


…the colonies very quickly re-establish themselves. It’s what sniffer dogs follow, apparently, and everyone is different and distinctive – to a dog!

But I don’t think there’ll be any stopping us. We’ve shared our flora and fauna for long enough – and just about every bodily fluid as well, either involuntarily or deliberately, to ‘cement’ our brotherhood bonds!…


So, along with the ballet boys, who get intimate with each other’s bodies in public just as often as we do…



…we shall cheerfully go on, as our other professional acrobat colleagues do, in exploring ever more interesting positions in which our microbes can migrate!





Roll up, roll up, for the microbial ballet!


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