All Twisted Up


It may be well into Fall now (Autumn to Europeans) but temperatures are still peaking in the range 16 – 21C (60-70F) here in TN and, despite the occasional rain shower there’s still plenty of scope for shirtless fun and games outdoors. Leo has not yet arrived back from school with his shirt still on…

We have a house guest, as I mentioned. Felipe, from the old days, a contortionist who his basically ‘on his way home to Uruguay… for ever’, he says, and he’s leaving us next Tuesday. In the meantime he has met up with one of Leo’s school friends, a newly-arrived Dutch boy called Tjark. Tjark is no muscle man and has not fitted well into the ‘extreme fitness’ group of guys (Leo, Chris, Ryan and Jude) who frequent our cabin and Chad’s private gym (by invitation) regularly. However, he is VERY bendy: his grandmother, apparently, was a sideshow performer. Unexpectedly, he has attracted the attention of the wrestling coaches, not for his strength or skill, but because he seems able to slip out of almost any hold by contorting himself into extremely unexpected ways, and so fooling his opponents. When he comes to wrestle with us, in oil, he can squirm out of anything. Quite amazing.

So he’s been spending hours with Felipe, each bending the other into ever more extreme stretched and contorted positions – some of them quite eye-watering for us.

Any good acrobat should be able to hold this: I, in my mid-30s and packing on too much muscle maybe, struggle!


This is easier, most gymnasts should crack this one every warm-up:


…and this…


…while this is really basic…


…whereas, this next one, a more extreme version of the second picture in this post… no way!


Nor this, either!

extreme stretch

Interesting use of the fence as a training aid: and he’s not going to fall into the sea, that’s for sure.

Some yoga poses aren’t too difficult…


Others… well… get translated to the stage by exceptional people! Like Tjark.


Always more fun to use your flexibility with a partner…


…and, of course, you can adapt more regular training positions and give them an extra twist…


Anyway, Tjark is having a whale of a time with Felipe and, who knows, we may yet get him into a little show some time!

In other news, with a bit of a twist to our storyline now, Christmas is coming…


YES!  The place to solve all your Christmas present problems. And, the ideal gifts for people who share your (probable) interests (as you’re here), a trilogy of tales of gay acrobatic folk awaits… finding gay love (tender stuff!!), becoming gay dads (Dave and I – that’s where our Leo and Jaymee come in), circus tours that go well and one that goes horribly and dangerously wrong…

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 Thumbe-books too, if you must, but the printed page is coming back, you know, and even Amazon has opened an actual shop with actual paper books in it.

As for my fourth, an unrelated tale of a wandering outcast gay native American, you’ll have to wait for that because I’m still out there looking for a generous publisher!

OK, and as a bonus for reading all of that, a few more ‘twisty’ people:


H010528 (1353)



And when you’re all done with contortion, straighten up, stretch out and reach for the sky!!





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