The ‘Game’



Over the past few weeks, our friends Cody and Adge have built a new ‘dock’ alongside the Clinch river for the private use of their friends and themselves. These are two guys who share a hidden house in the woods and live a sort of feral lifestyle, fuelled by Cody’s private income – sigh, that would be nice for us too – anyway, they swim every day of the year, always without clothes, and that’s the style dictated when we visit them too.

Ever since Dave and I first arrived here, aged 16-ish, we’ve enjoyed such swims too. As indeed, have our ‘families’ as the kids grew up together, their mums having long been of the ‘naked-whenever-they-can’ persuasion although we do normally wear at least shorts in the home we now share. Born four days apart, the kids (Leo and Jaymee) grew up together playing naked in the sun, and have never really had inhibitions. Leo still doesn’t, training daily naked with his mates: Jaymee, on the other hand, as puberty has approached, has taken to a more ‘demure’ style. Until last weekend.

tree branch

At the start of the summer holidays, as we went to join the circus tour, Leo’s best mate Chris had something of a ‘crush’ on Jaymee, but it seemed to evaporate, and we don’t ask questions (much!). So, on Sunday afternoon, in the autumnal sun and the water still tolerably warm, the whole bunch of us were there to ‘christen’ the new installation – the mum’s too, who have also never shown any inhibitions. Add in Chris’s dad Steve, who has become something of a fitness freak too. And I noticed that when the rest of us were in the water, Jaymee gave one of those ‘what the heck’ shrugs, pulled everything off, and dived in after us. The boys effected not to notice and, eventually, ere back on the dock, towelling themselves as Jaymee pulled herself out of the water. Chris was staring, a strange look in his eyes!

Jaymee, un-phased, says: ‘I hope it’s the muscle you’re admiring…’, makes no attempt to cover herself until striding over to grab her towel. Chris’s eyes are now out on stalks. ‘Hey, that’s my sister you’re staring at’ says Leo mischievously. She isn’t, of course, but they think of themselves that way and he’s very protective of her. Would Leo approve of his “sister” and his best mate back as a couple? Goodness knows! But it may turn out that way…

Dave (her father) and I shall be watching this scene as it develops with great interest. Steve thinks it’s hilarious. And we all had a great bonfire and barbecue as darkness fell.

Let’s become voyeurs of our own usual scene now:



pits shiny


hairy is good

cropped blond

barbed wire

asian ace





And just a reminder of your Christmas shopping list – gay-friendly sporting tales for gay-friendly friends…

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

…full details in other posts… enjoy!


About tonycavanagh

Born Northampton UK; school Oxford UK and Oak Ridge Tennessee, where I met my wonderful partner Dave, also from UK. Oak Ridge is our main training base for acrobatics and circus stuff, but we also established a base in Wales (UK) to serve us when we are working in Europe. Our 'story', of finding gay love, learning the acrobatics trade and then of how we got shot at during our show (and worse was to follow - just to prove that the risks of being an acrobat are not always the most obvious ones!) are now available in my three books 'Loving the Boy', 'The Power of Love' and 'Against All Odds'. Links available on most blog posts. Actually, waiting for the imminent arrival of the first printed copies was far scarier than anything we do in performance. A fourth book - not about us but exploring the sadness of a gay Native American boy denied his true identity - is currently with an agent for evaluation. watch for 'Let The Future Find Me' in due time. And now to book five... another boy, another quest... seems its always boys...
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