A Head with a Sore Bear


There was none of that in our training cabin on Monday morning!

‘The Party’s Over…’ was the theme – two parties in fact, where we put on our most ghoulish fakir programme plus acrobatics. 3 13yo’s arriving home at 3am with school due at 7.30am… had to push them through the shower first to get the body art off, then Leo’s friend Chris stayed over and ‘crashed’ with him until dragged out of bed very soon afterwards! So three ‘sore heads’ there! Girls licking their (real) wounds and muttering ‘never again’… and I confess, Dave and I then went back to bed and slept through three separate guys banging on the door – mailman with a ‘sign-for’, a couple of deliveries – before finally shambling off to the gymnastics centre for what hopefully passed as attentive coaching!


Chris is enjoying a very high approval rating from his parents (who sneaked over to the Hallowe’en show to watch him without him realising) – they approve of us (which is great) and of the training which Chris gets alongside our own kids. They were delighted that he spent half of his summer hols in the circus tour and then four weeks in UK with us: they hardly saw him at all! His dad Steve is often over here as well, joining in. Leo and he sleep over, one way around or the other, several nights a week. Best mates…

Steve and his wife have a problem with their other son Billy, who is six years older than Chris. He lifts weights too – excessively, and for bodybuilding competitions, to the exclusion of all other gainful activity. Like us, Steve cannot understood the point of building huge muscles and then doing nothing with them except posing in fake tan in front of a panel of judges who must decide “who looks best”. What is “best”, anyway? We all hope to look good… like this guy…


…not bulging with huge muscle which looks ready to split the skin and with no flexibility.


It is legendary that bodybuilders make useless wrestlers, because they can’t move around easily enough…


…whereas those two lads look just great to us.

Steve says that Billy, who trains in our cabin most mornings and then the rest of the day in various gyms, is obsessed and won’t consider getting a proper job. Our ‘job’ – which we are more than happy to do – is to encourage the younger Chris to maintain fitness “for a purpose” and to plan a lucrative career at the same time! I doubt that he’ll earn much doing acrobatics (who does?)… but being able to do it is really satisfying, as these vintage dudes show:


(by the way, those handstand shapes wouldn’t pass muster today! – but the middle guy holds an excellent ‘lever’ and the base guy is supporting about 350 pounds on his feet…)

Here’s the better handstand – arms in line with the body…


Anyway, I’m drifting off course again. Steve and Billy had a huge row while Chris was away with us at the weekend, and we haven’t seen Billy since although he hasn’t walked out of his home or anything like that. I guess Steve and his wife asking him for a contribution for his keep and telling him to pay all his own gym fees might just have driven the message home… so another bear with a sore head there, I fancy!

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 ThumbSo, it’s back to the old routine for everyone now. Keep up the training, carry on coaching, get on with trying to sell books, especially with Christmas coming… now, there’s a thought. Inexpensive paperback books (or e-books if you must, but they’re going out of fashion) – gay love, tales of our sporting activities, circus, ups and downs (some VERY downs actually) and then everything coming right in the end. And how two gay guys come to have two wonderful straight kids who love doing what we do (in the gym and on stage, that is)… As I say, there’s no money in acrobatics, so I need the sales!

The pictures in this blog follow the same themes, and my customary reward for your attention follows:



asian leaning



(a great body, and no need surely for all the strange accessories…)




And finally, a little bit of gay love interest mixed in with the training! Enjoy!






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