Enter the Eighth Ghoul…

Apropos our forthcoming two ‘ghoulish’ shows for Hallowe’en and The Day of the Dead (see previous post):

As we were returning from our most recent circus tour, Karen warned me to expect a house guest. In the event, his arrival was delayed (“I got another gig, amigos!”). I never asked ‘who’ and had forgotten all about it until yesterday, when he finally showed up – non other than our old performing friend Felipe (who appeared in my first two books Loving the Boy and The Power of Love). He had moved on by the time of the events in the final one Against All Odds, and we haven’t seen him in between. 14 years on since he rented a room from the girls in their former home and worked in their small circus venture.

Those 14 years have taken their toll a bit – he was an amazing contortionist, and still us, but some of his old moves defeat him now. He also did human pincushion, and he’s staying around for the weekend and will add his particular ‘skill’ to the upcoming ‘horror’ shows. We’re making it all look bloody and gruesome for the occasions, but of course it isn’t really. All the stuff with beds of nails, glass, knife drops on to the stomach and firebreathing/bodyburning is all about common sense, physics, strength, confidence and practice. Even the young ones do all of it (except firebreathing – leave that to their mums I think). maxresdefault2Karen and Clare’s decision to resurrect suspensions “for two nights only” is, however, for real – hooks in the backs, as here:

We’ll leave that stuff to them. Dave and I confine our ‘suspensions’ to hanging from trapezes and supporting each other by our teeth. No blood. Ever!

Well, except when we throw those fizzing little darts at each other’s backs: I guess that has to be in these two shows…

After that, Felipe is back to his native Uruguay and, he says, does not intend to leave it again. He is going to get a job doing “something more sensible” – a sentiment that is maybe right. We wonder about continuing to do acrobatic routines – but they don’t involve pain – except for the strength training on the ‘no pain no gain’ basis which all gym bunnies understand!

The two young boys will focus mainly on strength – two matching ‘human flags on each side of the new performing frame in our finale tableau for example, whilst young Jaymee will be up top in a splits handstand, Dave supporting me in the middle (teeth) and the two girls hanging on either side of us from their hooks. And I guess, Felipe somewhere on the floor in front, tied in knots. All good Hallowe’en fun, I suppose.

Some more suitable pictures now! A human flag for a start, albeit with untidy leg positions:


Fit boys getting ready – for something…


…and enjoying their day out…


More outdoor fitness fun:

bar 7

ath_horiz bar workout


beach chest




chest power

Back on stage, then, doing what we love to do:



And, of course, the preparation:



Harry 1

basement gym

mqdefaultWhatever the age, whatever the conditions, it’s the effort you put in that gives the results!

Take your weights for a ride in the car if you don’t have the space at home…

portable gym

Find a fitness friend and push each other on… you won’t regret it!



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