Corruption in the Gym

Shock horror!


“Trouble in’t gym”… well, at least in China. I’ve occasionally posted pics here of Chinese guys working out. Probably they were not card-carrying members of the Chinese Communist Party.

It seems to have started with golf, development of new courses being fuelled by serious corruption of local officials. An official ban on new golf courses followed, but 700 more sprang up… It has now spread to gym memberships and the like – if you are a signed-up member of the people’s party, you must not accept a gym membership for fear you will be part of a corruption racket…

Gosh! Better post non-Asian guys here for a while, at least in gyms! Don’t want to get anyone into trouble with big party cadres…


‘We’re corrupt enough already!’ says Dave, his mind no doubt on some of the antics we have gotten up to in our gym in the past – see Loving the Boy, The Power of Love and Against All Odds. But I don’t think that’s quite what they meant, although “improper sexual activity” is also on the banned list. So indulging in gay relationships is probably on the list too – you’ll have to get the story from the books, then. The Chinese “CIA” might be on the case, monitoring me right now… This, surely, has got to be on the banned list…


And all this just a couple of days after the Chinese premier signed all sorts of accords with my home government (UK) to get a share in UK nuclear power and all sorts of other stuff. And they’re SO good at cyber crime…

Well, the Chinese must have something right. After all, they seem to have all the money in the world!

Enough. Rant of the day over. Some general pics now:

upright row

After the upright row, the iron cross…


“Look at me!”!




And now some less precocious people…




“In Other News…”

It won’t have escaped your notice that next Saturday is Hallowe’en, followed two days later by the Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’, for which celebrations start on Sunday. We have two private ‘Ghoulish Gigs’ for “scary fakir stuff” involving grey body paint, fake blood and hollow-eye make-up. We like these things because we can show off in private what we can’t do in public… our partner girls can go topless, for a start, and have decided to resurrect a mild version of their hook suspension routine that they used to do in the old days (it’s all in those books). It is basically a ‘family’ affair and will start featuring the balance routines of Leo and Jaymee, with Dave and I  doing some of ours too. But the focus needs to be on fire, nails, swords, knives, glass, smashing concrete blocks on bodies, and all that stuff… and Leo’s inseparable mate Chris, who joined the circus group for four weeks in the summer, will be part of the show, primarily doing ‘strength’ stuff with Leo and being buried in the glass coffin…

We have just had delivered a special ‘A-frame’ device which can support the entire group of seven for a ghoulish tableau at the end. More on this later. Much rehearsing to do, especially as the two shows on Saturday and then on Sunday are going to pay very well indeed. They want horror, and (apparent) pain… we’ll see what we can do!

Meanwhile, today’s pix conclude with some “sideways looks” – our usual viewpoint on most things…



musl_muscled pair

img72 1

angle shot

And a final ‘sideways look’ for tonight that deserves every pixel!



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