‘What’s Going on ‘Ere, Then?’

… to a Brit, that phrase is indelibly associated with the image of Policeman on a bicycle coming upon a bunch of lads messing around on a street corner! (“Bobbies on bicycles, two by two” – you know the song…)

As the Hallowe’en weekend and our two ghoulish shows approach, we have been quite preoccupied with our staging and so forth, as you might imagine. The fantastic Chet is back to ‘stage-manage’ things. And of course, after training, there can be a few ‘fun and games’ by way of relaxation.

This week, some pictures came our way which fit that bill perfectly. Perhaps the sort of stuff we might indulge in occasionally after a tough weights or wrestling session comes to an end. Here, I simply invite you to speculate on “What’s Going on ‘Ere, Then?” – because we are lost for words!




That’s like six other guys flattening the bottom guy on the vaulting horse, and one more just fallen off. They are clearly on stage, clearly wearing underwear and, in one case, a pair of fishnet tights as well.


In fact, at least four of them are wearing tights over their normal ‘undies – and some female underwear over that. Hmmm. We have clothes strewn everywhere, and now – nappies??!!


This has to be some crazy sort of gay club affair. Why the vaulting horse? These guys don’t really have the bodies of regular physical performers.

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 ThumbAnyone shed any light? In our slightly younger days (which these books relate) our coven of gay guys in our private gym and training spaces certainly got up to plenty of similar antics – you do need to let your hair down, after all. But donning women’s knickers? Definitely not for us!

Actually, to be honest, in our slightly ‘older’ days, as now, we still enjoy similarly crazy games and ‘rough and tumbles’. And we build stacks, too – but in a more controlled way with our nail beds and broken glass, as part of ‘fakir’ shows – but that’s ‘professional’ and, with the comfort of the bottom guy in mind on nails, we wouldn’t go seven high either!

Some groups of guys in more ‘sedate’ situations now:


Ballet boys, we think (a bit skinny, wouldn’t you say?) training in some sort of stately home.

Three fitness guys at their outdoor gym (I think)…


..and at the indoor variety:




Just enjoying the great outdoors…


Swimmers being a tiny bit naughty:


You don’t have to take your clothes off to have fun in groups…


…but we obviously love it when you do!


And then you won’t get your knickers (or indeed your fishnet tights) in a twist!


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