No Use Locking the Stable Door…

…after the horse has bolted…

Hmmm. After the loss of my laptop and the back-up which included the new book (!! – thankfully recoverable from the ‘cloud’ as I had sent it to a few people by G-mail), the moral is: “Don’t put  your back-up in the same bag as the computer”! I know this is obvious, and stupid, but I had always regarded the back-up as insurance against a laptop failure – not a theft… then, thanks to the extraordinarily slick and coordinated snatch…. oh shit, never mind…

I am getting a new one tomorrow. Higher spec. So I need to sell even more of the existing books because claiming on insurance will just put up the premium for future years.  The book advert is at the end. Please think how easy I am solving your Christmas-present problems.

And now, first, the pictures. Apologies for any repeats here – I am re-constructing the archive from other backed-up files and may not notice that a few are repeated…

I’m feeling all “upside down” at the moment…




OK, enough of that! One way of venting frustrations, as I did, is to have a ‘killer’ workout…




Followed, perhaps, by some simple fun with friends:




…especially if no-one is watching…



…or just, as they say, ‘crash’…


Now that’s definitely fun. Actually, after that workout, friends rallied around to ensure that I got a fair old beating after some wrestling. I actually enjoyed that: in some bizarre way, it helped.

Can’t beat the ‘team spirit’, whenever it arises…


The first part...Cover 3 ThumbThe second part...OK. That’ll have to do for now. But please do remember those potential Christmas gifts for any gay (and not so gay but gay-friendly) friends… e-books are available.

Back soon……




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