Half Glasses: A Look into the Future?

glass half full

Which half are you? The half-empty half or the half-full half? ‘Depends what’s in it!’ observes Ethan cheekily, but I’m sure you know what I mean.

Mine’s a ‘whisky mac’, by the way. Scotch, of course – not this terrible stuff they brew in Tennessee…

This thought arose during a great debate amongst those of us currently ‘on the road’ with the circus tour about what we want to do with the rest of our lives. The prospect of performing ad infinitum fills the glass for some, but empties it for me (and, I know, for my absent partner Dave, who is back home getting frazzled covering shifts for three absentees at the gymnastics centre). But a lifetime of doing coaching shifts doesn’t exactly thrill us either, even though we get a lot of pleasure out of passing on what we know (or think we know)…


So what next? Kids have 5 years of High School left to do, and Dave and I hardly want to just leave them in US and disappear off to UK (Wales) even though that is an attractive prospect otherwise. We won’t re-locate them to UK for sure, as their mums are Uncle Sam’s through and through and would never survive anywhere else! Kids, of course, would ‘run away and join the circus’ tomorrow, given half a chance. And they’d be a great hit.

The present round of circus stuff comes to end at the end of next week.


Most of us are unwilling to commit to any further contract with this circus despite a lot of pressure to consider coming back in four months’ time when the next round of programme changes is due. Ethan and Jack, however, have never done anything except perform in their lives, and don’t want to stop now but – as I previously reported – they are going to do some travelling next and then decide.

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 ThumbI am thinking about trying to do more writing. The new book, now finished and languishing on my laptop, is very different from these first three, and I am considering carefully what to do with it. After taking advice and listening to the thoughts of one or two who have read it, I have decided to take a plunge and submit it to two agents, one in UK and one in US, rather than direct to a ‘vanity’ publisher. It is wholly set in the US but written by an Englishman in what my American friends regard as idiosyncratic quaint English – ‘WHO SPELLS “TIRES’ WITH A y, FOR GOODNESS SAKE’ – yells one of my friends here – his ‘automobile’s’ ‘tire’ bumps up a ‘curb’ whereas my ‘car’s’ ‘tyre’ bumps up a ‘kerb’… (sigh!)

…so my half-full glass is raised (in hope!) to their professional readers liking what I have done with the imagined story of  Sammy Three Rivers in ‘Let the Future Find Me’. It can be ‘translated’ into American if I have to. And into Serbo-Croat and sixteen other languages if things were to go well… Cheers! Prost! Kampai! Iechyd da!…

And the more I think about it, that new book’s title is probably the answer to the present conundrum. I will share a few extracts here before long, perhaps.

Of course, we shall keep training to keep ourselves fit, because working in acrobatics is fun. It is just the ‘on the road’ bit that we have grown to hate. So it’s back into the ‘sweat room’ as Leo calls it, with the weights, as soon as we return to TN, and we’ll go there on this post right now!








OK lads, that’s enough posing with the weights – lets take a look at some great results ‘in the wild’…









Check him out, dude!

Yes, no way are we going to turn our backs on the enjoyment of keeping our muscles in trim…

…so do please join this band of ‘approaching middle-aged acrobats’ in raising our glasses (containing a healthy drink, obviously) to the toast ‘LET THE FUTURE FIND US!’

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