A Coach’s Nightmare


Boys having fun with acrobatics. Just the ticket!

Most of the time.

I have just had a boy added to one of my classes at the gymnastics center who has part of his skull bone missing – or, at least, the segments didn’t move around and seal up as they should after he was born. So he has a patch on the back of his skull where there is no bone…

The gym center has an ‘open access’ policy – gymnastics for all. As it should. But this one scares us! No headstands; no backward rolls… what if he falls on his head from some other stunt and we can’t intervene quickly enough? And this is America, where lawyers rule the world and lay traps for the unwary…



So we’re in the gym. What should we let him do? Not helped by another coach who believes she knows about these things commenting “If he falls on his head, he’s dead!” Head coaches claim the parents take all responsibility…Hmmmmm.

I’ll tell you who is the star of this show. The boy himself. Aged eight, I think. He knows and understands his problem and is bold enough to remind the coaches “I shouldn’t do that.” Thank goodness for his common sense and wisdom beyond his years, because it is ever so easy for us to forget and just put him in line with the others after shouting “backward roll to headstand!”…

We haven’t killed anyone yet. or ourselves, for that matter, and we’ve had plenty of chances. But we’re still scared. I’ll let you now how this develops.

Meanwhile, some fitness pictures:


The first part...




The second part...




W010527 (1617)

Cover 3 Thumb



10 kilo

…and a neat group of lifters to finish with for today:


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