Speedo Day


Today is not an entirely good day. Three out of the seven of us have suddenly developed strange red spotty rashes on our feet (one foot in my case) with no explanation except that fairly obviously our extensive bare-footing in performance, training and around the camp has encountered something noxious. Nothing like this has ever happened to us before… nothing hurts, but it is probably contagious and since balancing on each other feet is part of the show… hmmm.

Second thing is that last night I had a good shot at cutting the end of a finger off with a steak knife. Fortunately not my principal balance arm, but uncomfortable in training and no doubt in the next performance.

My mum always says “things always happen in threes”. I’m just waiting to see what is coming next!

Zach just asked “Are you sure you want to do the broken-glass thing in tonight’s show?” And he’s not joking…

OK. By way of a change, all today’s fit-dude pictures feature Speedos or similar. No particular reason, except to take my mind off spots, cuts, bruises, trips, falls…



The first part...



arm curls

The second part...



intrusive plant

I captioned that picture ‘intrusive plant’ since it gets in the way of admiring the boy’s symmetrical lats development… OK, it’s not just my foot that’s weird… nothing in the way here to spoil Josh’s symmetry…


speedo on bed

Cover 3 Thumb







Guess we should include just a little bit of acrobatic endeavour…


…wet, even…


Now there’s a thought. Get wet in the act, bit of antiseptic in the water, foot-rot cured. Simples!



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